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3954983 08-02-95 3954983 08-02-95 TERMINAL VELOCITY v1.2 from 3D Realms! "A 3D shooter that's part Star Wars and part Descent!" Computer Gaming World. Take flight in this futuristic action game, with huge, realistic levels, modem/net support, insane weapons & multi channel digital music/sound. Requires: 486/8MB RAM (4MB at your own risk) "The 3D worlds are breathtaking, like nothing seen before in games." Computer Player mag.
1726149 12-10-95 1726149 12-10-95 SKAPHANDER This is the first level of SKAPHANDER, the first 3-D game created with ACKNEX virtual game toolkit. Start with GO.At beginning select the difficulty level by typing 1, 2 or 3.
5072 02-27-96 5072 02-27-96 Light Craft Exciting new version of Tr*n. Just $1 Registration
128148 11-13-91 128148 11-13-91 Alien Worlds, v1.01. 256-colour VGA/MCGA video game, requires a mouse. It takes place on alien worlds. The player is a little guy with a machine gun in a space suit. He is chased around by many different kinds of aliens. By Shannon Larratt.
3093169 08-05-96 Cosmic Ambush A good, clean shoot'em up game for the PC. Freeware. Survive through the 31 levels of constant alien onslaught. When an alien is hit it may drop a bonusicon. Pick it up to gain extra lives, more powerful weapons etc. Fire at will, though sometimes firing isn't the best alternative for staying alive... If you do well, you still have to face the Leader. Made by Shades of Evolution, Swedish PC-games makers.
15801 09-06-88 15801 09-06-88 Anti-xonix. Arcade action.
146457 03-01-93 146457 03-01-93 Ant Run v2.0 Req.EGA/VGA & Mouse; Race against the clock as you rotate tunnels for the ant to run through. Quick thinking and fast reflexes are required to keep the ant scurrying through the Ant Hill passageways. Gain extra points for bonus tunnels and other objects as you try for the Top Ten High Scores. Keep your ant on the move with various strategies for really high scores.
166741 05-26-95 166741 05-26-95 Pool and billiards game.
138151 03-18-93 138151 03-18-93 Arkanoid clone. VGA.
767732 07-16-96 Aro v1.2 Follow Aro, a cuddly, little, red guy, through and zany land fillled with slimes strange bouncing creatures, magical potions, funky trees, blue skies, orange sunsets, twinkly stars, and crumbling castles. REQ: 386+, VGA card, and 2mb RAMsupports SB, GUS, SB16, ProAud, etc.
240414 05-08-96 240414 05-08-96 Avenger v0.7 Fast shoot'em-up in which you fight agains numerousalienships.Beatiful vga 256 color graphics and sb/sb16 sounds.Shareware 10$.
403539 09-19-96 Avenger v0.92 Avenger v0.92 by DeadlineA really butt kicking space shoot'em-up: fight your way throught 16 alien-filled levels, collect upgrades to your weapons and more. No little "action windows"; nothing but pure whole screen action. Much new added since v0.8. Rendered VGA 256 color graphics and sounds for SB/SB16. 386 and up. Shareware 10$.
948141 02-05-97 Avenger v1.0 Avenger v1.0 by DeadlineSpace shoot'em-up for 1-2 players. Fightyour way through 20 action filled levelswith different weapons. Thrilling story-linewith superb animations almost forces you toplay the game through. VGA 256 whole screenaction and 22khz sounds for SB/SB16.Req. 386+about 500k mem. Recommended:Fast 486 and soundcard. Shareware 15USD or 40FIM.
509753 11-05-93 509753 11-05-93 Help Skunny the Squirrel save his girl. Or help the girl save skunny. Excellent graphics in this race against time game.
38988 04-25-91 38988 04-25-91 Baghdad. Protect as much of your oil refinery as possible from the onslaught of the incoming missiles.
315367 04-03-93 315367 04-03-93 Baldric VGA game requires 286 or better
96711 10-01-93 96711 10-01-93 Balloon Challenge v1.1 pits you against the computer as you try to launch your 25 balloons into a sky maze filled with planes, rain clouds, hurricanes and much more! The higher the balloon can rise into the sky, the higher the score. You have to use logic and blocking strategies in order to beat the Computer. Beautiful graphics make this a game for all ages!
47733 04-24-89 47733 04-24-89 "Bananoid", an Arkanoid-like game with a wider-than-screen scrolling playfield. Requires VGA or MCGA, mouse, 286-10 or better. [A bit fast on my 386-33 -Doc]
37092 08-02-95 37092 08-02-95 BAP is a breakout type game. There are 30 stages altogether! If you like breakout, you got to play this one!!! Requirements: MS-DOS 3.3 or later version, Mouse, VGA
324827 03-08-93 324827 03-08-93 Baron Baldric, a Keen-like scroller with some humor. Requirements not listed.
2447778 09-26-95 2447778 09-26-95 Baryon v1.0. The greatest arcade shoot 'em up for the PC everdevised. In Baryon you must pilot your ship against a relentless onslaught, both on the ground and in the air.Baryon is smooth, fast and furious. With mind-blowing graphics and sound, a fluid maneuverability and a non-stopwhite hot blast-fest for 1-2 players.
995430 04-10-93 995430 04-10-93 Latest Apogee game ... VGA and Soundblaster suppor The game is: Monster Bash. You run around and slay zombies in a graveyard. Not bad, seen better, but not bad.
362370 08-20-95 362370 08-20-95 INVASION OF THE MUTANT SPACE BATS OF DOOM Version 2.72: This PC arcade game lets you blast wave after wave of devious, swooping, swirling Space Bats- unless they smash you first! Classic-style addictive shoot'em-up! Crisp, colorful animation and hot music! Power-up crystals and bonus rounds! Dodge, weave, and attack to survive and save Earth! Highly-rated by PC Gamer! DOS/Windows/Win95 EGA/VGA mouse/kb/joystck. By Pop Software.
2153167 08-02-95 2153167 08-02-95 Prehistoric racing game from U.S. Gold. Use PKUNZIP -D BCRACERS.ZIP to decompress
10972 01-12-91 10972 01-12-91 Beast, Eliminate the invading BEASTS by squashing them between two blocks. By Dan Baker.
28551 01-11-89 28551 01-11-89 Motor Mania. You are the rider in a high speed motorbike game. By Eric Hewitt.
156196 08-02-95 156196 08-02-95 BIPBOP II, Released: January 1993 Mindblowing 256-color graphics and art, includingd real-time 3D rotation (intro), raytraced game pieces, hypnotically flowing backdrops, and...DIGITIZED ANIMATION!
162691 01-20-97 162691 01-18-97 Dos VGA space arcade shooter.
337691 06-03-95 337691 06-03-95 Break Machine Version 1.00 First Release. << SHAREWARE VERSION >> A game By Fred Pesch. Enjoy the new 320*400 Challenge : Destroy Monsters and Bricks with your X-PAD 01 Ship. (Vga, SoundBlaster, Adlib)
11646 10-17-95 11646 10-17-95 Bat 'n Ball Fast arcade action reminiscent of Warlords. Req. VGA and a16MHZ 286 or faster. Play against a friend or computer opponents.Protect your 'castle' from a rampant ball. Each time a castle gets destroyedanother ball is released! 20 different screen layouts. Opponents get meaner andballs faster as game commences.
82092 03-01-94 82092 03-01-94 Paratrooper Bob 1 v1.0 Req.EGA/VGA Paratrooper Bob is looking to follow in his family's long military heritage. He must complete special drills which will require reasoning skills, perseverance, and logic to outwit enemies in battle. Using his parachute to collect orbs, land on special hovercrafts and other objects, he must reach the defined goal for each drill. Can you help Bob become the next Five Star General?
2596469 08-02-95 2596469 08-02-95 BOLZ! FROM COGNITION DEVELOPMENT TEAM Experience the first five levels of this fast-paced, arcade action/ adventure. 256-color VGA graphics and 32-channel digital techno soundtrack make this a must download! Defeat Billy Bolz and rescue all the balls in the world!! DOS, 486+, Most major sound cards.
228192 10-12-95 228192 10-12-95 Bomber v2.2 !!! The *REAL* Arcade game! Offers you great VGA graphics and SoundBlaster digitized sounds. A new one with several bug fixes, bettersound engine, better graphic engine andmore weird playing modes. The game canbe run in english or french. An entertaining software by Patrick Piche. NOW, BLAST THEM OUT !!!
588748 08-02-95 588748 08-02-95 Boom is pretty much the same as the arcade game M*ssile C*mmand from the early 1980s, with some nice ray-traced graphics.
23875 10-10-90 23875 10-10-90 Bridge Hopper. Get men across bridges by using movable platform. By I.Harness.
168583 01-28-94 168583 01-28-94 Breakin by Xray Productions '93; 256 Color Breakout game with Soundblaster !! Fabulous GFX and Sound. More than ten skillful levels. Several extraweapons and 100 highscores.
1222200 03-11-97 1222200 03-08-97 Funny arcade game with Great graphics
50810 10-16-91 50810 10-16-91 Breakout. Remove all colored blocks from the bottom of the screen by bouncing a ball at them. By Nathan Woods.
1193662 08-02-95 1193662 08-02-95 Brutal Paws of Fury Demo of one or two player fighting game from GameTek. Two characters and one backdrop available.
63974 08-04-89 63974 08-04-89 Bumpmaze, v1.3. Push the bouncing ball into the white hole. 6 random mazes. By William Soleau.
37415 01-19-97 Cuban Attack v. 2.50 Cuba has declared war on America. You have 12 hours until they launch their nuclear warheads at major cities in the U.S. Move missile using number pad, and hit the missile launchers to pass to next level. Made in BASIC.
372546 09-25-92 372546 09-25-92 Castle of the Winds, v1.1. A role-playing D&D style adventure game for Windows 3.X. Shareware.
36160 04-01-90 36160 04-01-90 Catch'Em. Catch all falling pieces. By Dave Edson.
358576 04-11-94 358576 04-11-94 Corncob 3D v3.42. Air combat VGA game. Shareware Magazine's editor's choice!. Supports ADLIB, sound blaster, joystick. Requires VGA, 286 or better, 570k free RAM. Terrific graphics, great game play.
1878387 06-13-96 Clif Danger v1.3 This ist Version 1.3 of a brand new comic style shareware Jump & Run game, "CLIF DANGER", by New Generation Software. The shareware version features the first of six cuts, each consiting of four huge levels. 486DX33, 8MB RAM required, Soundblaster recommended. Great Soundtracks, Comic-style Jump & Run game, New Skills like totally rotaing game screens and much more! CLIF DANGER gives you lots of fun! Shareware Version. Distribution of the full version through CDV (www.cdv.de).
417845 08-02-95 417845 08-02-95 Cool Spot! Jump and Run game
511420 04-19-96 511420 04-19-96 CRASH is a TRON-clone running in SVGA/VGA with up to threehuman players and some more extras like rockets and speedup.
1362676 08-02-95 1362676 08-02-95 CREEP CLASH(TM) v1.01 - A real-time rendered True 3D Fighting game playable on any PC 486DX/33 or higher with 8 MB RAM. Creep C