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024 (13MB)

A 3D module player that uses
red/green 3D-glasses to diplay
music syncrosized 3D blocks,
moving in and out of the screen.
Check it out ! ,,,,,
A2R v1.00 - Ansi to Rip conversion
utility. Converts ANSI screens to
RIP format for use with new RIP
standard terminals. Fully functional
user supported software. $20.00 (US)
Ansi Animation Slide Show
---- Version 2.01 --------
Display Ansi/Avatar files in a
slideshow format. Picklists, Auto &
Manual mode. Mouse support. No Ansi
Driver required. FAST! display.
Configurable drawing speeds.
A great tool for the Sysop or
regular PC user!

****** ANSI View 2.0 - ANSI Viewer ******
Full featured command line driven ANSI
graphics viewer supporting ANSI
animation. Throw away DOS's slow and
cranky ANSI.SYS forever! Faster than
ANSI.SYS but non-memory-resident.
Includes features that simplify menu
generation. Great buy at only $15!

MS-Windows and DOS program to display the ROM signature of VGA cards,
which frequently includes the chipset maker, card maker, model name, and
release date. With C source.
The C source code for the MS-Windows version is appended to the end of
CHIPSIG.EXE. Open CHIPSIG.EXE with the windows applet Notepad or your
editor to extract the source.
For the DOS version, remove all selector functions from the MS-Windows
version and declare:
char far *vcard = (char far *)0xc0000000;
David Fortin, Plymouth, IN

CMPEG converts a series of images into
an MPEG sequence. MPEG is a compressed
(typically by a factor of 30 to 60)
standardized storage format for video.
The files compressed by CMPEG can be
played by several publicly available MPEG
decoders (see Appendix A).

Cheap Rip Paint program with save and editing abilties...
ChartTamer is a powerful and very easy to use presentation graphics program.
Create presentation quality 3D Bar, Pie, Area, and line charts. Over 80
chart combinations available. Add any bitmap as a background to your chart.
Perfect for company logos, photos, or use a custom 3D bitmap for a unique
and dramatic look. Total control of color, fill patterns, and more is just
a mouse click away! Includes a unique "What If" command that lets you
change any data point by clicking on it. REQUIRES VBRUN200.DLL WHICH

DMPEG is another MPEG decoder/player for
the PC: DMPEG and DMPLAY merged into one
program-SVGA / TrueColor support for
immediate display during decoding
DeadPaint v.1.3 - the newest version of
the RIP paint program. Now support bezier
curve, arcs and pies. Also better memory
managment, left hander mouse, and screen
grid. Deadview v.2.0 included.
DeadPaint v.2.0 - the newest version of
the RIP paint program. Now support
bezier curve, arcs, pies, mouse area,
bitmap, Windows ICO, custom patterns
and more. Also allows undo.
Only $20 registration fee

The EMSKETCHER Ver 1.0 for IBMs, (C) 1993
This editor allows you to create upper
ascii diagrams. Export them to ascii
files, or send e-mail diagrams on Internet,
Compuserve, etc. Sharp ascii pictures can be
mixed with words to make professional look-
ing document files. It has several feat-
ures cut/paste, mouse, etc. You can send
e-mail diagrams to a friend who has EM-
SKECHER. Try this unique product.

FileBUDDY v3.03 - A unique file viewer
that allows you to view and manipulate ASCII,
PCX, TARGA, and TIF files. dBASE support
includes database management and a report
writer. Archive support includes archiving,
extracting, and deleting files. Image support
includes processing, cropping, saving across
formats, "slide-show" viewing, and printing
to a HP LaserJet or compatible printer.
Fractint Version 18.2 Freeware Fractal
Image Generator, 24 August 1993 Release:
New Features, primarily bug fixes and
enhancements, including full use of DOS
PATH searches for files, palette editor
undo, fixes for several IFS bugs.

G I F C L I P V 1.5
Clip/crop GIFs. Crop borders
from GIFs, and keep only the
part you want. Add text, or
your own GIF logo, too. VGA
or SVGA graphics and mouse
required. From Synergrafix
G I F E X E V. 4.1
Convert GIF's to self-
displaying EXE files. Great
for demos, title screens or
advertising. Display slide-
shows with fades, dissolves
and other special effects.
Full VGA/SVGA support. From
Synergrafix Consulting.
GIFLink v1.12 - View transmitting GIF images
in stunning SuperVGA graphics! Support
X/Y/Zmodem/CIS QuickB through direct modem,
FOSSIL or INT 14H. Can skip receiving images.
Support 13 SuperVGA and VESA adapters up to
1024x768 256 colors. Easy to install. A
MUST if you download GIF.
By the author of Telemate and GIFLITE
G I F S I Z E V 1.5
Resize GIFs Produce zooms,
or icons from your GIFs.
Use the mouse to specify
areas. Requires mouse, VGA
or SVGA graphics. From
Synergrafix Consulting.
G I F W A R P V 1.5
Warp/bend/stretch GIFs for
interesting or bizarre effects
Use the mouse to warp the image
and then resave. VGA or SVGA
graphics and mouse required.
From Synergrafix Consulting.

GRR- Free DOS utility: GIF file info
displayer v1.00 - 08/19/93. (c) 1993 by
David Daniel Anderson - Reign Ware. GRR
displays information about GIF files in the
current or specified directory. W/ PASCAL
Graphic Workshop for Windows 1.1h
The best Workshop yet! Converts prints views
dithers transforms flips rotates scales crops
colour adjusts quantizes and wreaks special
EXE & TXT files. Has thumbnail previews &
Photo-CD support. From Alchemy Mindworks Inc.
H C S H O W V. 1.5
HiColor Show - The FASTEST
Targa viewer for HiColor VGA
Display all Targas, dither
24 and 32bit images, show
slideshows, clip/crop, add
text, comments, save. For
Tseng/VESA HiColor graphics.
From Synergrafix Consulting

ImgFun Ver.1.01 *ASP*:Image Enhancement and
compression utility. Powerful SVGA viewers
for GIF, PCX, BMP and JPEG file. Fast JPEG
compression to reduce gifs to a fraction.
Instant ZOOM and scroll images on the screen.
Adjust colors, brightness, contrast and cut
area of images ALL INSTANTLY.
Lean and fast: 286, 512k, VGA or SVGA
Best GIF companion!!! Try to believe it!!!

Jeff's Graphic Utilities
A menu driven collection of programs for everyone who works with
graphics. This disk includes puzzle.exe which will turn any standard
.gif or .pcx file into a puzzle which users can reassemble with mouse or
arrow keys; super show, one of the very best ways to display groups of
images; fast.exe, a drawing program which makes very small files, great
for sending graphics via modem or puttin gmany pictures on a single
disk; picture menu, a totally freeform GUI; and more. All of these
programs are small and simple, easy for beginning users and fun for the
whole family and small enough to use as runtime programs for use with
your own products.
Requires VGA, Hard disk

Converts HP Laserjet (II) GRAPHICS- code
to the windows .bmp format. It does no
printercapture! It is necessary to print
the code to a file and then let the
la2bmp.exe program analyze it. The 8x13.ref
file MUST be in the same directory as
la2bmp - it is the .bmp header vor
.bmp-files 800x1300 points and two colours.
If your using windows to print out,
remember to set on the TrueTypeFont as
graphic button in the Laserjet Series II
Option window!