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▒█ RAPTOR v1.1 from APOGEE! (VGA) ▓░
Part 2/5. Also needs #1RAP11-A,C,D,E.ZIP.
▒█ RAPTOR v1.1 from APOGEE! (VGA) ▓░
Part 3/5. Also needs #1RAP11-A,B,D,E.ZIP.
▒█ RAPTOR v1.1 from APOGEE! (VGA) ▓░
Part 4/5. Also needs #1RAP11-A,B,C,E.ZIP.
▒█ RAPTOR v1.1 from APOGEE! (VGA) ▓░
Part 5/5. Also needs #1RAP11-A,B,C,D.ZIP.
═══════ NW WV MDI ══════╗
~ presents ~
Jim Ball v1.5
JimBall is an addicting arcade/stratagy
game that requires puzzle solving skills
and patience to maneuver a green BUBBLE
through levels of mindbending mazes.
EGA/VGA(640x480x16),SoundBlaster Supp.
by Jim Heiserman + NewWaves' Jace Cavacini
Title : 11SPACE.WAD
Author : Eric Severn
Email Address : can be reached at
Misc. Author Info : Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Eh?
Description : "An enemy spaceship has approached our planet and is
now in a low orbit. We beamed a squad of soldiers
aboard in the hopes that they could somehow subtly
sabotage and destroy it, but we've lost contact
with them. In their last transmission, they
indicated that they were trying to get to the helm
on the bridge and slow the ship enough that it
drops out of orbit and burns up in the atmosphere.
The ship now has its deflectors up and beaming
aboard is no longer an option, however, the ship's
deflectors do not interfere with it's own beaming
device, nor with non-light-energy based weapons. So
now, the only way we can break into the ship is
with brute force.
"Your assignment is to take a one man spaceship up
into space, attach yourself to the side of the
enemy vessel, break into it and somehow destroy it.
Getting out is optional (the helm will lower a
sector in your little spaceship, allowing you to
leave the level). Take along whatever equipment you
need. We suspect that the squad is being held in
the brig and that they may be able to provide some
assistance. Good luck."
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M1 (with apologies to ID for it being in E1)
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : No
Difficulty Settings : 1&2, 3 and 4&5 each has a different set of enemies
and weapons, so you may want to try them in order.
This is a small level and is meant to be fun, not
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Build Time : oh, about 30 hours
Editor(s) used : DEU and BSP
Known Bugs : None
Additional Credits to : The authors of DEU and BSP, and
Playtesters Gord Tobias and Bruce Lum
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with no
modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic format
(BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites:,
BBS numbers: CRS Online (416)213-6002, (416)213-6003

It will allow file loading and
negative frags for 1.5 doom.exe
and the reg 1.2 wad.
predictions and Office Pool where players
compete against each other and against the
FBG! Each player and the FBG make their
picks of the winning teams for the week.
When the week's results are entered, the
FBG ranks all the players (and itself)
based on total number of correct picks for
the season. Can you out-pick the FBG?
Shareware from Daltonware.

▒█ HOCUS POCUS v1.0 by APOGEE! (VGA) ▓░
▒█ 386SX or higher -- 567K required ▓░
Scrolling action game like Mario Bros., with
constant variety of levels, graphics, music,
enemies and awesome parallaxing backgrounds.
In a magical kingdom, Hocus must overcome
many realms before becoming a full-fledged
Wizard. Supports ALL major sound boards,
like Ad Lib, GUS, PAS, SB & general midi.
Three skill levels, joystick/pad optional.
Copyright (c) 1994 Mike Voss. >shareware<
DOOM 1.5 Shareware LMP Team Game
Episode One, Level Six;
SYRIAN MYSTERY - Where Is Israel's Neighbor
Heading? 700 Club Fact Sheet. As featured on
the 700 Club Newswatch, January 28, 1994
Author : Neil Cameron
Email Address :
Misc. Author Info : I was born at... nah, better not.
Description : The research station on Sirius 4 has not been
responding to recent communications - ever since
they reported a breakthrough on an ancient culture
that is living there. They had found the beings that
these creatures worshipped...
It would take too long to send a ship there, but
they can rig the teleporter to send a single person
to the station (with a simultaneous loss of power
for 200 kms in every direction) to scout the
Congratulations. You got the job.
Additional Credits to : Raphael Quinet and Colin Reed for their great
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M1
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Not really
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : No
Difficulty Settings : Yes
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Build Time : Lots of hours
Editor(s) used : DEU 5.1 and 5.21, BSP 1.1x
Known Bugs : Disappearing sprites in the first outside area (I
know why, but cannot fix without destroying another
effect I want to keep.)
* Copyright / Permissions *
You may do whatever you want with this file. Credit would be nice if you do
use it though.
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP site:
* Miscellaneous *
My first attempt at wad building. There is nothing particularly innovative in
this one, but be warned - this wad will require a bit of thought in order to
complete (I think so, anyway.) There are several places where my love of
symmetry got out of hand, which will give some clues if things get difficult.
This wad was designed with thought towards single play, so it will not play
well as a multiplayer game. I've worked to align the textures and generally
make it look good, so if there is something which grates, please let me know!

Yet another creation from Glaze Aeronautics, a Republic A-10
Thunderbolt, aka "Warthog".
For those of you who missed the Gulf War, this is a dedicated
ground attack aircraft, expressly designed to kill tanks. The
black thing sticking out from under the nose of the A-10 is a
rotary 30mm cannon the size of a VW Bug. The plane is also equipped
with 12 underwing hard points that can carry a truly amazing array
of weapons.
If you've already looked at the plane, you might be asking, "Why
isn't there any markings on this?" The answer is that the basic
airframe pushes the limit on the number of parts allowable. This
plane requires those two separate engines, as well as structures
for those wheel pods under the wing and that eats up AAF's capacity
very quickly. I would have loved to put on the "tiger face" of the
Air Force's 23rd TFW, but there's simply not enough capacity.
Here's a note for all you frustrated designers;
If you look at the flight model, you'll find that the 20,000+ lbs.
of Warthog is being flown by 1200 lbs of BD-5. The size and weight
of the A-10 falls between the light and heavy aircraft parameters
of FS4, so the only way to accuratly simulate the A-10 is to
use a "best guess" flight model. So I took my BD-5 and modified
it to better match the expected flight performance of the A-10. It's
kinda cheating, but it works really well. Create and print a performance
file for each plane to see the changes I made. Also, I'd like to hear
from anyone who has a different solution to this.
Happy Flying from the design shops that never stops! Keep the feedback
Ken Glaze
P.S. I've included the .afx file in here and the source .sim file,
Air Bucks v1.2
Unlimited Money and Changing/Editing
your Date. Also include a whole bunch
of Initialization Tables for each plane.
¨. /\FL Couriers 1993 .°

AMERICHAOS 1994 by Brian Rose
Bands of genetically-altered motorcycle
bandits tough enough to shrug off shotgun
blasts prowl ruined cities. Armored city
fortresses house the rich and powerful, while
the rest face daily fights for survival.
A complete hypertext role playing rule book.
The game itself is not played on the computer.
It is to be used as a hypertext set of rules
for playing the game with friends.

ADoom V2.0 Changes DOOM (registered) into an
Aliens game straight out of the movie!!! 48
new sounds and 53 new gifs. Type ADOOM to
load, type FIX to resume normal game. Req's
DMAUD.EXE (Doom Audio Editor).

This is a corrected version of ALL-WALL.GIF, which contains TEKWALL4.
The 900*4128 size and the palette have been kept the same; I've just squeezed
in this extra piece. Let me comment, first, that the graphics here have been
downsized--the average 128*128 graphic is 100*100. Furthermore, ALL-WALL.GIF
has a different palette than the normal DOOM, but as far as I can tell,
converting it to the DOOM palette (which I included) in NEOPAINT doesn't do
too much harm. I wish the textures hadn't been labeled in bright white,
because NEOPAINT won't accept anything but bright white as the background
color, and so there is no quick way to move, paste, or change the color of
these labels. Anyway, I hope the uploader of the original ALL-WALL.GIF will
not mind--he didn't leave his name or e-mail address, or say anything about
using his GIF--that I uploaded this file. If YOU see anything in it that
needs to be changed, please tell me.

p.s. If you have DoomGraph, TEKWALLs 1-5 can be taken from these objects:

Sound support are provided in this version
of a concentration type game. All kinds
of animation are used including: clay, stop-
motion, morphing, tweening, 3D, cell, and
full-motion video. 10 or 20 tiles can be
used in VGA mode and up to 64 tiles can be
used in Super VGA (640x480 256 colors).
One or two player mode available.
VGA and Hard Drive required. Keyboard/mouse.

Annex Of Death
ANNEX.WAD by Ryan McGrail
Title : Perdition's Anteroom
Author : Evan H. Bynum
Email Address : This will change very
soon, most likely to
Misc. Author Info : Graduate of Johns Hopkins' CS Dept., soon
to be CS grad at Colorado State (8/22/94).
Finger my account ( for
a wise and unambiguous Jack London quotation.
Description : This is a somewhat large level, so named for its
central room with the large spiral staircase,
replete with divers* weapons and sundry monsters.
All secret doors have slight texture offsets, and
there's a computer map behind one of them. I
included every weapon at least once, and you'll
find each kind of monster save the Cyberdemon and
Spiderdemon somewhere in the level.
One room is reminiscent of Raiders of the Lost Ark
(hint: lite-amp visors aren't always a good thing
to have!). Another has three pillars in it; your
selected skill level determines which one is your
teleport destination. I have not played every WAD
out there, so I think this is the first one to
implement such a feature. There are a few wide-open
areas suited especially for deathmatch play, and
a preponderance of plasma rifles strewn about the
level for quick rearming. Every room has at least
one exit, including the lava pit outside (i.e.,
there are no "traps," per se).
If you enjoy this WAD, please email me and let me
know what you liked about it, and also where you
found this file (I'm curious to see how far its
range grows). If you don't like this WAD, don't
bother telling me, as I daresay I shan't have much
time in grad school to fool around with level
creation and fix what you thought I should have
done. Finally, if you're a student at Colorado
State, please look me up when I get there - I've
never been to Colorado and I'd like some fellow
Doomers to show me around!
Additional Credits to : The knowledgeable chaps who frequent the Doom-
editors' mailing list (;
Matt Tagliaferri, who is both author of DoomCAD
and is the (second) biggest Cleveland Indian fan
around. Started that Jacob's Field WAD yet, Matt?
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E2M1
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes (not tested)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes (not tested)
Difficulty Settings : Fully implemented, including network objects
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : DoomCAD 4.3 for all of the construction
(that cut-and-paste template is invaluable).
DoomED 2.60b for the texture previewer.
BSP12x for node building.
Development Time : Three weeks, averaging about five hours per day.
This included learning the editor and re-
constructing sections that failed integrity
Known Bugs : Some of the monsters get "stuck" in doorways:
they'll just walk into the doorjamb instead
of coming after you. This is not all that
common an occurrence, but it's darn annoying
when it does happen.
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels
provided you include both my name and the name of this WAD in
the description or credits section of your own WAD.
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites:
BBS numbers: None
Other: None
* This is not a misspelling of "diverse." Both divers and sundry are
synonyms for "various." Jack London uses the former term a good deal in
his works, so I have incorporated it into mine. My writing tends more
towards the pedantic than the pedestrian, a trait neither common nor
warranted in computer scientists.
Applied Personal Computing, Inc. proudly presents...
The world's greatest game played the world's greatest way!
Now, for the first time EVER, modem gamers can finally experience the
pleasure of 2, 3, and 4-player network DOOM games, and they can do it
ANYTIME from almost ANYWHERE! All you need is a good DOOMin' machine
and a high speed modem.....and this software!
The APCi MultiPlayer Game Server provides true network modem gaming
support via virtually any multi-line BBS! Modem gamers may now use the
APCi MultiPlayer Game Client software to call any host BBS and toast
up to three opponents! Bet you didn't know your rocket launcher could
liquify someone in New York and California at the same time!
Use this client software to call the APCi BBS at (618) 632-7664 and
get ready to kick some network DOOM butt! After that, call your
local multi-line BBS sysops and tell them to get with the program
and get the APCi MultiPlayer Game Server NOW! 1-800-535-APCi!
APCiDOOM 2.0 is FREEWARE! Distribute it everywhere! For a list of systems
that support APCiDOOM and the APCi MultiPlayer Game Server, call the
APCi BBS at (618) 632-7664.
DOOM, the DOOM logo, and DOOM likenesses are Copyright id Software.
APCiDOOM is Copyright 1994, Applied Personal Computing, Inc.
APCiLINK is Copyright 1994, Applied Personal Computing, Inc.
APCiCHAT is Copyright 1994, Applied Personal Computing, Inc.
APCiTERM is Copyright 1994, Applied Personal Computing, Inc.
APCiMENU is Copyright 1994, Applied Personal Computing, Inc.
Please do not modify this file! Thanks!
Title : The Apocalypse Project
Author : Daniel Hornbaker
Email Address :
Background :
You pull back on the throttle and begin your decent. Below, the Io
military special projects base appears peaceful. You know otherwise.
High Command lost contact with the secret outpost several weeks ago and
dispatched the spacecruiser STALWART to investigate. Failing to
establish direct-contact communications, it has become your duty to
journey down to Io and assess the situation.
During your mission briefing, High Command revealed some disturbing
information to you concerning problems with the now defunct UAC bases on
Mars. H.C. gave no details, mentioning a highly classified project that
"didn't quite work out as expected". All they would say is that you
should exercise extreme caution when approaching Io, as similiar
research was in progress there (The Apocalypse Project).
As you thumb the retro-thrusters on, you notice a lot of commotion near
the landing pad. You breathe a sigh of relief, glad that at least
everyone appears to be all right. Their transmitter is probably down.
You reach for the com link to radio STALWART to send down a tech team . . .
Your shuttlecraft lurches violently. You drop the com link and grab the
controls, trying in vain to bring the craft back in line. No use -
you've lost engine control. Your ship is all ablaze. You focus all of
your strength and concentration, willing your ship to crash/land near
the landing pad, where help will be quickly available. With a
ear-splitting cacophany of tearing metal, your shuttle comes to a rest.
You fight to maintain consciousness, moving through the flames and smoke
toward the hatch. It opens up, letting in the feeble light of a sun
hundreds of millions of miles away. You stumble through. Coughing
violently, you look up and see . . .
"WHAT IN THE HELL . . .?!"
You fall unconscious.
You awake, only to find yourself alone in a gloomy prison cell. From
the looks of the decaying bodies around you, the chances of rescue look
slim. However, you didn't get into special forces by depending on others
to solve your problems. A few minutes later when a guard walks by your
cell, you reach out and grab the poor fool, instantly breaking his neck.
You take his pistol, and begin your fight to freedom . . .
Mission Seques
Mission 2 : You've managed to escape imprisonment, only to
discover that the Io base has been completely
overrun by the enemy. And where are the thousands
of personnel who were stationed here?
Mission 3 : You've routed the enemy, and they've retreated into
the underground waste disposal system. However, you
can find no trace, dead or otherwise, of the men and
women who were stationed on Io. Alone, and without
transport or communications, you're only chance to
make it off this rock anytime soon is to give chase
to the demons, in hopes of locating the missing Io
Mission 4 : You've battled it out with the forces of evil down
in the treacherous waste disposal system beneath the
Io base, and kicked their collective asses. But
you've only won a small victory - and the bad guys
are looking to even the score. As you walk through
the pressure door and emerge from the sewers, you
find yourself in a large underground cavern.
Exhausted and wounded, you gather your courage and
determination and prepare to face your toughest
challenge yet. If you are to have any hope of
surviving this ordeal, you must take the greatest
leap of your life - and plunge into THE ABYSS.
Mission 5 : You have arrived at the doorstep to hell, and the
mat does not say "Welcome". You are between
dimensions, no longer in your own universe, but not
yet in that evil place. The gateway to hell is just
around the corner, but first, you must defeat the
maze. Who would have thought hell would be this
hard to get into?
Mission 6 : Finally - you've reached your destination: HELL. You
drop through the dimensional gate and find yourself
on a mountain. The air is hot and humid, the sky
filled with a thick blood-red smoke. You scramble
up the hot, rocky slope to the crest of the
mountain. And you see it - the great Palace of Hell
- and you lose all hope. Amassed at its gates is
the largest army you have ever seen assembled:
thousands of imps, demons, and barons . . . you'll
never defeat them all. Looks like all your effort
has been for naught . . . The rock beneath your feet
shifts as a temor rattles the mountain. The ground
crumbles beneath you, and you slide down the
mountainside. With a bone-shaking THUMP, you land in
a small crevice in the mountainside, just missing a
deadly landing on a brown stub. Slowly, you pick
yourself up. Doesn't appear to be anything broken .
. . say, what's that behind that tree??
Mission 7 : You've learned the fate of the personnel from Io,
and now it's no longer a matter of survival - it's a
matter of revenge. But before you can seek out the
pit boss of this particular hell, you have to find
some way of sealing the front gate to prevent his
vast army of darkness from coming to his aide.
Mission 8 : You're almost there - you can feel it in your bones.
Ahead is the antechamber to the throne room, where
the demon has stockpiled his treasures. You wonder -
what kind of hideous being would be trusted to
defend the WAGES OF SIN??
Mission 9 : You climb the stairs for what seems an eternity.
Finally, a door appears up ahead. You wonder what
kind of abomination you'll find on the other side...
Additional Credits to : Chris Peters, without whom I would have no
computer to waste my time building missions
for DOOM!, and whose advice was of great help.
Also, for helping find the bugs (see below).
id Software, of course, and the makers of DEU,
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : Episode 1 (all levels)
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : No (But feel free to set it up if you feel the need)
Difficulty Settings : Yes
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : DEU 5.21, DEU 5.21gcc, BSP 1.1x, REJECT, DMGRAPH
Known Bugs : Centipedes, spiders, mosquitoes, chiggers, and ticks.
But seriously:
One HOM in mission 1
Two HOM's in mission 2
It is possible to trap yourself in mission 3
Many, many bad wall textures in mission 4, due
to oversized sectors. However, most of these
are concealed by the fact that you can't reach
the walls. They are surrounded by a river of
lava, and to keep people from killing
themselves in long, treacherous falls into the
lava, I have inserted several impassable lines
(conveniently, these lines also conceal 99% of
the bad walls). There are still bad walls (I
believe the effect has been dubbed the "veil"
effect), and only one or two HOM's. Overall,
I do not think it affects play much. But, if
you are one of those types who can't stand
HOM's or bad walls, then I advise not playing
this wad.
One HOM in mission 5, plus a door that takes a few
tries to open.
One HOM in mission 8
* Copyright / Permissions *
You may do whatever you want with this file, just don't blame me when
your computer melts down.
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites:
Patch for The Elder Scrolls ARENA
Update to version 1.04

================ ASTROFIRE =================
AstroFire is a fast-moving arcade game
featuring stunning 256-colour raytraced
graphics. Blast your way through 25 levels
of asteroids and alien ships, collecting
power-ups to boost your fire-power and
your defences. Version 1.0s (Shareware).
Requires 286 or better & colour VGA.
Sound Blaster/Joystick Optional.
Author: Owen Thomas, ORT Software.

NAME: Baltusrol Golf Club
LOCATION: Springfield, New Jersey
LENGTH/PAR: 7076yds/Par 70 (U.S.Open set up)
First off I want to say that until a few weeks ago I had no intention of
releasing this course on the JNSE BBS. This was just a little project to
have a version of the U.S. Open course for this year so I could play along
with the pros while watching the tournament. After I got started I got more
involved and detailed than I intended and once I was finished I figured I
might as well upload the thing before the Open for anyone else that might
want to give it a try.
My sources were fairly limited: The New World Atlas of Golf and the June
issues of Golf Digest and Golf Magazine. Since I started this as a personal
project I got the hole overheads by doscopying the original JNUG Baltusrol
hole files that Accolade released a few years back over my routing. I then
modified the holes to varying extents by bringing in the rough, changing pin
and tee placements, and fringing greens and bunkers. Some holes are more
than others. The par 3 fourth hole I completly redid and I am most proud of
it. I also drew in adjacent holes and edited the pallette. As I did not have
a reliable souce for elevations at Baltusrol I did not change them any with
exception of working on some greens. I felt they were a little too flat for
U.S.Open play and are probably still a little too easy.
The entire object file and background are lifted straight out of Lee Ritze's
Merion. My thanks to Lee for his excent work. It,s hard to muster up the
inspiration to do original objects with such great ones already there. The
placement of objects was a little bit from the Atlas of Golf, some from
magazine photos, and some creative license.
I am aware that another designer, I don't know who but I think I remember Mark
Willet's name mentioned, is working on a Baltusrol. Im sure they have better
sources and have spent more time. I think of my Baltusrol as sort of a
" while you wait for the real thing " version and I hope you enjoy playing it.
Again, this is not a full fledged design effort. I am currently working on
some projects that are much better, at least in vision, including a version
of Barton Creek I am excited about. If you like this course, thanks and enjoy
the game.
David Norwood
Austin Texas
Prodigy BMTB25A

---===||| BARNEY'S DOOM II |||===---
It's so nice to see the purple demon where he belongs!
Here's a variation off of David Lobser's 3-D Barney add-on. I corrected
color fading of his original Barney (althoug I think he already did that
in 2.0) and modified the graphics to make his walk a charming waddle.
Much of the input came from my 11 year old nephew, Joshua. He enjoyed
seeing Barney blow up as well. My 3 year old niece didn't take too well
to it. The doctor says she'll be ok in a couple of weeks and probably
won't remember any of it...
Thank you, Dave, for the great idea.
If you have any comments (flames, love letters, etc.) mail me at:
* | "Curiouser and Curiouser!" *
* Adrian H. Hayes | -Alice in Wonderland *
* -My opinions are copyrighted. If you have not paid for *
* the words you are now reading, please send me money to *
* register your copy. Thank you. PIRACY HURTS EVERYONE! *
Level: E2M2
Deathmatch, multiplayer supported.
Difficulty level supported - no monsters on the easy levels. (Well, maybe
one or two)
Author: Megaduck
This was supposed to be a small wad but somehow it got to be 180k for
one level. This is a great deathmatch & multiplayer level, but it is
also possible to win solo. All weapons can be found on this level +
extra health etc. The Cyberdemon also exists on this level, but only
comes out if you push a certain marked button.
Distribute and modify this level to your hearts content.

Title : Bilbo's Smegging WAD
Filename : BILBO11.WAD
Author : Bilbo (Brad Spencer)
Email Address : temporarily out of service :(
Misc. Author Info : Doom is fun. TTA is pretty much defunct, but it
is I who created the "critically acclaimed" :)
TTADOM11.WAD . . . See the wad review file on
So you killed everything in sight, got a medal and think you're cool
now. Well to bad, soldier, because Space Marines never retire! The captian
said something about an old industrial area being taken over by Satan, but
you were rebuilding your BFG at the time so you didn't catch it all. All you
know is that once that teleport is activated by the dinky little private
standing across the room, you're in for some for a monster of a drycleaning
bill. As you walk across the teleport departure room to grab your trusty
Bag O' Guns (TM), you trip over a energy pack and your weapons go flying
thorugh the air. Lacking the experience of a battle-hardened killer, the
private at the controls decided this would be an opportune time to activate
the teleport system. As a result, your atoms are beaming though space at
near-light speed -- your weapons are doing the same, only in different
As you begin to materialize, the first thing you see is not good. A wall
of evil, spine-ripping hell-beasts are ready to prove that they aren't called
that for nothing. Hoping that all of your guns landed _somewhere_ in the
complex, you grab your pistol from it permanent position in its holster and
pray there's an easier way out of here than using a mere 50 bullets on what
appears to be a quite formidable opposition.
(I wrote this text while on #doom, so don't complain if it sounds
a little strange :)
Additional Credits to : JonnyBag (Jon Kerr) - Helped with planning
Reepicheep (Paul Medynski) - He was just sort of
around for a lot of the time :) He's still
finishing the sequel...
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M1
Single Player : Yes <- Mainly designed for this, but w/DM in mind.
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes <- This should be quite good, actually.
Difficulty Settings : Just a very little bit.. basically a UV level..
New Sounds : No Maybe later.
New Graphics : No I'm a wad designer, not a an artist.
New Music : Yes (CHRIS3.MID converted. Thanks to whoever
the author is!)
Demos Replaced : What the hell... DEMO1
* Construction *
Base : C'mon! It's from scratch!
Editor(s) used : DEU 5.21 GCC >> THE FIRST _AND_ THE BEST <<
idBSP GCC -- Builds proper REJECT data which
means it is fast!
Known Bugs : None...
* Copyright / Permissions *
I AM NOT A DAMN LAYWER! If you use it and don't credit me though, I really
will not appreciate it.
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites:
Find me on #doom in IRC!
Filename : BILLY.WAD
Author :Banjo Oblivion
Email Address
Misc. Author Info :
Description :
Additional Credits to :Ben, Peter, Petr & Sonya
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E2M1
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : No
Difficulty Settings : Yes
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used :DEU 5.1, DOOMCAD
Known Bugs :
* Copyright / Permissions *
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
CSS 1.1 - Composition Strategy
Simulator for Basic Strategy
Blackjack. Determine the precise
expectation of composition
specific basic strategy hands
using high speed simulation.
This is NOT a game. For serious
blackjack players only.
Title : BLADE13.WAD
Author : Bob Lange
Email Address :
Misc. Author Info :
Description : Well, you've done it again. After successfully
escaping from Hell, you've stumbled into yet
another hole filled with bad guys. At least
this one has some light in it, after all that
cavern crawling. Good luck. Always keep at
least five rockets in reserve...
Additional Credits to : BC for playtesting
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E2M1
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : Yes
New Sounds : Yes, but only two...
New Graphics : No
New Music : Yes, Bach (sorry, but I _had_ to do it)
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Build Time : 56 hours (940514 - 940602)
Editor(s) used : DEU 5.1, DEU 5.21, DoomCad 4.2, BSP 1.0
Known Bugs : None
Authors Notes : In keeping with this being a episode 2 wad,
the situations are more challenging. Despite
fewer adversaries, this wad is harder than my
last creation KRONOS (shameless plug) due
primarily to a tougher mix of monsters.
This wad is annoying for deathmatch because of
the use of one-way doors, but it's not
insurmountable, as all rooms can be entered
and exited by at least one way.
The basic idea behind BLADE is rooms open to
the sky, evoking an out-in-the-open feeling,
yet not outdoors. The mood is definitely not
depressing, despite the choice of music.
Attitude Adjustment : I have seen a number of complaints on a.g.d
lately, and I'd like to address each of them.
Concerning the appalling practice of loading
up a room with monsters and dropping the
player into it: I personally abhor this, and I
hope you do too, since all but the most
seasoned players just drop into god mode and
the balance of the wad, what little there was,
is lost. I don't want to pontificate here,
this being but a scribble in a ZIP, but if you
want to impart repeat playability in your wad,
then consider this: balance and theme.
Concerning the 90 degree wad: More than one
poster has decried the 90 degree orientation
of many wads. This is forced on us by our 90
degree world, but you can break out of it.
Don't expect it from this wad, however, as I'm
still learning the tools. Next time, perhaps.
Concerning machine speeds and wad size: I
don't own a Pentium, and I really get steamed
at people who create wads with them, and don't
playtest on lesser machines. I have played
wads that credit "daddy, for letting me use
his Pentium to build this wad" that won't play
at greater than 8 fps on a 486DX/33! Wake up
people! It's all fine and good to build a
monster wad with hundreds of barons, but if it
won't play on Doom's minimum machine then you
had better rethink your wad, else it just ends
up in the bit bucket.
Disclaimer ; The opinions stated herein are mine. Go get
your own. Flames invited. (I don't get enough
mail as it is...)
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional
You MAY distribute this WAD pursuant to the following
1. You include this file, with no modifications.
2. You MAY NOT distribute this WAD, in whole or in part, as part
of a commercial product without the permission of the author.
This includes any use for profit, including the use of this level
in competitions or collections of files on physical media.
Distribution via electronic means is excepted from this
limitation (you may post this WAD on commercial and private BB
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites: None
BBS numbers: Aquila (708) 820-8344
Other: GEnie Scorpia Games Library
How cool. This is clearly my first WAD (ignoring the stains on the wall).
You'll find that while it may be a good play, it's not the professional
piece of work one prefers in a WAD. So? Kiss my butt! I'm tired of this
level and I'm ready to move on. Well! I'll do a better job on the next one,
A couple notes: I stole the terminator II music from Phil Wheeler's
PTULTRA.WAD. If you haven't seen it, check it out. Excellent design and a
good Cyber-battle. The few other sounds I stole from various other WADS.
Sorry, can't remember exactly which ones. Oh well, you know who you are.
Why Blast'em? Stupid question. WHY NOT?!
UltraViolence is a tough battle. It was slightly tougher before I decided
to nix the two CyberDemons. The other levels of difficulty are easier
('cept NIGHTMARE -- EEEEE!), but then, why bother? Same for you losers out
there that use cheat codes. WHY do you even bother PLAYING?
Oh ya, one last thing. This level came about cause of all the useless WADs
I saw out there that had no theme or purpose. You know the ones. You stumble
from room to room shooting anything that moves, oblivious of the horrid
decor or your reason for continuing. Bloody waste of time if you ask me.
(Yeah I know, who asked? Shaddup!)
Author : Russell J. Lauzon
Email Address :
Misc Author Info : Kinda shy. Happy go lucky.
Description : Er, yeah, that's it. (This is a stupid entry.
Play the damn thing and find out!)
Additional Credits to : Sandy Ng and David Kelk for beta testing.
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M1
Single Player : Of course
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Sure
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : I guess
Difficulty Settings : Uh huh.
New Sounds : Yup. (Stolen from other sources, yup)
New Graphics : Hardly mentionable
Demos Replaced : Heh, take a boo.
* Construction *
Base : No base. Home base? What does this mean?
Build Time : Week? Ah, I dunno.
Editor(s) used : DEU 5.21GCC; BSP11X; DMAUD 1.0; DMGRAPH 1.0
Known Bugs : NONE! (Damnit)
* Ah here, in plain Swahili: *
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
* Where to get this WAD *
Shit, I dunno. If you email me, tell me where ya got it from. K?
* One last thing, really *
I'd like to ask for money but I'm afraid there's too many other people I'd
have to cut in. Like Bill Neisius for DMAUD & DMGRAPH; Raphael Quintet &
Brendon J Wyber for DEU, etc. Instead, if you enjoyed playing this WAD
then please donate 5 bucks to your local Cancer Society. Those poor
bastards can use the help.
Russell J. Lauzon
A DeHacked Patch
The Barrel Blaster is a BETA patch for id's
DOOM (registered). It replaces the BFG with
a new weapon -- one which lobs barrels a
short distance
BloodThirsty - is a war strategy game
which challenges you to conquer every
state on the map. NEW: selecting
territories is easier, improved
graphical interface.
BLOODNET 1993 CRPG by MicroProse
Quickest Route to Success
Matt Showalter
I. Tackett's lab
A. Get Implant Plans.
B. Get 4 MB chip and place it into your docking unit.
II. Huston Matrix Rovers
A. Get Patch Cords.
B. Talk to Larry Owen.
III. Abyss
A. Talk to Rymma Fizz
B. Choose 4 characters to join you
IV. Metro Museum of Art
A. Talk to Montgomery Taylor (He will give you an invitataion
to the Hellfire club if you anser NO to his first question).
V. Central Park
A. Talk to Kimba West.
B. Talk to Sander Tomalin (You have to talk to him twice in order
to give him the implant plans. He will give you a Lockpick
Database, a 4 MB Chip, and Samurai Soul Box. Put the Soul Box
into you decking unit).
C. Talk to Mother Mary on the second Central Park screen.
VI. Cafe Voltaire
A. Talk to Oscar Nandez (second screen).
B. Talk to Lenora Major.
VII. C-Space
A. Go to "Major" well
VIII. Kafka Consipiracy
A. Talk to Coover Tristan.
IX. Electric Anarchy
A. Talk to Phree Thought
B. Talk to Nai Hilistick
C. Talk to Chuck
D. Talk to Phracktle K. Oss
E. Talk to Auntie Matter
F. Talk to Garrick Fizz (have him join)
X. Autonomy Dogs
A. Talk to Wild Child.
B. Talk to Sabaccatus St. Aubens.
XI. Hard Metals
A. Talk to Tempered SteelE.
XII. St. Patrick's
A. Talk to Mother Mary
B. Talk to Brother Complicitus (you will need to speak to
them both to complete the conversation).
XIII. Hellfire Club
A. Talk to George Yachisin
B. Talk to Renfield.
XIV. Hardarm Tacktick
A. Buy Lockpick Casing and Diagnostic Unit.
B. Assemble the Electronic Lockpicks
XV. TransTechnicals
A. Security
1. Kill Cheif Daryl Paine.
2. Get TTCloak Chip from Paine.
3. Search Area (pick up all items).
B. Emily Esaki
1. Search Area.
2. Get Pin.
C. Bill Dougan.
1. Talk to Bill Dougan
D. Nanotach
1. Search Area (pick up all items).
2. Use Electronic Lockpicks on Locked Storeroom door.
3. Search Storeroom (pick up all items).
XVI. Lazlo Green (examine crackdown list to open)
A. Search Area.
B. Pick up Gas Mask.
XVII. Electric Anarchy
A. Talk to Phree Thought.
B. Give her a Dragon Soul Box (Say YES when she asks).
C. She will give you a SonomaVapor.
XVIII. Icon Pirates
A. Put the Gas Mask on a character.
B. Use SonomaVapor with that character.
C. Search area.
D. Get HoloCam and both cans of Holofilm.
XIX. Doom Pilots.
A. Talk to Ghost Walker.
XX. Madam Mescal
A. Buy Instapigment.
B. Use the Instapigment.
XXI. Cloisters
A. Sabastan's Room
1. Get Beads.
B. Weapons Room
1. Solve Mirror Puzzle (film yourself with the Holocam
and then play the recording near the mirror).
2. Search Area (Get all Soul Blades and Stakes).
XXII. Cafe Voltaire
A. Place Beads next to Cyril Thorpe.
XXIII. C-Space
A. Go to "Medium" well.
B. Talk to Cyril Thorpe.
XXIV. Cloisters
A. Sabastan's Room.
1. Talk to Sabastan (He will Bless the Blades).
XXV. C-Space
A. Go to F.a.t.s.
B. Talk to Melissa Van Helsing.
XXVI. Le Phood
A. Talk to Melisa Van Helsing (have her join you).
XXVII. Hellfire Club
A. Talk to Alexander Tennent.
XXVIII. Van Helsings Apartment
A. Kill all Vampires.
B. Enter the second room.
C. Search area.
D. Pick up Signal Scrambler.
XXIX. Grant's Tomb
A. Kill everyone
B. Get Green Pendant.
C. Free Alexander Tennent.
XXX. Electric Anarchy
A. Have Chuck join you.
B. Disassmble Green Pendant.
C. Put Emerald Looker Chip into decking unit.
D. Put Tackett's Essance into decking unit.
XXXI. C-Space
A. Go to F.a.t.s.
B. Talk to Tackett Cybervision
C. Go to "Kansas" well.
D. Talk to Sally (she will give you Incubus).
XXXII. St. Patrick's
A. Dismiss Chuck.
B. Talk to Mother Mary (have her join you).
XXXIII. Transtech (1122)
A. Kill everyone.
B. Talk to Dr. John Harker.
XXXIV. C-Space
A. Enter "Elizabeth" well.
XXXV. Game Ending
A. Fight Dracula Images (six total).
B. Fight and Kill Dracula!
Brought to you by Matt Showalter/MicroProse Quality Assurance and
MicroProse On-Line Services - MPS*BBS (410) 785-1841.
Copyright 1994 by MicroProse, Inc. and Spectrum Holybyte, Inc.
Title : BloodLust
Author : Greg Grimsby
Email Address :
Misc. Author Info : Doom! rocks my world! I can be reached at
the above address, but place my name in the
Description : This level was originally designed as a death
match level. I threw in some monsters and changed
the layout to make it a playable level too. Its a
pretty quick level to clear though, due to its
simple design. As a Death Match level, its a pretty
fun romp. Its designed to give the feel of having
three floors on the same level. The bottom floor,
The Sewers, has the basic weapons. The middle floor
offers some beefier fire-power. The top, tech-level
floor has the big-mommas. So the flow of battle is
upward. It tends to be a pretty fast-paced kill-
fest. There are plenty of places to commit suicide,
for those so inclined 8^)
Note that there are 2 exits to this level. Note also
that this level is a secret level. The first exit
is the normal exit. The hidden exit (nearby) brings you
back to this same secret level. So it is possible to
loop this level. This makes it easy to play to a certain
number of kills. When you have x kills, run to the
second exit. The second exit brings you right back for
more carnage!!
Additional Credits to : my dedicated band of playtesters 8^)
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E2M9
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : YES -what it was originally designed for...
Difficulty Settings : Yes (admittingly, I haven't tried it on Nightmare)
Difficulty : 8'ish out of 10.
New demos : No
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Build Time : About 20 hours, plus playtesting
Editor(s) used : DEU 5.1, BSP 1.1x
Known Bugs : not really a bug, but it might run slower than
most levels due to its complexity
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
* Where to get this WAD *
This WAD can be FTPed at in
(until its moved.....)
Boggled v2.0 - Find as many words as
possible from 16 random lettered cubes.
Features SVGA 640x480x256 screens, 3D-
rendered graphics, digital sound effects,
computer opponent, user dictionary,
and more!
BOMBER V2.1 The REAL Arcade game! Offers you
great VGA graphics and SoundBlaster digitized
sounds. A very entertaining software from
Patrick Pich. NOW, BLAST THEM OUT.
The associated zip file contains the graphics needed to change
the Sargent character on Doom to a Borg from Star Trek: The Next
Unzip to a subdirectory and then move borg.bat to the doom directory.
Then type borg
The file needs to change the original Doom.wad, so it firstly makes
a backup of the old Sargent graphics.
Batch and text file based on the work of
An Original Course Design
by Mark Alan Willett
for Accolade's Jack Nicklaus Golf and Course Design-Signature Edition
The original graphics contained in the module are copyrighted. All rights
for these pieces are reserved. Said graphics include the background art and
objects 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25.
This course may not be sold or leased in any venue. It may be copied as is
and distributed freely. The original artwork may not be reused in subsequent
works by other JNSE designers if their work is to be sold in any venue.
The course files, in their entirety, may be distributed freely to bulletin
board services, including those which charge subscription and usage fees as
long as the only fees associated with the acquistion of the course are
subscription fees and/or per-minute charges for the cost of download.
This text file is considered an integral part of the course project and must
be distributed with the course files.
I'd like to dedicate this course to John Kunyik for both his past and
continuing contributions to JNSE's design tools. To Tony Woodward, whose
friendship goes beyond the game. To Dave Salamon for his patience and
This text file is dedicated to Dave Dykeman for being Dave Dykeman.
And to Blaze, I hope this Colorado-inspired course brings you as much pleasure
as The Victorian. :)
Lee Ritze used to do a text file listing of his courses and suggest that if
one wanted to see additional works they should work backward, and stop when
reaching one that they didn't enjoy. I always thought that made sense. For
anyone interested in exploring more of my designs, they are (in reverse order
of creation):
Northern Pass
Oakmont (with Dave Salamon)
The Victorian
Gabrielle Gardens (with the JDP)
Mulligan's Point
Cherry Hills (with Ted Maiden)
I also highly recommend MERTWOOD by Jeff Merten and Tony Woodward. Coming soon
to a bulletin board near you.
If you should have questions or comments, I can currently be found on NVN, or
mail may be directed to 1086 Corona #6, Denver, CO 80218. Please include an
Denver, Colorado
February 28, 1994
Barney and Clinton Doom v1.0
This version replaces the barons
with the lovable dinosaur - Barney!
and replaces the floating orange
heads with the head of our
fearless leader President Bill Clinton!
This is BSP version 1.2 dos extended, written by Colin Reed:
New version due to bug found by Mark Harrison that caused some
problems with flipped segs having their textures buggered up.
The GO32 dos extender has been pre-pended to the executable.
This builds a BSP node tree for your DOOM wad files.
BSP []
If no output file is specified 'tmp.wad' is written.
This ZIP includes the fullly commented source code for all you
Doom editor/utility writers out there.
A known problem is a conflict between the GO32 dos extender
and QEMM's DPMI... put 'set GO32=nodpmi' in your autoexec.bat
to avoid problems.

Battle Charge v1.02 is a two-player
game played with two sets of opposing (red
vs. blue) neutral and charged pieces. The
game ends when a charged piece captures its
opposing king. Requires: 80286 or later
series CPU, 300K free RAM, VGA color
graphics, and a Microsoft compatible mouse
and DOS resident driver.

Title : BUTTV2.WAD
Author : Brian Hart
Email Address :
Misc. Author Info : College student with some free time... now.
Don't expect any wads next semester! :)
Description : This PWAD is for E1M1. It was designed primarily
for deathmatch, which is apparent in the design.
Additional Credits to : Bill Archer, Joshua Levens, Cheong Choi
Additional Notes : As stated above, it was designed primarily for
deathmatch. It really wouldn't be that fun
in single user mode, and could probably be
completed in under a minute.
Please send me any comments or suggestions for
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M1
Single Player : If you want.
Cooperative 2-4 Player : If you want.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes!!!
Difficulty Settings : Not implemented
New Sounds : New sfx, new music.
New Graphics : No
* Construction *
Base : Revision of original BUTT.WAD
Build Time : 45 hrs (including _extensive_ playtesting)
Editor(s) used : DEU 5.21 GCC, BSP 1.1
Known Bugs : None
Additions since last ver: Shuffled placement of guns to make it a little
more dangerous to get the powerful weapons.
I also kept Deathmatch 2.0 in mind when I placed
the items so med kits are out of the way, and it
way get you killed trying to get at 'em!
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may not use this level as a base to build additional
levels. There will be more .wads to follow, and I'll string 'em together.
Then you can do whatever you like.
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites:
EMAIL: If you don't have FTP access, email me a message and I'll send a
message reply with the WAD included. Email address included above.
FS4/AAF aircraft Collection..
Tribute to the great Cessna 152.
FIVE AIRCRAFT including:- C120,
C150, C152T, C152II, and the
C152II Taildragger Conversion.
SEE4 Scenery file included, plus
all Static SC0 files, plus mode.
By Kenneth J Kerr.

CAVLAB11 - A new level for the registered
version of Doom for single player mode.
Designed and built by Dave Sawford.

CHINESE CHECKERS, V 2.1, 1-Jul-93, animated
classic board game for 1-6 players.
Nominated for Best Entertainment Software
and Best New Product at Shareware Industry
Awards 1992. The players (represented by
animated icons, Dragon, Flower, Mantis,
Wind, Tiger, and Peacock) may be either
human or computer players. Use keyboard
or mouse. Requires EGA or VGA, and 640K
memory. Developed by ImagiSOFT Inc.

COMPLETE GOLF PRO by Complete Golf Systems.
Complete Golf Pro is a golf handicapping and
Game Analysis program for calculating USGA
and Trend Handicap Indexes for 1 to as many
players as hard disk space allows. Reports
on player demographics, performance stats,
course information, handicapped score cards,
and more, are available to be printed to
the screen, printer or file. Additional
program utilities allow for the estimation of
course slopes for courses that have yet to be
slope-rated; establishment of Trend or User
defined handicapping parameters, and more.
The program is not a demo, but a fully
functional system. Registered users will
receive a unique code to disable
registration reminders. They also will
receive a graphics program to display
performance data in graphical format.
Registration is $39.95
░▒▓█ADD█▓▒░ Version. 2.0
ADD is a AD&D Character generator
for windows. The cost is $5 to
register. If you register you will
be able to save, load, and print.
Title : CHASE.ZIP (chase.wad + chase.txt)
Author : Eric C. Reuter
Email Address :
Misc. Author Info : I'm SYSADMIN and SYSPGMR for supercomputing
with no time on my hands, but make time for
the most important thing: DOOM!
Description : Originally designed as a fairly simple WAD
with deathmatch in mind, gradually grew to
a fairly large level suitable for good one
player action. Basically, prepare to chase
and be chased in deathmatch mode, and run
like hell in UV single player mode. Have
included my favorite items from id's original
levels, namely teleporters, certain textures
and a few secrets with some attention to
lights and lighting. Hope you find it
Additional Credits to : Geoff Allan for Doom Editor - The Real Thing
(de_260b2 and b4)
Walt Woerner - Concept for original layout
(also my steady deathmatch opponent)
id Software (of course)
Playtesters - Jim Purdon, Jennie Reuter
Billy Reuter, Walt Woerner (arrggghhh!)
Theresa Reuter - for not filing the divorce
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M1
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : Yes, but not perfectly done - UV is pretty intense.
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Demos : No
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch.
Build Time : Approx 25 Hours over 3 weeks.
Editor(s) Used : Doom Editor - The Real Thing (for windows)
by Geoff Allan V 2.60b2 and 2.60b4.
(Ease of use cant be beat)
Known Bugs : Some lower inside walls exhibit strange
behavior: Weapons such as rocket launcher
fire and appear to dissapear without a
sound into the wall !. Other weapons show
puffs of smoke (wall hits) on some walls
but not on others, appears to be related to
"sector within sector" creation.
Have NOT encountered any HOM effects.
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.
You MAY distribute this WAD provided you include this file with no
modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic format
(BBS, Diskette CD, etc.) as long as you include this file intact.
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites :
Title : chase21a
Filename : chase21a.wad
Author : Thomas E. Davis
Email Address :
This is a big and somewhat simple deathmatch wad (only a few tricks
and traps). It is made up of all the things I value in a deathmatch
wad. All the weapons are present, and they are spread out. The more
powerful the weapon, the harder it is to aquire. I strategically placed
each item for the new "altdeath" option with Doom 1.4 and above. If you
play without this option, you will have nothing but weapons to pick up
after the first few minutes of play.
In honor of one of my favorite wads (halls1-9), I have included a
cage. However, the person in the cage is able to see out and defend
himself... at least until he runs out of ammo or gets fragged.
The lmp was recorded from my (indigo) point of view. We made it
before I added the exit, so the ending is a little abrupt. Nonetheless,
it's a fairly long show. Enjoy!
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E2M1
Single Player : Nope
Cooperative 2-4 Player : YES!
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : YES!
Difficulty Settings : Nope (be a man, use skill 4)
New Sounds : Nope
New Graphics : Nope
New Music : Nope
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch.
Editor(s) used : DOOMCAD, DMGRAPH, and BSP.
Known Bugs : None.
* Permissions *
Please don't screw with this wad.
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP site:
* Acknowledgements *
Special thanks to Mike Webster ( for helping me test
play this wad and record our game.
04/18/94 Listing
The world famous list of cheats, secret keys,
and debug modes has cheats and debug codes
for 222 games!!! This list is ever growing
and updated often!             
Handfuls of revisons... also a survey added.
Your answers will help determine future
Cheats & Debug Codes ------------ Release 8.1
How to cheat in your favorite games! No
trainers allowed in this neck of the woods!
Version 8.1 offers cheats and debug codes for
233 popular games! The list is ever-growing
and updated often!
CHESSRP3 is a CHESS replay program. You se-
lect a precoded CHESS game that you wish to
play and CHESSRP3 sets up a game board on
your PC monitor and invokes your game. You
move the CHESS pieces with the up or down
arrow keys. Preset a board at will and play
from here. Code own games with any EDITOR
_________CHOOK DOOM V 1.0___________
Chook DOOM replaces all rockets in DOOM with chooks and moves the
rocket launcher to where a rocket launcher should be. It's now become
the shoulder mounted chook launcher. Much better than the original.
It was produced using DMGRAPH, Deluxe Paint II and Graphics Workshop!
To install Chook DOOM simply extract the file to
a "chook" dirctory in doom, then copy or move the chook.bat and unchook.bat
files to the doom directory then execute it by typing "chook". Chook doom
will the install itself and then all rockets in doom will become CHOOKS
and the launcher will be placed on your shoulder instead of the ridiculous
position it usually is. Who ever heard of using a rocket launcher with it
held near your groin, I reackon that would hurt you more than them!!.......
Pretty funny I reackon!
To get the most out of the graphics patch try e2m8 and fight the
cyberdemon. This really make doom more like CHOOK WARS.....
May the chooks be with you!
Chook DOOM is produced by me, David Biggs (oh!!....and 1 frame by my
bro Mick). You can contact me at if you
have any querries or just want an excuse to e-mail somebody. I hope
you enjoy chook doom!
P.S. If anyone has or can tell me where I can get chook sounds to include
with this patch I would be grateful. A good Begerk sound would be unreal!
Filename : CHRIS_E1.WAD (Version 1.2)*
Author : Christen David Klie
AOL Screen Name : OlivrSuttn
Additional Credits to : Gerrilynn Klie
Mark Borczon
Matt Borczon
Mal Blackwell
John W. Anderson
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M1; E1M2; E1M3; E1M4; E1M5; E1M6;
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : Yes
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New levels from scratch, except E1M8,
for which I used id Software's "Phobos
Anomaly" as a base.
Editor(s) used : DEU 5.2.1; BSP 1.0; REJECT 1.0
Known Bugs : Nifty "hall-of-mirrors" effects in nearly
half the walls (shouldn't slow down game
play); players not allowed to pick up guns
or ammo; and many of the imps, for reasons
I can't explain, look remarkably like Gabe
Kaplan, TV's "Kotter." :D
Words : I would like to thank everyone listed in
the "Additional Credits" section. With-
out their input and support, I would have
stopped building after E1M3. I would also
like to thank PCC Jon and PC Sylva at AOL.
Their kindness and patience have been a
blessing, to say the least. And, most
importantly, I'd like to thank all the
members of on line services who downloaded
these maps individually. I hope you'll
enjoy playing these as a coherent episode.
This is the end of my Doom map-building
career. I'm proud to announce, I've been
offered the opportunity to work with
Apogee Software as a contributor to one of
their upcoming 3-D games. :D
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use this WAD as a base to build additional levels.
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
* Where to get this WAD *
America On Line PC Games Forum.
* Version 1.1: endgame changes made.
Version 1.2: minor mapping problems corrected (map 7).

Civilization update - adds support for
Proaudio spectrum Cards and Sound blaster
pro/16 sound support. Definetly sounds bette
than Adlib option. Uploaded by: David Larson
Files: 5 Oldest: 02-28-94 Newest: 04-14-94
Well, here it is, a classical music
.WAD file for Doom! I strongly
suggest playing the game through
without knowledge of what song is coming
next (humor in the surprise!).
Color Cross v1.03 is a unique, abstract and
kinetic two-player color strategy game whose
objective is to freeze all of your opponent's
pieces. Requires: 8086 series CPU, 300K free
RAM, VGA color graphics, and a Microsoft
compatible mouse and DOS resident driver.
██ -= Cheat Machine v1.91 = ║█
───── by A Forest Soft '94 ───║┤
That game putting you down ?
Not when you use this baby !
We've got a library of cheats, tips
patches, codes, trainers, anything
you need to cheat on commercial or
shareware games available at a
simple keypress. (300+ Cheats)
Supports VGA and SoundBlaster
────Don't get mad, Get EVEN !────
Sysops : Put your ads into the .EXE !
Read SYSOP.DOC for details !
WAD Authoring Template V1.2 (Clip this line)
Title : cnfusion.WAD
Author : Reza S. Dowlatshahi
Mail Address :
Misc. Author Info : Based in Ottawa Canada
Description : I made this wad file right after I discovered DEU,
the almighty doom level editor. This is an experi-
mental level for me. I made it as I was learning
DEU and its how to. This is why there is no general
theme to this wad ( Hence the name confusion). I
will make my future pwad files with a general theme
in mind. I would hope that you enjoy this level.
I would also greatly appreciative if you could drop
me a line and let me know what you thought of this
wad (Good or Bad). If there were any concept, rooms
and or ideas you liked or disliked.
This level contains a few wall which you can walk
through as well as hidden doors. There is plenty
of ammo, but you should use it wisely!
Additional Credits to : Makers of DEU and BSP
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M1
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : I think so ( I have not tested it )
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : I think so ( I have not tested it )
Difficulty Settings : Not implemented
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Build Time : So very many hours!!!
Editor(s) used : DEU 5.1 and BSP12x
Known Bugs : I am not aware of any!
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
levels as long as you give me credit. I think that is fair.
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites:
BBS numbers:
COBRA MISSIONS Solve - The Mapper's Guild (TMG)
===- INTRODUCTION -=========================================================
Ok, here we go again. Just getting bored waiting for Might and Magic IV
to come out, and since I was getting so far in this little time killer
game, I decided a solve was in order. Anyway, the game does offer some of
the best Japanimation I have ever seen. Robotech fans, this one is a must!
The whole interface is pretty simple, but don't try and play without a mouse.
When fighting, move the icon over the enemies body and left click. A right
click will go to the options. Otherwise, left click is retrun, right is
escape. To search things, just move into them. To enter a house or move
something like a statue, move in from the south. When fighting, have J.R.
(the guy) use a bat until he gets an Ax, then the sword of Gaia. Have Faith
(the chick) use a dagger, pipe, or antique sword, and when necessary, a gun.
Anyway, have fun..
===- CENTRAL COBRA -========================================================
Kill the gang after looking through the telescope. Don't worry about saving
bullets, as your gun will be empty after the fight no matter what happens. Go
to the shop in the NE corner of time (behind a water way) and buy a wooden
baseball bat. Now go to the bar in the south (about the center of the map) or
town. Talk to everybody there (search the place too) and keep talking until
you are sure that the messages will not change. This game has a lot of things
in it that cannot be done until you are told about them, or you do something
and get a different message somewhere about anything (allmost always in the
bars). Kind of similiar to Ultima 7, where you can't ask about something
until someone tells it to you. You should find a dart in the SE corner, $20
in a plant in the SW, a vitamax in the NW table, and a pocket knife in the NE
plant. Have faith use this as a weapon. (You should use the bat). Now go
and get a job a the rocket delivery service (L shaped building just east of
Faith's house). Put on the red hat they give you and now "use" the "goods".
They will you tell you who to deliver them to and the map you get will tell
you where the houses are. (AT the end of this section will be a list of where
hidden stuff is in each of the houses). When you are doing deliveries, be
sure to explore all the areas of the town. You will find all kinds of stuff
and usually in the remote areas and fountains you may find gun ammo. When you
do the delivery in the house in the SE corner of the map, go E from the house
to the next one and enter. Tell the man inside that you are the gardner.
Inside is a metal bat (NW) and $20 (NE). Equip the metal bat.
Some things you need to do but in no particular order (at least I seemed to
be that way) are as follows: Go to the pharmacy (N) and accept to try the
medicine. Go to the train (NW). Right before you get there, you will get
really sick. Go back to the pharmacy and get the antidote. Attempt to break
down the gate over the tracks in the center west. Try to jump the bridge in
the center east. And once you have $3000 (it won't take too long), go the
store where you got the first bat and buy an M10 pistol. Also, in the house
just west of Faith's house is a guy who will take womens clothes and give you
pictures. Doesn't have anything to do with the game, get the point.
After all that, go to city hall. Eventually they will tell you that they
cannot fix the bridge to the east until they have workers from the south. Go
to the bar and talk to everybody. You should get anymore messages about Tacker
breaking you bat and they SHOULD tell you about seeing him selling abunch of
girls somewhere. Goto the club. Faith will get in and to leave you have to
fight a bunch of Karate gangs to leave. Go to the bar and talk again until
they tell you about delivering goods at the back door of the club. Go back to
the club (make sure you have some goods from the delivery agency) and go to the
front door. The receptionist will tell you to go to the door on the right side
of the building. Go to the receptionist inside and go through the door to the
left. Search the plant and get the key. Enter the room in the north and kill
Tacker (nows a good time to use the M10 and any ammo you've picked up). After
words get faith from the room north of the desk. Note: Theres ladies clothes
in the sofa of the room where Tacker is, and under the window where Faith is.
===- The Houses -===========================================================
Pharamacy, vitaup in north table, vitamax by the SE doctor (both
on the second level. B. Thompson: steel pipe due north of door, panties on
bed in west room, fire cracker in the plant to the north. J. Class: Dart due
north of the door, bra in wardrobe of SE room, vitamax+ on shelf in NW. O.Pow:
$20 in SE room under carpet, bra in tub in the east, vitamax under table in NW.
K. Stein: Vitamax++ (use them carefully, there are few but they restore a ton
of hit points) in bed in west room, lingerie in wardrobe of east room.
===- Steffie -==============================================================
When you finish the area of town, you will be able to call a girl
from Faith's apartment, and try and fuck her. You will be able to figure it
out. Basically use the left button to touch or use something, and the right to
change actions. Sometimes, a red light will come up on the meter at the top of
the screen, otherwise, if your actions "don't make it", a white light will
appear. If you get enough red lights without running out of time or chances,
you will go to another screen, and so forth.. Anyway, heres a working order
for the first girl: Hand on breasts, lips on breasts, lips on mouth, lips/neck
lips/breasts, ready to go.
===- West Cobra -===========================================================
Basically you have to go the delivery place, and continue doing deliveries
until Winter lets you into the back half of his house. Then go to the adult
toy store in the SW corner of town and talk to the guy there. Go to the SE
corner to the dowzing club (Four houses next to each other with a fence), and
have Faith (in the third house to the right) take the first lesson. Then to
the bar just NW of the club. Go to the ho in the north end and have fun.
(I might add this is some of the best Japanimation I've ever seen.) Go back to
and get Faith, and go to the toy store again. Search the wardrobe in the NW
corner, and continue on until you have two bottles of Cognac. Then go back to
the guy at the desk. He will give you a bottle of gin. Go to the bar and get
the guy at the left end of the bar drunk. Just keep talking to him until he
gives you his membership card to the House of Leather and Chains. Go to
Winter's house and give him a bottle of Cognac. He will give you a magazine.
Go to the House of Leather & Chains.
===- House of Leather and Chains -==========================================
1st west room: M10 round, 1st east room: $20, 2nd west room: $50
2nd east room: $50,
3rd West room: $20,
3rd east room: small key.
Continue North along the main corridor and get past the S&M chick (just keep
attacking) and go to the east. Theres a vitamax+ and a bra in here. Tell
the girl to leave. Go back to the west door and fight the guy there. Be
sure to throw the gin on him before he can attack. Search the room:
Shannel 555, vitamax++, bra, M10 round.
Go the area in the NW where the engineer was (park with a fence) and search
the fountain behind where he stood and get the ring. Go to the delivery place
and get the map of South Cobra.
Winter's: M-80 in the west plant.
Witt's: panties in bed/east room, vitamax+/table in north.
Adult toy store: Be sure to buy a vibrator here.
Grandma's: A small yellow house just SW of the center of the map. $50 in SW
NE park: An area surrounded by trees with no entrance. You can walk through
the tree just west of center on the north wall.
Owen's: Leather coat in center room, vitamx+ on sofa in the north/center.
House west of school over waterway: $150 and a vitamx++. Offer to mow lawn.
Bettime's: Bra in the NE tub, vitamax+ on shelf in the NW.
Bar: $50, NE plant, rotoray vibrator in the SE corner.
If you get stuck, talk to everybody in the bar or try the engineer in the NW.
After that, go to the train in Central Cobra.
===- South Cobra -==========================================================
Things to do immediately:
Go to the store in the NW and buy an orchid brooch,
the store in the SE and buy an Ax and tons of M10 ammo. Then take the path
through the trees along the East wall (enter near the store) and continue north
and talk to Melissa. Also try to get in the police station in the west part of
town. (The guard will send you away).
Go to the bar and talk until somebody tells you about a guy recruiting for
the army. Then walk around town (usually in the east) until you find the guy
standing in the street. After talking to him, go back to the bar. After one
of the guys tells you about the wherehouse. Equip the ax and go to the where-
house (SW of town, fenced). Search the four groups of boxes until you have
boots, cap, jacket and pants. Also in the eastern half of the building, one
of the walls will have the black "boarders" missing. You can walk through and
into the black area behind. Inside are four cases of M10 ammo.
Go to the police station in the uniform and get turned away again (you have
to do this), and then go to the bar. Talk until you are told about some guy
that leaves a bunch of uniforms and medals in town. Then go to Mick's house
(NW of town). Take the stairs to the second level. Turn off the TV in the NW
corner and then try and wake up the kid. Then go the room just south of the
stairs and search the wardrobes. One will have a key on it. Unlock the door
just south of the wardrobes and search the room until you find the colonel's
Go to the police station and kill the guy in the NE room. The search the
room in the far NW until Faith leaves for the dowzing school. Then go to the
bar and get fucked again. Then take the train back to Central Cobra, and walk
to West Cobra and get Faith at the far east building of the school. When you
get back to south cobra, keep talking to the lady at the construction co. until
she gives you several maps.Return to the police station and search the NW room
again until you trigger the stairs to open. Take the passage east and keep
close to the south wall. You will find a doorway going south. At the end of
the corridor is a megatech torch. Continue east and take the stairs up. Go
due east of the stairs until you find more stairs. Take these. You will come
up in a room of squares inside of squares. You need to walk around each square
until you find a key and then a door to the next smaller square. You may have
to fight a dark knight to get a key. You must hit (or shoot) them right below
the helmet. Anywhere else will have little or no effect. Inside the inner
square are four knights. Kill each one and touch the lights behind them.
After touching each, they will turn black. Walk over one. Go due north of
where you land and fight.
Go back to Faith's in central cobra, go to city hall, and then go back over
the bridge you came on originally.
The bar: M-80/bathroom/SW corner, vitamax++/sw/sofa, lighter/chair/right side
bar, $25/plants/east wall, Sherr spray/SE corner.
Fritz's: Enter from east side of house. Map of E.cobra/just south of door on
other side of wall, porn mag/book cases of same room, poison dart/SE corner,
dart/just south of entrance.
House along north wall: Box M10 ammo/entry hall, $50/NE plant, vitamax++/in
toilet-north, vitaup in NW toilet.
House west of tracks/NE of wherehouse: Lingerie in NE wardrobe, 4 M10 rounds
in SW room.
Blue house just south of Fist's: Vitamax/North of door, vitamax+/NW shelf,
dart/plant on west wall, 4X vitamax+'s/ on tables.
Red house next to^^^: jean skirt in tub in west room.
Also: power capsule just SW of train station, opposite side of tracks.
Remember: If you ever get stuck, try going to the bar and talking.
More chicks:
Yvonne: Hand/hair, lips/mouth, whisper, lips/mouth. Lips/mouth (hidden behind
shoulder), hands/hair, hands/tits, lips/tits, lips/kunt. Hands/tits,
lips/tits, rotory vibrator, vibrator, lips/mouth, hand/hair, ready to go!
Melissa: Lips/tits, lips/mouth, lips/hair, lips/mouth, lips/neck, lips/mouth,
lips/neck, lips/tits. Hand/tits, hand/hair, hand/leg, hand/snatch, whisper
rotory v., vibrator, whisper, hand/tits, lips/snatch, ready to go!
===- East Cobra (A little more walk-through here) -=========================
Go north along the west edge of the area. You will see a store. You can stock
up on ammo here. In the fountain next to the shop, there are two .44 rounds.
(no, not M10's) Continue north to the house in the NW corner. Talk to Duncan.
He will send you away. His house: tear gas/NW/TV, Gin/NW/shelf.
Go east along the north border. Stop at the small yellow house. Vita++/NW
Continue east and stop at the red house. Talk to woman in the NW of house.
Vitamx/NE/shelf, lingerie/NE/wardrobe, shannel 555/NW/TV. Note there is a room
here you cannot get in. Contine east and then south along a fence blocking a
beach. Enter the house on the beach near the break in the fence. Talk to the
guy here. 1st level: power capsule/SE/plant. 2nd level: power capsule/boxes/
north of stairs, vitamax++/NW corner.
Go north along the beach to the next house. When you get out of the dream,
take the stairs down, and wake up the man. Stuff: panties/NW/bed, bra/NW/bed,
shannel 555/SW/box, Gin/SE.
Go back to the red house and go into the room you could not get to before.
Talk to the man. Lingerie/NW of new room/bed.
Go to the house in the NW corner. Talk to Duncan and and put on the winter
clothes he gives you.
Go to the research center (roughly NE) and walk around the maze until you
have touched eight blue lights. They will individually turn red, and then
green when you've touched them all. Head NE to a door and a robot guarding a
passage. Kill the robot and mess with the computer behind him. Go back to the
door and open it. Kill the cyborg and head west to the stairs. Find the
terminal on the new level, touch it, and go back to the door you passed to get
to the computer. Enter, talk to Donna, and take the door out in the SE. In
the SE and NW corner of this area are vitamax++'s. In the square north of the
SW corner are the stairs out.
After that, go back to Central Cobra, go to city hall, go to Faith's, go
back to city hall again, go to the train, fight, then take it to the cemetery.
Also: House in SE Vitamax++/NE/shelf, $100/N/plant, leather coat/NW/wardrobe,
leather pants/NW/wardrobe.
Bar: (you do not have to go here at all in East Cobra) Ninja star/SE/plant,
M80/SE/bathroom, ninja star/SW/plant, vitamax++/SW/plant, $50/carpet.
One more babe:
Donna: All lips: mouth, hair, mouth, neck, neck, tit. Lips/right tit,
lips/left tit?, hand/pussy. Hand/tit, whisper, rotory vibrator, vibrator,
hand/hair, whisper, hand/tit, hand/leg, mouth/snatch, ready to go!
===- Cemetery -=============================================================
Go south of where the train drops you off in the cemetery to the red house.
Kill the guy there and talk to the mayor. Go back to the city hall in central
Cobra, and then go to the house in the NW corner of East Cobra. Give Duncan
the winter clothes back and get the pendant. Go back to the cemetery and the
mayor. Search the statue to the west of the house. Take the ladder down.
This is rather difficult to try and write down, because the rooms are very
irregular in shape. But it isn't to tough to get through, so if you get lost,
just keep going and you'll figure it out.
Follow the north wall of the room you appear in to a man who will give you
a map. In the SE corner is a box of .44 ammo. Follow the north wall to the
east, then go NW. Talk to the man in the corner and get the esper rod from the
box next to him. Follow the north wall of this area then south along the east
wall. Pass the hall going east and continue south. Talk to the man in the SE
Anyway, go back to the east passage and talk to the man in the NE of the room.
Go to the stairs in the SW corner. Go south on the surface to the next statue.
Talk to the man by the stairs you appear by. Go east and then NE. Talk to
the man there and get a vitamax++. Go south to stairs. Go south, then west,
then north to the next statue.
Go to the SE of the new room. There is a porno in the box. Follow the
south wall to the west, then north, then man at the end of the passage gives
you a map. Go west to stairs up. Go north on the surface to next statue.
Follow the north wall of the next area and talk to the man in the NE corner
of the room. Follow the east wall going south to a box with a vitamax++.
Follow the south wall to the west. When the wall bends south (you will see
another doorway going to the NW with a man standing by it), continue west. You
will find two sets of stairs. The left stairs take you to Gaia's workshop.
Get his sword and then go back and take the other stairs. It will lead to a
grey building. Inside are a dart, lighter, and a hand grenade. Go back to the
place with the hallway and the man standing by it, talk to the man and get
another map. In the SW corner of the new area is a ninja star. In the NW is a
man that sells all kinds of drugs. In the NE is a man that sells both M10 and
.44 ammo. The .44 is much more powerful than the M10, but more expensive. He
also has "fighting outfits". Follow the east wall along (it will bend) to the
last stairs. Use the sword on the gate of the castle outside. AT this time
Faith should use a gun and you should use the sword.
I'm not even going to try and explain this, but just remember that you have
to find four crystal balls, and place each one on a different triangle statue.
This will let you get passed a area blocked by four seperate lasers and finally
to the area where Kaiser is. Kill him, his guards, etc.. and get to see some
awfully dissapointing animation compared to wht we've seen before. Oh well,
That's it!

Title : Convertm.WAD
Author : John Hitt
Email Address :
Misc. Author Info :
Description : Human Conversion Lab the Aliens use to
turn the Marines into Former Humans.
Contains helo landing pad and dungeon were
the marines are kept.
Additional Credits to : - The People who wrote DEU 5.1, its a
Great program..
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M1
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes, Definately
Difficulty Settings : Yes, All levels supported
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Build Time : ~25 hours
Editor(s) used : DEU 5.1
Known Bugs : None I know of, email me if you find one.
* Copyright / Permissions *
You MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels.
But do not claim you created this level. If you create a new
level based on this one, please credit the original author.
You may do whatever you want with this file. The author
will not accept any responsibility for problems caused with it.
* Where to get this WAD *
* Additional information *
This, hopefully, is the first of a series that will follow along and complete
an alternate set of files for the entire episode.

Title : CROSSFIRE (#1 in a continuing series)
Author : Don Schuster
Email Address : n/a
Misc. Author Info : I'm a converted Wolfensteiner who has been involved
with doom since almost before the beginning.
Description : Cross Fire, a first-effort. That about says it
all. (C.Y.A.)
Additional Credits to : id (of course), and to Mssrs. Raphael Quinet
and Brendon J. Wyber, authors of the most
excellent DEU Doom Editing Utility, and Mr.
Robert Fenske, Jr., author of VNB, the VERDA
Node Builder. Many thanks to Mark Sammuller
and John Beach for their suggestions, comments
and beta-testing efforts.
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M1
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes, but not tested.
Difficulty Settings : Yes
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : DEU 5.21 and the VERDA node builder, VNB 1.050.
Known Bugs : One very small, barely noticable, difficult to
find, miniscule, unmentionable, and certainly
hardly worth talking about, HOM. (find it if
you can).
Copyright / Permissions *
Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels.
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
This WAD and any other information herein _MAY NOT BE USED_ by petty,
third-world dictators as a basic plan for overthrowing their neighbors,
threatening other world powers or as a means of suppressing their local
Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size - 158,333 bytes
Servings Per Container - 1
Calories - 0
Carbohydrates - 0
Other Consumer Information:
Meets or exceeds all U.S. Government standards for radiation emissions.
Handle in accordance with applicable MIL-SPECS.
Best flavor if used before August, 1994.
Paint brown and discard after March, 1995.
The AMA makes no claims regarding the suitability of this product as
medication for Glovner's Disorder or any other related health issue.
Certified for use by the Active Duty Retirement Corp.
Use only as directed.
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites: (none, yet)
BBS numbers: Channel 1 BBS - (617) 354-3137 (HST)
The Open Line BBS - (813) 854-7773 (J)oin conf. 15.
...Crazy square...version 1.00
This is ART !!! and THINK game,not
standart method making it,make very
intresting images and show process.
You don't see it never.I sure .....

Copyright (c) 1993 W. R. Hutsell
Prize-winning Civil War game
with editor and historical
tactical battle scenarios

Title : Dance of death
Author : Megaduck
Email Address :
Description : Its a huge multiplayer level.
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M2
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : Yes
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : No
This level can be played solo but it was designed for multiplayer mayhem.
Not all nukage/water is harmful to the touch. This is an awesome death match
level, show your friends what its like to dance the dance of the death.

Title : DANTE'S GATE version 1.2
Author : John W. Anderson (aka Dr. Sleep)
Email Address :
Additional Credits: Raphal Quinet and Brendon J. Wyber for DEU 5.21.
Colin Reed for BSP v1.xx (can't DEU without it).
Patrix for Deathmatch tutoring and pointing out
two nasty LineDefs that I missed.
Desdinova for being a swell kind of guy.
And, of course, those guys at id.
Description : This is a revision of my first level. For the most
part, the only "theme" I had in mind was to make the
level as aesthetically pleasing and consistent as
possible. In other words, I wanted it to look neat.
There are lots of little nooks and crannies scattered
about, and (I hope) a few surprises.
Please let me know what you think by E-Mail at any
of the above addresses.
Enjoy. (And if you liked DANTE, check out the
next one in the series, CROSSING ACHERON.)
Instructions : Put DANTE12.WAD and DANTES.BAT in your DOOM directory,
then run the batch file. Hit New Game, Knee Deep,
and choose whatever skill you wish. (For a kinder,
gentler introduction that takes you right to it, run
the KIND.BAT. This skips the intro stuff, chooses
"Hey, Not Too Rough" skill, and jumps right into the
level. Modify the batch file -skill # as you please.)
Disclaimer : I assume no responsibility for anything of any sort
in any way, shape, or form, now, then, henceforeward,
in this life (or the next several) for any screw-ups
or even minor inconveniences this PWAD causes you,
your family, your relatives, friends, ancestors,
associates, employers, pets, neighbors, lovers,
deities (major AND minor), nor any other person --
living, dead, or undead -- that you have or will ever
have any contact with in even the slightest form.
This PWAD has been tested and tested ad infinitum, so
it shouldn't mess with your computer or anything else
remotely associated with it. But if it DOES, then
too damn bad. Don't come cryin' to me. It must be
something YOU did.
Grammar Lecture : "a lot" is two words, not one; it's "you're," not
"your" -- as in "you are" unless you're (see?) using
the possessive in your (uh huh) text descriptions;
"their" indicates possession, "there" indicates
place or direction.**
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M1
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Oh Yes
Difficulty Settings : All
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch, 2 revisions.
Build Time : For-friggin-ever
Editors/Utilities used : DEU 5.0, 5.1, and 5.21 by Raphal Quinet
& Brendon J. Wyber
BSP v1.0 by Colin Reed
Reject 1.0 by L.M. Witek
Known Bugs : Surely you jest, Pops.
Unknown Bugs : You tell me.
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
* Where to get this WAD *
Internet FTP: pub/doom/incoming or /wads
CompuServe, Gamers+ Forum, Library 8 (Action Game Aids).
AOL PC Games Library (Keyword DOOM)
The Four Winds Bar BBS (412) 437-4521 Games Directory #5
Desdinova, Sysop; Dr Sleep, Co-Sysop.
(This information form was provided as AUTH_WAD.TXT v1.2 with DEU 5.1.)
-=Davey's World of Doom=-
Doom file to make David
Letterman look down on you
like a God!!NEEDS DOOM
REGISTERED 1.1 OR 1.2!!!!
Almond & Apple Orchards
Welcome to Dave's Almond & Apple Orchards. Start out with a complete
farm consisting of Almond and Apple crops, full planting, harvesting, and
transportation equipment, and over $4 million in cash in the bank.
One hint, don't put a water tower on the west (left) side of the river at the
bottom of the screen. For some reason unknown to me, the game hangs and
you'll have to reboot.
Be sure to watch your equipment. It wears out fast and you need to replace
it as it goes bad. Otherwise, crops don't get harvested and you'll lose
entire fields.

DOOM Control Center v2.3 - MORE features !
Run single/serial/modem/network games. Mouse-driven
user interface, control all aspects of modem and net
games WITHOUT command line parameters. Use external
WADs, edit chat macros, saved games. Re-assign levels
of WAD files. Browse internal directory of WAD files.
New features:
- DCC now allows you set defaults for COM port, Net
socket, skill level, etc.
- Support for separate WAD file directory.
- Saved game enhancements. DCC remembers the
the Monster Options and DEATHMATCH/Cooperative mode
used for saved games.
DCK (DOOM Construction Kit) Pre-release version 1.0.
Contains fully-functional pre-release copy of DCK
including documentation and all support files.
Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition Character
Generator, allows the creation of characters
in less than 2 minutes...
Tutorial text files for DoomEd 2.60 (b4)
██ -= Mr Deathmatch v3.20 = ║█
───── by Chris Richardson ───║┤
The best Deathmatch level ever!
Download this file!!!!!!!!!
A remake of the level 1,1 in DOOM!
This level is almost 10x larger
This version is a total remake of
level 1, episode 1
This level is recommended for 2
or more players in DEATHMATCH!!
Requires DOOM version 1.2
────Don't get mad, Get EVEN !────
DeathCastle--another PWAD file designed
for deathmatch playing. Modified from
castle.wad with DEU5.1. Plenty of ammos
and weapons. Add lifts. Only for DOOM
registered users.

DOC DEFIANT v1.0 - Can you stop the
dastardly Doc Defiant from unleashing his
freeze ray equipped satellite against Earth?
To triumph, you'll have to defeat four of
Defiant's henchmen in a board game requiring
logic and strategy. You are the planet's last
defense; don't let everyone down. Requires
286 (or faster), EGA or VGA. Hard disk and
mouse recommended. Shareware from Just For Me
Software. $12.95 for trilogy.
DeHackEd v. 1.0
By Greg Lewis (Tree)
The Doom.exe hack editor!
With this early version of DeHackEd, peruse the Thing tables in the
Doom.exe file, and modify them at will. Make fireballs invisible! Make
missiles do 2000 points of damage!
Disclaimer: the author is NOT responsible for any damage, corrupting,
or trashing of the doom.exe file that this program causes.
Many thanks to Matt Fell ( for the specs
that made this possible. Also, to Id for the great game! It is a VERY
good idea to pick up a copy of the doom.exe hack specs, available
Hint: Make a backup of the doom.exe before you begin!
There WILL be more improvements to this program, as soon as I have
time. I was just interested in getting out a working version, to
appease all you Doom maniacs out there...
Future versions may or may not include:
Frame table editor
Sound table editor
Ammo editor
A better interface
Title : Pits of Despair
Filename : DESPAIR.WAD
Author : Alex Hanson
Email Address : none, you can contact me through
Eric Falsken (
Misc. Author Info : Weird sense of humor.
Sicko when in the mood.
Description : Guts flying, gore spewing,
and armies of darkness everywhere.
Get your ass out alive and you'll
be a hero (NOT!).
Additional Credits to : Eric Falsken (
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E3M3
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : No
Difficulty Settings : Yes
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : 3
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : DEU v5.1, DEU v5.2, BSP v1.1x
Known Bugs : One room is too bright. The 2 secrets'
floor textures are also screwd up. But,
that's it!
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites:
BBS numbers:
Author : Brian Jackey
Email Address :
Misc. Author Info : A bright, perfect 14-year-old who
plays FAR too many violent games :)
Description : Welcome to the future of combat training:
The Holodome. Since long before the
colozination of planetary moons, Earth's
finest military have been trained here.
With the ability to create any environment,
situation, dream, or battle, the Holodome
has tested every Marine currently on earth.
The failure of this final test is much worse
than non-admittance to the ranks of marines:
failure inevitably means death.
Today is your chance to graduate from simple
grunt forces to acceptance as a full marine.
Your Test: Journey through the dethmaze in
search of the Blue keycard, which grants you
the only door from the Holodome...
But beware! With luck, you will only be up against
computer-generated aliens, souls, ect. But if Lady
Luck has thrown you to the wolves, you'll find your
selflocked in a maze with only one other,a thinking,
fighting grunt like yourself, aimed on destroying
anyone or anything in his path to becoming a
marine! Your only hope of surviving this is the
destruction of your counterpart! You stand at the
edge of the pit to the Holodome with a shotgun
found in your current room. with a box of shells.
Now only YOU control your fate, my friend!
Additional Credits to : Id, Creators of: DEU5.22GCC and REJECT
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M1
Single Player : Yes (BORING! This is a DEATHMATCH .WAD!!)
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes (Look up!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes (Go for it, my friend!)
Difficulty Settings : Yes (Some changes, but 'member: DEATHMATCH :)
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Build Time : Is that in hours, days, weeks, or months?
Editor(s) used : DEU, Reject
Known Bugs : None (E-mail if one is found)
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors (may NOT) use this level as a base to build additional
(One of the following)
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
attatched to it.
* Where to get this WAD *
BBS numbers: The Louisville Connection BBS
DETHMZE2.WAD by Brian Jackey
Author : Tony Donno
Email Address :
Description : TRAPPED!! - how? where? It doesn't look so
: bad! Nice clean room. Oh look somebody left
: me 2 boxes of ammo. Well better take it, you
: never know when some ammo might come in handy.
: Look a door! What's behind it? Oh, a bridge
: leading to another door. Lets go!! ..... Aargh,
: a trap, lots of IMPS!!!!
: Well that describes about 1% of this level. It's
: big, it's mean. There are many traps, puzzles and
: effects.
: Anybody who finishes this level on NIGHTMARE is
: definitely a DOOM GOD and should mail me
: immediately.
: My best time for Ultra Violence is 31:36,
: 100/100/100 no saving. Let me know how you do.
Other info : It might be a bit slow on anything less than
: a 486. A good graphics card will help as well.
Credits to : Who else but the makers of DEU.
: The authors of BSP.
: ID, for a truely awesome game.
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E2M1
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : No (Working on this right now)
Difficulty Settings : Implemented - not sure how well, I never play on
: anything less than Ultra Violence
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Build Time : A long, long time
Editor(s) used : DEU 5.1, DEU 5.2, DEUGCC 5.2, BSP11X, IDBSP
: (modified to allow things on a 8 grid, mail me if
: you need this)
Known Bugs : A strange "No more visplanes" error from DOOM
: in the Green Hex room. I don't know what it is,
: and nobody I have spoken to knows either. Half
: fixed by forcing a few doors to close.
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels, with the
following condition:
They must send a uuencoded copy of the level(s) to me
at the above e-mail address before distributing.
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
If you want to use this WAD to build an episode, please contact me first.
There won't be a problem, I would just like to know about.
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites :
NetNews : alt.doom.binaries
BBS numbers : none
Other : uuencoded e-mail. Just send a request to
V2.0 update for Detroit, 1994 game by Impressions
Fixes the modem function all known bugs
Self extracting archive, copy the file into your installed Detroit directory
and run it. Answer Y when asked to overwrite any files for all files
See file read.me2

A front-end loader for Doom v1.2
DFE 3.11 Patch
This is a patch for DFE 3.1
I accidentally compiled the DFE loader (DFE.EXE) with the Force Far Calls
switch on. This causes the SWAP unit to crash when loading DOOM. This
patch is simply a DFE.EXE replacement so that you can launch DOOM.
The rest of the DFE system is functioning correctly.
To install this patch, simply replace the DFE.EXE in your DOOM directory
with the DFE.EXE contained in this ZIP file.
Josh Jackson
<==============[ +10 OPTIONS ]=============>
-=> Glory Couriers! <=-
DOOM!gate v1.6 - (c) 1994 Jani Halme
DOOM!gate is the most sophisticated
and easiest-to-use DOOM! shell.
DeHackEd 1.3, the Doom.exe editor!
Edit Thing, Ammo, and Frame tables
and create new monsters or modify
old ones. Floating demons, super-
fast imps, invisible fireballs,
rapid-fire weapons, and more! Two
patch files included, for super
weapons and morphing monsters, or
create your own! Available ONLY
for registered Doom.
Fun with DeHackEd! v1.1
Maintained by Dan Lottero,
I really don't like long intros, so the stuff that would
normally go here is in the OUTRO section at the end of the
file. "Fun with DeHackEd" is an attempt to collect everyone's
ideas on how to tweak the .exe to make neat effects, or to
make game play more interesting. Also, the sections UNKNOWN
will hopefully be useful in finding out what the "unknowns" are.
Other helpful references are Matt Fell's doom.exe specs, and
the text files which come with dehacked. Look in the directory
/pub/doom/wad_edit/doomhack at
Two stars means it's new or different in this version...
[0.0]** FORMAT
[0.1]** WHAT'S NEW
[1.0]** Monsters from inanimate things (lamp2imp)
[1.1] Morphing monsters (morfmons)
[1.2]** Rejuvinating Troopers
[1.3]** Kamikaze bombers
[1.4]** Turn monsters into an army of marines!
[1.5]** Rejuvinating Imps with a twist of lemon
[1.6]** Stalking Barrels
[1.7]** Imps shooting "Lost Souls"
[2.0] Controled blast Rockets
[2.1] Moving Barrels
[2.2] Mine fields via slow projectiles
[2.3]** Rapid Fire Shotgun
[2.4]** "fireworks" (fireworks)
[2.5]** Negative damage rockets!
[2.6]** Super Shotgun II (shoot all ammo in one shot)
[3.0] Exploding things
[3.1] Exploding Cadavers
[3.2] Exploding teleports
[3.3]** Player's exploding death
[x.0] Non-flashing teleports
[x.1] Red Ooze barrels that bleed
[x.2]** Anti-grav jousting
[x.3]** Preserving / Juggling thing ID#'s (ex. Troopers, [1.2])
[y.0] Player bit#2=N (can be hurt = No)
[y.1] High speed rockets
[y.2] Using player frame #'s for monsters
[y.3] Small height
[y.4]** Monsters shooting lost souls, etc
[y.5]** Projectiles with bit#4=N
[y.6]** Death frame = First Moving frame
[y.7]** Setting gettable things to be explodable
[y.8]** High missile damages
[y.9]** Negative damage (see also [2.5])
[z.0]** WISH LIST
[z.1]** UNKNOWNS
[z.2]** KNOWNS
[z.3]** PATCHES
[z.z]** OUTRO
[0.0] FORMAT
When I mention a number, say #3, this refers to a thing's
field number (ex, #3 is speed). If I refer to a bit#, it's
under #22, where the bit table is (ex, bit#2 is can be hurt).
If I refer to a patch, unless otherwise noted, it can be found
on infant2. If you see 'I' or 'me', that refers to me, Dan Lottero
and not the person who came up with the idea.
[0.1]** WHAT'S NEW
A bunch of new stuff, corrected some mistakes. Since half of the
ideas in MISC incorperate barrel explosions, I made a new group
called EXPLOSIONS. Added a "PATCHES" section, which is an attempt
to keep track of patches available. Included patch files for
ideas mentioned here in zip on infant2 (
A thing's behavior seems to be determined by the values of the
frame numbers (#15-21). The easiest way to change a thing's
behavior is to change the frame #'s. Of course it will *look* like
the thing it's behaving like, too. Changing Column 1 in the frame
table, however, will only change what the monster looks like. It
will still act like the original monster.
[1.0]** Check out Jason Gorski's patch. It turns lamps into
imps. This concept can be used to turn any inanimate thing into a
monster. Using Dehacked v1.3 or higher...
c, 2, 58 (copy imp info to lamp)
g, 58 (goto lamp)
e, 1, 2028 (reset ID# to lamp's original ID#)
...Jason Gorski
[1.1] Check out Tree's patch. By mix & matching frame #'s,
monsters will "morph" depending on if they're attacking, dying, etc.
To give a trooper more punch, change #17,19 to something a bit
tougher, like the spider boss.
The patch has more examples.
[1.2]** Make troopers come back from the dead by turning ammo clips into
troopers! The same concept as [1.0]. Change all of the clip's
fields & bits to be the same as a trooper *except* the ID# (#1).
OPTIONAL: increase trooper's #2 so you don't kill both in one shot
NOTE: see [x.3]
...Keenan Clay Wilkie
A cool variation on this is to make them come back as ghosts: make
the clip be a trooper, but with partial invis, faster, less mass
and the ability to go thru walls. So for the ammo clip, same as
above, but
#3=higher #9=smaller bit#12,18=Y
...Chris Gillespie
[1.3]** Turn troopers into kamikaze bombers! Far attack = 0, and close
attack = barrel explosion.
Or to make troopers explode when they look at you, use far attack
NOTE: this is the basis for [1.6], the only difference is in [1.6]
the monster's motion frames are made to *look* like a barrel.
...Matt Fell, Jason Gorski
[1.4]** To make an army of marines, and to illustrate the reason for
bit#26,27, change all POSS, SPOS, TROO, SARG sprite numbers to 26
in the frame table. (column 1) Next change bit#26,27 in the bit
editor to 0,0 0,1 1,0 1,1 so each monster is a different color.
I won't get any more specific that this, since it'd take up too
much room. NOTE: they will still act like the original monsters!
If you just change the frame numbers (in the thing editor) to that
of the player, the monsters will be immobile.
...Matt Fell
[1.5]** If you have extra frames lying around, you can use them for other
stuff by fooling with columns 1,2 and 3 in the frame table. Chris
Gillespie used extra frames to make an imp rise from the dead,
showing the death frames in reverse, back to the first moving frame.
This brings on the dilemna in [y.6]. In the patch FUN_1.DEH, included
in DHEFUN11.ZIP on infant2, I used some extra sargeant death frames
to make the imp's exploding death a little more interesting, although
still making him dead. (avoiding problem mentioned in [y.6]) I
can't think of a way to explain it easily, so just look at the frame
table below. Notice the second-to-last exploding death frame for
the imp (frame 227) points up to 187, the start of the extra frames.
All the extra frames must have columns 1,2,4 the same as the
originals, but adjust column 3 as appropriate. The last extra
frame (200) points to 228, the last imp death frame, to make the
detour complete. IMPORTANT: In the extra frames, the code
pointers (col#5) *MUST* be set to zero, otherwise Doom crashes.
I have no idea why, but without the zeros, it doesn't work.
Frame Sprite 3.Next 5.Code
Number 1.# 2.sub# Name Frame # 4. Duration Pointer
This is just my example. It's an adaptation of an idea from...
...Chris Gillespie
[1.6]** Stalking barrels will turn any monster into a barrel, that can
roam around and blow up. It is also an excellent illustration of
using the frame table. In the frame table, editing column 1 will
change what a thing *looks* like, but it will still act as it always
did. You will notice that when you change column 1, the description
changes. When you change column 2, the A,B,C,etc changes. So, in
this case, we want sargeants to look like barrels. The barrel has
only 2 frames, BAR1A and BAR1B, where the A and B correspond to the
subnumbers 0 and 1. So, we'll have to change sub-numbers to reflect
this. Enough theory, on with the details:
In the frame table (F3):
Change frames 172-181 & 185,186 to have Col1=38, and make Col2
alternate between 0 and 1. Now the moving, injured, and still
sargeants will look like barrels, but act like sargeants. Now, go
back to the thing editor (q), for sargeants:
This sets the sounds to be like a barrel, and gives the trooper
a barrel death, and a close attack of exploding.
Although I made some slight changes, this idea came from ...
...Morgan Schweers
[1.7]** The same concept as [1.6]. Make the moving fireballs *look* like
lost souls (ala Frame Table). They still however, act like
frame table: Frames 80-84 set col1=32
Frames 82-84 set col2=32773,32775,9 respectively
(skips a few frames but gives same effect)
Thing editor, for imp fireballs: #10=39
...Chris Frederick
[2.0] After the rocket's in flight, shoot at it and make it explode.
#3=4, #2=10 (try #3= -1 ...Scott Bessler)
bit#2,9,10,16=Y all others must = N
WARNING: sometimes locks game up. Solutions/ideas, anyone?
...Ron Goff
[2.1] set a barrel in motion, then detonate with another shot! For barrel,
bit#1,2,9,14,15,16,22=Y all others must = N
WARNING: Watch out, the barrel will explode "twice" !!
...Mike Brashars
[2.2] Turn projectiles into "mines".
#3=slow! ...dave
#3= -1 ...Scott Bessler
NOTE: I've noticed that I can't be harmed by my own rockets, that
is, they will fly right through me without detonating.
[2.3]** There are two ways to make a rapid-fire shotgun. The first was
to use Chris Gillespie's utility called dmframe. You'd have to
use this if you're using a version of dehacked less that v1.3. If
you have v1.3 or higher, you can use dehacked, and edit the frame
table. I swiped this explaination almost verbatim from Tom Neff:
In the Frame List (F3):
- Set the Duration (col 4) of Frames 21, 22, and 29 to 1.
- Set the Next Frame # (col 3) of Frame 22 to 29.
In the Ammo Editor (a):
- Increase the Shotgun's max cap and ammo-per-item, since you'll
be moving a lot of lead.
...Chris Gillespie
[2.4]** Check out Chris Gillespie's patch ( It changes
the puff from weapons hitting walls to a BFG blast. Blood splats
become rockets. Quite deadly. Keep your distance!
...Chris Gillespie
[2.5]** Setting missle damage to a negative number gives some pretty
wacky results. Until more is found out about it, refer to [y.9]
for its effects.
...Keenan Clay Wilkie
[2.6]** To use all of your available ammo in one shot, get into the ammo
table (a), and for the shotgun, change #7 from 21 to 22, and change
#8 from 30 to 29.
NOTE: I fooled with this a bit and got some interesting results.
I made similar changes on the pistol, chaingun and shotgun.
Changing just #8 will make the pistol "rapid fire". You hold down
on the fire key, nothing happens. Release and then repress quickly
and you've got a rapid fire pistol! Just setting #7 doesn't change
performance, but it does leave the weapon still on the screen after
you've changed to a new one. The only way to get rid of it is to
fire a projectile weapon. I haven't looked too much into this, but
I'll bet you can get the same results more elegantly by fiddling with
the frame table. Perhaps changing the ammo table gets the weapon
caught in an endless loop of firing, until the ammo is used up, then
it switches you to the next weapon, as normal.
Due to all the ideas incorperating explosions, I made a new catagory.
One problem with making things explodable is mentioned in [y.7].
Other barrel-related entries are [1.3] and [1.6].
[3.0] Make any thing explode like a barrel by setting
#20=378 #2=reasonable, bit#2=Y.
OPTIONAL: edit bexp?0 graphics to look more generic, set #13=58, or
use the same death graphics as a rocket.
[3.1] For the twitching bodies,
#20=163,192,221 (to taste) #20=24,42 (to taste)
NOTE: using the rocket death frame may look better than the barrel's
[3.2] Change thing 21's first frame to barrel explosion, and teleport
squares become land mines!
If you're playing with -respawn, step carefully around those
corpses, they could go off at any minute!
...Keenan Clay Wilkie
[3.3]** Yet another twist on exploding deaths. If the player's death is
exploding (see [3.0]) it can make deathmatch more interesting...
"If you're weak and manage to stay on the other guy's tail,
he may not want to finish you off..."
...Tom Neff
Stuff that doesn't fit into other catagories. ('x' leaves room
in the middle for new catagories)
[x.0] For thing 21 (Teleport Flash)
The flash will *not* appear when you teleport. This could make
for some very convincing illusions!
[x.1] A neat trick you can do with the color bits ... make the barrel
ooze red, and make it bleed rather than puff so it looks like you've
punctured it.
bit#26,27=Y bit#19=N all other bits stay the same
[x.2]** Set the player bit#9=Y. Try it with god mode, and use rockets for
propulsion. Mr X created an arena for jousting via DEU. All that's
left is to figure out how survive propulsion without god-mode,
and you've got a multiplayer jousting match!
...Mr X (I lost the name for this one!)
[x.3]** When you make rejuvinating troopers ([1.2]), the ammo clip retains
its ID# of 2007. However, when there's an ammo clip just lying
around, it is also a ghost trooper. You can avoid this problem by
replacing a less-used thing with the ammo clip (ID# and all). Then,
since Doom needs all the ID#'s accounted for, you make the ammo clip
entry have the characteristics of a trooper ghost, but have the ID#
of the less-used thing. An example would be to use the floating eye.
(thing #65, ID#41) to hold the ammo clip (thing #43, ID#2007). Then
use the ammo clip to hold the trooper ghost, using the eye's
ID#. So, you'd take the following steps, using the "copy" command
in dehacked: c, 43, 65 (move ammo clip info to eye)
c, 3, 43 (move trooper info to ammo clip)
g, 43 (go to the ammo clip)
e, 1, 41 (give ammo clip eye's old ID#)
Now, all the ID#'s are still accounted for, troopers still spawn
a new trooper when they die, and ammo clips that were otherwise just
lying around, still lie around.
...Chris Gillespie (his idea, my example wasn't exactly what he had
originally posted to a.g.d, though)
Changes you can make to Doom that make "undesired" effects occur.
For instance if you find a way to make Doom crash, I'll put it here
so we can all avoid doing it.
[y.0] For player, if bit#2=N, no monsters will attack you
[y.1] High speed projectiles are very inaccurate
[y.2] Monsters will not move if you give them the player's frame #'s
[y.3] Giving the player a small height makes you harder to hit, but also
means you can't shoot at monsters on higher sectors. With a height
of 2, I couldn't even shoot at monsters 1 step above me!
[y.4]** If you make a monster shoot lost souls or barrels, and if it
explodes in its face, it will attack whatever injured it, (itself)
and end up commiting suicide.
...Keenan Clay Wilkie
[y.5]** It was noted that the exploding rockets trick sometimes caused
doom to lock up. Note that bit#4 must be No. I set my plasma
bullets' bit#4=N, and doom hung up on me. Could this be a coincidence
or the culprit ?? Perhaps the explosion and puff overlap & lock
[y.6]** Setting the death frame to be the first moving frame will make
a monster instantly come back from the dead. It sounds keen, but
the "undead" monster will be completely invulnerable to attacks,
but still be able to attack you.
[y.7]** If you make a gettable thing also have an exploding death (same
concept as [3.0]) if the explosion "touches" you, doom quits with
an error "unknown gettable thing".
...Keenan Clay Wilkie (and I think a few other people)
[y.8]** Setting rocket damage to something high, like 4000 will kill you
even if you've got god-mode on.
...Eugen Woiwod
[y.9]** Setting missile damage to a negative number: Sometimes it appears
to have a "healing effect", but it will still kill a monster. The
monsters sometimes fly forward when hit. Try this and play e2m8,
for some really trippy side effects.
Cool ideas not yet implemented. I think some of these can
be accomplished by changing graphics ala dmgraph, but a quick
dehacked patch would be much neater!
** Is there any way to alter how much armor the armor bonuses give out
Howabout the other stuff, like health, light goggles, etc etc etc?
Make barrels into monsters? Make them move around and explode on
contact? ANSWER: see [1.6]
Make any monster shoot fireballs?
...Night Child
Make plasma bullets / bfg blast light up a dark sector so you can see
what's there. IDEA: somehow mix lamp's behavior with plasma bullets?
** BUMMER: mucking around with the code pointers (frame table column 5)
only seems to crash things...Alden Bates
ANSWER: see [1.7]
...Evan Bynum
How to get the Caco to shoot Lost Souls without crashing the machine
NOTE: I've tried a few patches, but they've all made Doom crash. For a
semi-solution, see [1.7]
...Steve Chaney
Using the bfg blast as a mine/shield. Setting it as an obstacle doesn't
seem to make it block shots. Anyone have any luck on this one?
...Steve Chaney
Is there a bit which controls what weapon a monster leaves behind when
it dies?
...Scott Adams
[z.1]** UNKNOWNS
To my knowledge, the following are still unknown:
Any info on bit#4 would be appreciated.
Anyone successfully changed the "code pointers" ?? (in the frame
table or elsewhere in the .exe)
[z.2]** KNOWNS
Things which have recently become known, but who's descriptions
are not yet in the current DeHackEd version (1.3)
NOTE: A typo in the description of bit#26,27: below 01 and 10
are mixed up. It is correct below:
00 green->green 01 green->brown
10 green->dark grey 11 green->dark red
In the Frame Table, Column 2: if value is 32768, etc., then that
frame gets displayed at full brightness even in a dark room (It uses
colormap 0). NOTE: I changed the pung* frames & they are invis!
Perhaps I just screwed up.
...Matt Fell
[z.3]** PATCHES
Here are patches that I know about...some of the ideas are covered
in this text, but they often contain other neat stuff I've missed.
Also, most patches do not tell what they've changed, so what I list
here may not be all the changes, just what I noticed. The
explanations are breif, since I don't have a lot of time to devote to
detective work. If it looks interesting, download it from infant2;
you can see for yourself how the changes were made, and who made them.
If you are the creator of one of these patches, and wish to see a
better description of your work here, please e-mail it to me!
FUN_1.DEH included in the DHEFUN11.ZIP, this has
almost all of the ideas mentioned in this
text squished into it. blood splats & puffs changed to bfe's and rockets
reality1.pat ?? (only avail on a.g.d.binaries?) barrels hang from ceiling and are semi-invis
imps f-ball slow, killable, imp is tougher
sargeant faster, caco f-ball faster
plasma bullets semi-invis, slow, more damage
BFG uses a purple blast blood splats -> pool of blood. puffs -> blood splat
imp invis. lots of things explodable. a lot of same
stuff as chaingun unlimited ammo, fist
uses up rockets WARNING: locked up DOOM! lamp->trooper sargeants are players (& can't move)
imps shoot potions fast shotgun lots of things
explode barrels explode & regenerate cacos shoot
lost souls WARNING: locked up DOOM! (cacos, I think) dead bodies can be shot & turn into blown up dead
bodies, fast weapons, cacos shoot medikits
WARNING: locked up DOOM! (cacos again) rocket explosion as it launches, then when the
rocket explodes, about 3 other explosions go off.
don't do it unless you iddqd.
[z.z] OUTRO
If you've got a good idea, e-mail it to me. But please
post it on a.g.d, too, since a lot of good ideas are generated
from other ideas. However, I probably won't catch it if you
only post it to a.g.d, due to the high traffic.
I try to give credit to the person(s) who supplied an
idea, and how to implement it. If I mess up, drop me a line.
If two people had the same idea, I'll list both.
If any of the ideas listed here don't work, drop me a line. I've
tried almost all of them, so most likely, I just made a typo.
All the ideas here will be put in patches, zipped and uploaded
to infant2. Some stuff may duplicate things in other patches.
I recommend downloading some of the other patches mentioned, too.
This file will be on infant2 as DHEFUN11.ZIP in either the
/pub/doom/incoming or /pub/doom/wad_edit/doomhack directory.
You will need DeHackEd v1.3 or higher to use the patches.
Any comments about this should be directed to me (
Any juicy bits about unknowns should go to Matt Fell (author of
the Unofficial Doom Specs), Tree (author of DeHackEd), and
I wouldn't mind knowing, too!
Share and Enjoy! Happy hacking,
Dan Lottero
To play DIEFAST, type: doom -file diefast.wad
Title : DIEFAST!
Filename : diefast.wad
Author : Jawed Karim
Email Address :
Misc. Author Info : >>Addicted to DOOM!<<
Description : Hard to beat, even on "I'm too young to
die". Watch out for Cyberdemons when
you get the yellow key! Every single
weapon, except for the BFG9000,
is hidden in DIEFAST! [Watch the demo!]
Additional Credits to : DAN MAYNES-AMINZADE for his long name
and for helping me! (Although he did not
help me with THIS level..); Ryan (The
one who plays DOOM 24 hours a day) for
testing the first (shorter) version of
this level...
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M1
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : Not implemented
New Sounds : No (unless you make weird noises while
New Graphics : No
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : 1
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : DEU521
Known Bugs : DOOM might crash if you play DOOM underwater.
Most computer are not water proof.
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
A new pwad file for doom. Designed
for single player, but works in
multi-player and deathmatch modes.
This one is worth your DL time.
bug in DOOM 1.5b (after using the`idkfa'
cheat and trying to select the shotgun)

Author : Ed Froste
Email Address : COMUSERVE - 70534,171
Misc. Author Info : Doom Addict
Additional Credits to : -
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E2M1
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes (BEST)
Difficulty Settings : Yes
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
* Construction *
Build Time : 22 hours
Editor(s) used : DEU, BSP
Known Bugs : Can become traped in single play
if all keys are not colleted at once
* Copyright / Permissions *
You may do whatever you want with this file. The author
will not accept any responsibility for problems caused with it.

New, from ENIGMA-13! DOOM GOLD. Alternate
sound effects and music tracks for commercial
(mail order) DOOM version 1.2. More realistic
gunfire, more chilling monster sounds, plus a
very nice set of music tracks. Requires VGA,
Sound Blaster and about 10 megs of hard disk
space. Be sure to read DGREADME file before
installation. Enjoy! E-13, 1994

DMMUI v1.0
DooMMusic User Interface
Written By Pooka

Author : Kathy & David Bruni
Email Address : 74353,357
Misc. Author Info : This is my 5th WAD file and the 2nd one that my wife
has more or less designed.
Description : A dark haunting WAD. With much emphasis on horror
and the macabre. We tried to make it as gruesome
as we could without overdoing it. I think. I've made
this WAD file a little less difficult. No hidden exit
this time. All the weapons are in plain sight. There's
also ample weapons and ammo to kill all the
different monsters.
Additional Credits to : id for DOOM & Geoff Allan, author and creator
of DoomED-The Real Thing.
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E3M1
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : Not implemented
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Build Time : We worked on this off & on for 2 to 3 weeks.
I was doing this and the DoomED tutorial
at the same time. Maybe 60 hours total.
Editor(s) used : DoomED-The Real Thing version 2.60
Known Bugs : none
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites:
BBS numbers:
Other: CompuServe, Action Games Aids library.
To play this WAD, switch to your DOOM directory and type:
doom -file dmomen.wad, then start the game as usual, pick
episode 3, the skill setting doesn't matter, they're all the
same. Or you can copy the batch file that I've written
into your DOOM directory. Run the batch file from your
DOOM directory by typing OMEN. It will warp you straight
there. You won't have to go thru the menu.
All comments/suggestions welcome.

DMPS: The Doom PostScript
Map Generator, Version SWB 1.3a

Title : "Der Turm" - DMTURM.WAD - DMTURM.ZIP
Author : Nicholas Bell
Email Address : CIS 72162,1667
Misc. Author Info : Previous DOOM levels: "Pits" (DMPITS.ZIP) and
"Portal" (DMPRTL.ZIP) "Infestation" (DMIFST.ZIP)
AOEFLT.ZIP, etc. Aces over the Pacific - APFMD.ZIP,
Description : This level is a downsized version of an extremely
large level I created which would not save due to
"savegame buffer overrun." This level has been
tested on 3 different systems and exhibits no such
Pay attention to wall textures and check your map
once in a while. Remember the one really bad monster
is EXTREMELY easy to kill, once you know how. There's
no need to cheat, 'cause I hate him too. Note the
multiple bezerk boxes are simply a way of me giving the
player 100% health without using multiple medikits.
Too many useable things is the key reason some levels
wouldn't save (although the number of sectors also
seems to have a negative effect). Thus my reason for
cutting down on the number of medikits by using single
bezerk kits.
PER ALLANSON for his GCC port of DEU.
VOOT ZOMBO for testing, comments, and encouragement.
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M5
Start-up Instructions : If you're not using a front-end batch file creator,
while in your DOOM directory, type:
doom -devparm -warp 1 5 -file dmturm.wad -skill #
(# = 1 thru 4: easy, 4 "Ultraviolence" the
recommended skill level:)
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes, but untested.
Difficulty Settings : Yes, but only 2. Skill 1-3 are the same (easy).
Level was designed at Ultraviolence (skill 4).
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch.
Build Time : 80+ hours.
Editor(s) used : DEU 5.21, BSP 1.1x, GCC
Known Bugs : None.
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional
levels. Why would anyone want to when they could create their own anyway?
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
You want to make Windows look like DOOM?
Then this is the right thing for you!!!
copy logo.rle in your Windows SYSTEM-Dir,
goto this dir and type
COPY /b win.cnf + vgalogo.lgo + logo.rle ..\
then copy doom.bmp in your Windows-Dir and use it
as background. It is in the resolution 800x600.
BUT!!! befor you make one of this things, make a
copy of your original!!!!
Happy Dooming,
The Commerical Doom Package 6/94 [5/30]
Sapidus B Level
DOOM by id Software, inc. Copyright (C) 1993
The DOOM Save File Editor v1.2c Copyright
(C) 1993-94 C. J. Holz
Doom Network Menuing System v11.0
DooMenu now has a RATING system for you to rate
all of your wads! NO more remembering which
wads were good! DooMenu supports Death Match
v2.0 rules (-altdeath), -fast, -turbo if you are
using v1.4+ of Doom. DooMenu can now load
multiple pwads in ANY dir! It also has a
PROFESSIONAL install is built-in that does not
DOOMLoad v3.0 for DOOM v1.5+
(Working Beta for Shareware, ??? for registered)
Coded by Christian Antkow (
DOOMLoad v3.0 is a working BETA! If you discover a problem, please let me
know so I can fix it.
The Lowdown
DOOMLoad v3.0 is quite possibly one of the best DOOM Front ends around.
Fully mouse (or keyboard) driven interface gives you quick and easy access
to everything you might want to set up to get DOOM up and running.
As previously, DOOMLoad v3.0 supports QuickNet (tm) for Novel Networks for
up to four players. One player configures the DOOM session, while the
other three sit back and wait for the quicknet packet.
Also implemented, is null modem serial link (for those corporate outbound
reps who sit in lobbies waiting for a meeting which is half an hour away)
support and WORKING modem support (Sorry, I had to do away with QuickModem
due to the "robustness" of id's serial drivers. QuickModem would have
degraded the playspeed. I'll do more work on this for v3.1 though...)
Working modem support is based on the settings in the MODEM.STR file
packed with the DOOM15BT.ZIP file (Required!)
PWAD validation routines tell you, AT A GLANCE, just about everything you'd
want to know about a WAD before you play it. What levels they replace,
if there's additional, music, graphics, sounds, and if the PWAD supports
deathmatch. Select a WAD, and it will automatically adjust the
Episode/Mission to start you there.
DOOMLoad v3.0 now supports a dialing directory for up to 2500 of your
DOOM buddies (Oh Yes!!!), up to 3000 different modem strings, up to
4000 PWADs all accessable by one touch alpha keys (OH YES!). Ie: Press "G"
and it will take you to the start of the G's, then press "Z" and it will
take you to the start of the Z's...
Also integrated is a LMP recorder/viewer which is fully supportive of DOOMs
multiplayer recording facility. Don't argue about who killed who with one
shotgun blast, capture the moment(s) and play them back for bragging
You've used other DOOM Front ends, but now it's time to rediscover
DOOMLoad, the first, and quite possibly the best DOOM Front end around.
Flames, comments, suggestions, bug-reports? Please mail me at

DORK.WAD by Brian Tottleben
Ú Acey Deucy, also known as │
══ Between the Sheets ═══
100% ANSi Grafix.
Supports all the most popular BBS'
OS/2, DesqVIEW, Windows compatable!
Multi-node Compatable!
NOT CRIPPLED!!! $10 Registration
DEEP SPACE 3D 4.01 (1 of 3)
DEEP SPACE 3D 4.01 (2 of 3)
DEEP SPACE 3D 4.01 (3 of 3)

E2M1_JOE.WAD Version 1.0
E2M1_JOE.WAD is a brand-new DOOM multi-player WAD file made from scratch
featuring moving floors (emulating large elevated platforms) with corridors
leading off to weapons and various items.
There are also tons of barrels, all weapons except for the plasma gun and
BFG 9000, and plenty of rockets for the rocket launcher! The light level also
varies from sectors to sector in order to make it even more realistic.
This WAD file is *excellent* for multi-player DeathMatch mode. It was made
with DEU v5.0 and re-compiled with BSP v1.0 to ensure that it is "bug-free".
If it's NOT bug free, or you have any other suggestions, comments, or ideas
for a future version of E2M1_JOE, please E-Mail me at
No suggestions will go un-noticed. This is my first WAD that I've created, so
there MAY be a few bugs/oversights, although I've been testing it with two
friends (who love it) in Modem DOOM for a couple weeks now.
* Any future versions of this PWAD will probably be names E2M1JOEx.WAD.
For instance, Version 2.0 will be E2M1JOE2.WAD.
PS: To get the platforms moving, walk across the center of one of them, then
they move constantly from there.
PPS: Note that there is no exit in the PWAD just yet. I've been trying to
fiddle with exit signs, etc but I can't seem to get a good exit sign
made (I don't really want to throw just a plain switch in there --
someone's bound to hit it by accident). There WILL be an exit in the
next version [hopefully].

DOS-based DOOM map editor

ELPL RULES(Exec-PC Links386 Pro League) Apr. 14, 1994
Welcome to the ELPL:
The ELPL is a scratch and handicap computer golf league for the owners of
Links386 Pro from Access software. There are no prizes to play for. This
league has been formed for people who enjoy playing the best sports
simulation game on the market Links386 Pro. The league must have a minimum of
8 golfers to start. The 3rd season will consist of 15 tournaments(1 for each
course out). The season will be extended for each new course released before
tournament 11. There will be a summer and a fall schedule for season 3. There
will be 3 rounds played per tournament. The tee box and shirt color used will
be chosen at random. A complete schedule for season 3 is at the end of this
file. Print this file and the schedule will print on a single sheet that you
can pin up by your computer for future reference. The following is a step by
step procedure of the ELPL:
1. Sunday evening I will send the following message:
Round 1 Info
Course ***********
2. You MUST play the correct tee and use the chosen shirt color. You will be
disqualified if you don't. You also have a chance to be disqualified if
your round isn't in on time. So please try to send the file on time.
One major feature of the ELPL is any member who doesn't have the course
chosen for play, can play Harbour Town and their score will be adjusted
based on the course rating difference of the 2 courses. Practice on the
course chosen is allowed until the 1st round info given on Sunday. This
will be hard to control but lets try to play this league like the PGA
INFO GIVEN. You are free to practice on any other course during the
3. Here is info and deadline dates for both the summer and fall schedule.
Summer Schedule(2 Week tournament)
Info(See 1. Above) Deadline(See 4. Below)
Round 1 Sunday Night Round 1 Monday Midnight
Round 2 Wednesday Night Round 2 Thursday Midnight
Round 3 Tuesday Night Round 3 Wednesday Midnight
Fall Schedule(1 Week tournament)
Info(See 1. Above) Deadline(See 4. Below)
Round 1 Sunday Night Round 1 Monday Midnight
Round 2 Tuesday Night Round 2 Wednesday Midnight
Round 3 Thursday Night Round 3 Saturday Noon
Refer to your Links386 Pro Manual as to how to select the tee box and
shirt color and how to record your game. Your player must be set on PRO
SETTING with NO GIMMIES OR MULLIGANS. You can use the caddy function if
you want to. All Tournament rounds MUST BE PLAYED ALONE. The only
exception to this is if 2 members from the same family or 2 friend who
want to play their rounds at the same time. NO PLAYING AGAINST A REC OR
Since we are playing in recorded mode, the following will not be allowed
for Season 3.
1. MAPPING. This is when a member lines up a shot and if he is good at
hitting the snap it will always go in the hole. This is used
on Par 3 and Par 4 holes that can be reached in 1 shot. I will
institute a 1 Hole In One limit per tournament to stop
mapping if I feel anyone is doing it. SO DON'T
flaw in the Links386 Pro engine where for example on hole 1 at Manua
Kea, if a member aims off the screen right and choses to slice, the
ball will go through the trees and go onto the green. ANY SHOT THAT IS
IF ONE IS THERE. A member will be disqualified if I ever view this
happening. As long as your alignment stick is on the screen, you are
The reason for the above two stipulations is because there are
text files available for download from most any electronic bulletin
board that explains to players how to "beat" the game and shoot
incredibly low scores on LINKS386.
Since this league is here for the competative enjoyment of both
pros and amature players alike, it is not fair to other members
not to have an equal chance of winning tournaments because someone
is taking advantage of a couple of flaws in the Links386 Pro software.
4. The following files must be sent at or before each rounds deadline:
A. Recorded game named as below.
S3DJJ1A.REC S3=Season 3
S3DJJ1B.REC DJJ=My initials for example
S3DJJ1C.REC 1=Week # A=Round # A=Round 1 B=Round 2 C=Round 3
B. Gamestat.prn named as below.
S3DJJ1A.STT S3=Season 3
S3DJJ1B.STT DJJ=My initials for example
S3DJJ1C.STT 1=Week # A=Round # A=Round 1 B=Round 2 C=Round 3
NOTE: Gamestat.prn is produced when you print your stats after your
round(either printer on or off)and is located in your Links386
directory. If you don't print the stats, you won't produce the
file. Just rename the gamestat.prn as above before you zip the
C. Special shots(saved in the following format):
W1DJJ1.SHT W1=Week 1 DJJ=My initials for example
W1DJJ1A.SHT 1=round # A=2nd shot in round 1
W1DJJ1B.SHT B=3rd shot in round 1
W1DJJ2.SHT 2=round #
W1DJJ3.SHT 3=round #
Please zip all your files together and name as follows:
S3DJJ1A.ZIP S3=Season 3
S3DJJ1B.ZIP DJJ=My initials for example
S3DJJ1C.ZIP 1=Week # A=Round # A=Round 1 B=Round 2 C=Round 3
A batch file is included in the ELPLRUL3.ZIP file that will make zipping
your files together much easier. A doc file is included that explains
how it works. If you have a problem using PKZIP, please use this batch
Here is how you install this batch file:
A) Make a SEPERATE directory for installing from.
(I recommend installing from a "dump" directory)
B) Copy NEWKIT.EXE to the "dump" directory
C) Type "NEWKIT" and hit enter. The file will self-extract.
D) Type "Installc" if your LINKS386 directory is on the
"c" drive.
OR E) Type "installd" if your LINKS386 directory is on
your "d" drive
That's it.......the program will install from there....ready for use.
Again my Week 1 Round 1 zip file will be named S3DJJ1A.ZIP and will
contain the following with for example 2 saved shots:
3. W1DJJ1.SHT (SHOT #1)
4. W1DJJ1A.SHT (SHOT #2)
The zip file should be e-mailed with attachment to DOUG JENSEN on or
before the deadline. THIS IS FOR NON-AOL USERS ONLY.
Starting season 3, American Online subscribers must send your file also
e-mail with attachment to the following:
Mike and Steve are helping me with the various stats and leaderboard
files so they must also get your file. Just set up an ELPL address book with
the above screen names included. Then when your file is sent, It is sent to
each of the above members mailbox.
After each course is played once, The leader of the scratch and the
handicap division will be announced. We will go by the following money system
to determine our champions:
1st Place 100,000.00 11th Place 10,000.00 Scratch and Handicap
2nd Place 75,000.00 12th Place 9,000.00 divisions use the same
3rd Place 60,000.00 13th Place 8,000.00 money system.
4th Place 45,000.00 14th Place 7,000.00
5th Place 35,000.00 15th Place 6,000.00 We will have 2 or more
6th Place 25,000.00 flights when 16 members
7th Place 20,000.00 participate in a division.
8th Place 15,000.00 with 4 flights maximum in
9th Place 13,000.00 each Division.
10th Place 11,000.00
Special Bonus monies will be given for the following special shots
1. Hole in One 10,000.00 Hole in one on Par 4 counts
2. Double Eagle 10,000.00 once for 10,000.00
3. Any full swing shot in hole 7,500.00
4. >70 ft putt in hole 5,000.00
5. Any Chip shot in hole 2,500.00
6. Par 4 <5 Feet(Hit from Tee) 1,000.00
7. Par 3 <3 Feet(Hit from Tee) 1,000.00
To play in the Handicap Division, members must have at least 5 scores
turned in so they can get a handicap. For new members wanting to join please
send me 5 recorded games(any course and tee) so I can get your handicap
established. You can either send me 5 old recs that is in your hard Drive or
play 5 rounds and turn those recorded games in for your handicap.
To play in the Scratch Division, members must play the chosen course. If
a member doesn't have the chosen course and has to play Harbour Town, they
will only qualify to play in the Handicap Division.
To play in both Divisions, members must play the chosen course and have
a handicap.
Any questions should be e-mailed to Doug Jensen(DufferDoug on AOL). I
usually read my mail daily and will get back to you ASAP.
Most of all HAVE FUN. This is a great golf simulation and with your help
we will make this a great 3nd season. Start date is tentatively set for May.
Thank You
Doug Jensen
MAY 1**********Mauna Kea
MAY 15**********Firestone
MAY 29**********Troon North
JUNE 12**********The Belfry
JUNE 26**********Dorado Beach
JULY 10**********Bayhill Club
JULY 24**********Banff Springs
AUG 7**********Pinehurst
AUG 21**********Torrey Pines
SEPT 4**********Bountiful
SEPT 11**********Castle Pines
SEPT 18**********Harbour Town
SEPT 25**********Barton Creek
OCT 2**********Pebble Beach
OCT 9**********Innisbrook
_____/// Electranoid version 1.01s \\\______
Electranoid is designed to close the book on
all Arkanoid style programs. This game goes
far beyond any Arkanoid style program that
we've ever seen! Not only do you smash
bricks, but you battle the enemy fighters
with lasers, missles and just about anything
you can throw at them! Watch out, these
enemies fight back with balls of steal!
Req: 2M RAM, VGA, Mouse & 386+; Opt: SB Card

EVIL WISDOM: The finest gems of deadly wisdom
Includes the Bhagavad Gita, the Dhammapada,
the Heart Sutra, and the Tao Te Ching, as
well as writings of Meister Eckhart and the
magnificent Gospel of Thomas. Print or send
to file. This is a worthy companion to the
others in this series: VENOM CRYSTALS,
============ P R E S E N T S : ============
ULTIMA VIII Character Editor [+4] Options

Author : John Martin
Email Addresses :
Description : DEATHMATCH ONLY!!!
No sniper areas, just fast moving in-your-face
action. Includes an exit.
Additional Credits to : Authors of DEU 5.21, BSP, REJECT
and of course, id.
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E2M2
Single Player : No
Cooperative 2-4 Player : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Build Time : 10 hours
Editor(s) used : DEU 5.21, BSP, REJECT10
Known Bugs : None
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
levels (yea, like I could stop you).
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
* Disclaimers *
I'm not be responsible for anything.
* Where to get this WAD *

This is the latest update on the goings-on at id software.
If you're connected, you can get the same information by typing:
This is our first attempt at a wad file for DOOM! It runs on E1M1 and shouldn't work with the shareware version!
We haven't implemented different skill levels or multiplayer or deathmatch level cos we're too lazy to be bothered...I can't play deathmatch so why should you lot!
There are no new graphics and no new fact it is complete shite! So don't bother to download it...i Wouldn't!!!!!! Honest!!! If you do don't come crying to me! you have been warned!
I haven't used the standard wad submission format...cos as I said before i can't be arsed! If you like this level (or you hate it) let us know. Maybe the next one we design will have all those'll just have to wait and see! (for about 5 years!!!!)
This was designed using waded 1.17 and Deu 5.11. Thanks very much to the author of Waded (sorry can't remember you're name....this spanish wine is too nice!). If anybody else is stupid enough to use this as a basis for another wad then go ahead...just give us an email to say so!
The only bugs we've found are some clipping (i think that is what it is called) in one of the corridors after the yellow door...enjoy!
Lots of Love and Kisses

Flamer V 1.0 By Biggles
This patch converts the Plasma gun into a flame thrower and includes new
graphics and sounds for doom.
Extract the Zip file to a directory called "flamer" under doom and then copy
the files flamer.bat and unflamer.bat to the doom directory and then run
flamer.bat and toast away
if you wanna put the original graphics and sound back the run unflamer
Any worries Email me at

//══ FPGen v1.0 - Free Agent Generator For FPSF:Pro ════════════
//══ (c)1994 Shaun Sullivan ════════════
//═ UNREGISTERED VERSION ══════════════════════════
// Version 1.0 - 06/04/94 Initial Shareware Release ═════════════
I. Introduction
FPGen is a command line utility that can be used to quickly add free agents
to a league. It is a great tool if the league needs a little "shot in
the arm". To use FPGEN:
1) Copy it to the directory where FPSF Pro resides and change into that
2) Type: FPGEN
Where League is the File name of your league file ex. MyLeague.lge
and Number To Create represents how many free agents you would like
FPGen to add to the existing Free Agent Pool.
It's That simple! Now lets get to the good stuff, how FPGen works...
II. How Exactly Does FPGen Work?
When FPGen Starts it first reads in all the first and last names that
FPSF Pro uses when it creates fictional players. These will be used later
when it comes time to create our guys.
Next it makes two passes through the Player file (the one that ends in .PYR)
Pass1 calculates the Mean Rating, And Standard Deviation from this mean
for every rating (both actual and potential) for every position. This
will be used when creating players. This method was chosen because it
ensures that the free agents generated will be of comparable talent to
the rest of the league.
The second pass determines how many players are currently at each position
and uses this as the basis for how many players in each position it will
generate. This way we ensure that a proper and balanced distribution of
players are generated for each position. (who wants 50 of 100 players to
be Punters!!)
We wouldn't want any of this stuff to be totally random, it must be based
on the league sample or the whole league could be thrown out of balance.
Lastly the players are generated. As they are generated FPGen will assign
them a random rating for each attribute based on the ranges calculated in
pass 1. It will also assign them names in the same manner that FPSF Pro
uses, Also no duplicate names will be generated, FPGen makes sure each name
is unique before commiting it to disk. Ages range from 3-11 yrs in the
league. Thats It.
III. What do I get If I Register.
- The registered version of FPGen uses a special text file that YOU create
that will allow you to tweak the ratings the FPGen will generate for each
position and rating at that position!!!
- You'll feel real good about yourself!
IV. Notes IMPORTANT !!!!!!
- The MAXIMUM number of Free Agents That FPGen will allow your league
to have is 512! This is due to the fact that when you start getting
over that number FBPro will start bombing out with memory errors.
If your league file is named MyLeague then copy MyLeague.* to a safe
place. You should always give yourself a chance to recover if you
didn't like FPGen's results!!!!!
- FPGEN will NOT work reliably with the "default" leagues that
ship with FPS:Pro. In order to use my utilities please create new
leagues from within the game. This is due to the fact that the leagues
that ship with the game are structured somewhat differently.
V. Thank Yous
Thanks to Pat Campbell in Orlando for the rough program concept, and
convincing me people would find it useful!!
I'd like to thank Bill Holmes of Strategy Plus Magazine for his stellar
reviews of my shareware stuff. Thanks Bill, it was a real thrill to
see my name in print!
Thanks to Pat Cook of Dynamix for asking me to Beta Test FPS:Pro in the
summer of '93.
Thanks to all who have registered any of my stuff.
Thanks to my Wife Patty, Daughter Brittany, and son J.P for crawling
around the computer, and pulling the mouse off the desk, but never
shutting it off on me!!
Go Red Sox! Go Patriots!
//══ Leagal MUMBO JUMBO Disclaimer ═════════════════════
USE THIS PROGRAM AT YOUR OWN RISK! I have tested it on my
own computer, but I will not assume any responsibility for any
problems which FPGEN may cause you. If you do run into a
problem, please let me know about it, and I will do my best to
verify it and fix it. Always Back up your leagues!!!!!!
//══ Other Front Page Sports Football Utilities From The Author ══════
//═ FPEdit-PRO - The Cutting Edge in Sports Gaming Utilities ════════
FPEDIT-PRO - The widely popular FPEDIT has made it to FPS:PRO !!
- As seen in the Jan '94 Issue Of "Strategy Plus" magazine!!!!!!!!
- Edit all player and team attributes (Even Colors and Potential Stats!!)
- Perform Global Changes
- Scouting / Statistical Reports
- Make Trades
- Much much more
//═ FPSched - Schedule Editor For FPS:Pro ══════════════════
- Change league schedules!
- Automatic reciprocation ensures no scheduling conflicts!
- Just 5 Clams!
//═ FPDraft - Fantasy Draft Expansion Disk !!! ═══════════════
- As seen in the Jan '94 Issue Of "Strategy Plus" magazine!
NEW IMPROVED FPDraft v1.10 !!!!!
Tired of having to play PRO with a set team?
Want to draft your own teams against friends or the Computer?
FPDraft is a Full featured fantasy draft program that allows you
to take an existing league and create a draft pool from all the
players. Then run a full 45 round draft!! This program rivals
most commercial expansion disks in depth and features.
- Draft aginst the CPU or with other HUMAN GM's
- Design "Drafting Profiles" that computer GM's will follow.
Drafting profiles let you weight each position in accordance
with your preferences. Define what ratings should be considered
when evaluating players at each position, determine whether you
want to build on youth or go for the veterans. You program the
draft profile and you'll be amazed!! And if you are hand picking
your team you can ask the computer for suggestions based on the
profile you designed!!! Drafting profiles can be saved and
modified at any time. See if you can find the perfect balance
betweed D and O to build a winner!
- All in my familiar "Point and Click" environment.
- Great for Office / Remote Leagues - just upload your profile
to the "Commish" and let him run the draft.
- Computer automatically fills out roster slots!
And it won't let you leave slots unfilled !!
- All computer decisions based on complicated statistical modelling
using Z-SCore, STD-Deviation and Bell-Curve formulas!!!
- While you are "hand picking" players you have incredible analysis
tools. Looking for a fast HB, just click on HB, then SP and
the computer will instantly show you the remaining HB's sorted by
speed to help you make your choices!!
- Preview Feature to let you test your profile!
- Only $15 (See Below)
//══ FPScout - Scouting Report Generator For FPSF Pro ═══════════
Amaizing Scouting Report Genertaor!!! Generate Thousands of variations of
reports.. Breakdowns by team, player, rating. Allows for you to enter your
own custom formulas!! A must for the serious player!!!!!
The program is very simple to use. Just Choose your parameters on the
top half of the screen and on the bottom half click on the check box of
each rating you would like to include in the aggregate total. Next to
each rating is a text box that allows you to increase the weight of a
rating. This allows you to apply your own "formulas" to a calculation.
Slick Point and click interface..
//═ FPSnap - Snapshot Utility ════════════════════════
- As seen in the Jan '94 Issue Of "Strategy Plus" magazine!!!
FPSnap is a simple little FREEBIE that should be quite useful for those
of you who run leagues with friends. The idea is at the start of the season
use FPSnap to take a "Snapshot" of all the players in the league. Then at
any point in the season you can "Check" the league to see if any of you're
owners have edited any of their player's actual or potential ratings.. This
is a great "Keem em Honest" tool.....
//══ FPEDPool - Free Agent Editor ═════════════════════
This utility will let you edit any of the free agents currently available in
the Free Agent Pool.
//══ R E G I S T R A T I O N ════════════════════════
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE READ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOU MUST SEND Disk(s) and Self-Addresssed Stamped Env / Mailer or
I can't promise you you'll get anything back!!!
Please attatch the following with your registration.
** NOTE ALL 5 UTILITIES CAN FIT on 1 HD 5 1/4 or 3 1/2 inch disk !
----Cut Here ------------------------------------------------------------------
Address :____________________________________________________________
Where Did You Get FPGen From ?_______________________________________
Product(s) You wish to register : ( Please Check One )
( * All Programs are for use with FPSF Pro Only! )
( * All prices are in $US )
1. FPGen...........- $6 ($75 With Source Code - See Below !) [ ]
2. FPScout.v1.5... - $10 [ ]
3. FPEdit-PRO v1.0.- $10 [ ]
4. FPDraft v1.1....- $15 [ ]
5. FPSched.v1.0....- $5 [ ]
6. FPEDPool.v1.3...- $7 [ ]
7. FPSnap..........- FREE (It doesnt do much !) [ ]
8. ALL 7 !! - $37 ($100 If FPGen Source Code is Desired) [ ]
****************** FPGen Source Code Offer !!!!!! ************************
Special Offer - For The First Time Ever - FPGen Source Code! For
$75 I'll send you all the files needed to compile FPGen using
Borland C++ v3.x or Turbo C++ v3.0. This offer is valid only for
FPGen! You may use the code as a reference but it may not be republished
in any form. This may be useful for those of you looking to write some
tools of your own. FPGen is written mostly in C, with C++ enhancements
(ie. It just uses C++ as a "better C"), with the exception of a few objects
for screen i/o). The Code is fully commented. FPGen with Source is $75.
*** Note if you previously registered any of the above programs all you need
to do to get the latest version is send me a disk, a mailer, and proper
postage, and I'll mail you back the latest upgrades (no upgrade fees!!)
Any Suggestions or Comments ?:
----Cut Here ------------------------------------------------------------------
Shaun Sullivan
537 Veranda View
Mt. Pleasant SC 29464

Gabriel Knight
Gabriel Knight
St. George's Book Shop
Every morning read the paper by the coffeepot for hints on things to do
every day. On the table you can find a magnifying glass and tweezers. On
the top left shelf of the bookshelves on the back wall you can find a book
by "Heinz Ritter". On the right top shelf of the bookshelves there is a
book on Snakes. Read both books. On the book shelf under the window you
can find a German/English dictionary. Open the cash register and get a
gift certificate. Use the "Question" icon on Grace, and ask her for
messages. This will put the Police Station and Grandma Knight's place on
your map. Later in the day, you will need to ask Grace to do some research
on Malia Gedde. (This triggers the end of the day.)
Grandma Knight's house.
Use the "Question" icon on Grandma Knight, and ask about "Family" and
"Family Members". This will put the cemetery on the French Quarters Map.
Go to the attic and take the sketchbook. Put the "operate" icon on the
clock. You will see a close-up of the clock. Move the hands to 3:00 with
the move icon. Move the outer circle until the dragon is at the top of the
clock. Use "Operate" on the windup key. This will open the bottom drawer
of the clock. Take the photo and letter. Open your inventory to look at
the photo and read the letter. Reading the letter adds "Heinz Ritter" in
Grandma's topic and adds "shattenjager" to Global topics. Go ask Grandma
about Heinz Ritter.
Police Station
Ask the desk sergeant about Mosely. He will give you an envelope from
Mosely. Go into inventory and open the envelope to reveal a murder photo
and Mosely's graduation picture.
Mosely's Office
Ask Mosely about the patterns at the crime scene, this will put "Other
Patterns" in the topic menu. He will tell you about six other partial
patterns. Ask about them. This will let you know that Officer Franks has
the "case file". Go talk to Officer Franks and have her pull the case file
for you.
How can I get a copy of the Crime Scene file?
Request another photo of Mosely with you for your book. Officer Franks
will come in to take the photo. At this point use the dialogue choice to
leave the room, (Hold on a sec while I go check my hair.) Once you leave,
take the file out of the in box at officer Franks desk, and make a photo
copy. (This puts veve copy in your inventory.) Then go back in for your
picture with Mosely. If you steal the file, officer Franks will no longer
talk with you.
Jackson Square
Go to the Northwest room of Jackson Square, and walk close to the mime.
You will notice he follows whoever walks closely to him. Get the mime to
follow you by walking up to him. It is somewhat difficult to make him
follow you. Every time someone walks close enough he will follow them, so
avoid other people if you can. Once you get him to follow you, go to the
motorcycle cop. The mime will make fun of the cop and the cop will chase
him out of the picture. When the cop is gone, use the "operate" icon on
his motorcycle radio. This will give you the "Crime Scene" on your greater
New Orleans Map.
Lake Pontchartrain
Look at the veve marks on the ground. This will add "Patterns" to Mosely's
topic. Use the magnifying glass on the marks in the grass. The grass is
on the right side corner by the tree. This will give you a close-up of a
snake scale. Use the tweezers on the snake scale. This adds "snakes" to
the topic menu. Use the sketchbook on the pattern that surrounded the
body. This puts "lake pattern" in inventory. Take some clay by the waters
Dixieland Drugstore
Look at the sign. This adds "St. John's Eve" to the topic menu. Use the
murder photo on Willy, "the store owner," or ask about Voodoo Murders.
This adds "Cabrit Sans Cor" to the topic menu.
St. George's Book Shop
At the beginning of the day read your newspaper. At the end of the day, if
you were able to observe Madam Cazaunoux at the Dixieland Drug Store, use
the "Question" icon on Grace, and request research on Madam Cazaunoux.
Police Station
Use the "Question" icon on the desk sergeant and ask about Mosely. When he
lets you go in to see Mosely, change the temperature controls to 75 or
hotter with the operate icon.
Mosely's Office.
When you see Mosely use the "Question" icon on him and request some coffee.
Mosely will have his jacket off because it is so hot. When Mosely leaves,
take his badge from his jacket that is on the chair.
Jackson Square
At the North East section of Jackson Square watch the artist lose his
picture. Give your "gift certificate" that you found in your cash register
to the hot dog vendor. This will give you a hot dog in your inventory.
Give the hot dog to the young boy dancing. Use the talk icon on the boy
and select from the dialog choices a request for the drawing. The boy will
retrieve the the drawing for you. Return the drawing to the artiSt. Give
the artist the six patterns that you received from Mosely. Use the lake
pattern on the artiSt. The artist will then try to reconstruct the total
picture for you.
Gedde's Mansion
Use the "Operate" icon on the door knocker. Use the "Question" icon on
Malia Gedde. Ask her about voodoo two times, ask her about "Lake
Pontchartrain" then flirt with her. You will need to flirt with her until
she has you kicked out of the house. You must get kicked out of the house
to end the day.
Voodoo Museum
At the Voodoo Museum, ask Dr. John about voodoo. This adds
"historical/current voodoo" to the topic menu. Ask him about current
voodoo until the messages repeat. This adds "Moonbeam's" to the French
Quarter Map. Ask about historical voodoo until he tells you about Marie
Laveau. This adds "Marie Laveau" to the topic menu. Ask about Marie
Laveau. This adds " St. Louis Cemetery" to the topic menu.
St. Louis Cemetery
Ask the watchman at the cemetery about "Marie Laveau, until the messages
repeat. This adds "Other voodoo marked tombs" to the topic menu. Ask the
watchman about other voodoo tombs. Look at the Laveau tomb wall. Use the
sketch book on the crosses on the tomb. This adds "voodoo code 1" to
inventory. You must visit the Gedde tomb and have a confrontation with
Malia Gedde.
Moonbeam's House
Ask Moonbeam about "voodoo, and St. John's Eve". This adds "animal masks"
to the topic menu. Ask about snakes to add "Grimwald" to the topic menu.
Ask Moonbeam about Grimwald and select the demonstration requeSt. Moonbeam
will demonstrate her dancing with her snake "Grimwald". While she is
dancing, go to Grimwald's cage and take the snake skin. Take the coded
voodoo message from your inventory and Moonbeam will translate the codes
for you. Compare the snake scales in inventory by using the magnifying
Dixieland Drugstore
At the Dixieland Drugstore watch Madame Cazaunoux. This adds "Cazaunoux",
to the topic menu. Ask Willy about "animal masks", then ask about "Willy
Jr.". Willy will tell you how much he wants for the Crocodile mask,
St. George's Book Shop
Ask Grace for messages, and Ritter's phone number. Read the newspaper.
This adds "Tulane U" to the Greater New Orleans map. A neighboring shop
owner will come in to ask about buying your painting. Sell the painting to
him for $100. If you have the sketch from the artist, return later in the
day and use the "Question" icon on Grace. Ask her to do some research on
the "pattern".
Gabriel's Studio Room early on day 3
Get the Hair Gel out of the medicine cabinet. Use the "Operate" icon on
the phone. Use the phone to call Cazaunoux's house, at 555-1280. At the
end of your conversation with the lady, you will hear the dog barking and
she will call her dog by name. Call the vet at 555-6170 from the phone
book page. Tell the assistant about dog dancing lessons. If you have
Cazaunoux's address, you will now have "Madam Cazaunoux's House" on the
French Quarter Map. Later in the day ask Grace two times for your
messages. She will give you Ritter's phone number Call Ritter in Germany
Dixieland Drug Store
At the Dixieland Drug Store buy the Crocodile Mask for $100. Read the sign
to add "Gambling Oil" to your inventory.
Jackson Square
Go to the Northeast corner of Jackson Square and get the reconstructed veve
from the artiSt. Go to the Northwest portion of the park and watch the
Fortune Teller. She will start to dance. As she is dancing, touch her.
She will drop her veil. Take the veil and use the magnifying glass on the
veil. Take the scale with the tweezers. Give the veil back to the Fortune
Teller and she will read Gabe's fortune. Compare the snake scales in your
inventory later.
Mosely's office
Watch the interview between Mosely and Crash.
Tulane University
Watch the lecture. This will put "Animal Masks" in the topic menu. In
Hart's office, ask him about "Cabrit Sans Cor". Show him the murder photo.
This will add "Black Voodoo" to the topic menu. Ask Hart about Black
Voodoo and St. John's Eve. Show Hart the pattern sketch that the artist
made for you. He will make a copy of it to aid you in your research.
St. Louis Cathedral
Enter the priest's Ready Room. Take the priest's collar and the priest's
How do I get in to talk with Madam Cazaunoux?
Use the Hair Gel, priest's collar and shirt. Madam Cazaunoux's will let
you in and will talk with you. You can find the Hair Gel in your medicine
cabinet. The priest's collar and shirt can be found at the church.
Madam Cazaunoux's house
Ask Madam Cazaunoux about "Cabrit Sans Cor". She will not talk about it
unless you already know what Cabrit Sans Cor stands for. Dr. Hart can
explain it to you. Select "Goat without horns" from the topic menu. This
adds "human sacrifice" to the menu. Ask her about human sacrifice. This
adds "real voodoo queens" to the menu. Ask her about real voodoo queens.
This adds "secret voodoo hounfour" to the global menu. Ask about the
secret voodoo hounfour and she will show you a snake bracelet. You will
need to use the lake clay on the bracelet to form a mold. If you don't get
the bracelet mold the first time, try again.
Napoleon House
Ask the Bartender about "voodoo" and about "Bar Patrons" (twice). Ask
about "Sam and Voodoo". Talk to Sam. He won't talk to you unless you put
"Gris Gris" Gambling Oil on him. Answer him with the correct dialog
1. Ever wonder why Markus wins every time?
2. This is powerful Voodoo Oil.
3. This Voodoo Oil could make a nun get lucky.
Sam will win the chess game and will tell you that he will help you any
time you need a favor. If you have the snake bracelet mold, give it to Sam
and he will make a copy of the bracelet for you.
To end Day 3, you must go to the cemetary and visit the Gedde Tomb. You
will have a confrontation with Malia Gedde.
St. George's Book Shop
Read the newspaper. Get the veve clippings from Grace. Ask Grace about
the veve. When you return later in the day ask for research on "Rada
Napoleon House
Get your new snake bracelet from Sam.
Jackson Square
Go to the "Overlook" on the French Quarter map. Click the "Operate" icon
on the binoculars and watch Jackson Square. Observe the drummer and
another man speaking to him. Go to Jackson Square and follow the man into
the Cathedral.
Use the snake bracelet on Crash to make him talk. Ask Crash about the
Drummer. This adds "Rada Drums" to the topic menu. Ask Crash about
"Voodoo Hounfour". After Crash dies, look at him to get a close up. Use
the "Open" icon on Crash's shirt. This will reveal a snake tattoo. Use
the sketchbook on Crash's tattoo. This adds "tattoo tracing" to your
Gabe's Studio
Call Wolfgang.
Why won't Day 4 end?
Day 4 will not end if you haven't asked Grace about the veve, opened the
clock at Grandma's or had Moonbeam translate the voodoo code.
St. George's Book Shop
Read the newspaper. Ask Grace to do "Research" on Rada Drums. Get the
veve clippings, Gunter's Journal and letter from Grace. Read the letter
and journal from Gunter Wolfgang.
Voodoo Museum
When you are attacked by the snake at the museum, turn on the electrical
switch by the door. The snake hates the sound of the fan and will leave.
You must turn the switch on immediately or you will die.
St. George's Book Shop after visiting the Museum
After you visit the museum, Grace will find a scale on your clothing. She
will deposit it in an ashtray on her desk. Take it with the tweezers.
Compare all of the snake scales. Two of the scales will look the same.
Tulane University
View the close-up of Hart. Take Hart's notes on his desk.
St. Louis Cemetery
Use your sketchbook on the cemetary tomb wall to get a new voodoo code.
Use the voodoo message on the voodoo codes that Moonbeam translated for
you. There are a some letters that Moonbeam did not recognize but if you
read the message you can tell what they are. Letters Y, U and M. Use the
brick on the wall to leave your own message on the wall. Leave the
message: "DJ bring sekey madoule" in code.
Mosely's Office
Use the "Question" icon on Mosely and ask him about reopening the case. To
convince him, show him the reconstructed veve, Hart's notes and the
newspaper article. Make sure you have matched the snake scales from the
lake and the museum by magnifying them in your inventory (they will appear
as a single inventory item). Show him the snake scales. All of this new
evidence will cause Mosely to reopen the case.
St. George's Book Shop
Read your morning paper. Talk to Grace. Notice that someone has left you
an envelope at your door. Take the envelope and read the note inside.
This will give you a letter and key in your inventory. Use the tattoo
tracing on Grace. Tell Grace you are going to a party. Ask her if she is
jealous. She will then put the tattoo on you.
Jackson Square
Talk to the Beignet Vendor. Tell him to return to the police station as
part of his route. Use the Rada Drum book on the Drummer. This will allow
you to interpret and send drum messages. The first page of symbols are
used for the main part of the message. Choose "Call Conclave". Turn the
page to the available times. Choose "Tonight". The third page tells
where. Choose "Swamp". Once you have assembled your message, use the icon
bar to select exit. If you make a mistake you can go to the icon bar to
erase it and try again. The entire message should be: Call Conclave -
Tonight - Swamp. This will put Bayou St. John on your Greater New Orleans
How do I enter Mosely's office if he is not there?
Either wait for the desk sergeant to go out for Beignets or wait for him to
fall asleep. You may then enter Mosely's office.
Mosely's office
Use the "open" icon on his desk drawer and look in the drawer. Take the
tracking device.
Voodoo Museum
Go to the Voodoo Museum and place the tracking device in the "Sekey
Madoul", the little ritual coffin.
Bayou St. John
Make sure Grace gave you a tattoo and that you put the signal device in the
museum coffin. Make sure you left a message on the tomb in the cemetary to
call the gathering. Make sure to turn the tracker on. Use the tracker on
Gabriel. Note the tracker on the lower portion of your screen. Follow the
signal until you find the glow of the ceremonial fire. Use the crocodile
mask on Gabe, and enter the ritual circle. Choose the dialogue choices:
"Damballah" and Ogoun Badagris".
Gabriel's Studio
Read the daily newspaper. Take the flashlight from the dresser. Use the
"Operate" icon on the phone to call Ritter. Ask about "Tetelo". This adds
"Talisman" to your topic choices. Ask about "Talisman". This adds
"Tetelo's Remains" to the topic menu. Ask about "Tetelo's Remains". This
adds "Africa Homeland" to the topic menu. Ask about "Africa Homeland".
Later in the day, when you've decided to visit Germany, use the "Operate"
icon on the phone and dial the travel agent's number. The number is on
the phone page in your inventory. The number is 585-1130. Select Germany
as your destination. Use Mosely's credit card to pay for your tickets.
This puts "New Orleans International Airport" on the Greater New Orleans
St. Louis Cemetery
Use the "Operate" icon on the button under the plate on the Gedde tomb.
Inside the tomb, select the flashlight from your inventory. Double click
on the flashlight to turn it on. Use the "Open" icon on the veve Pattern
drawer. You will be knocked out. Once you wake up, open the drawer. You
will get a close-up of the drawer and see a wallet. Take the wallet. Open
your inventory and use the "Open" icon on the wallet. This will put the
"Credit Card", in your inventory. Use the "Operate" icon on the button on
the wall to open the door of the tomb.
Wolfgang's Bedroom
Use the "Look" icon on the Lintels on top of the carved doors, just below
the Lion's heads. This will add "Portal Poem" to the topic menu.
Great Hall and Chapel
Use the "Question" icon on Gerde and ask about the "Portal Poem". She will
translate the poem to English. After visiting the Chapel, ask her about
the "Chapel Panels". This will add "Initiation Ceremony" to the topic
menu. Ask Gerde about the Ceremony.
How do I perform the Initiation Ceremony?
In Wolfgang's Bedroom use the "Operate" icon on the windows to open them.
Use the "Operate" icon on the snow to wash your hands. Pickup the
"scissors" and use them on Gabriel. Take the "chamber pot". Use the
"Open" icon on the Scroll Case and take the "scroll". Go to the Great Hall
and take the large "knife" hanging on the stair case wall. Take the "salt"
on the floor. Enter the Chapel and put the chamber pot on the alter. Put
salt in the chamber pot. Use the knife on Gabriel. Use the "Operate" icon
on the altar. With Gabriel kneeling in front of the altar, use the scroll
on Gabriel. Once you have completed the Initiation Ceremony the day will
Wolfgang's Bedroom
When you wake up on day 8 you will see a key sitting on the chest by the
bed. Take this key and open the carved doors. This will lead into a
secret library.
The Secret Library
Look at the center bookcase on the back wall. Take the "People's Republic"
book. Use the "Look" icon on the far right bookcase to find "The Primal
Ones" book. Look at the left wall bookcase for the "Ancient Roots of
Africa" book. Look at the far left bookcase for the "Sun Worshippers"
book. Look at the lower far right bookcase for the "Ancient Digs of
Africa" book. Once you have located and looked at all five books, the
"Snake Mound Book" will appear in your inventory.
How do I travel to Africa?
Use the "Snake Mound Book" on Gerde. Select "Use Mosely's Credit Card" in
the dialogue so Gerde will place some calls for you. This will put
"Africa" on the Global map. You will then proceed to Africa.
Outer Snake Mound Rooms
The cave room are connected in a circle like a clock. The rooms are
numbered 1 - 12. Find the "Snake Rod" in the third room to the left from
the entrance. The entrance is room 6. Use the "Pick Up" icon on the
"Snake Tiles" in each of the 12 rooms. There are a total of 12 tiles. You
cannot take tiles 7 and 12. The room with the face carved into the wall is
room number 7. Each tile has a number of snakes corresponding to the
number of each room. Match each tile with the correct tile spot. Once you
have the tiles in place, go to room number 3. Be sure to save your game.
Use the Snake Rod on the Snake Tile. This wakes the dead guards. You must
run "clock wise" to room number 7 without getting caught. In room number 6
you will be confronted by several guards. The only way past them is to use
the "Operate" icon on the vine hanging down in the middle. Gabe will swing
out and knock over one of the guards. In room 7, Wolfgang will
appear. He will hold off the guards while you use the "Snake Rod" on tile
number 7. This will operate the secret passage to the "Inner Snake Mound
Inner Snake Mound Room
Look at the carvings around the bottom of the Snake Table. Look at the
indentations at the top of the table. Use the "Pick Up" icon on the "iron
bars" on the wall behind the table. Take both bars. Use the "Operate" or
"Move" icon on the bars to put them on the Snake Table. Go to the west
side of the room and use your "Knife" on the dead guard. Take his heart.
You will not be able to prevent Uncle Wolfgang being killed. Take the
"Talisman" from inside the Snake Table.
St. George's Book Shop
Take the newspaper. Take the note on Grace's desk. Read the note. You
will find that Grace has been kidnapped.
Gabriel's Studio
Ask about "Making a Plan". Ask about "Grace". Ask about the "Secret
Voodoo Hounfour". Return to the book shop.
How do I enter the "Secret Voodoo Hounfour"?
Go to St. Louis Cathedral and enter the far right confessional. Use the
"Snake Rod" on the "Knothole" on the back wall. Place the "Snake Rod"
under the bench, and place the "Signal Device" under the bench. Enter the
Elevator Ante Chamber.
Supply Room #7
The Secret Hounfour is built in the shape of a clock. The Ceremonial Room
is in the center. Each of the rooms have a number over the door. Go to
door #7. Use the "Pick Up" icon on the "Mask and Robes" two times. You
should then have two sets of robes and masks.
Cartel Business Room #4
Use the "Look" icon on the desk. Take the "Record Book". Read the book.
Note the codes.
Dr. John's Room #2
Watch Dr. John praying to his gods. Notice the key hanging from the far
wall. Do not enter the room. Go to the Ceremonial room. Use the
"Operate" icon on the drums. Construct a message to call Dr. John.
Select "Summon". Select the "next book". Select "Brother Eagle" from this
book. Select "Exit" from the icon bar. Dr. John will leave his room. Go
the hallway. Do not exit towards Room #2. You have about 10 seconds to go
to Dr. John's room, get the key and return to the hallway before Dr. John
Money Room #1
You need Dr. John's Key Card to enter this room. Once inside, use the
"Pick Up" icon on the "Stacks of Money" until you can carry no more.
Disposal Room #11
Use the key from Dr. John's room to enter. Once you are in the room just
look around.
Guest Room #8
Use the "Key" from Dr. John's room to open room #8, here you will find
Grace. Use the Talisman on Grace to revive her. Use the Mask and Robes on
Mosely, then on yourself.
The Final Confrontation
When Tetelo comes to sacrifice Grace, use the Talisman on Tetelo. Toss the
the Talisman to Mosely. Once Tetelo grabs Gabriel, use the "Pick Up" icon
on the "Stone Idol". The stone idol will appear under the ceremonial
table. At this point you have two options to end the game. First, betray
Malia and use the knife on her. Then you can either do nothing, or use the
"Pick Up" icon on Malia while she is hanging in the pit. Either choice
will lead you to The End.

GAMMA Wing v1.1 space flight sim
Bitmapped and renderd graphics in sim
itself! Digital sound effects. Needs
286, VGA. Supports soundcards & joystick.
Shareware ($25) Rockland Software

GAMMA Wing shareware Space Combat Flight Simulator V1.0
by Rockland Software Productions registration gets you more campaigns.
Optional mission builder lets you biuld missions and import graphics/sound, ect
Gamer's Reference V1 by Liquid
Byte Software, a games database.
This program is a helpful tool
to keep all your game codes and
cheats in an easy to understand
enviroment. The unregistered
version comes with codes to over
50 games. A must have for the
avid gamer who spends more time
hunting for codes than they
spend playing the game!
Liquid Byte Software- Reg $10
Gamebender for Ultima VIII : Pagan
Alpha version 1.
Here is some small program i have made.
SHOWMAP Shows MAP's in .WAD files. And print number of Weapons, Enemys
and Starting points (both for Players and Deathmatch)
The file MODERN.FON must be in current directory!
PLAYWAD This program look in the specified .WAD file and if there is a
MAP to play it starts DOOM.EXE and warp you to the first
MAP it finds.
Usage: PLAYWAD [-1|2|3|4|5]
-1 to -5 is the skill level to play (default -3). So if you
wan't to play forest.wad in Nigthmare type something like this:
DMPATC15 This program change DOOM.EXE version 1.5Beta so you can use
IDKFA without to crash when you select weapon number 3
Gunnar Dahlstrm
Sega Genesis Tricks, Tips, and Hints!
My Thanks to Randy Hoye, Bill Spicer, and Fred Harrison for assistance in
testing and finding new additions to the list.
David Stellmack - Columbus, Ohio
CompuServe: 76500,374
Level Skip - At the title screen choose the "Press Start" Option and
go into the game. In any part of the game, press the START button to
pause the game. Now, press these buttons: A, B, B, A, A, B, B, and A
You'll hear a series of sounds. The Screen will fade and go to the
next level. You can do this trick all the way to the last level of the
Aero the Acro*Bat
Cheat Screen - From the Start/Options Screen, press C, A, RIGHT,
LEFT, C, A, RIGHT, and LEFT. Now go to the first level. When Aero
appears, pause the game and Press UP, C, DOWN, B, LEFT, A, RIGHT
and B. Now, in Pause mode hold the A and C buttons. Keep holding
these buttons until the Cheat Mode appears.
Arcus Odyssey
Here's the codes for all the characters in the game to start at the
specified level!
Bead Shia Erin Gashuna
Diane Fireya Jedda Chef
Afterburner II
Extra Missles - To get extra missles in each round, hold down the
following combinations while you're refueling.
Round 3 - Left and B
Round 5 - Right and B
Round 9 - B button
Round 11 - Right and B
Round 13 - Left and B
Round 16 - Right and B
Round 19 - B button
Round 21 - Right and B
Level Select - You can begin the game up to stage 20 by holding down A,
B, and C and press Start during the title screen. The words "Select
Stage" will appear in the middle of the screen, and you can select a stage
by pressing the directional controls to the left or right.
Reverse Controls - To reverse your plane's controls, hold down both A
and B on controller 2 and press Start on controller 1.
Secret Continue - Play the game and die. When the title screen
appears, press Left 3 times, press the B button 3 times, then the
A button three times. Then press Start.
Air Diver
Special Stage Select and Invincibility - As soon as the map screen
appears, leave the plane out over the ocean and hold down Start.
While holding it down, press A, B, C, B, A, A, B, C, B, A. Now
release Start and use one of the following for the desired effect:
Start at mothership - Hold B
Go to the last boss - Hold C
Fight the ace pilot - Hold A
Invincibility - Hold Start
Continue to hold down the button(s) until you leave the hanger.
Shortcut, Extra Weapons and Useful Items - Play the game to stage 4
and jump through the first ventilation shaft you reach. You will
find a short cut to the end of the level. Also, if you jump though
the the wall on the far right of the corrridor, you will find clips
for your pulse rifle, hand grenades, rifle fired grenades, a fuel
tank for your flamethrower, med kits, and batteries for your motion
Stage Select - When the title screen comes up, choose "OPTIONS" and
press START. While you are in the OPTIONS MODEM enter these
commands on the controller pluged in the the second port:
You will hear a tone if you did it correctly. Start the game and
while you are in the level, press C, A, and then B. You will see a
row of small green dots all across the screen. Press the START
button to skip to the next level.
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
Defeat the Gorilla - You can defeat the Gorilla in Janken by using
the following signs - Paper, Paper, Scissors, Rock, Rock, Sissors,
Scissors, Paper. This set of signs will not work for the Wizard,
Bear, or Queen.
Alien Storm
Stay alive after you die - To use this trick, you must have enough energy
to do your extra move, and you must be the robot, Scooter. If you die
while using Scooter, use his special attack and you won't die. You will
have do build your live back up, but it does avoid losing one life.
Altered Beast
Continues - When you die, hold down the A button and press Start
repeatedly until you appear on the screen on which you died.
Options - Hold down B and press Start during the title screen for a set
of options.
Select the Beast - Change into the beast you want on each stage by
pressing down and left while holding all three buttons during the
title screen.
Round Select - Choose your round on the option screen and then hold
down A and Start on the Title Screen.
Sound Test - To hear all the sounds and music in the game, press up
and right while holding down A and C.
Attack the Credit Screen - When you rescue Athena and the credits appear,
kick or punch them to scroll them downwards.
Arcus Odyssey
Enter the second room in Act 3 for bonus chests.
In Act 4, watch for the shadows on the floor. There's a pack of
dragons waiting to attack!
Spring Fureya from the prison deep within Act 2 to help you. Her
guided energy missles destroy enemies with ease!
Get Keyami to join you in Act 5. His awesome firepower pumps up your
Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf
Secret Game - Hit the ball over 100 times on any hole, and you will get a
'Game Over' message. Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right,
Special Password: Use this password in competition play to start in
match play:
Secret Tournament - To begin a new tournament with a more experienced
caddy, enter this password:
Winning Password - To enter the final tournament with twice as much
cash as your nearest opponent, enter this password:
Even if you don't win the tournament, you'll win the game!
Arrow Flash
Invincibility - At the option mode, change Arrow Flash from Stock to
Charge. Wait for the play demo (after the story demo), then hit Start
until the game begins. Now, each time you press C for 3-5 seconds,
you will become invincible for 10 minutes!
Back To The Future 3
Skip Stages - To skip stages in Back To The Future 3, pause the
game at any point and simultaneously press these buttons together
in this order: UP and A, DOWN and A, LEFT and A, RIGHT and A.
Bart Simpson Vs. The Space Mutants
Extra Money - At the end of the level, stand under the last window
of the retirement home and blow the whistle to get some extra money.
Battletoads and Double Dragon
Stage Selects, Extra Lives, and Mega Warp: This trick will give you
a level select and 10 lives for the team-up of the century. To do this
trick, go to the Character Select Screen and do the following: Press
DOWN, UP, UP, DOWN, C, A, B, and the press START. A screen will appear
allowing you to go to any stage in the game. However, you will not get
"REAL" ending should you beat the game using this trick.
Super Warp: Select up to the fifth stage and get five lives. Go to the
charcter select screen, and enter the following: B, A, DOWN, C, A,
DOWN, and then press START. You will then encounter a Super Warp screen
allowing you to pick your level.
Standard Warp: At the charcter select screen do the following:
Hold UP+A+B and then press START. You will start at the first level,
but you will have 5 (five) lives instead of 3 (three). Beat the Dark
Queen and the Shadow Boss using this trick and you should get the
normal game ending.
Unlimited Men - In level 3, at the far-right end of the museum's
first level is a 1-up; grab it and jump onto the rising platforms.
When you reach the third platform or until the screen starts to
scroll up, jump back down and the 1-Up should be there again.
Batman: Return Of The Joker
Level Select - Here is a slick little trick that will allow you to
start on any level of this great game. Press START at the title
screen and then move the bat to the "Passcode" option. Press START
and then enter code: 5227. Press the A button and then a bunch of
symbols that look like mushrooms will appear at the bottom of the
screen. Move the D-Pad to the LEFT and you will now be able to
enter codes for every level. For example enter code 6300 to start
at level 6-3. The first two numbers are the level and section.
Level Passwords - Here are the level passwords for Return of the
2-2 - NWKL 3-1 - LGZQ
3-2 - GPTW 4-1 - GNKF
4-2 - KHCN 5-1 - QGVN
5-2 - WBZT 6-1 - FFHG
6-1 - CKQG 7-1 - GPZT
Belle's Quest
Level Select: At the second title screen enter the following
with controller one: B, UP, B, B, A, UP, RIGHT, A, B, A, DOWN,
LEFT, A, and DOWN.
Biohazard Battle
Level Select - Wait until the SEGA logo appears, and press and hold
the C button. While still holding the C button, press these directions
on the D pad in this order: UP, DIAGONALLY UP-RIGHT, RIGHT, DIAGONALLY
UP. An easier way to do it is to just start from the top of the pad and
make a clockwise circle all the way around back to the top. Press START
and the Stage Select should appear.
Level Passwords:
Goth: Anciena: Ultraworld:
Area 2: 171058 Area 1: 672451 Area 1: 743690
Area 3: 950745 Area 2: 272578 Area 2: 103928
Area 4: 472149 Area 3: 652074 Area 3: 144895
Area 4: 265648 Area 4: 775092
Area 5: 462893 Area 5: 481376
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Stage Select - When the battlefield scrolls, Press DOWN, RIGHT, A, C,
UP, LEFT and A. In the game use the Start button to Pause and the
press Up to change levels.
Here are the chapter passwords for Bubsy:
Chapter 01 - JSSCTS Chapter 09 - DBKRRB
Chapter 02 - CKBGMM Chapter 10 - MSFCTS
Chapter 03 - SCTWMN Chapter 11 - KMGRBS
Chapter 04 - MKBRLN Chapter 12 - SLJMBG
Chapter 05 - LBLNRD Chapter 13 - TGRTVN
Chapter 06 - JMDKRK Chapter 14 - CCLDSL
Chapter 07 - STGRTN Chapter 15 - BTCLMB
Chapter 08 - SBBSHC Chapter 16 - STCJDH
To defeat Tetsuo Okabe (Match 5) and Miyuki Hirose (Match 8), select the
Bo as your weapon. When the match begins, press A, B, or C and hold Left.
You will block all of your opponent's attacks. Wait until you have
maximum Ki, then strike your opponent. One hit will win you the match.
Bulls Vs. Lakers
Ending Password - Now you can see the end of the game without even
playing it! On the Password screen enter:
You will be the Chicago Bulls winning the World Championship.
Championship Passwords - Use these passwords to bring you to the
final Championship game:
Bulls Vs. Blazers - CXOCGBB4
Knicks Vs. Blazers - GJOGBBBF
Blazers Vs. Hawks - OBOBLBBY
Beat The Computer - Here is a quick tip that will help you beat the
computer in this great game. Press the C button while displaying
your team's statistics. After pressing the C button, the screen
will change showing the computer's line up. Replace all of the
strong players with the computers worst players. The computer will
attempt to make substitutions between quarters. Repeat the sequence
keeping the computer with its worst players.
Burning Force
10 Lives Per Continue - Press Start on the title screen so that
START/OPTION appears. Press B, A, B, A, A, C, A, A, and Start. When you
continue, you'll get 10 men!
California Games
Roller Skating Hint - Spinning while jumping will increase your
points many times, but it also means you stay in the air longer.
Surfing Hint - Turn to ride up a wave then turn in mid air to come
back down at the same angle.
Foot Bag Hint - Perform two jesters and the bag will flash red, now
all stunts are worth double.
Half-Pipe (Skateboarding) Hint - Press Down on the way down the
half-pipe and press up on your way up on the half-pipe to get more
speed and a higher jump.
BMX Hint - The best trick to do is the backward flip, as this gives
you the most points. Get to the end with 40,000 or more points for a
new bike.
Castlevania Bloodlines
Expert Level: For those who have mastered the diffcult level of this
game, have a real challenge with the Expert Level. At the title screen,
use the "Trademark Konami Code" on control pad one: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN,
LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, and START. You should then hear a quick
chime if the code was entered correctly. The go into the options menu
and cycle through, the Game Level Settings, and a new one should appear
labeled EXPERT, To see the real full ending of the game, finish it on
this level of difficulty.
Centurion - Defender of Rome
Passwords - Enter this code on the save game screen to have control
of many ancient countries and 1 fleet of ships.
ZCA5 555S 73IJ
This code starts the game at one of the most powerful levels with
11 consular legions and 35,000 talents.
Here's a code to own the world!
QDUA YQ25 5555
Use these codes to get give the correct responses to the ambassadors when
you are negotiating with other countries for alliances:
Country Minimum Rank Legion Size Response Code
Sicilia Centurion Infantry F, N, A
Dalmatia Tribune Calvary N, A
Germania Legatus Cavalry N, F, F, A
Gaul General Cavalry N, FR, F, A
Hispania General Cavalry F, N, A
Thracia Consul Consular F, F, A
Macedonia Consul Consular F, F, A
Armenia Consul Consular F, F, A
Mesop. ProConsul Consular F, F, A
Arabia ProConsul Consular F, N, A
Aegyptus ProConsul Consular FR, FR, A
(Cleopatra Seduction: W, G, AC)
Mauretania ProConsul Consular F, N, A
Legend: F=Formal
A=Offer Alliance
For all of these, answer 'LOW' when asked what tribute you require.
Skip The First Four Stages - You can do this trick in the practice,
easy, or hard mode. It is suggested that you use the practice mode
because it gives you unlimited potions. So, choose the practice
mode at the title screen. Start the game, then walk right and down
the stairs onto the platform. Continue right until you reach a
small floating platform. Jump onto the platform and use the potion
for a portal. It is the only potion you can use from the choices.
When you use the potion, it will make a thunderous sound. Once you
do this, you will have access to all of the weapons, and be able to
go into every level, even the last four stages.
Chuck Rock
Level Advance - While the band plays, press ABRACADABRA and the
guitarist will smile. Press A, B, and C together, start the game,
press UP while holding A to advance one level.
Extra Magic Jewels - There is a way to trick the game into giving your
a second magic jewel. To do this you must set up the screen in a
certain way. Have one row of the normal jewels stacked up almost to
the top of the playfield. There must be vertical space for only two
of the three jewels in the next block to come on the screen. Watch
the 'next block preview' box. When you see that the magic jewel block
is next, get ready to quickly move it on top of your prepared stack.
After the magic jewel eliminates the 'touching' color jewels, all of
the remaining jewels will drop down as will the one magic jewel that
was off the screen. This magic jewel will drop down and eliminate
another group of colored jewels!
Extra 10,000 Point Bonus - To get a fast and easy 10,000 bonus points,
have one vertical column empty all the way to teh bottom of the
playfield. When you get the block with the three magic jewels,
position it so that it falls down this column, all the way to the
bottom. Since you don't get to use it to eliminate any colored
jewels, the game gives you 10,000 points instead.
Instant Magic Jewel - Use this trick to make the Magic Jewel appear
in Columns. Select ARCADE and the EASY mode. When you begin to
loose, fill the far left or far right two columns as high as
possible with jewels. When you've completed the column, the magic
jewel will appear.
Cool Spot
Level Skip - In any level of this game, press the START button to
pause the game and do this trick on controller 1:
A, B, C, B, A, C, A, B, C, B, A, and C.
After this is done you will hear a tone that indicates that the
trick has worked, Immediately afterwards, you will see the "Level
Completed" screen. Soon thereafter, you will advance to the next
Crue Ball
Level Select - This code will help you reach all of those higher
boards on this game. Go to the Music Demo screen and select the
tune "Twisted Flipper", Press A, C, A, B then push the Start
button. Begin your game and wait for the ball to appear. When it
does, hold UP on the D-Pad and press the B button to rotate through
the diffrent levels.
Select any team for the CyuberBowl - Take the first letter or
number and place it in the first blank, with the second
letter/number going into the second blank. For example, to play as
Atlanta against Boston, the code would be T5BB B5PS IH6X.
CYBER BOWL I with team funds of $999,000:
Atlanta T-6 Boston
Boston 5-D Washington
Chicago C-P Boston
Cleveland 7-U Boston
Dallas L-4 Boston
Denver 8-G Boston
Detroit H-7 Washington
Indianapolis K-3 Boston
Las Vegas S-8 Atlanta
Los Angeles 6-A Washington
Miami M-J Boston
Minnesota P-E Washington
New England N-R Washington
New Orleans A-9 Washington
Philadelphia G-S Washington
Phoenix 9-N Washington
Pittsburgh E-5 Washington
San Diego D-F Boston
San Francisco U-H Boston
Tampa Bay R-T Boston
Washington F-C Boston
Buffalo J-6 Tampa Bay
Houston 4-A Las Vegas
St. Louis 3-Y Tampa Bay
Cincinnati 2-V Tampa Bay
New York O-B Las Vegas
Portland Z-X Las Vegas
Seattle Y-I Tampa Bay
Some easy scores on offense:
1. Axle Grind: To score quick TD's throw to the left wide receiver.
2. Sunday Ride: For quick yardage to cross the 50 yard line throw
to the left running back.
3. Zig-Zag: For quick yardage or for scoring inside the 10 yard
line throw to the left running back.
4. Suicide: To score extra points after TD's or for scoring inside
the 10 yard line throw to the left running back.
Some defensive moves to stop the computer cold:
1. Prevent: For the sack, blitz your linebacker around the left
side of the offensive line.
2. 3-4 Defense: When the computer is inside your 10 yard line,
blitz your linebacker around either side. Be sure to use
your powerbooster to get to the QB.
To score on kick returns, run between the two men on the right and
then run up the sideline. If you do this correctly, you'll
score everytime!
Darius 2
Level Select - On the intro screen press C,A,C,B,C,A,B,A,C,A,C for
the level select option to appear.
David Robinson's Supreme Court
These codes will take you into the final games as you play against the
computer. Once you win one of these games you can then play against
"Robinson's All Stars". Use these codes on the password screen.
L.A. Vs. Detroit - CABCDEA1F
Chicago Vs. New York - ASTURBQ1E
New York Vs. Detroit - FMJCLJY1B
Detroit Vs. L.A. - WYBCDEAYU
Deadly Moves
Final Match Code - If you can't seem to finish this game because
you have not been to the last oppoent, this code will help you out.
The code is for the final match against the infamous Ranker! Start
a one-player game on the password screen, and enter the following
Airwalk and Life Refill - Here are methods that you may use
together. The first is the airwalk. This may be done by rapidly
pressing on the C button after you jump. Most of you konw that the
red poles in the game can throw you long distances, but did you
know that they can be used to give you extra hearts? Use the
airwalk to position yourself over one of the poles and then proceed
to drop straight down to it. Each time you do this you will gain a
hald of your heart back and one of the segments on the pole will
turn white.
Bypass the Boss - There is a way to bypass the second round boss in
Decapattack. As you approach the last fall before Toady, the
second boss, float to the ledge on your left and then jump from
ledge to ledge until you see the sign that says you have cleared
the round. Be careful, though, you must get the special item
before you leave the level. If you fail to do this, you will have
to go back to the level and find the item, plus you will run into
the second round boss!
Desert Strike
Rescue MIA Co-Pilot Jake - Jake is hidden in the upper right hand
corner of level 2. (By the F15 Plane Crash) You will be told that
you rescued him at the beginning of level 3. (Destroy the F15 after
picking him up. You will score bonus points for protecting the
F15's technology.)
Start With 4 Lives - If you think that you need just a little extra
help, you can start the game with four lives instead of 3 by using
the password:
Start With 10 Lives - If you think that you need need some extra help
with your missions, this trick is for you. To achive the awesome power
of 10 lives, enter this code on the password screen.
Once entered you will notice that your lives have been increased from
the usual 3 to an incredible 10!
Passwords - Level 2: EQJJHJY (In order to maintain 10 lives you
Level 3: BLJEEJO must enter BQQQAEZ first and then
Level 4: JTKKOME press START and then enter the
password for the level you want)
99 Balls - To achieve the ultimate trick in devilish, just use this
code. When the title screen comes up, press the START button. Now hold
A,C and LEFT on the control pad, and then press START. Once you do this,
you will see that your stock has been increased to 99.
Dragon Fury
Play Final Stage - To start your game with 999,999,900 points and
13 balls, select a one player game and enter this password:
This will bring you to the final stage once the ball hits an
object. If you need help beating the final stage, then select a two
player game and enter the password:
This will give you 26 balls to work with.
Dynamite Duke
Super-Option Mode - During the title screen, press Start for the
option mode to appear. Press C ten times and the Start button to
enter the option screen. You'll now be able to choose from new
Earnest Evans
Level Select - Select from any level you wish with this great
trick! First, go into the game and during play, press START to
pause the game. The next step is to press UP, A, DOWN, B, LEFT, A,
RIGHT, B. When you press START again to un-pause the game you will
be automatically transported to the next level. You can use this
trick as often as you want.
Ecco The Dolphin
Level Passwords:
The Machine - NNNNNNNN
Undercaves - AAAAAAAA
Origin Beach - AAAANNNN
Island Zone - NNNNAAAA
Darkwater - NNAANNAA
The Vents - AANNAANN
Deep City - AANNNNAA
El Viento
Instant Magic - This trick will allow you to collect every magic
power without picking up any items. Pause the game during play and
press Up, Left, Right, Down and C. You will get one magic each
time you do this. Repeat this for all five magic powers.
Slow Motion - Start the game and pause it any time during game
play. While the game is still paused, press Up, Left, Right, Down,
and the A button. You should be able to move in slow motion with
the sound effects still active.
Clear Scene - At any time during play, pause the game and press Up,
Left, Right, Down and the B button. You will now skip the stage
you were in and will go to the next one.
Level Select - When 'The End' game over screen is displayed, press and
hold the D-Button down and left while pressing all three buttons, then
press Start until the music repeats.
Cheater Mode - Go to the Options from the title screen. Set the
music to 05, and the Sound FX to 21. With those numbers in place
highlight the Exit option. Now press and hold A, B, and C and then
Press START. You will hear Shannon say "Too Easy." Now you will be
in the Cheater, Cheater Mode. This will allow you to start from any
level. It will also allow you to use certain cheats like maximum
lives and full energy.
F22 Interceptor
Level Codes - Now, you can jump ahead to the end of any level you could
possibly want.
USA - 6O0A4A
After you have entered all four of these codes, all you have to do is
land the plane and you will get a great ending with Saddam crying!
For an added challenge, enter the following code to go to the start of
the Aces mission that pits you against four enemy Aces!
Here is a quick password to get the Saddam ending by just landing
the plane without doing all of the fighting.
Faery Tale Adventure
Leave the swan on the outskirts of the Plain of Grief before attempting
the Citadel of Doom.
Visit the Sorceress when you're low on luck. She'll give you 5 Luck
points (which equal one life), until you are maxed.
Stock up on inventory items by repeating this move. When you find
something you need, grab it and then save and restore your game.
Low on keys? Save the game before you use one, open a door, and
restore the game. You'll keep the key, and the door stays open!
You can ignore the 'Julian is starving' message when you have over
100 Vitality points.
Play End Game - To play the end game, use the password
Max Out Your Lives and Magic - You can max out your lives in the water
stage. First fight your way to the second stage to the point where there
are platforms that go up. Once you get there you have to jump up the
platforms to the top and you'll get a 1-up. Next fight through the level
until you get to the point where you're right before the magic book. Take
the magic book and keep moving to the right until you see a treasure
chest. Go into the chest and you'll come out just past the platforms. Go
to the left and jump back up the platforms. Do this trick as many times
as you would like!
Fatal Fury
Unlimited Continues - After losing, the continue screen will come
up with your number of credits shown in the bottom left-hand corner.
Hold UP on the controller 1 and press A, B, and C simultaneously.
Let go of A, B, and C and press them at the same time again. Your
credits will go up by 1 each time you do this method.
Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge
Race Select - You have a choice of many races when you enter these codes
on the password screen.
Belgian GP Spanish GP
Italian GP Japanese GP
Portuguese GP Australian GP
Flintstones, The
Stage Select - This trick will let you choose any level you wish to
start from. To do this, go to the title screen and hold these
buttons: LEFT, A, B, and C. With all of these buttons held, press
the START button. The Stage Select screen will appear. You can then
choose any level from here. Press the START button once you have
made your selection.
Fire Shark
Two Extra Lives - Fully power up your weapons, then grab three more
power ups and destroy either a General Porter or Yonemaru for two
extra lives.
Level Passwords - Her are all of the passwords for Flashback on all
three levels. At the title screen, highlight the Password option.
Press START to go into it. Enter the following passwords to reach
higher levels:
Level 1 - Jungle Stage - PIXEL
Level 2 - New Washington - BESTY
Level 3 - Death Tower - PANCHO
Level 4 - Earth Stage #1 - STUDIO
Level 5 - Earth Stage #2 - TOHO
Level 6 - Alien Planet #1 - AKANE
Level 7 - Alien Planet #2 - INCBIN
Level 1 - Jungle Stage - FALCON
Level 2 - New Washington - DATA
Level 3 - Death Tower - MILORD
Level 4 - Earth Stage #1 - QUICKY
Level 5 - Earth Stage #2 - BIJOU
Level 6 - Alien Planet #1 - BUBBLE
Level 7 - Alien Planet #2 - CLIP
Level 1 - Jungle Stage - CLIO
Level 2 - New Washington - ACRTC
Level 3 - Death Tower - BLOB
Level 4 - Earth Stage #1 - STUN
Level 5 - Earth Stage #2 - MIMOLO
Level 6 - Alien Planet #1 - HECTOR
Level 7 - Alien Planet #2 - KALIMA
Ending Password - Here is the Password so you can see the end of
the game. Enter the Password screen and enter the Password: CYGNUS
Forgotten Worlds
Unlimited Continues - When playing the two player game, you can always
continue as long as one person is still alive. By pressing Start on the
second controller before the game ends, a single player can keep a game
going for as long as is needed.
Secret Invincibility - Pause the game, then press and hold buttons
A & C. While holding A and C press LEFT, the screen should freeze
for a second. UNPause, and you are invincible. This trick must
be done at the beginning of each level.
Stage Select - Go to the configuration mode by holding down A, B, and C,
and pressing Start. Place the sound test at 18. Hold down A on the
second controller and exit the configuration mode. Press Start on the
first controller to go to the Stage Select.
Weapon Power-Up - Enter the Stage Select mode, then begin the game. Pause
the game and hold Up while pressing A twice. Resume the game and shoot
the TOZ to power up your weapon.
Weapon Select - Enter the stage select mode, then begin the game. Pause
the game and hold Up while pressing A to select your weapon.
Ultimate Weapon - Fire the TOZ unit into nothing six times, then
capture an enemy ship that would normally give you a weapon and you'll
get the all powerful T-Braster.
Gain Ground
Level Select - Go to the option screen. Move the arrow to the Level
selection. Press A, C, B, and C. Round select will appear below Sound
World Passwords - This eye-pleaser will test your playing skills to
the max! Unfortunately, you have to get pretty far in the game to
receive a password. But, never fear! Here are the passwords for the
second and third worlds. Choose the options screen and you will
access a screen in which you can change your password. Enter the
code: ZXSP to start off on the second world. To start your journey
at the beginning of the third world enter this code: LVFT.
Unlimited Lives & Level Skip - This code will allow you to have
unlimited lives and skip levels. To accomplish this, select the
options and enter the starting world as LTUS. Once you do this,
start your game and go through the level. Even if you die, you will
be able to come back with the same amount of lives you started with.
If you would like to instantly complete a level press the A button
and the START button simultaneously.
General Chaos
Win By Chucking - In General Chaos, choose a team with a "chucker".
In the game, have the chucker toss one of his grenades. While it is
up in the air, press the START button to pause the game. The grenade
will keep going and land on someone because they are still froze.
Destroy the other team like this.
Lots of Cash - To get plenty of extra cash for better weapons and
equipment, go to the high-rise building. There's a safe just inside,
and it's full of money. Take the money, leave the building, then
re-enter. The safe reappears each time!
Ghouls 'n' Ghosts
Invincibility: Turn on the system and press reset four times. When
the title screen appears, press A four times. Then press the
directional pad up, down, left, and right. You should hear a chime.
Press start to hear another chime, then hold down B and press start.
The invincibility doesn't work when you fall into a chasm, get
grabbed by a green hand in level 4, or get stamped by Loki's feet.
If this invincibility doesn't work, try using Up, B, Down, B, Left,
B, Right, and B until you hear the tone. Then hold B and press
Start until the game begins.
Change Game Colors - Select invincibility and choose level 5. Pass the
three Minstral Winds and the Cyclops on the wall, climb the ladders, and
stand on the highest block. Walk to the edge facing the pit, turn around,
and walk to the other end of the block. The game should automatically
reset (if it doesn't, repeat the back and forth walking). Repeat the
invincibility code, choose level 5 again, and repeat the pacing on the
wall until the game resets again. Press Start on the title screen, and
notice how strange the colors have become!
Secret Bonus Points - At the end of each stage you can grab the key and
receive a bonus 5,000 points. Have the key on your left side, stand close
to it, and jump towards the left. It takes a bit of practice to get the
timing down. If you get the key as you begin your jump you should see the
message 'Nice Catch!' and receive 5,000 extra points.
Slow Motion - To play the game in slow motion, enter this code during
the title screen: Up, A, Down, A, Left, A, Right, A. If you've done
it correctly, you'll hear a tone. Press Start until Arthur appears,
then pause the game and press B. You should be able to move Arthur
Level Select: On the title screen, wait for the words "Ghouls and
Ghosts" to float down from the top of the screen. Then press up,
down, left, and right. You should hear a short harplike sound. At
this point, there are several different codes to enter to take you
where you want to go:
The Execution Place - Start
The Floating Island on the Lake - A and Start
The Villiage of Decay - Up and Start
The Town of Fire - Up, A, and Start
Baron Rankle's Tower - Down and Start
Horrible Faced Mountain - Down, A, and Start
The Crystal Forest - Left and Start
The Ice Slopes - Left, A, and Start
Beginning of Castle - Right and Start
Middle of Castle - Right, A, and Start
Loki (final boss) - Down, Right, and Start
You can add the A button to the end of any of these codes to start in
the middle, rather than the beginning, of the level.
Japanese Mode - Select Option from the opening screen. Choose 26 for
Music and 56 for Sound. Hold left on the control pad while pressing
all three buttons and Start.
Level Passwords - These are the codes for each level of this
magnificent game. When the title screen appears, move the pointer
to the Enter Password option. On the code screen, form the password
of your choice for access to these levels:
Level 2 - NASHWAN
Level 3 - COYOTE
Level 4 - FOXX
Once you start a new level using one of these passwords, there will
be enough money for you to buy new weapons and potions.
Golden Axe
Level Select - Choose Arcade Mode, then when you reach the character
select screen, hold down Left, B, and Start simultaneously. A "1"
should appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Use the
directional pad to rotate this number to any game level.
Extra Continues - To get extra continues in the arcade mode, go to
the character selection screen. Press and hold down-left on the
control pad. The characters should spin continuously. As you do
this, press A and C. Now let all the buttons go and press Start.
You should have 9 credits instead of 3.
Golden Axe II
Level Select - Jump ahead to the level you want with this amazing trick!
At the opening, press A,B and C and Hit START. Move the cursor to
Option, Keep holding A and hit B and C again. Move to Exit, keep holding
A and hit B and C until you get to character select. Hold A and UP and
hit B and C one last time. Now pick your level!!
Over 200 Magic Units - Get powered-up with this magic code for
Golden Axe II! Press and hold the A button when fignting the Boss
on any stage. Do not let go of the button until you defeat the
Boss and enter the bonus stage. Now release the A button, but do
not hit any of the wizards or take any magic books. Wait until the
next stage, and you will be able to use magic spells whenever you
Round Select - Now you can choose your starting level with this
cool code! When the game starts, hold A, B and C buttons and press
START. Release the B and C buttons, but keep holding the A. Go to
the options screen and press B and C at the same time to enter it.
Without releasing the A button, move the cursor down to exit and
press B with C again. Keep holding the A button, press B and C
together to make your choice of one or two players and press again
to choose a normal game. Select your character and without
releasing the A button, hold UP on the directional pad and press B, C
and START simultaneously. Select your round with the A and the B
Flying Tank Trick - To fly around in your tank here's what you must
do. Play until you are on stage 2, then wait for the timer to go to
000. At the exact same moment your timer runs out, drive your take
off the edge. When you do this, your tank will explode and your timer
will be renewed. When your new tank appears you will be able to fly
around and attack from outside the ship. The only lasts until your
timer runs out again.
Hidden Power Ups - A hidden power-ups lies on the second level. When
you get to the tip of the left wing, move down past the last pipe and
wait. A head icon will appear that gives a super cannon blast!
Grind Stormer
Unlimited Continues: Finding this great shooter too hard? Try this to
get unlimited continues. Do the following: At the title screen, press
A, B, C simultaneously, then go to the options screen while still
holding A, B, and C, PRESS START quickly 100 times. Then go to the
Options Screen and go down to the Credit Limit and select a new option
titled FREE PLAY. This will allow you to play with unlimited continues
and it will work both versions of game play. (Grind Stormer and V-V)
Each of the following passwords launches you into the World Series
with a commanding lead of three games to none.
Boston vs. Texas: iAAEIGbe
California vs. Baltimore: kcB3GIDi
Chicago (AL) vs. Chicago (NL): 2cA2cADi
Chicago (NL) vs. Chicago (AL): 2AAGGAbf
Cincinatti vs. New York (AL): dcA2FHD8
Cleveland vs. Houston: KcD0acDK
Detroit vs. Milwaukee: acA7HJD2
Houston vs. Boston: ccA7EGD6
Kansas City vs. Cleveland: 0cA7IKDa
Milwaukee vs. Kansas City: 0AAE
Minnesota vs. Cleveland: 1cB5IKDa
Montreal vs. San Diego: gAAEGEbk
New York (AL) vs. New York (NL): FAIeBHbf
New York (NL) vs. Atlanta: hAAEHFbh
Oakland vs. New York (AL): jcA2FHD2
Philadelphia vs. Los Angeles: eAAEECb5
Pittsburgh vs. San Francisco: fAAEFDb2
St. Louis vs. Cincinatti: dAAEDBb7
San Diego vs. Cleveland: gcA7HKDg
San Francisco vs. Boston: fcA7EGD3
Seattle vs. Toronto: 3cC6JbDE
Texas vs. Los Angeles: eAAjFbbA
Hard Drivin'
Beat the Phantom on the Speed Track - If you can't beat the Phantom Photom
on the stunt track then beat him on the speed track. In the championship
lap turn right instead of going straight ahead. You'll pass over the turn
signs and find yourself battling the Phantom on the speed track!
Traffic on the Practice Track - Play a regular game. When you finish and
return to the title screen, press C to enter the Options screen and set
the game to Practice. Hit B and C, then press Start to exit the menu and
start the game. You'll be practicing with the traffic of the regular
Hit the Cow - When you're just coming onto the Stunt Track, aim for the
cow on the side of the barn. Hit it, and you'll hear a hysterical moo!
99 Continues - To get 99 continues on Hellfire, go to the options screen.
Select sound test 8. When the music stops you will automatically play on
"Yeah, Right" level (very hard) with 99 continues.
Herzog Zwei
Level Select Passwords - Enter these codes at the password screen to begin
with all levels completed previous to and inclusive of the level you
Abgrund Vulkan Loch Strand
Stadt Eisfrei Waldung Case
Hit The Ice
Here are some passwords for Hit The Ice:
2nd Round Blue: 1QQ3 3rd Round Pink: 2A13
4th Round Yellow: 2R93 5th Round Purple: 3AH3
6th Round Green: 3RQ3 7th Round Gray: 4B13
The Immortal
Passcodes - These codes take you to the beginning of the level with
the appropriate equipment.
Level 2 cddff10006f70
Level 3 f47ef21000e10
Level 4 8fdfe31001eb0
Level 5 94bfb43000eb0
Level 6 563ff53010ac1
Level 7 c250f63010ac1
Level 8 e011f730178c1
Insector X
Unlimited Continues - After the 'Game Over' and 'Press Start Button to
Continue' message appears, push and hold the D-Button Left and Up, then
press C. With every press of button C, the number of continues increases
James "Buster" Douglas Knockout Boxing
Continue Fight - To have a rematch against any boxer, press Up, B, and
Start together. This allows one rematch against each boxer.
Sound Test - To listen to all the sounds and music in the game, press
Start on controller 2 at the Game Select screen.
James Pond
Warps to higher missions:
In the first mission you must save all the lobster for two
known warps to open. The first is located in the seaweed to
the left of the entrance pipe next to a white rock. Position
Double Bubble Seven over the seaweed and push down. This will
take you to mission 6.
Also on Mission 1 is a warp that will take you to Mission 11.
Once you have saved the lobster, go to the far left, and jump
out of the water onto the ledge. Move to the edge and push down.
You can find a warp in Mission 2 that will take you to Mission 10.
Save all the fish from the toxic waste, then move to the right of
the entrance pipe at the start of teh flat ground and push down.
James Pond II: Codename RoboCod
New Level - RoboCod contains a secret level. To find this one in
level 1, proceed right as far right as far as possible and climb
the building. Land on the far right roof and then walk left through
the wall. You'll be warped to a wierd area inside the factory.
Level Select - On the title screen hold Down-Left and A and C and
then press START for the Level Select.
Infinite Lives - On the sports level, collect items in this order:
lips, ice-cream, violin, earth, and snowman for infinite lives.
Joe Montana 2: Sportstalk Football
Codes for All Games - This is a list of all codes for Joe Montana
2. Go to the options screen and pick and league game. Next, pick
the password option and enter this code as follows:
_00_XXXXAX Note that the 0's are zeros.
The letter that goes into the first blank space in this code stands
for the team and the 4th space is the week that they will play.
For example, the code C00TXXXXAX means that Chicago will play L.A.
in the Sega Bowl.
A - Atlanta vs. Buffalo
B - Buffalo vs. N.Y. - National
C - Chicago vs. L.A. - American
D - Cincinnati vs. N.Y. - National
E - Cleveland vs. N.Y. - National
F - Dallas vs. L.A. - American
G - Denver vs. N.Y. - National
H - Detroit vs. Cincinnati
I - Green Bay vs. Cincinnati
J - Indianapolis vs. N.Y. - National
K - Kansas City vs. N.Y. - National
L - Houston vs. N.Y. - National
M - Los Angeles - American vs. N.Y. - National
N - Los Angeles - National vs. Los Angeles - American
O - Miami vs. N.Y. - National
P - Minnesota vs. Cincinnati
Q - New Orleans vs. Buffalo
R - New England vs. N.Y. - National
S - New York - National vs. Cincinnati
T - New York - American vs. N.Y. - National
U - Philadelphia vs. Kansas City
V - Phoenix vs. Cincinnati
W - Pittsburgh vs. N.Y. - National
X - San Diego vs. N.Y. - National
Y - Seattle vs. N.Y. - National
Z - San Francisco vs. Seattle
0 - Tampa Bay vs. L.A. - American
1 - Washington vs. Cincinnati
B - Week 1 L - Week 11
C - Week 2 M - Week 12
D - Week 3 N - Week 13
E - Week 4 O - Week 14
F - Week 5 P - Week 15
G - Week 6 Q - Week 16
H - Week 7 R - Playoff Round 1
I - Week 8 S - Playoff Round 2
J - Week 9 T - Sega Bowl
John Madden Football
Passwords: With these passwords, you can play in tournament play as
either of the two teams mentioned.
New York at Washington - 0700100
New England at Buffalo - 0600100
Los Angeles at Chicago - 6504500
Atlanta at Chicago - 5002300
Stop opponent from making extra points - While your opponent is
trying to kick a field goal, keep going offside until the ball is
on the goal line. When your opponent tries to kick the ball, it
will be too low.
If you are kicking off, here's how you can recover the ball. Make
sure the indication arrow is on the kicker, then press C
repeatedly. When the kicker is about to make contact with the
ball, press A.
John Madden Football '92
Super Bowl Codes - Now you can play in the Super Bowl as your favorite
team! Here is a list of codes, one for each team. In the list below your
team will be the team that appears to the left side.
Altanta Vs. San Diego - CG1PYFTM
Minnesota Vs. Buffalo - BTDWO9BN
Buffalo Vs. San Francisco - BXMMC6M1
New England Vs. Washington - B9M3YDIP
Chicago Vs. Denver - CG8JYLC1
New Jersey Vs. New York - C235TOZD
Cincinnati Vs. San Francisco - BOXWLRM8
New Orleans Vs. Kansas City - B27O9V41
Cleveland Vs. Philadelphia - D5C5N11G
New York Vs. Buffalo - D42HGN2K
Dallas Vs. Miami - BDNT6NX7
Oakland Vs. Washington - CDLLB7LM
Denver Vs. Philadelphia - C5ZWM8BZ
Philadelphia Vs. Houston - CSWV7Z76
Detroit Vs. Buffalo - CZYZYZS8
Phoenix Vs. Buffalo - CSSXHF4P
Green Bay Vs. Cincinnati - DSBK3W5W
Pittsburgh Vs. Chicago - CZ97W14F
Houston Vs. New York - DSRTMLVY
San Diego Vs. San Francisco - D8L3T4XY
Indianapolis Vs. Phoenix - BD1X612H
San Francisco Vs. Denver - B3DFNO5K
Kansas City Vs. Alanta - CLG7Y8FF
Seattle Vs. San Francisco - BLTJXL6Z
Los Angeles Vs. Miami - CNYGOYHL
Tampa Bay Vs. Denver - CK5HHPYP
Miami Vs. San Francisco - B6KKGYOL
Washington Vs. Oakland - CZSK2TMR
Jungle Strike
Level Passwords - Here are the passwords for all eight (8) levels
for Jungle Strike which is the sequel to the great game Desert
Level 3: 9V6PBRV76GP
Level 8: 7GBV4GJFDB6
Level 9: N4SF3X7NLMS
Jurassic Park
Here are the codes for every diffuculty level of Jurassic Park:
Dr. Grant
Easy Normal Hard
Level 2: 2BINHKE9 277166RO 2QMH7DB2
Level 3: 4LBVGIIN 4BFP64V0 4SNP67FC
Level 6: A717MUP6 AH745EJC A6C8EDJI
Easy Normal Hard
Level 1: G21G0014 G21G0025 G21G0036
level 2: I21G0016 I21G0027 I21G0038
Level 3: K21G0018 K21G0029 K21G003A
Level 4: M21G001A M21G002B M21G003C
Level 5: O21G001C O21G002D O21G003E
Kid Chaneleon
Warp To The Last Boss - At the end of the Blue Lake Woods II don't
touch the flag. Climb on the last block, Press DOWN-RIGHT while
holding the jump button and special to warp to the last boss in the
King's Bounty
See Ending Screen - Use this code to see the end screen: XYZ-YZ-VZC
After typing the code in, go to these coordinates on the continentia:
X=21, Y=38. Fly to the coordinates, since your entire army is composed of
flying creatures. Choose the Search The Area option and prepare for the
Increase Diffculty - To make this game even harder, Press Up and
Left, A, B, and C buttons and then START, on the title screen.
Krusty's Super Funhouse
Here are all of the passwords needed to finish Krusty's Super Funhouse.
At the title screen, enter the following codes to get to higher levels.
Lakers vs. Celtics
Finals Password - To get into the finals with the Celtics, enter JGQ CGK.
Other Passwords -
Celtics vs. Spurs CZ2 QKT
Lakers vs. Bulls LLQ RJK
Suns vs. Celtics RP2 HJT
Blazers vs. Celtics TY6 HJK
Spurs vs. 76ers 8W2 QJS
76ers vs. Spurs H12 QJT
Bulls vs. Trailblazers 6RQ QJJ
Pistons vs. Lakers G72 Q0J
Last Battle
Continue - After a game has ended, press and hold A, B, and C, and then
press Start when the screen reads "Legend of the Final Hero." This code
only works for levels 2 and above.
Level codes - If you want to skop ahead in this fun addictive game, try
these codes to get to all of the "FUN" levels!
Level 2 - GDHJT Level 16 - NRHGY
Level 3 - NHAAA Level 17 - NAFTL
Level 4 - FTCVI Level 18 - FMHOU
Level 5 - LFFLP Level 19 - QBAFB
Level 6 - WBHCX Level 20 - LEHKT
Level 7 - CYFKP Level 21 - OZFPQ
Level 8 - JJHCX Level 22 - ZCHDX
Level 9 - DXFSL Level 23 - BHFQQ
Level 10 - KLXNU Level 24 - CECPM
Level 11 - UZFRL Level 25 - GBFXM
Level 12 - QDHJT Level 26 - NMHOU
Level 13 - FOAXE Level 27 - YBAFB
Level 14 - BSCOM Level 28 - FNCWI
Level 15 - KYFKP Level 29 - ASFLP
Level 30 - TLCPM
LHX Attack Chopper
Passwords - Chop up the skies in LHX with these passwords:
Libya: Central Europe:
Majestic Tweleve--:CQAAAFA Domino Mirror------:CSIEIYE
Anterior Nova-----:CQAAIEA Chess--------------:CSIEQ6E
Reindeer FLotilla-:CQAAQHA Arc Lite-----------:CSIEY4E
Phoenix-----------:CQAATGA Anterior Nova------:CSIEBJC
Rainbow Veil------:CQAAAVC Reindeer Flotillla-:CSIEJIC
Chess-------------:CQAAIUC Hop Toad-----------:CSIERLC
Lobster Quadrille-:CQAAQXC Olympic Torch------:CSIEZKC
Hen House---------:CQAATWC Lobster Quadrille--:CSIEBZA
Desert Two--------:CQAABFE Grand Theft Hokum--:CSIEJYA
Flaming Arrow-----:CQAAJEE Flaming Arrow------:CSIER6A
Plain Aria--------:CQIERDG
Lobster Quadrille--:CQIEZCG
Reindeer Floatilla-:CQIEBRE
Flaming Arrow------:CQIEJQE
Hen House----------:CQIERTE
Lava Lamp----------:CSIEZSA
Anterior Nova------:CSIEAJG
Binary Rainstorm---:CSIEYKG
Freedom Trail------:CSIEAZE
Lightening Force
99 Ships - 99 can help get you though this challenging shooter!
Wait for the intro screen to pass and when the title screen says,
"Press Start" press the A button and START togeather to pull up the
configuration menu screen. Highlight the number of ships and set
the number to 0 (Zero). Start the game and when you do, you will
notice that you have 99 ships.
Lotus Turbo Challenge
Level Passwords - If you are having trouble reaching the higher
levels in this great driving game use the passwords below to reach
some of the higher levels.
Level / Password
Interstate - STANDISH
Marsh - MALLOW
Storm - TEA CUP
Lost Vikings, The
Here are all of the level passwords for this game:
(This game is still missing passwords for levels 35 to 43)
Level 02: TLPT | Level 16: JMNN | Level 30: WK99
Level 03: GRND | Level 17: SNDS | Level 31: CMB0
Level 04: LLMO | Level 18: TMPL | Level 32: 8BLL
Level 05: FLOT | Level 19: TTRS | Level 33: TRDR
Level 06: TRSS | Level 20: JLLY | Level 34: FNTM
Level 07: PRKS | Level 21: PLNG | Level 35:
Level 08: CVRN | Level 22: BTRY | Level 36:
Level 09: BBLS | Level 23: JNKR | Level 37:
Level 10: TR33 | Level 24: RVTS | Level 38:
Level 11: VLCN | Level 25: CBLT | Level 39:
Level 12: QCKS | Level 26: H0PP | Level 40:
Level 13: PHR0 | Level 27: SMRT | Level 41:
Level 14: CIR0 | Level 28: V8TR | Level 42:
Level 15: SPKS | Level 29: NFL8 | Level 43:
Mario Lemieux Hockey
Final Password - Skate to Mario's final round with this password:
Marvel Land
Stage Select - When in Normal Mode, enter the password screen and use the
code ARDE. If you want to play in Digest Mode use the code GIL AND KI.
Once this is done you will be transported to a level select screen where
you are offered the round of your choice!
Max out your lives - On level 2-7, go up the spike filled passage.
When you get to four falling platforms, a medusa head, and two
chests, break the chests open and get the flying power plus the
weapon. Then go down and to the left into two rooms that have
movable blocks. Get past these and go through the door. Once
inside, wait for the flying power to wear off. Use small leaps to
open the two chests which contain 1-ups. Collecting the rest of
the things in the room will give you points. Exit the room and go
down, and to the right of the arrow should be another 1-up chest.
Complete the level and when you are pumping up balloon in the game
room, lose intentionally. You will be thrown to the beginning of
the level, but you will have only lost one life. All of the items
will be in the exact same place, so you can go through and get the
1-ups again.
Mazin Saga
Play Only Against The Bosses: This trick will allow you to play in
large form only against the bosses. To do this, go to the Title
Screen and move the cursor to "Options". Press START In the Options
menu, set the sound test to 18 and the S.E. test to 72. Exit the
Sound Test and go back to the title screen. Start you game. Now, you
will play in large form and battle every one of the Bosses in order
for victory!
McDonald's Treasureland Adventure
Stage Select - Enter the following code at the title screen on the
first controller: LEFT, RIGHT, A, B, and C. You should hear a sound
lettting you know the code has been accepted. Press START and you
go to the Stage Select Screen.
Mega Turrican
Find The Secret Hidden Level - Make sure you have double zeros in your
score to get this trick to work. Collect all of the Diamonds in Stage
one. Make Sure your Score has double zeros in it. Once you reach the
bottom get to the elevator that travles down, don't shoot any enemies
or your score will change and the trick will not work. Once you reach
the bottom, just run to the right and you will have access to a hidden
Faster Enemies - To enter a really challenging game, go to the
original mode and press A, B, and C at the same time. While
holding these down, press Start and you will enter a tough battle,
as your enemies are now faster (as well as more intelligent). Use
your military skills to outwit this new force of power and
Micheal Jackson's Moonwalker
Stage Select-Hold UP & LEFT and button A on controller 2 while you
turn the game on. While holding these buttons, press Start on
controller 2. Then push start on controller 1 and select a one player
game. After pushing start, you will see the words "Round 1". Simply
hit left or right to select the levels and push Start.
Become the Mechanical Robot - By rescuing the children in the
correct order, you can become the mechanical robot:
In round 2-1, if you rescue the girl in the window located in
the upper left first, a shooting star will appear. Jump to
get the star and become the robot.
In Level 2-2, go to the top of the garage and rescue the only
child up there.
In Level 2-3, get in the elevator and go up one floor. Now
rescue the child on that floor to get the shooting star.
In round 3-2, rescue the first girl, located behind the rock.
In level 3-3 go to the left side of the waterfall. Look
straight up and rescue the child above you.
In all of these cases, the child hostage noted must be the
first one rescued when you reach that level.
Mickey Mouse: Castle of Illusion
Secret Passageways:
Level 1-1: To find Level One's secret passage jump down from the
second angled ledge and go underground. The first passageway
to the left has a false wall which Mickey can pass through.
At the end of the passageway there's a variety of bonus
Level 1-2: Go to the cliff by the 4th rope and drop off the left
side while holding to the right and you'll get ten apples!
Level 1-4: Jump into the hole by the 5th tree and walk to the
left through the rocks to find a room with a free mouse and
two stars.
Level 3-1: There's an identical secret passageway, just before you
go underground. Proceed just as in Level 1-1 and you'll find
another false wall and goody room.
Level 4-3: When you find a tea cup just jump in for a swim and
you'll find all types of power-ups. Be careful of the sugar
Ghost Mickey - Hold down A, B, and C, then press Start. You will now
be able to fly through the air, walls, enemies, and items! Repeat to
return to normal.
Max out your marbles - At the end of the second level in Toyland,
you'll come across a bag of marbles. If you pick the bag up and
proceed to the right far enough, when you go back to the left, the
bag will reappear. Each time you pick the bag up, you'll receive
1,000 points and extra marbles (up to 30).
Max out your points - As long as you are on the vines in the second
part of level 1-1, you're invincible so you can swing on the vine
and get all the points you want and up to ten men. You'll average
about 95,000 points an hour.
Midnight Resistance
Stage Select - On the Title Screen, hold down C and press Start. When you
begin the game, press Start to pause, and then hit A to advance one level.
You can repeat this trick endlessly to skip to any level.
Password for all Missions: This password will allow you to play
all five missions from Training to Iron Hand.
Might and Magic
Free Food - This trick will enable you to never buy food again! In your
list of commands, select Share and then Food. Do this several times and
your entire party's food supply will increase. You may also go beyond the
limit of 40 units with this trick!
Secret Treasure - Place two hirelings in your party, and go out to get
attacked by the enemy. After beating the enemy, dismiss one of the
hirelings and search for the treasure chest. When you open the chest,
you'll find some really nice treasure inside!
Mike Ditka's Power Football
Atlanta vs. San Diego - x6AGMh
Chicago vs. Cleveland - BaK2Mw
Detroit vs. Buffalo - nkN42K
New York vs. Denver - wbD0E6
Washington vs. Detroit - ZuG4Ex
Buffalo in the Finals - FyC42u
Mortal Kombat
Master Code - Press START at the title screen. At the screen where
you can choose Game Start or Options, do this code with controller 1:
DOWN, UP, LEFT, LEFT, A, RIGHT, DOWN - Now a third option will
appear on the screen that says, "Cheat Enabled" Highlight this new
option. Test them! Here is a listing of what the flags all do:
Flag 0: - One Hit Can Kill The Second Player
Flag 1: - One Hit Can Kill The First Player
Flag 2: - Shadow moves across moon on Pit Stage
Flag 3: - Makes a head float in Pit Stage Backround
Flag 4: - Reptile gives you clues before every match
Flag 5: - Unlimited Continues
Flag 6: - Computer does its Fatality when it wins
Flag 7: - Keep same backround every match
This is also where the "Enable Blood Option" is located.
Hidden Enemy: To fight a hidden character, do this trick: Enter
the dullard code: (DOWN, UP, LEFT, LEFT, A, RIGHT, DOWN), go to the
option screen and turn Plan Base to three (3), turn flags 0, 2, and
3 on, and make the 1st map on the Pit. Fight up to the second Endurance
Match. Defeat both opponets flawlessly (without blocking) and you will
go to the Pit and fight Reptile. After defeating him, a new fighter
will appear. If the 2nd Endurance isn't at the Pit, keep losing until
the stage is the Pit, and a new fighter will appear.
Special Power Up Codes - Pause the game, and type in the desired code
for different effects. They can all be used together by doing each
one separately.
Full Power Cannons Pause, B, B, C, B, B, C, Up, Down, A.
20 Options Pause, U, U, U, D, D, D, L, L, L, R, R, R, C, C, B, A.
5 Extra Ships Pause, R, D, R, D, L, U, L, U, B, C, A.
Round Select - To start on any round in this amazing shooter just hit
RESET ten times, then hold Down and Left and go to the option mode and
you will get a round select mode.
Mutant League Football
Passwords - Here are some passwords for the Mutant League Football
playoffs and the Mutant Bowl:
Divisional Playoffs: H1B111111J
League Playoffs : H1G1111111
Mutant Bowl : H1L1111114
Hidden Players: Now you can play as three hidden players in NBA Jam -
including the President and Vice-President! To play as President
Bill Clinton, do the following: At the screen asking for you to enter
your initals, enter AR, move the cusor on the K, then press the A
button and START simultaneously. You should hear the announcer say
"It's a blow-out!" To play as Vice-President Al Gore, do the same
for Clinton, except enter NET and Press START and the B button
simultaneously on the last letter. To have them on the same team,
enter the Gore code on the second controller with the Sega Multitap
adapter after entering the Clinton code on controller one. To Play
as the game's designer Mark Turmell, do the same as the Clinton code,
except use the initals MJT and Press START and the A Button on the
last letter.
Additional Hidden Players - Oh, boy have we found some additional
hidden players for NBA Jam! Use the same method as the Clinton/
Gore System to access these players:
Kabuki: Enter QB and move to the _ and press the START button and
A at the same time. (Note- the _ is actually shown as a blank space
[Empty Box] on the Inital Screen.)
Weasel: Enter SA and move to the X, Then Press START and C at the
same time.
Scruff: Enter RO and move to the D, Then Press START and B at the
same time.
Warren Moon: Enter UW and move to the _ Then Press START and A at
the same time. (See note about the _ charcter on Kabuki above!)
P Funk: Enter DI and move onto S, Then Press START and C at the same
More Tricks -- Here are some additional codes and tricks for NBA Jam:
Power-Up Turbo - At the Tonight's Match-Up Screen, press any button
five (5) times and press and hold A, B, and C buttons until tip off.
Power-Up Fire - At the Tonight's Match-Up Screen, press the B button
seven (7) times, Then press and hold UP, B and C until tip off.
Juice Mode - At The Tonight's Match-Up Screen, QUICKLY press any
button 13 times and press and hold the B & C Buttons until tip off.
Power-Up Dunks - At the Tonight's Match-Up Screen rotate the control
pad clockwise. While doing this press any button 13 times. On the
13th time hold the button while continuing to rotate the D pad in
a clockwise motion until tip off occurs. (Hard Trick To Master!!)
Power-Up Interception - At the Tonight's Match-Up Screen, rotate the
D pad in a clockwise motion, while doing this press one of the buttons
until tip off.
Shot Precentage - At the Tonight's Match-Up Screen press any button
once, The Press and Hold DOWN, A and B at the same time until tip off.
Power-Up Defence - At the tonight's match up screen press and hold
A, B, and C until tip off.
NFL Sportstalk Football '93
Weekly and Superball Codes - These codes will take the 49ers all the
way to the Super Bowl.
Week 2 - 45TDCBBBBL Week 11 - 45TP??BBL
Week 3 - 45TFFBBBBL Week 12 - 45TQ??CBBL
Week 4 - 45TGKBBBBL Week 13 - 45TR??FBBL
Week 5 - 45THTBBBBL Week 14 - 45T5??KBBL
Week 6 - 45TJ?BBBBL Week 15 - 45TT??TBBL
Week 7 - 45T?CBBBBL Week 16 - 45TV???BBL
Week 8 - 45TL?FBBBL Week 17 - 45TW???CBL
Week 9 - 45TM?KBBBL Week 18 - 45TX???FBL
Week 10 - 45TN?TBBBL Super Bowl - 45TY???KBL
NHL Hockey
Here's some Stanley Cup passwords:
Boston vs. Vancouver: H5MNCCBX4L4H73Z7
Los Angeles vs. Buffalo: G757ZSVP2WF8VWO2
Los Angeles vs. New York: HZ3ODK6Y14X54DWR
Los Angeles vs. Pittsburgh: GBS5T44NWWXFXRKM
Los Angeles vs. Hartford: D7W8R4ZGWYZ86OSW
Final of Best of Seven - Two Teammates (3-0)
Kings vs. Bruins: D444M8HZV86KZZMT
North Stars vs. Bruins: BLDWLRNF1XCVOPYH
Canucks vs. Penguins: G5GG16PHX7CFNBLW
Final of Best of Seven - One Player (3-0)
Kings vs. Penguins: H2V6F3Y5Z4ZVHW98
Penguins vs. Blues: BLHP7M21P76Y29JT
Flames vs. Bruins: BZDL33G58PG9PTTB
Bruins vs. Flames: BZD8RK355WFWHH8C
Canadians vs. Blues: C2BFCW4HSZYC9LD9
Here are the Stanley Cup Passwords for all 22 teams:
Chicago - HFJ3V79RM4ZVHW2P St. Louis - C4Z3S8NMFJG3JMK0
Calgary - H5L19CYS9FPZPT22 Hartford - FZV795XCZ344SNSM
Pittsburgh - BN7Y34ZSP46D1T4R Vancouver - B14J9L0YLTCP9LDS
Buffalo - BN6YXDK951C0YVX8 San Jose - G75X97V90T0M6MNY
Quebec - C42Z8MN44Y4YLG39 Winnipeg - HFNB55PZ9WLTMZSN
NY Islanders - HRFYV9X5CJNWCT9M Montreal - HL61CRJ3NX49PT3K
Minnesota - HZ2B48N9HY55MK8W NY Rangers - B17F5MF0ZG238V8F
LosAngles - GDS4KOGHC1SJL698 Philadelphia - HTPTRGHGWB79VHZP
Boston - HFPY7KLT9VX7CFV1 Detroit - FFB1LC1K10YVWOV2
New Difficulty Level - To give this race game a lot more challenge,
press the C button 10 times before selecting the options screen.
Now when you select the options screen, you will discover a new
difficulty level. After "Pro" there will be a level called
"Hyper". You will be able to accelerate faster if you choose this
Game Ending - Go to the password screen and enter "ENDING" as the
password to see the ending of the game.
Pat Riley's Basketball
Free Freethrow - Bring the ball down the court. Stand & don't move
inside the opponents 3 point line. He will draw a pushing foul!
Phantasy Star II
Slow Motion - While traveling the countryside, pause the game by hitting
Start and holding down B. While B is held down, you'll move around
normally but in slow motion.
Avoid Dungeon Enemies - While exploring dungeons, continually move the
menu screen up and down as rapidly as possible. Move around as your
normally would while doing this.
Bring Nei back to Life - Even though Nei will be killed by Neifirst while
fighting alone, it is possible to bring her back to life while the three
remaining characters are fighting. Before going to Climatrol have Shir
steal some Moon Dew. Give it to one of the characters, excepting Nei.
After Nei is killed and during the fight with Neifirst, use Moon Dew to
bring Nei back to life.
Extra Continues - During the Chapter 1 introduction screen press C, A, B,
A, C, A, B, A. This brings the total number of continues up to 9.
Expert Mode - After you finish the game in Advanced move, return to the
options screen. There should be an Expert Mode added to the list!
Pit Fighter
Extra Continues - To get extra continues, play your favorite
character to level 8, where you will fight Mad Miles for the second
time. Pause the game, plug in the second controller, and unpause
the game and press Start on the second controller. Next select
your fighter and you will start out with three extra continues.
The next step is to beat up your former fighter and use your
current fighter to take you through the remaining matches.
Mercy - Two players can now go at it in a game of "Mercy". Press
the A button when the title screen comes up and go to the options
screen. While in the options screen, choose "Practice" mode and
then choose your fighters. Once in the arena, move your fighters
to stand facing each other and then push buttons A and B
simultaneously on both controllers. Your fighters will be holding
hands, trying to push each other down. The two plays will have to
push buttons A, B, and C rapidly and faster than each other in
order to win. Whoever loses will fall and get a knockdown!
Stage Select - To select stages without a password, first select "New
Game" and wait for the password prompt. Now hold down B and press Up
and Down on the control pad. You should see numbers appearing instead
of letters. It will take some experimenting, but by entering these
numbers you'll begin selecting new levels. Try multiplying the number
of the level you want to reach by 5. For example, enter 500 to play on
Play 4 New Teams - In the first player league, pause the game. Then
press B,B,C,B,B,C buttons. You will hear a bell. At this point, push
down on the controller and you will be able to select four teams that are
normally not revealed.
Sound Test - Go into the League Continue Mode and select China as your
team. Enter the password KWGEN and hit Start.
Here are some passwords to use with the U.K. Pirates - AALOI
Predator 2
Level Passwords - If you are having trouble with some of the rounds
in this game, try these passwords. At the title screen, press START
to get to the options. Go to the password mode and press START. You
will then be given a password entry screen. Use these passwords for
the following levels:
Level 2 - KILLERS Level 5 - SUB TERROR
Prince Of Persia
Here are all of the PASSWORDS for this difficult game:
Level 2: QYZUSR Level 3: QYZHRM
Level 4: QYZUPH Level 5: QYZHOC
Level 6: QYZUMX Level 7: QYZHLS
Level 8: QYZUJN Level 9: QYZHII
Level 10: QYZUGD Level 11: XOPCHS
Level 12: EUUTAA Level 13: QYZHCO
Unlimited Donalds - Here's how to rack up a tons of ducks in
QuackShot. Grab the Bubble Gum Blaster in Duckburg, and enter
Dracula's castle. Proceed until you reach the first stack of
barrels. Blast the last barrel on the second row to reveal a 1-Up.
Now leave the castle, return, and get the 1-Up again. Repeat this
process as often as necessary, and refill your Bubble Bum Blaster
ammo in Duckburg if you run out.
Quad Challenge
Passwords for Quad Challenge:
Races Hard Level Races
8 CR11 5 TENF
10 8SWG 7 DH2F
11 HGLY 8 YZ25
13 WHCM 10 PB4V
Ranger X
Level Skip - Now a way has been found to skip levels in this great
game. First, pause the game in the middle of any level with the
START button. Now press these buttons in this exact order with
controller one: UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, C, B, A, RIGHT, and
LEFT. At this point the music will begin to play again. Now press
the B button and the screen will fade away and then start into the
next level. You can do this trick on any level, all the way to the
end of the game.
Slow Motion - Pause the game in the middle of any level and enter the
following on controller one: UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, C, B, A, RIGHT, LEFT
If entered correctly, the music should begin again. Now press the A
button, all of the action on the screen will be in slow motion when
you move the control pad or press the fire button. To engage the normal
mode just press the START button.
Sound Test - On the main menu screen, choose the options mode and
press Start. Choose to continue and press Start again. You will
now be in the sound test mode and you will be able to choose your
sound by pressing up and down on the control pad. Press the A
button to hear the current sound and press B or C to stop. Press
Start to exit the sound test.
Shutout/No Hitter - It is easy to strike out every batter you face
in RBI 3. Stand on the mound opposite the batter and throw to the
outside of the plate. The batter will swing at every pitch and will
always miss!
Level Select - Normally, to play the Tengen All-Stars, you must
beat every other team in the league. Yet, this code will allow you
to go straight to the top against this exceptional team. Go to the
password screen and enter the following:
After entering this code you will be set to play as Los Angeles Vs.
the Tengen All-Stars.
Secret of Eternal Life - To get a secret message and a new password
in the game R.B.I. 4, go to the password screen and enter the
following code:
Revenge of Shinobi
Unlimited Men - In round 4-2, there are many power-ups hidden that are
revealed only by shooting them. On the first platform, jump and shoot
and you'll reveal a 2-up on the platform across your position. Get
it, die, and repeat! There's another 2-up on level 3-2 - go to the
second elevator and locate the crates that are in the middle of the
screen (on the second level). Then shoot the bottom-left crate
until the 2-up appears.
Infinite number of shurikins - In the option screen, set the number of
shurikins to 0 and wait about 20 seconds. The 0 will turn into an
infinity symbol, giving you an unlimited number of shurikins.
Special Bonus - Finish any level with enough shurikins to equal 11 times
the number of lives remaining, and you will receive 30,000 bonus points.
Road Rash
Try these level passwords to give you a top bike and a large sum of
money for each level. Note the difference between the 'O' and the
Level 1 00000 07DJ1 Level 2 00000 07O71
12G9A 1786E 13IJJ 2N7SR
Level 3 00000 07QF0 Level 4 00000 083O0
03JS3 37GL5 12NIK 473FC
Level 5 00000 083S1
Unlimited Money - This password will start you on the fourth level
with over 7 million dollars in your credit account! - 34441 01MS0
Money Trick - Here is a way to skip to the third level in Road Rash
with an amazing $31 million dollars! Enter the following code:
Road Rash II
Diablo Nitro Password - This password will give you the Diablo 1000
Nitro on Level 4 with some money to work with: 0K4M 4I04
Wild Thing Bike Password - Here are some passwords for the "Wild
Thing" which is an unlisted secret bike that is even better than the
Diablo Nitro bike.
Level 1: 01C8 1V0L - w/$1000
Level 1: EBC9 1U0D - w/$300,520
Level 5: EBC9 5U0H - w/$300,520
Roar Of The Beast
Level Select - At the second title screen do the following on
controller one: UP, RIGHT, A, B, A, DOWN, LEFT, A, DOWN, B, UP, B
Rocket Knight Adventures
Make Your Own Demo - Now, you can make your own demo! To do this
play the game for a while, then press START to pause the game. Now,
press UP on the controller seven (7) times, DOWN once, LEFT three (3)
times, and RIGHT once. If the word pause on the screen flips mirror
style, then the trick has worked. Now press the RESET button on the
Genesis and then wait till the demo comes up. Don't touch anything
and you should now see about 60 seconds of the game you just played.
Rolling Thunder 2
Passwords - Here are the level codes for the rounds one through
six. The codes that appear in parenthesis are for a much higher
level of difficulty.
Rolling Thunder 3
Level Select - You can start at any stage you wish right from the
start, whether you have the password or not! Simply put in REIGN at
the Password Entry screen, and you'll reach the end in no time!
Play As Ellen - This code will allow you to play as the heroine,
Ellen. At the title screen, access the password option. When you
are on the Password Screen, enter the password "GREED". Go back
to the title screen and choose Game Start and now you can play
as Ellen.
Rolo To The Rescue
1-Up Loop - This trick will get you as many lives as you want for
this cute game. On the very first level of the game, take Rolo and
go to the man who holds the keys to the cages and jump on his head
and rescue the rabbit in the cage. Press START and then transfer
control to the rabbit. Hop left, to the beginning of the level and
jump straight up to collect the 1-Up. Press START and go to the map.
Repeat the process as many times as you like for as many 1-Up(s) as
you need.
Sound Test - To get the sound test, just get into the high scores and
type in ZZT for your initials.
Play Data - To get the play data screen, press A, B, C, A, B, C, A, B,
C, A, B, C at the title screen.
Special Mode - To make this tough game even harder, simply press the C
button 12 times at the title screen.
Unlimited Continues - At the title screen, press B, B,
B, C, A, A, A, B, B, C, C, C. The words 'FREE PLAY' should be at the
bottom of the screen and when you lose your last ship you'll have
unlimited continues.
Stage Select - Press C, A, C, B, C, A, B, A, B, C, A, C at the title
screen and the words 'Zone Select' will appear.
Saint Sword
Level select passwords:
Level 3-1 IQW1EL
Level 4-2 KWWKQQ
Level 6-1 S2YY2Y
Level 6-2 S0GZAL
Level 3-1, Second Quest I0FUSM
Level 4-1, Second Quest K2J0CK
Level 4-2, Second Quest O2VNW5
Level 5-1, Second Quest Q2XWG2
Level 5-2, Second Quest QW10C2
Level 6-1, Second Quest RWEFAQ
Level 6-2, Second Quest VYWMU7
Level 7-1, Second Quest Y3XKWJ
Level 7-2, Second Quest XXKSIS
Shadow Blasters
Beat Ashura - There is an easy way to beat Ashura, the final boss in
Shadow Blasters. When you reach Ashura start spinning in circles and blast
him when you get the chance. You'll take some hits but if your ship is
high you'll blow Ashura away in no time at all.
Invincibility - During a two-player game, both players must press Start
simultaneously just as one of the characters runs out of energy. This
invincibility works as long as you don't fall through a crack or into
Shadow Dancer - Legend of Shinobi
Stage Select - At the title screen, press and hold the A, B, and C
buttons, and press Start. This level select works only for practice
Free 1ups - At the bonus round, don't hit any of the ninjas. You will
then be awarded a 1up for doing absolutely nothing! Of course, hit
them all and you will receive three extra men for your skill!
50,000 Point Bonus - If you use the non-shuriken mode (in stage
select) you get 50,000 points!
Hidden Extra Men - Here's where you can find some hidden extra men:
Stage 2-2 - Where the fence starts for the second time, you
can jump and shoot a 1-Up.
Stage 3-1 - On the third floor, walk to the far right.
There's a man on the two boxes. Shoot him with a
power shuriken, go to the next level and you'll be
able to jump down and retrieve a 2-Up.
Shadow Of The Beast
Immortality - Here is a great trick that will keep you alive
thoughout the whole game (if you are careful). First, play the game
normally and then die. When the game asks you to put in you
initals, enter ZQX. Then press and hold A, B, C, and START at the
same time. Once you start back into the game, you will still lose
hit points, but when you reach 0, the counter will reset itself to
11 or 12. A word of warning though: if you fall into a pit, you
will be stuck and die and then you will be forced to reset the
game. You will not be invincible until you do this method again
after that.
Easy Extra Life - Here is an easy way to get a quick extra life.
Drop a coin down the well and you will get an extra life.
Shinobi III
Invincibility - Are you having trouble with this game? This trick
should help you out. It will give you invincibility from damage.
At the title screen, move the cursor to options and press START.
In the Options, move to the music option and play these songs with
the B button, in this order: HE RUNS, JAPONESQUE, SHINOBI WALK,
SAKURA, and GETFU. Exit the Options screen and start your game.
You will not have invincibility from damage.
Unlimited Shurikins - Here's a way to get unlimited shurikins. At
the title screen, choose the Options Menu. At the Options screen
move down to the S. E. command and set the sound to shurikin. Now,
move back up to the command shurikin and set them to 00. Stay on
this option and wait until it turns into an infinte symbol. You now
have unlimited shurikins.
Shove It! The Warehouse Game
Level Codes - With these codes, you can begin the game at different
difficulty levels.
Level 2 - MARINA!! Level 14 - FIGUEROA
Level 3 - MALIBU Level 15 - SUNSET
Level 4 - SANPEDRO Level 16 - ORANGE
Level 5 - VENTURA? Level 17 - HARBOT
Level 6 - SANDIEGO Level 18 - CENTRAL
Level 7 - PASADENA Level 19 - WESTERN/
Level 8 - /BEVERLY Level 20 - ?VALLEY?
Level 9 - MELROSE Level 21 - GLENDALE
Level 10 - PODEO/?/ Level 22 - FOOTHILL
Level 11 - WESTWOOD Level 23 - VANNUYS
Level 12 - WILSHIRE Level 24 - CRENSHAW
Level 13 - VENICE?? Level 25 - IMPERIAL
Final Level Password - !AYASAM!
Passwords - Here are the passwords for the cities in Skitchin':
San Diego - $695 - VDRL HFXB YYRU
Seattle - $747 - NA3L PSFB ADF0
Los Angeles - $119 - 5VHT COY3 GT3I
Washington - $414 - UAZK W0CH STVV
Detroit - $ 52 - 5MWZ E0TQ SIDN
Chicago - $188 - CQFC TYZW 0BH3
Miami - $214 - 05AB OSFM SSZS
Character Select - To select a character other than Rex, use this chart
to determine the key sequence to use during the title screen. When it
shows two codes combined, press them at the same time.
Character Key Sequence
Bonapart Up, A, C
Edwina Left, B & C, C
Robochic Right, Up, Down
Stump A & C, Right, C
Ramses Right, Left, A
Webra A & C, Up, Right
Guano Up, Right, A & B
McFire Down, C, Right
Skinny Right, Down, Right
Sheba B & C, B, B
Brainiac Right, Right, C
Buff Left, C, B
El Toro B & C, A, Up
Spidra A, Down, B
Weezil Down, Right, Up
Mondu A & B, Down, Left
Smash T.V.
Lives, Power-Ups and Points Increase - You can do this method in
just about any room in the game, except for the boss rooms. While
playing the game, defeat every enemy except one. Do not shoot at
him. He will continue to chase after you. Items will appear
randomly in the room, including lives, points, and power-ups. Do
not collect any items such as smart bombs that will kill that enemy
unless you want to advance.
Sol Deace
Skip Levels - You can skip levels in this great shooter by pressing
A,B, and C all at the same time during any level.
99 Ships - On the title screen press A, B, C, A, B, C, B, C, B, and A
and START. Enter the Config Mode, select START, choose your level,
select mode, and press RIGHT until the symbol MY99 appears for 99 ships.
Sonic the HedgeHog
Stage Select - Wait until the title screen appears and press UP, DOWN,
LEFT, RIGHT. You will hear a little ring sound, now hold down button
A and press START.
Debug Mode - Go to the title screen and press UP, C, DOWN, C, LEFT,
C, RIGHT, START, and press and hold A. To see if the trick worked
look at your score, it should be a bunch of letters and numbers.
Press B to get to the Debug mode. While in debug mode, press A to
change what Sonic is and press C to place one on the play field.
Sonic is also invincible in Debug mode. To use the slow motion
feature, pause the game and press and hold B.
Sonic Goes Loopy - At the beginning of the game wait until Sonic starts
the demo. Sonic will run through the level by himself. If you press and
hold the A, B, and C you will interrupt Sonic. Sonic will become suicidal
and he will start running into things and die. You can also do this trick
at the ending of the game after you beat the Final Zone.
Bonus Points - Finish the Green Hill Zone 1-1 or 1-2 in 29 seconds or less
and receive 50,000 bonus points!
Sonic The Hedgehog 2
Change Into Super Sonic - Now you can change yourself into Super
Sonic! The best method to do this is with 2 players. Go through the
first level, collect 50 rings, and look for the closest Star Post.
Touch it and jump up to enter the bonus level. Use 2 players and
collect all the rings necessary to get the Chaos Emerald, hit the
RESET button on the Genesis. Once the title screen comes up, go
into the options. Then press START to get to the first level
again. Repeat the same process over and over and the bonus stages
will change, and you'll get different emeralds each time. Collect
all 7 of the Chaos Emeralds and go back into the level. Now you
must collect 50 rings and jump into the air. Cool! It's Super
Sonic! This Golden Boy can run faster and jump higher then ever. He
is virtually invincible and his rings go down every second, so keep
collecting as many rings as you can.
Stage Select / Super Sonic / Debug Mode - The ultimate code for
Sonic 2 has been found. First go to the title screen and scroll
down to the option selection. When the options screen appears,
highlight the sound test box. Now with the pad, change the numbers
of the sound test and play them with the B button in this order:
19, 65, 9, 17 - When you play 17, you will hear a distinct ring
sound at the begining of the song. Press the START button to exit
back to the title screen. When the title screen appears, hold the A
button and press START and the level select will appear. You can do
another trick from within this screen/ Highlight the new sound test
within in this screen and play these sounds with the B button:
4, 1, 2, 6. Choose any stage in the level select screen and when
you are are in that level, collect 50 rings and jump into the air
to become Super Sonic! Press START and A to exit this level.
One more trick is the debug mode. Highlight the sound test in the
level select menu. Now play the the sounds in this order using the
B button: 1, 9, 9, 2, 1, 1, 2, 4 (Sonic Tuesday) Now hold the A
button and press START to enter the level of your choice. Once in
the level press B to change into an object, A to change, and C to
14 Extra Continues - If you always run out of continues and wanted
to have many more, this trick will satisfy all you Sonic players.
Scroll down and to the options screen and press Start. The options
screen will now appear. Move down to the sound test and play these
sounds in this order: 01, 01, 02, and 04. Now move to the box that
says player select and press Start. Press Start to enter the game
and you will eventually die. After the "Game Over" appears on the
screen, the continue will appear with 14 Sonic continue symbols.
Sonic The Hedgehog 3
Level Select & Debug Mode - After you hear, "Sega" take controller 1
and VERY QUICKLY on the D-Pad enter the following:
If you did it fast enough, you will hear a ring. This must be done
before the title screen appears. On the title screen, move down
past "Compentition" and you will get a "Sound Test". Go to the Sound
Test Selection and you will get a screen that allow you to select
from any level, except Mushroom Valley and Sandopolis. If you want the
DEBUG to work, just highlight any zone, and hold the A button, and
press START. If you see scrambled numbers in the upper left-hand
corner it worked! Press B to be an object, A to change sprites, and
C to duplicate.
Turn Into Super Sonic - After you do the Level Select & Debug Trick
above, you can turn yourself into Super Sonic without getting all of
the Chaos Emeralds. With the Debug Code ON, go into any level and
Press the B button to turn yourself into a ring. Then Press the A
button to turn yourself into a monitor. Now, Press the C button to
duplicate the monitor and then Press B again to change into Super
Sonic. Jump on the monitor and you will become Super Sonic again.
Soldiers Of Fortune
Here are all of the World Passwords for this great game:
World 2: LRZNXK3HLVP2 or
7MHQ16GY9822 or
World 3: LW3YKMZCLV12
World 4: LGBLQTZ5#8D4
Game Winning Password: RWVR0FJ92M67
Space Harrier II
Options Select - Hold down A during the title screen.
Level Select - Press the D-Button Left or Right during STUNA area screen
to select any level.
Level Select From Start - For a Level Select at the start of the
game, press A, B, and C buttons and Left or Right during the start
sequence of the game.
Space Invaders '91
Level Select - During the title screen, press and hold A and C,
then press Start. As the title screen fades, there should be a
short pause before the first level appears. During this pause,
press B, A, C. A level select should appear.
Short cut to first boss - Go to the options mode and select
Nightmare difficulty. Play the game and get into the first level
warehouse. Proceed to the right, past the first thug and then past
the German Shepherd. Next, jump on the first crate and crawl to
the right. You will go through the crate and to the right will be
the forklift boss.
Full Web Power Up Before Kingpin - Before you meet Kingpin,
investigate the maze and you will find a full web power up in the
maze. You will need this to stop Mary Jane from falling in to the
Splatterhouse 2
Instant Reset - To instantly reset Splatterhouse 2 from the
controller, just follow this simple method. While you are in the
game, press A,B,C and START. You will instantly reset the present
Level Select - Choose the password option on the title screen and
enter the following codes depending on which level you want to start
Level Select - If you are fed up with entering a password every
time you play this gory game. On the title screen (make sure the
menu is not on the screen yet) press DOWN, DOWN, B, DOWN, DOWN,
and C. A new option should appear on the menu called level select.
Splatterhouse 3
Here are the stage passwords for Splatterhouse 3:
Stage 2: REISOR
Stage 3: ETLBUD
Stage 4: TEKROH
Stage 5: ELPOEB
Stage 6: LILITH
Steel Empire
Start on the Second Stage - Here is an easy way to start at the
second stage in this intense shooter. Go to the title screen. At
the title screen, hold the B button and press start.
Level Select - To pick from any are in this intense shooter, Enter
the OPTIONS screen. Now perform the Sound Test in the following
order: Sound 1 Twice, Sound 9 Once, and Sound 2 Twice. Now a new
selection will appear on the options menu called Round. Use this to
select the round from which you would like to start.
Stimpy's Invention
Level Passwords: Here are some passwords to help you. Go to the
options screen and move down to passowrds and enter the following:
Level 2 - The Zoo.....: 8BZ0000 003B2WN
Level 3 - The City....: 8C00003 T33F2WF
Level 4 - The Pound...: 831000B C3322WB
Level 5 - The Outdoors: 652000G YCM5UWV
Extra Man - When you are running low on men and you could use some extra,
pause the game and press A four times, C two times, B three times, C once,
and A once. The game will continue and you will have nine men! This can
be used at any time.
Add Extra Time - If you are running out of time, pause the game and press
B once, A three times, C once, Up three times, and A three times.
The timer will reset to maximum.
Advance to Next Level - To skip your current level, pause the game and
press C once, B three times, A four times, C two times, and A four times.
You can use this to advance to the last level in the game!
Streets of Rage
Bonus 5000 points - On level 3 after defeating the boss, use your
special weapon before he hits the ground. You will get a bonus of
5000 extra points! Be sure to save your special weapon until you
defeat him. Timing is critical.
Level Select and Lives Increase - Finally, a method has been found
to select your stage and increase your lives in this classic
fighting game. Make sure you have a controller plugged into port
two. Press START at the title screen. Next move the cusor to the
options. With controller 2, press and hold RIGHT, press and hold
the A button, press and hold the B button, and press and hold the C
button, and while holding all three of these press START on
controller 1. Now select your stage and the amount of lives you
want. (This trick works best with a friend to help hold the
buttons on controller 2.)
Streets of Rage II
Level Select - It has been found that the level select from
Streets of Rage will also work with Streets of Rage 2. To select
your stage in this great fighting game. Make sure you have a controller
plugged into port two. Press START at the title screen. Next move the
cusor to the options. With controller 2, press and hold RIGHT, press
and hold the A button, press and hold the B button, and press and hold
the C button, and while holding all three of these press START on
controller 1. Now select the stage you want. (This trick works best
with a friend to help hold the buttons on controller 2.)
Same Character Code - If you always wanted to play a two player
game using the same characters, just utilize this trick. This is how to
do it: You must have two controllers plugged into your Genesis. On the
title screen, press anbd HOLD RIGHT on the first controller and the B
button at the same time. On the second controller, press and hold LEFT
and A button. With all of these buttons held on both controllers, press
the C button on the second controller. On the next screen that shows up,
pick a two player game. When the "Select Player" screen appears, players
1 and 2 will be able to pick the same characters. THese characters look
identical to one another, so be careful to watch which one you are.
Streets Of Rage III
Stage Select - At the Menu/Select Screen, Press and Hold B, Press UP
and move to "Options." With these buttons held Press the START button.
You will hear a tone confirming the code. Now, choose "Stage Select"
from the Options menu.
Start The Game As Roo - At the title screen, press UP on the control
pad while holding the B button. You should then be able to select
Roo from the player select screen. (Remember, Roo can not use any
Play as Shiva - To play as the first Boss Shiva, do the following:
Play up to the first Boss, Shiva and defeat him. Then Hold down the
B button and let the following Cinema roll. Then continue the game.
When all of your lives run out and it is time to continue, cycle
through the fighters and Shiva should now appear. You can now play
as this awesome fighter! Shiva has several devasting attacks, but
he can not use any weapons. His Power Attack is a Twirling Spin Kick,
which is activated by pressing the A button.
Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition
Only Special Moves - You must have a 6-button controller for the
Genesis to do this trick. At the CAPCOM logo, press these buttons
on controller one in this order: DOWN, Z, UP, X, A, Y, B, and C.
You will hear Chun Li say, "Ya Tai." Choose Game Start and play
a one or two player game using only special moves or throws! These
are the only moves that you can use in the game. This can present
more of a challenge to experts of the game.
Same Character In Battle Mode - You must have a 6-button controller
for the Gensis to do this trick. At the title screen, choose a game.
At the next screen choose Group Battle. At the battle mode screen,
press these buttons in this order on controller two: DOWN, Z, UP,
X, A, Y, B, and C. You will then hear Chun Li's voice. After that
choose Match Play or Elimination. Now, you can choose the same
character to play against in Match or Elimination mode.
5 Stars In Champion Mode - To get 5 stars in the Champion Mode of
the game do this trick. When the cinema of the fighters begins, and
it scrolls up the building, wait until the screen fades and only the
Street Fighter II words are showing. If you have a 6-button controller,
quickly press the buttons in this order: DOWN, Z, UP, X, A, Y, B,
and C. If you do not happen to have a 6-button controller, you can
do this trick with a 3-button controller. For the 3-button controller
press the buttons in this order: DOWN, C, UP, A, A, B, B, and C.
If the trick is done right you will then hear Zangief's voice. Now,
on the title screenn go to the champoin option and move right, you
should now be able to see five stars.
Continue Three Times - To be able to use three continues in Strider,
at the intro screen press buttons A, C, B, C, A, then Start.
Secret Room Trick - In level two, fight your way past the corilla to
the part with the spinning gears. Jump onto one of the containers,
then jump INTO the rocks above. If you time it right you'll get
caught in the rock and be pulled into a secret room. Keep trying
until it happens. When you are pulled in, you'll have to fight the
Phantom. Once he is destroyed just climb the wall to the right to get
out and continue normal play.
Super Hang-On
Ending Code - To see the grand finale in the original mode, enter
Options Screen - At the title screen, press and hold A, B, C, and then
Lots of cash - Use this password for LOTS of cash:
English to Japanese - Hold down A and B and then press C twice. A
screen will appear that will allow you to choose the difficulty,
the time, language and enter a sound test.
Super Hydlide
Hidden Cash and Secret Sound - When the game starts you will begin in
the City of the Forest. After you get some information from the
towns' people, exit the town and go out into Fairie Land and go five
screens to the left. There, you will see a cave. Enter the opening
and you will appear in a deserted village. Walk around the first
wooden fence and walk downward. Your character will now magically
walk onto the brick wall! Walk left again onto the patch of trees and
get in the middle clearning of the trees and hit the 'B' button. You
will find 10,000 gold pieces hidden here! To hear the sound effects,
go to the top left building. In this building you can cycle through
the different game sounds!
Free Experience Points - Use this trick to build up experience points
quickly. Go to the pond in the City of the Woods. Stand on the left
side, at the bottom of the bridge. "Use" a coin, then search the
ground. Each time you do this you'll get 30 experience points.
Super Monaco GP
Lose Drivers' Points - If the spirit of the bumping and pushing in the
race is getting to you, there is a way that you can get even.
Unfortunately, it's going to cost you! As you near the finish line
and are in first, second, or third place, look for the man who is
waving the checkered flag. Run into him and watch him fly off into
the air! The next screen where is tallies up your drivers' points for
finishing in the top three, take a look at what you get - nothing!
Strange Ending - Play a few rounds in GP mode until the 'Wet Condition'
track appears. Finish in the top three, and during the trophy screen the
driver will be holding up his head instead of the trophy!
Race 15 Password - If you crash with this password, you'll see the ending
of the game:
0Q76 2ILM F200 0000 0010 H10F B324 5D76 CA89 EGC1 0000 0002 0000 0000 F200 2CAC
Password for Last Race - Use this password for a big lead with a great
15G2 B3E4 DJ00 0000 000H 00J2 C4H7 658A B9DE FOH9 1000 0041 0000 0000 F200 71D7
Super Thunder Blade
Level Select - At the title screen, press A, Up, Down, Left, Right, Right,
Left, Down, Up, and Start for level 2. For level 3, press A twice instead
of once. For level 4, press A three times. For level 5, press A four
Extra Lives - Use level select to get a continue, then select OPTION.
Press and hold A, B, and C simultaneously, then press Start. If you see a
panda's face on the player prompt, you've been sucessful.
Avoid Enemy Fire: To stay out of reach of enemy fire, first select a
difficulty level of Hard on the options screen. When the game begins,
stay in the upper left or upper right corner and keep firing. This
will only work in levels 1-3.
Super Volleyball
Codes for U.S.A team to reach the Championship Match vs. Russia.
China - HLXLA
Japan - RLVLK
Italy - RMXRU
France - RUFOR
Holland - RSAAV
Brazil - RQVA2
Russia - RP.VE
Sword of Sodan
Potion Warp - On levels 1 through 5, collect 4 Etherium potions and drink
them all at once to warp to the next level.
Controller Warp - Make the highest score on the high-score screen. Enter
your name as HINANP:) and begin a new game. Now press Start on Controller
2 to warp to the next level.
Free Life - Drink the first two potions on level 1 for a free life.
Potion Combinations - Red and Orange = Flaming Sword
Orange, Blue and Grey = Super Zapper
Blue and Grey = Shield (use this on level 6
to walk across lava)
Sword of Vermilion
Increase Armor Class - In the cave to the east of Hastings, you'll
find the Old Nick armor. Don't equip it yet, instead head back to
Swaffham to find Raphael's Stick. Now put on the Old Nick armor -
your armor class will go up, but you'll be cursed. Use Raphael's
Stick to undo the curse. You'll notice that your armor class is now
lower. Take the armor off, then repeat the entire process of
equipping the armor, using the stick, and removing it. Do this until
your armor class is below zero. Your armor class should then become
very high. Keep taking off and putting on the armor until your armor
class once again goes below zero. Now, you shoul dhave an armor class
of more than 9000! Your character is almost invincible, taking only
one damage point per hit no matter who you're fighting - even Tsarkon
Target Earth
Invincibility: When you start the game, press the start button on
controller 2, but be careful not to pause the game. Your energy will
go down, but you won't die.
Continues: Here's a way to get 9 continues instead of 2. First you
must reach at least stage 2. Then, when the game is over, go to the
options screen and press Start on controller 1. If you've done this
correctly, a woman will appear and say "continue up". Repeat this after
your lives have dropped below three to increase them to 9 again.
Change firing mode - press A, B, and C simultaneously. This can be done
during play or while paused.
Full Weapons - To have all the weapons available, have exactly 2800 points
at the end of level one. This score is equivalent to destroying only the
Widerum (enemy ship) at the end of the level.
Rotate Logo - At the company logo screen, press A, C, Left, and Right at
the same time on controller 2. You can now change the size and rotation
of the logo by using the D-Button and buttons A and C.
Two Player Mode - On Stage One, wait for the first green alien to appear
on the right side of the screen. Press Start on Controller 2. Now one
player controls the regular robot while the other player controls the
enemies' robots.
Task Force Harrier EX
Enhanced Options Menu - To get to the Enhanced Options Menu do the
following: Press and Hold A as you turn the power of your Genesis on
controller 1. When the title screen appears, release the A button and
Press Up, Down, Left, Right, A, B, A, C, and B.Noe select CONFIG from
the title screen. You can Stage, turn on "MUTEKI" for invincibility and
select "WINDOW" to change the size of the screen display. If you have
turned on the configuration mode you will be able to skip levels within
the game by pressing START and then A.
Taz Mania
Max Out Lives and Continues - In the second area of the Badlands, go to
the very top-left of the stage and grab the 1-Up. Now, go to the right
and when you see the rock monster, make him follow you until you see the
continue symbol. Use the rock monster as a stepping stone and grab the
continue. Go to the right and touch the trophy. Keep going down the
bridges until you reach the last rock monster. Jump on him and up the
platforms until you reach another 1-Up and continue. Die and repeat to
max out your lives and continues.
Level Select - Plug in both control pads and press A, B, C, and
START on both pads simultaneously on the title screen. (This works
best if you have someone help you hold the buttons on controller 2)
Pause the game, then press C and then unpause and select the level
you want.
Invincibility - This trick works best with a friend to help hold
the buttons on the second pad. Make sure both controllers are
plugged in. On the title screen, press A, B, C, and START on both
controllers simultaneously. Now, pause the game and press the B
button and then you will become invincible.
Team USA Basketball
Passwords - Here are some great passwords for Team USA Basketball:
Team USA Vs. Neatherlands Final Game - #XT7RB6
Team USA Vs. Lithuania Final Game - FMT7RBQ
Closing Cermonies Passwords - Here are two passwords that will show
you the closing cermonies without playing the game:
Techno Cop
Unlimited Lives - If you are running low on lives just perform the
following trick when you are in any building scene. Simply pause the
game and hit C ten times, A five times, B two times, and A ten times.
The game will say "Technocop" and when you resume game play you get
all your lives back!
Here are all of the Level Passwords for Technoclash:
Level 2: PP503PAL
Level 3: C5GG4PZT
Level 4: 35409YZK
Level 5: TCTMTYP4
Level 6: 5YMGMPC0
Test Drive 2
Secret Options Screen - To get an options screen that allows you to
change your music, sound, or quit. At any time during your driving,
press and hold A, B, and C simultaneously. Use the RESUME DRIVING
option to continue where you left off.
The Terminator
Get Machine Gun Quicker - To aquire the machine gun earlier in the
first level, follow this method. Go to the option mode and place
the game level on "Easy". When you start the game, get past tge
Hunter Killer robot ship on the surface of the planet, and go past
the ladder that leads to the underground base. Move all the way to
the right, up the fence and throw a grenade. Now go down the ladder
to the underground base and the machine gun will be there waiting
for you on the right side of the ladder.
Terminator 2
Level Skip - (Code Found By Randy Hoye) During this intense shooter
you can skip on to the next level by doing the following: While
playing game press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, LEFT, and
RIGHT. The game will respond by saying "Excellent". Continue the
game. Pause the game by pressing the START button and then press
B and C at the same time to skip the current level.
Thunder Force II
Options Select - Press and hold A, B, and C at the title screen, and press
Start. This allows selecting the level, difficulty, and other options.
Thunder Force III
Options Select - Press and hold A, B, and C at the title screen, and press
Start. This allows selecting the ship speed, difficulty, and sound
Full Weapons - To select the super weapons without having to find them,
pause the game and enter this sequence: Press Up on the directional pad
10 times, press B once, press Down twice, and then press B until your
weapon meter is full. Press A to get the Claw weapon.
Wave and Wink - On the ending sequence of the game, press C and your
character's hands wave and eyes wink.
Shoot All Weapons - If you have the Arcade Power Stick and a lot of
different weapons, you can set C on rapid fire while shooing with
B, allowing you to shoot all available weapons at once.
Thunder Force IV
Get All Weapons - During game play, pause the game by pressing
START and then press Up, Right, A, Down, Right, A, C, Left, Up and B.
Now press Up to get all of the weapons. One thing to bear in mind
is that this trick will NOT work if ANY of the options on the
options screen have been changed or modified.
Tiny Toon Adventure (Buster's Hidden Treasure)
Level Passwords - Here are all the passwords for the first 24
levels of this game. Continues and Passwords stop at level 24.
After being killed above level 24 you will return to level 24
to start over again.
* Level 4: QYBG / DLLL / DDBL / LDLD / DDTG
* Level 9: HMBB / TLLD / LDBB / MDLL / DDPD
Level 10: KBBB / TGDL / LLBB / TDLD / LDNG
Level 11: MBBQ / HYLL / DDBQ / HGDD / DDDM
Level 12: KHBW / HXLD / LDBW / HYDD / DDDP
* Level 13: BRBW / HXGD / LDBQ / HXDD / DDGN
Level 14: VNBW / HXKD / LDBW / HXGD / LLVN
Level 15: HZBW / HXZL / DLBQ / HXKL / DLTN
* Level 16: ZZBQ / HXZG / LDBW / HXZD / DLMJ
Level 17: ZZBQ / HXZG / LDBW / HXZL / DDMJ
Level 18: PJBW / HXZK / DLBQ / HXZG / DLMQ
Level 19: YZBQ / HXZQ / DLBQ / HXZB / DDMG
Level 20: KTBQ / HXZW / GLBQ / HXZW / LLBH
* Level 22: BTBW / HXZQ / ZLBQ / HXZQ / KDVN
Level 23: XQBW / HXZQ / ZGBW / HXZW / ZDJZ
Level 24: RQBQ / HXZQ / ZKBQ / HXZW / ZGJT
* - Indicates a "Boss" level.
T.M.N.T The Hyperstone Heist
Stage & Level Select - This code will give you the option of
selecting from any stage and area in the game. First, wait for the
Konami logo. As soon as it appears and starts forming on the screen,
Press these buttons in this order: C, B, B, A, A, A, B, and C. Make sure
you do it quickly enough to finish it before the Konami logo
dissappears. (If you are new quick enough, this code will not work!)
Now, after entering the first code Press START and the title screen will
appear. Quickly press these buttons in this order: A, B, B, C, C, C, B,
and A. After you do this press the START button on the one or two player
option. A screen will then appear allowing you to select and choose both
the stage you with to start at, as well as which area. After choosing
the area and stage, Press the Start button and the game will begin at
the point at which you selected.
Tojam and Earl
Hidden Level - In Toejam and Earl, it is possible to get to an island with
pretty hula girls inviting you in for a hot bath, and a lemonade stand to
provide you with an extra life! To do it, get to the bottom left of the
level 1 island, and activate either the Icarus Wings or the Inner Tube to
get over the water. Head to the bottom left to find the hidden island.
Fall through the hole in the center of the island, and you'll be in the
hidden level.
ToeJam & Earl In Panic On Funkotron
Here are some passwords for the new ToeJam & Earl game:
Level 3: R-F411W9Q986
Level 5: PJ04EK-5WT82
Level 7: MW0WEE6JRVF7
Level 9: VADNEHF9807L
Level 11: MWAAK!8MDT76
Level 13: LHWLXH44C00R
Level 15: F!!NEHNW0Q73
Tommy Lasorda Baseball
Bizarro Baseball - To play a game with strange screen colors and
unbelievable batting, enter this password:
Strange Special Effects - Use any one of these passwords for some strange
effects during the games:
RGsiopqm2jhZZSUXVtEEAE or
Invisible Computer Team - To give the computer an invisible team, use the
password Zb6jpqrnmGnYWQXaHuFFAB. It's not possible to play a game this
way, but it is fun to watch.
World Series Code - Use this code to give a full range of World Series
Options: H--flmnjiaVXhLQZPqBCVA. The two blanks consist of variables for
the first team and the second team. The following chart containes the
variables to use in the first blank to select a team. To select the
opposition team (second blank), input the next consecutive letter of the
team in the chart. For example, on opposition Detroit would be E, and
an opposing Seattle team would be O.
D Detroit Q Texas
E Toronto R St. Louis
F Milwaukee S New York Mets
G New York Yankees T Montreal
H Boston U Philadelphia
I Baltimore V Pittsburgh
J Cleveland W Chicago Cubs
K Minnesota X San Francisco
L Kansas City Y Cincinnati
M Oakland Z Houston
N Seattle a Los Angeles
O Chicago White Sox b Atlanta
P California c San Diego
Milwaukee, Minnesota, Philadelphia, and Houston must be play against one
of the following teams: Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Baltimore, San Francisco,
Kansas City, Los Angeles, Chicago White Sox, or St. Louis.
Trampoline Terror
Extra Credits and Level Select - This trick pumps up your credits
and starting level in Trampoline Terror. At the title screen, move
cursor to the START selection. Hold down Buttons A,B,C, Up and
Press START. You'll get 99 credits and a stage select.
1-up - Several of the Asteroids have green, red, or blue buildings.
Shooting the building with the weapon of the same color reveals a 1-up.
Super Truxton Bombs - To destroy almost any enemy with a single
Truxton bomb, press the bomb button and then pause the game as the
explosion flares onscreen. Leave the game on pause for 20 to 30
seconds, and the enemy will be destroyed!
Customize Options - Go to the option screen from the main menu.
Move the arrow to the bottom of the screen and hold the directional
pad DOWN. While holding the pad in this position, press these
buttons in this order: A,B,B,A,B,A,A,B,A,A,B,A,A. This brings up
and extra menu that allows you to choose infinite options as well
as the starting level!
Two Crude Dudes
Extra 3 Continues - Here is a rather simple method to gain a few
extra continues and get futher in the game. Start a one player
game and go through it as normal. When you are on your last
continue with only a little bit of energy left, press START on
controller 2, kill off your first player and play as the second
player with a full load of 3 extra continues. Now, you can get
futher in the game.
Twin Cobra
Ending sequence - Press Start to reach the green title screen and press
U, D, R, L, A, B, C, and Start.
14 Continues - Press Start to reach the green title screen, then hit A
to increase your continues. You can get 14 maximum.
Maximum Weaponry - Pause the game. Press U, D, L, R, and hold down A
while pressing Start to resume the game. Your weapons will be at full
Unlimited Bombs - If you run out of bombs, pause the game. Press U, D, L,
and R and hold down B while pressing Start to resume the game. You can
repeat this trick endlessly.
Stage Select - During the title screen, press U, D, R, L, and then
Start to get a stage select.
Universal Soldier
Invincibility and Power-Up Boxes Revealed - Here are two incredible
passwords that will help you through this tough game. To gain total
invulnerability, enter the password: PWRZS. To reveal the hidden
power-up boxes throughout the game, enter: SHBXZ.
Level Passwords - Here are the level passwords that should help you
get through Universal Soldier with no problem:
Level 1 - CHSGM Level 6 - PKSND
Level 2 - MKSNS Level 7 - CWBPM
Level 3 - SGGBY Level 8 - SFTNP
Level 4 - JLGPH Level 9 - CMVDG
Level 5 - JDRSD Level 10 - BYTCM
Valis III
Visual Select - At the title screen hold buttons A and C and diagonally
UP and to the LEFT, and press Start. Now you can watch any of the
exciting cinema displays including the ending without even playing the
Stage Select - At the title screen hold UP and buttons A, B, and C, then
press start. Hold Start, when a blank screen appears let go and
'Select Map 000' will appear.
Virtura Racing
Play On Backward Tracks - When the "Sega" Logo appears, HOLD the A & B
buttons on Controller 1 and when the title appears, Press START. Pick
the backward Virtua Racing Title. (This is a nice option to try once
you have mastered the original tracks!)
Warrior of Rome
Ending Password - Use this password for the ending sequence: GREBDQ3QNE.
Whip Rush
Three Free Ships - Just before you reach the boss of stage 4, you'll
come across a group of three enemy ships. Each is worth 100,000 points,
a free life for each of the three ships.
Wings of Wor
Easy Mode Select - Go to the option screen and when the cursor is on
game level hold A, B, C, and press Start.
Unlimited Continues - When GAME OVER appears, hold Left, A, and C until
the continue screen appears. This will allow you to continue without
losing any credits!
Incredible Cheat Code - This code will allow you to do some
incredible things in this game such as acquire unlimited health
and mutant powers, warp to diffrent levels of the game, and have
an unlimted backup team. First, you must be at the title screen.
When the title screen shows, "Press Start Button", take controller
one, and hold buttons A, C, and DOWN on the D-Pad, then press START.
Now take controller 1 out of port one and plug it into the second
controller port on the Genesis. When the picture of Magneto appears,
press START. On this controller choose your level of difficulty and
your hero. You will use the second controller to play a one-player
game. (If you want a two player game, plug a second controller into
port one and after selecting your level of difficulty and hero with
the controller in port 2.) From here, you can jump to the upper-right
area of the Danger Room and destroy the generator. This will give you
a time increase in the room. Also, to the right of the hero selection
part of the Danger Room, there will be eight (8) panels on the wall,
and six (6) large floor tiles underneath them. Each floor tile
represents a level of the game. The levels are:
(1) - The Savage Land
(2) - Shi'ar Empire
(3) - Excalibur's Lighthouse
(4) - Ahab's Future World
(5) - Mojo's Crunch
(6) - Asteroid M
Bring your hero to the tile of your choice and press DOWN and C.
You will then warp to the level of your choice. If your life or mutant
power is down, press START and START again to restore your energy. Your
backup team will not dissappear after they have been used.
Zombies Ate My Neighbors
These are all of the passwords for this great game:
Level 05: CYZQ Level 09: GBRS
Level 13: DCFK Level 17: BMLK
Level 21: PQBR Level 25: LLNN
Level 29: QNKR Level 33: SDHM
Level 37: BKVR Level 41: BZPM
Level 45: BNYZ Credit Level: QSDZ
Special Menu Options - Press Start when you're on the title screen to
get to the Player Select screen. Then press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left,
Right, Left, Right, A, and B. Select Debug on this screen, then play the
game and press A. The screen will split in two and reveal a series of
letters and numbers. This is the actual programming code of the game!
June 1994 - Revision Version 8.5

Modifies your save games for unlimited
jokers so you can get solutions to all
the levels! Freeware by John S. Fowler
GolfLog v9.1b The Golfer's database.
Maintain stats for 8 Golfers, 50 Courses,
2000 Games. Determines HANDICAP INDEX and
COURSE HANDICAP. Provides Summary for each
Golfer showing 36+ stats. Keeps scorecard
for each game. Provides stats like those
maintained for the PGA touring pros! Now
includes Equitable Stroke Control (ESC).

Golf Handicapper 4.0. Stores any number
of scores for any number of players and
automatically calculates their index
and handicap for each game. Can be used
by individual players, teams, or entire
golf clubs. Uses slope method.

Title : greco21a
Filename : greco21a.wad
Author : Thomas E. Davis
Email Address :
Description [the story so far...]:
You were just beamed down from the mother ship to investigate the
architectural remains of an ancient alien culture. The scanners picked
up no life signs, so a minimal away team was assembled.
Just as you reach the surface, a message comes over your comm pad...
"Red Alert! Intruder on board!"
Loud growls and hissing are heard through the speaker followed by
sporadic plasma blasts and the blood curdling screams of your fellow
crew mates. Seconds later connection is lost. No time to spare, you
must figure out where you are and how to get back to your ship...
The lmp shows all the secret doors. There is (in my opinion) a very
cool scene where I fight off four Cacodemons with a shotgun in the
middle of a big courtyard. Enjoy!
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E2M1
Single Player : YES!
Cooperative 2-4 Player : YES!
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : YES!
Difficulty Settings : Nope (be a man, use skill 4)
New Sounds : Nope
New Graphics : YES!
New Music : Nope
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch.
Editor(s) used : DOOMCAD, DMGRAPH, and BSP.
Known Bugs : None.
* Permissions *
Please don't screw with this wad.
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP site:
* Acknowledgements *
Special thanks to Mike Webster ( for helping me test
play this wad.

▒█▒░▓▓ GAME WIZARD v2.3A █▒░▓▓░
The most powerful GAME CHEATING utility
ever developed anywhere in the world. NOW
MEMORY MANAGERS. It has the ability to:
search/modify/lock items while playing
games; create personalized cheat files;
save/load current game in progress; view
text files inside games; adjust game playing
speed; shell to DOS within games; quick exit
to DOS from programs and much much more.

Hiding to Nothing
by Stuart Greig
Magic Hoops - is a deceptivly simple
puzzle game which requires you to
rotate the colors in two, innerlinked
circles so they will match a pattern
displayed on the screen.
Title : hOOters
Filename : Hooter.Wad
Author : Norman Scott
Email Address :
Misc. Author Info : doomaholic
Description : As you gather your senses, you look
around to see that you are in a small
courtyard. You can see the exit,
it is only a few yards away. You move
towards the door only to find that
there is some type of a force field
preventing you from getting there.
There must be some way out! You find
the subterrainian passage. You make
your way down deeper, deeper into the
heart of the complex. You discover all
the secrets that it holds. You find the
Pyramid Chamber and climb to the top and
grab the exit key card. You have fought
in the Arena of Death and survived! You
pick up your ticket and relax at the
Double Feature Cinema just as the curtain
goes up. It is an adult movie but you get
in easily and sit front row center. You make
it back to the surface and fresh air. You have
by-passed the force field, you insert the
keycard into the exit door, YES, the door
opens, you run in and see the switch on the
far wall. As you reach for the switch you
feel something burning on the back of your
neck, should you turn around or press the
switch? You start to turn and ............
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M1
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : Yes
New Sounds : One
New Graphics : Yes
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : DEU521 * BSP11x * DMGRAP11
Known Bugs : None (I hope)
* Permissions *
Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites: /pub/msdos_uploads/games/doomstuff/wads
Other: Get THEKEEP2.WAD (medieval castle) by same author.
Try AFRO.WAD by son of author!

ATTENTION CARD version 4/5/94
IndyCarRacing v1.04
Two Player Racing
Detail Levels and Computer Speed
Sound Problems
Joystick/Yoke/Wheel Calibration
Time Acceleration (NEW FEATURE)
Miscellaneous Problems
Two Player Racing
IndyCarRacing allows two racers to compete against oneanothervia the
Two Player Racemenu. They must be connected over a null-modemcable
or between two modems running at 9600 baud.
Direct Connecting via null-modem cable
The twoplayersshould have a null-modem cable.
Connecting via modem
The twoplayersshould have modems capable of 9600 baudcommunication.
Setup Menu
The Setup menu containsvariouscommunications settings:
COMPORT:This isthe serial portwhich the computer usesto communicate
with either themodem or the other computer. If you change
the COMPORT, the program will automatically select thenormal
IRQ to be used for thatport; if you are using a special IRQ,
specifyit after selecting the COM port.
IRQ:The computer uses this interrupt to communicate. It should
not be used by anythingother than yourmodem.If you change
the COMPORT, the program will automatically select thenormal
IRQ to be used for thatport; if you are using a special IRQ,
specifyit after selecting the COM port.
MODEM/This isa toggle between the two connection methods. Press
DIRECTto change it.
INIT STRINGSee below. This is themost difficult and important part.
It is not required for Direct Connect.
DIAL PREFIXThis isthe command sent to themodem just before dialing.
The dial prefixis normally "atdt", butyou maywant tohave
a commonly dialed number or calling card accessnumber here.
(E.g. "atdt9,555-1212") A comma means to delayfor a period
of time, usually two seconds.
It is not required for Direct Connect.
DIAL SUFFIXThis isthe command sent to themodem just after dialing.
The dial suffixis usually "^m", which completes the dialing.
It is not required for Direct Connect.
Initialization String
The most commonproblemof connection via modemin IndyCar Racing is an
incomplete initialization string.
The following features MUST be disabledin modem connection in IndyCar Racing:
data compression, errordetection, and error correction. You must be sure
that they are off, otherwise you will either not be able to connect or
experience erratic car movement. Use the modeminitialization string in the
2-Player Race/Setup/Init Stringmenu todisablethese features. You must
force the modemto connect onlyat 9600baud (many modems wouldtry to
connectat a different speed ifnot otherwise specified).
We havesample initialization strings for several modems. We cannot provide
initialization strings for all modems, but follow theseguidelines to set up
your modem if it is noton the list. You must make sure that
1. Data compression isoff
2. Error detection is off
3. Error correction isoff
4. Youare connecting at 9600 baud
Consultyour modem manual to find the required modem commands.If you cannot
find the propercommands in themodem documentation, please call the modem
manufacturer for assistance.
Modem Make RecommendedInitialization String
GatewayTelepath at&f^m~~~atn0s37=9&c1&d2&k0&q0%c0^m
Intel 144/144e at&f^m~~~at&c1&d2%c0-j0^m
Practical Peripherals PM14400FXMT at&f^m~~~atn0s37=9&q6^m
SupraFAXModem at&f^m~~~atn0s37=9&c1&d2&k0&q0%c0^m
USRobotics Sportster at&f^m~~~at&c1&d2&k0&m0&n6^m
Zoom/FaxModem at&f^m~~~atn0s37=9&c1&d2&k0%c0^m
The tildes (~) will appear as down arrows on your screen and function as
a pausebetweencommands. The "^m" in the initialization string completes
a command to the modem,like pressing , and mustbe usedafter each AT
commandstring,as above.
Modern modem features such as data compression and error correction interfere
with the communicationsfor thesimulation because whencommunicating with
these features on, the roundtrip connection is delayed,and poor gameplay
One machine should choose 2-Player Race/Answer and the other should choose
2-Player Race/Dial. The dialing machine will dial, then wait for two minutes
for theanswering machine to connect with it. When thetwo modems connect,
a phoneicon will appear in thelower right corner of the screen. If it is
blinking, the connection is notperfect. If itdisappears for more than five
seconds, the connectionwill bebroken. The transmission delayindicates the
one-waytransmission time from computerto computer. Agood connectionwill
have a delay of0.07 or0.13 seconds. The longer the delay, the worse the
gameplay will be (cars movements will be more erratic). The delay is caused
by the phone system or by an incomplete(and incorrect)initialization string.
The problem might be solved by redialing.
Hints:You cankeep a commonlydialed number in the prefix string.
You canrace just against the other player by setting your number of
opponents in Options/Realism/Opponents to 1.
Talk Mode
When connected to another computer, youmay attempt to talk with the other
player by pressing the T key. You may be at the race weekend menu (which
has REPLAY/GARAGE/etc. on it), driving,or watching thereplay. If the
other machine is ready to talk,the twoplayers' names will appear in the
middle of the screen, with areas above and below for you to type in. When
you aredone talking, one of you can press ESC to end talking.If the other
player is not ready to talk, you will receive amessageto thateffect.
2-Player Play Differences
It is importantthat the CARS line in the .TXT file be the same for
both the dialerand answerer. If you have not modifiedthis file, this
will not be a problem.
Not allpositions of the cars are savedin the replay on the dialer's
machine. Therefore, some cars will disappear when being viewed. We
recommend just watchingyour own car ifyou arethe dialer.
The smoke and dirt effects on the dialer's machine are shown only for the
dialer's car. The smoke and dirt effects on the answerer's machine arenot
shown for the dialer's car.
No RESULTS.TXT file is generated for the dialer.
The answerer's RESULTS.TXT may list Fred Jones rather than the dialer'sname.
(If youselect another track (but do not race on it) before disconnecting,
the RESULTS.TXTfile will have the correct namefor thedialer.)
Some options are controlled by the answerer, such as track selection, weather,
yellow flags, pace lap,and number of cars. Some of these options are saved
on the dialer'smachine, such as the chosen track and number ofcars.
You will be unable to pause thegame while driving in 2-Player Race. You can
ESCape out to the menu.
Troubleshooting2-Player Racing
1. If when youselect Dial thecomputer responds with "Make sure your
modem is on," checkto makesure the comm port setting is the correct one
andthat your modemis turned on (internal modems will always be on).
2. If when youselect Dial thecomputer responds with "Unable to initialize
modem," your initializationstring is incorrect foryour modem. Consult
your modem manual or modem manufacturer. Make sureyou have "^m" at the
endof the command. See the above sample initialization strings. Also,
be sure to include the three tildes("~~~")betweencommands endingin
3. If when themodems connect,the transmission delay is large, this probably
means that the initialization strings on one or both of themodems are
4. If you are still unable to connect,a sanity check of the modem
communications is possible using a regular communications package such as
Telix, Procomm, or the Windows' Terminal program. Connecting via one of
these packages doesnot guarantee that communications will work in
IndyCar Racing, butif you are unable to connect inthis fashion, you will
be unable to connect in IndyCar Racing.
5. If both of you havea DOS communications package, it shouldbe possible to
connect using that package,then torun IndyCar Racing and connect using
theDirect Connect option.You must still disable advancedmodem features
such as data compression and error correction, and you mustoperateat
9600 baud.This isa complex procedure, and is recommendedonly for
advanced users who are having trouble connecting inthe IndyCar Racing
program itself.
If you see an "Insufficient memory" message when you choose a track or
select Championship Season, or the program willnot start, or if the
programcrashes(returns to DOS), you probably have a conflict with some
memory-residentsoftware. *** Please try the steps below before calling
technical support. ***
When your computer starts up, it accesses filescalled CONFIG.SYS and
AUTOEXEC.BAT onthe disk it starts with(usually your hard disk, but ifyou
have a floppy disk in drive A it would start with that disk).
To avoid the conflict from the CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files on your
hard drive, youcan make a start-up disk. Whenyour computer starts up,
it willuse theAUTOEXEC.BAT file on that disk instead of your normal files,
thus bypassing the possible conflicts.
Creating A Start-Up Disk
From the C:\INDYCAR> prompt, type INSTALL and choose Make A Start Up
Diskette from the Setupmenu. You needa formatted, blank diskin yourA
drive.It mustbe placed in drive A.
If you are using DOS 6 (which you can determineby typing "ver"from a DOS
prompt), you should adda CONFIG.SYS file to the Start-Up disk:
1. Insert yourpreviously created start-up disk in drive A:
2. At the DOS prompt, type EDIT A:\CONFIG.SYS
4. Type DOS=HIGH
5. Press the key, then the key, thenthe key, then
the keyto saveand exit.
Freeingmore memory
If you are still getting "Insufficient memory" messageson sometracks,
you maylower the number of opponents in the Options/Realism/Opponents menu.
Advanced users: The program uses conventional and extended (XMS) memory,
not expanded (EMS) memory. If you are using a memory manager, you may wish
to configure itso it uses no EMS. We recommend against memorymanagers,
as theycan cause conflicts andslow down the program.
Detail Levels and Computer Speed
IndyCarRacing's texture-mapped3D graphics will run best on the fastest PCs.
By default, thesimulation's "AutomaticDetail"featurewill display asmuch
detail as possible while maintaining anadequate frame rate forsmooth
graphics. By selectingOptions/Graphics from the main menu, you can change
the minimum frame rate in orderto customize this trade-off between fast
smooth graphicsand fully-detailed 3D objects.You canalso switch to
"ManualDetail"using that menuor the F10 key. See the Quick Reference
Card for other manual detail hot keys, or use the Options/Graphics menufor
more selections. You can also improve performance by reducing the number
of opponents using the Options/Realism/Opponents menu.
If the graphicsrate seems verychoppy,a few things could be wrong.
Make sure you're using a start-up disk (see above). Also, it may be that
you have more than one joystickport activated but a device attached toonly
one of them. Check your turbo button to make sure you are running at full
Papyrusrecommends local bus video or PCI videofor speed. Theminimum
hardware requirements for IndyCar Racing are a 25Mhz DX386.
During the pacelap, the graphics may be more choppy orlose detail dueto
the increased amount ofcomputation required indrawingso manycars. You
could switch toAUTOMATIC DETAIL.
Sound Problems
Q: No sound orincorrect soundwhen using the start updiskette to run
IndyCar Racing.
A: Youneed tocopy the sound card driver commands to the start up disk.
Thecommands shouldbe located in either the AUTOEXEC.BAT or CONFIG.SYS
files on your hard drive. You can use the EDIT program to examine the
files (typeEDIT C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT from a DOSprompt).
ForSound Blaster cards, look for two linesbeginning with SET SOUND=
ForProAudio cards,look for a linecontaining MVSOUND.SYS in the
Note the exact syntax of the commands, thenuse theEDIT program to
addthose commands to the CONFIG.SYS file on the start-up disk (type
Q: No sound orincorrect soundwhen not using the start up disk.
A: Make sure that you have a sound card. After starting your computerup
as you would to runIndyCarRacing,run your sound card test program to
verify thatthe sound card is working and to obtainthe settings (I/O
port, IRQ, and DMA,if applicable) needed to use itproperly.
Then run the Sound Card Configuration in the Setup menu of the IndyCar
Racing INSTALL program. (See Configuring Sound forIndyCarRacing below.)
Q: No sound orincorrect soundusing Gravis UltraSoundcard.
A: TheGravis UltraSound card is not directly supported. You may
obtain someincorrect musicand engine sounds usingthe Gravis card
with IndyCar Racingif you add -o3 to the end of the driverline
containing SBOS (orby typing SBOS -o3 at the DOS prompt).This should
be found ineither the AUTOEXEC.BATor CONFIG.SYS files.
We do have a utility available on the Papyrus BBS called GRAVIS.ZIP.
Youwill not have any engine noiseswith this utility, onlycrash noises
Q: Game crashes when you hit awall orwhen Paul Page begins speaking.
A: There is a problem occurring with the digital soundfrom your sound
card and IndyCar Racing. The soundcard needs to be set upcorrectly.
Runthe test program that came withyour sound cardto determine the
I/Oport address, IRQ, and DMA settings. Make surethe lines in your
AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYSfiles relating to your sound card correspond.
Then, configure thesound card setup in IndyCar Racing by doing the
steps below. If the problem persists, you can choose NONE for digital
sound in the Sound Card Configuration menu. This will disable the
digital sound and should avoid the program crash.
Configuring Sound Card for IndyCar Racing
1. From the C:\INDYCAR> prompt, type INSTALL
2. Choose S for Setup and
3. Choose Sound Card Configuration
4. Thefirst option isfor digital sound. Choose yoursound card fromthe
5. Ifyou select Sound Blaster, enterthe I/Oport address, IRQ,
andDMA. Most sound card selections do notoffer these options.
6. Thesecond option is for music. Choose your sound card from the list.
7. Exit the INSTALL program.
8. Type INDYCAR to execute theprogram.
NOTE:IndyCarRacing cannot use an IRQ above 7.
NOTE:You must have asound card in order to have sound in
IndyCarRacing. The program does not support the PC speaker.
Joystick/Yoke/Wheel Calibration
Q: Menu highlight is scrollingthroughthe options.
A: If the Y-axis of your joystick/wheel/yoke has not been calibrated, it
cannot control the menus and causesthe scrolling.The program uses the
device 1 Y-axis to control the menus; if one is notpresent, the keyboard
must be used to navigate the menus.
Press on your keyboard when on the main menu (or at the single
race menu, the championshipseason race menu, or the 2-player race menu)
to bring upthe calibrationscreen(s). Move the joystick around ina
circle to move it to all extents, and let it come to rest in the middle.
Align the trianglesusing the trim dials (if provided) on the joystick.
Move the joystick around ina circle again,let it come to rest, and
press .
If you havea steering wheel or yoke with alocked steeringcolumn (such
as the Suncom G-Force), unlock it before calibrating. Movethe steering
column in and out (or backwards andforwards) during calibration. This
is the Y-axis whichcontrols the menu options.
If you are still unable to calibrate your device 1 Y-axis, you can press
theJ key when on the main menu to disable the program's use of that axis
during the menus. It will not affect driving.
If the problem persists, delete thefile CALIB.VAL from your INDYCAR
directory (type DELCALIB.VAL from the C:\INDYCAR prompt) and re-run the
Q: Joystick not working when driving.
A: If the joystick works in the menus,but does not control the car
while driving, you need to tell theprogramto use your joystick to
control your driving. (This may happen if you run the program whenthe
joystick isnot plugged in.) From the mainmenu, select Options/
Controls/Set Controls. Highlight each option and press .
Choose yoursteering control for each option, following thedirections
on the screen.
Q: Cargoes left when you steer right.
A: Thesteering control has been set backwardsunder Set Controls. Go
to the Set Controlsmenu (found under the Options/Controls menu)
andset thesteering again. Highlight Steering andpress .
Be sure to steer tothe left first and thento the right.
Time Acceleration
If you are in asingle player or championship season race, the computer
can continue the race in an acceleratedtime mode. If you wishto accelerate
time, press theA key while in the standings menu (e.g."Lagunaafter 6
laps"). Your car will finish the race at that point. It will be removed
from the track and you will receive a DNF (Did Not Finish). The remaining
cars will race around the trackat six times the normalspeed (so a three hour
race would takethirty minutes to run). "Accelerated Time" will blink on the
standings menu. You will not be able go race, but you will be able to press
the ESCkey andthen goto see a replayof the action that has transpired.
A RESULTS.TXT file willbe generated asnormal,and therace will countin a
championship season.
Miscellaneous Problems
Q: Cannot get the Pit menu to appear.
A: Brake whileyou arein the pit to bring up the pit menu. If you
do no know which key or control is your brake, you can findit
under the Options/Controls/Set Controls menu.
Q: Cannot savegame.
A: There is nooption to save the race. You must complete therace,
pause it (press theP key),or escape to the menu and resume racing
when you are ready. If youwish tohave the computer complete the race
without youdrivingit, youcan usethe time acceleration feature
(see above).

a DOOM v1.2 PWAD

JEWELS v2.0!! - "Great Strategy Game with a
Twist". up to 4 players, 10 differnt playing
boards, Great Sounds with Sound Blaster and
Adlib Support. Really neat animation, Hint
Mode and many other options. Super Friendly
Front-End User Inferface. Jewels v2.0 is a
game for the user who wants a REAL Challenge
and dosen't mind the COMPUTER winning ALOT.
Jewels will give you many many hours of real
down-to-earth FUN! Sure to be a HIT! - Enjoy
-/ JURASSIC PARK v1.37 : +14 TRAINER \-
JUMPER DUDE! A Motorcycle Arcade Game!
This arcade style game requires you to
skillfully drive 1 of 2 motorcycles
down a track and over obstacles at
speeds reaching 150mph! Requires EGA
or VGA. A 386 or higher processor is
recommended. Shareware Version from
PC Specialists. FUN - Check it out!!!
Filename : KAIOWAS.WAD
Author : Lore
Email Address :
Misc. Author Info :
Description : A level
Additional Credits to : Weiner Dog
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M1
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : Not implemented
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : DEU 5.21, VNB 1.050
Known Bugs : flickers a little at floor height -500
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
You MAY distribute this WAD file in any format, as long as credit is given.
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites:
BBS numbers: 315-789-0556
K-CHESS 1.5 - an instructional Chess program
which shows its own calculations as it works.
It has various types of hints and help,
including on-screen calculation of the best
line of attack for several moves ahead.
Features one-player, two-player and autoplay
modes, and unlimited move undo and redo.
Fully keyboard or mouse controlled.
Games can be saved to disk.
Registration A$20 or US$18 incl shipping.

Kiddy Krafts: Blowing Bubbles Recipe #1
Kiddy Krafts: Blowing Bubbles Recipe #2
Knight's Tour - is a simple game of
skill. You must move a knight (the
playing piece from a chess game) on a
chessboard so that every square on the
board is covered once and only once.
This may sound easy, but is really
quite challenging. It can optionally
show you all legal moves remaining.

-=* The Lost Temple V0.2 *=-
-=*The Newest On-Line RPG*=-
Advance Through 30 Levels
Explore Hundreds Of Rooms
And Fight Evil Creatures
Of All Kinds On Your Quest
To Free The Lost Temple!
ALL-PRO League Scheduler v1.0 -
Creates round-robin schedules for any number
of leagues (up to 40 teams per league) at
any number of locations. Handles division
play, tracks scores, standings, and prints
reports. Mouse support and easy to use. From
ALL-PRO Software, $49.95 shareware with one
FREE upgrade to commercial version.
<─═[ Sim Farm Updater to V 1.3 ]═─>
<─═[ Greets To Zorro and CGI ]═─>
\ / / ___/| \LethalSoftware
-Ap| | \___ \ | |\ \ Distributors
/ _____ |____/ | ___/ Kick'n Ass '94!
Lurker's Paradise
LURKER.WAD by John Wakelin (DM)
▒█ MARBLE MAYHEM by The Mad Doctor ! ▓░
Tax your brain ... make it work for once !
Take time off from zapping aliens, getting
all stressed up with Sonic, and relax with
this game of logic .... and soon, you will
find that life isn't what it seems, it's a
whole lot worse ... you thought you had it
good with that cute hedgehog, but now your
worst nightmare is upon you. Use your grey
matter and skill to get those marbles onto
the storage spaces, in all of the 42 rooms
before you go crazy! (VGA+MOUSE required).

>> MEDWAR v1.2 - Medieval War <<
MEDWAR is a Microsoft Windows strategy/war
game set in medieval times. MEDWAR allows
for up to six human or computer players,
play-by-mail games, handicapping with 24
strength levels, and 14 types of pieces.
Documentation: README.TXT and on-line help.

Experience an outer space adventure!
VSWap/GameMaps MEGAfied! Awesome game!
Wolf 3-D 1.4 files REQUIRED to play!
Wolf 3-D 1.4 files not included!
strategy, logic, and a little luck.
Similar to other minefield games, but
will run on ANY system! Uses mouse or
keyboard, EGA/VGA support, save & load,
customizable playfields and difficulty,
and more! Great for laptops or palmtops.
Shareware by Judah Warshaw, $5.
Muirfield Village
Dublin, Ohio
Designer: Jack Nicklaus, 1973
JNSE Designer: Jeff Parsons
Home of the Memorial Tournament.
I've played Lee Ritze's outstanding version of Muirfield for JNSE many times.
However, Lee decided to trick up the course and make it tougher for the
experienced player. He narrowed the fairways, made the greens smaller and
placed trees where there were none.
I decided that some players might want to play a version that plays closer
to the real thing.
Lee Ritze - I used a tree that so far I've seen in Augusta and Seminole Wind.
Also, I hacked up his background from Muirfield with Deluxe Paint
to fit with my version. Furthermore, I think a small bush and a
small tree can be traced back to Lee, however I'm not sure who
the original designer is.
Terry Clark - Terry gave me several killer trees to use. Unfortunately, he
doesn't remember which ones he gave me. They could be his or
someone else or modified versions of someone else. Some
of these I modified again myself . One tree looks very
much like one of James "Revery" Matthews trees and I know
Revery is one of Terry's favorite designers (also one of mine).
The rest of the objects are mine, I hope.
Thanks also to my course testers Bill "Jazzman" Rose and John "Bubba" Kaiser.
Even if you think you've done alright it's nice to have someone else agree.
Thanks to the designers of the original JNUG version. While this is a
complete revision of their work, It still helped to have the land plot
already in place.
Thanks also, to Mark Adams for his suggestions on the original version
I did in 1992.
If you like this course you might want to try my other design:
Grand Traverse Bay
If you would like to make any comments or suggestions on this design,
I can be found on CompuServe (75166,1136)
Muirfield Village is my favorite golf course. Probably because I'm from
Columbus and have attended The Memorial many times. It not only is a
beautiful course but has consistently been rated one of the best golf
courses in the world.
There's a great story I've heard several times while at the tournament.
I don't know whether it's true or not, and I've heard several
different versions. It seems that while playing a practice round on
Wednesday, Jack heard some people partying a bit too loud in one of
the houses near the course. He took time to walk over and kindly tell
them to tone it down. They not so politely told him to "Take a HIKE!"
The next morning when they awoke to watch the start of the tournament, they
found a huge mound of dirt ..... already sodded .... with several trees
planted on top, blocking their view of the course. You can still hear them
saying ... "We're sorry Mr. Nicklaus!"
The next story is TRUE! I had the good fortune of attending a private party
with my brother at the Bobby Jones cabin, just off the first tee. We spent
some of the day on the course, but most of it was spent in the cabin
drinking, eating and talking with friends. We noticed from the T.V. that
Jack didn't play well and would have to shoot a low number the next day to
make the cut.
We ended up staying long past the end of play and missed our bus back to the
parking lot.
As we started to make the long hike to our car, it was getting dark. When
we reached the practice area there was Jack at the practice green hitting
shots out of the sand trap. We stood behind him and quietly watched him hit
15 to 20 balls until he finally chipped one in. Without thinking we both
roared and startled Jack. We apologized and started to leave. But with a
smile, he said "You can stay and watch as long as you don't cheer."
When he was done he spent a few minutes talking with us ...
A high school friend who had met us at the party joined our conversation.
He mentioned to him that his father had played with Jack a long time ago at
the Zanesville Country Club. Jack remembered and asked "How is your father
doing these days?"
My friend answered: "I'm sorry, but he passed away ... I wish he was here
to see me talking to you."
Jack replied: "I wish he was here too ....."
We talked for a few more minutes then headed on to our car. I still remember
thinking, " I just spent a moment with the greatest golfer of all time ...
but I wasn't thinking about golf."
The next day Jack shot a 69 and made the cut.
(Just in case you were wondering ... when you're from Columbus, it's O.K.
to call him Jack .)
Hope you enjoy playing the course,
Jeff Parsons

Moves for Mortal Kombat II version 3.1
Acid pool Fatality this fatality is done in the stage with the acid pool.
Anyone is able to do this move doing this sequence of moves.
hold lp and lk, get very close, hold down, then press hp
Tomb and Pit fatalities are done in the respective stages. you must be very
Close to be able to do these moves.
Note - All of the Babalities and Friendships require that you do not push
any of the punch buttons during the final round of the match. All
babalities and friendships may be done at any distance.
Kung Lao
warp down-up after doing this push an attack button if you want to
attack before you hit the ground
flying kick jump then press up-down-high kick
Hat spin hold bl, tap up-up, release block,tap low punch
Throw hat back-towards-low punch
Fatality 1 towards-towards-towards-low kick, must be inside sweep rng.
Fatality 2 hold low punch, back-towards, release low punch
Guide hat up to head. Should be full screen away.
Friendship back-back-back-down-high kick
Babality back-back-towards-towards-high kick
Tomb and Pit towards-towards-towards-high punch
Freeze down-down towards-towards-low punch
Ice on ground down-down back-back low kick
Slide hold back tap block-low punch-low kick at the same time
Fatality 1 tap towards-towards-down-high kick just outside of sweep
Move in close tap towards-down-towards-towards-high kick
Fatality 2 hold low punch, tap back-back-down-towards, release high
punch, you must be a full screen away
Friendship back-back-down-high kick
Babality down-back-back-high kick
tomb and pit down-towards-towards-block
Fan suction back-back-back-high punch
Fly down-down back-back-high punch
Throw fan towards-towards- high and low punch at the same time
this can be done in the air
Fatality 1 hold low kick, tap towards-towards-down-towards, release
low kick, must be very close
Fatality 2 Block-Block-Block-high punch, must be very close
Friendship hold block, tap down-down-down-up-low kick
Babality tap down-down-down-low kick
Tomb and pit towards-down-towards-high kick
Fireball/wave punch down-down back-back-high kick
back breaker jump up and press block when close to opponent
Earthquake hold low kick for 4 seconds... release
Grab and hit towards-towards-low punch, must be close
Dizzy hit towards-towards-high punch, must be close
Fatality 1 hold low punch, tap towards-towards-towards-towards...
release low punch
Fatality 2 tap block-block-block-block-low punch dis. inside sweep
Friendship hold block, tap down-down-up-up-low kick
Babality hold block, tap down-up-down-up-low kick
Tomb and Pit Hold block, tap up-up-down-low kick
Johnny Cage
Shadow uppercut back-down-down back-back-high punch
high fireball down-down back-back-high punch
low punch down-down towards-towards-low punch
shadow kick back-towards-low kick
Split punch low punch and block at the same time
Fatality 1 down-down towards-towards-low punch must be very close
Fatality 2 towards-towards-down-up very close
Friendship down-down-down-down-high kick
Babality back-back-back-high kick
Tomb and Pit down-down-down-high kick
Disappear and kick towards-towards-low kick
Ice Sais hold high punch for 2 second.. then release
this move may be done in the air
Ball back-back-down-high kick
Fatality 1 towards-back-towards-low punch must be very close
Fatality 2 hold block rapidly press high kick must be very close
Friendship hold block, tap down-down-down-up-high kick
Babality down-down-down-high kick
Tomb and Pit towards-down-towards-low kick
Liu kang
High fire ball towards-towards-high punch this can be done in air
low fire ball towards-towards-low punch
flying kick towards-towards-high kick
flying bicycle kick hold low kick for 2 seconds... release
Fatality 1 down-towards-back-back-high kick must be close
Fatality 2 rotate joystick 360 degrees away from enemy. close
Friendship towards-back-back-back-low kick
Babality down-down-towards-back-low kick
tomb and pit back-towards-towards low kick
Shang tsung
1 fireball back-back-high punch
2 fireballs back-back-towards-high punch
3 fireballs back-back-towards-towards-high punch
sub-zero towards-down-towards-high punch
scorpion hold block, tap up-up
johnny cage back-back-down-low punch
liu kang back-back-towards-towards-block
Raiden down-down-towards-low kick
Meleena tap high punch repeatedly
jax down-towards-back-high kick
baraka down-down-low kick
kung lao back-down-down-high kick
Reptile hold block up-down-high punch
Fatality 1 hold high kick for 2 seconds... release inside sweep range
Fatality 2 hold block, tap up-down-up-low kick,
Kintaro fatality hold low punch for 30 seconds release Hint:
hold low punch before you actually finish opponent
Friendship back-back-down-towards-high kick
Babality back-towards-down-high kick
Pit only hold block, tap down-down-up-down
Head chop back-low punch
Blade throw down-down towards-towards-high punch
Slicing blades back-back-back-low punch
Fatality 1 back-back-back-back-high punch must be very close
Fatality 2 back-towards-down-towards low punch must be very close
Friendship hold block, tap up-towards-towards-high kick
Babality towards-towards-towards-high kick
tomb and pit towards-towards-down-high kick
Spear back-back-low punch
Foot trip towards-down towards-down-down back-back-low kick
Throw in air jump and press block when close to opponent
Disappear punch down-down back-back high punch can be done in air
Fatality 1 hold block up-up-high punch dis. out of sweep range
Fatality 2 Hold block down-down-up-up-high punch
Fatality 3 hold high punch, tap down-towards-towards-towards,
Release high punch, must be very close
Friendship back-back-down-high kick
Babality down-back-back-high kick
tomb and pit down-towards-towards-block
Electricute hold high punch for 2 sec... release must be very close
Electricity down-down towards-towards-low punch
Fly back-back-towards can be done in air
Teleport down-up
Fatality 1 hold low kick for 6 seconds, then release must be very
Close, rapidly tap block and low kick
Fatality 2 hold high punch for 8 seconds, release must be very close
Friendship down-back-towards
Babality hold block, tap-down-down-up-high kick
Tomb and pit hold block, tap up-up-up-high punch
Disappear hold block, up-up-down-high punch
Slide hold back press block-low punch-low kick at the same time
bubble back back high punch and low punch at the same time
acid spit towards towards high punch
Fatality 1 back-back-down-low punch dis. jump away
Fatality 2 disappear the move very close. tap towards-towards-down
high kick
Friendship back-back-down-low kick
Babality down-back-back-low kick
tomb and pit down-towards-towards-block

OF ORION - Includes a 175 page
text file consisting of cuts
and pastings from UseNet
(Internet) discussion in
PLUS valuable charts for
planning MOO strategies.

MYST Hints
These hints are divided into three sections. The first section
provides general hints to help you better understand Myst and to
improve play. The second section contains additional help, and guides
you through Myst and the different Ages. As a last resort, the third
section contains the actual answers to the various Myst puzzles.
General Hints
Most devices on the island have been put there for a purpose. If you
see a switch, flip it. If you see a button, press it. Take note of
what happens. Did something change on the screen? Did you hear
anything? Usually this triggers an event somewhere else on the
Several devices require a combination of symbols, letters, or numbers
to be entered in. If you have not discovered the combination, dont
waste your time guessing! Find the combinations first!
Maps to each Age can be found in the Library. You may want to copy
them down in your Myst journal before transporting.
You can hold only one red or blue page at a time. Clicking on a new
page will cause the page you are holding to return to its original
location. Similarly, only one red or blue page can be returned to
Myst at a time. You may have to revisit Ages to get additional pages.
It is impossible to get permanently trapped, there is always a way
Remember to save your game. You may want to use multiple saves,
especially towards the end, as there is no telling what might happen!
Discover Myst
Find the note from Atrus, and go to the chamber by the dock. Use the
Dimensional Imager to discover what Marker Switches look like.
Travel around the island and count the number of marker switches.
Enter that number into the dimensional imager to receive the message
from Atrus. (You may listen to the message as often as you like.)
Explore the Library
Red and Blue Books - Place the pages in the books to receive messages.
(Click again on the book to replay messages.)
Paintings - The left painting opens a secret passageway to the
observatory tower, the right painting opens the door to the outside.
A Bookcase - Most of the books have been destroyed, save for a few
which are still legible. Each book describes a different age which
the author has created. Write down any information that you feel will
be valuable later on.
Island Map - This controls the observatory tower rotation. The marker
switches allow the island structures to become visible on the map.
The access keys to each age can be found in the Observatory Tower.
Click on the observatory icon until the rotation line turns red. The
red line will lock onto structures that contain transport books to
different Ages.
Observatory Tower
Click on the bookcase picture to open a secret passageway to the
tower. Inside you will find two ladders marked by book and key icons.
Climb the book ladder to view the structure that contains the
transport book. Climb the key ladder to find the access key for that
From Myst to the Selenitic Age
The access key is a voltage number. To open the Spaceship, the proper
voltage must be generated by the Power Station.
Inside the power station is a panel that controls ten generators.
Click on each one and mark down the voltage that is generated. By
pressing the right combination of buttons, the voltages will add up to
the target voltage.
If too much power is generated, one of two circuit breakers will trip,
causing the right gauge to fall to zero. You must then go outside to
check which breaker tower has the thrown switch. There is a tower
just outside the power station, and one close to the ship. The switch
will be DOWN if the breaker is thrown. Push the switch UP to reset.
Go inside the spaceship and play the keyboard notes according to the
sequence found in the Selenitic Age book. Listen to each tone and
match it with the tuner sliders on the opposite end of the ship.
Click on the animation to be transported to the Selenitic Age.
Selenitic Age
You will first discover an elevator. To gain access, you must enter
the proper combination of sounds into the activation panel.
There are five transmission antennas and one receiving station on the
island. At each antenna you will hear distinct sounds. The red
buttons activate microphones that will transmit these sounds to the
receiving station. Take note of the symbols that illuminate at each
station. You may come across a red or blue page. Click on the page to
pick it up, but remember, only one page can be brought back to Myst at
After all five antennas have been activated, go through the wind
tunnel to the receiving station. Here, you must aim each camera at
the transmission antennas. When done, press the _ button. This will
give you the proper order of sounds to enter into the elevator
activation panel.
Take the elevator to the MazeRunner vehicle and get in. The speaker
panel sounds indicate which direction to take. Combinations of sounds
indicate in-between directions (Northeast, for example). If you get
lost, the Backtrack button will move you back towards the correct
At the end of the tunnel is a book that will transport you back to the
Myst Library. Once inside, place the red or blue page into its
corresponding book and listen to the message.
From Myst to the Stoneship Age
The access keys are dates which must be entered into the Planetarium
Star Plotter. Turn out the lights, enter the dates, and copy down the
constellation formations. Go to the library, look up the
constellations in the Stoneship book, and find the symbols associated
with each constellation.
Now go to the fountain just outside the library. Click on the marker
pillars that display the constellation symbols you have found. (They
are green when ON and red when OFF.) The ship model will rise in the
fountain, as will the ship at the dock. Inside the ship at the dock
is a book that will transport you to the Stoneship Age.
Stoneship Age
At the umbrella crows-nest are three buttons that pump water from
different areas on the ship/island.
Pump water out of the lighthouse. You will find a key bolted to the
floor and a chest down below. Drain the water from the chest and
close the spigot. Pump water back into the lighthouse. The chest
will now be floating close enough to the key to open. Inside the
chest is another key which will unlock the trap door to the lighthouse
Once inside, you will find a generator with a battery pack. Crank the
generator until the light bar indicates full. This will give you
ten minutes to explore the island/ship.
Take the elevated wooden path to the telescope and look around. You
will see a flashing beacon (but only if the generator is fired up).
Take note of the compass degree of the beacon.
Pump water out of the Stoneship tunnels. Look for the red and blue
pages in each of the brothers rooms. (You may also find a half
Hidden in the tunnels is a secret passageway that leads to a giant
compass. The compass activates the lights in the ships aft. Push
the button that corresponds to the degree angle of the flashing
beacon. If you press the wrong one, the lights will go out, and you
will have to recharge the generator again.
Pump water from the ships aft. Downstairs is a book that will
transport you back to Myst.
From Myst to the Mechanical Age
Go to the Clock Tower on the opposite end of island from the Library.
Use the wheels to set the time to the observatory clue. The large
wheel advances the minutes hand, the small wheel advances the hour
Once inside the clock tower, use the levers to set the combination to
the observatory clue. Pull and release the left lever to rotate the
bottom two gears. If you pull and hold the lever down, both gears
will turn once, but only the middle gear will continue to turn. The
right lever operates the same way for the top two gears. On the far
right is a lever that resets the puzzle.
When completed, go the giant gears near the dock. Inside the gear is
the book that will transport you to the Mechanical Age.
Mechanical Age
You will first discover a metal platform. To gain access, you must
enter the proper combination of symbols into its activation panel.
The center of this island is a mechanical fortress which can rotate on
its axis. To get to the other islands, you must rotate the fortress
using the controls inside. Practice with the Fortress Rotation
Simulator in Achenars room to get your timing right.
In-between the two brothers' rooms is a passageway. Press the red
button to lower the staircase to the elevator control panel. Use the
handle to align the circles until there is an opening (circles will
turn red). Go back up and raise the staircase. Enter the elevator
and press the UP button. When the door opens, press the middle button
and step outside.
Use the controls to rotate the fortress. Go outside and search the
islands for clues that will help you get back to Myst. Remember to
bring back a red or blue page!
From Myst to the Channelwood Age
Go to the Cabin on the island. Enter the combination into the safe as
found in the observatory clue. Use the matches to light the pilot on
the furnace. Position your cursor in the middle of the wheel (until
it turns clockwise green) and click to crank up the furnace. This
powers the tree elevator and will bring it to above ground level.
Wait until you can no longer hear the elevator moving upward. Now
turn the furnace off (counter-clockwise red) until the fire goes out.
Quickly go outside and turn back towards the cabin. Move to the right
of the cabin in-between the two large trees. You will see a giant
tree with an elevator moving downward. When the elevator reaches
ground level, click to move inside. Wait for the elevator to take you
to the Channelwood transport book.
Channelwood Age
Here you must channel water to power up various devices on the island.
Go inside the Windmill to the water tank. Click on the nozzle to open
the pipe (counter-clockwise), and head back towards the trees. You
should now hear water flowing through the pipe.
There is a junction box at the first fork that controls the flow of
water; (the yellow dots indicate direction). Channel water to the
elevator on the right. Step inside, close the door, and move up to
the second floor.
Here, you must search for a red lever that opens the door to the
wooden staircase. A map to this level can be found in the Channelwood
book in the Library. Once open, the elevator from the first to second
level is no longer needed, so you can use that water to power another
Channel water to the elevator at the top of the stairs, and take the
elevator to the third level. Look for the red and blue pages. (You
may also find a half page.)
Travel back to water level, and channel water to the motor on the far
left. This will activate a water bridge. Cross the bridge and head
to the right. To power the elevator found here, you must complete the
section of missing pipe. Turn the crank to extend the pipe. Go back
and channel water through this pipe to the elevator. This will bring
you to a book that will take you back to Myst.
From Myst to Dunny
Place your last page in the red or blue book and listen to the
message. If you have placed enough pages into either book, you will
be instructed to enter the correct pattern into the fireplace vault.
MYST Answers
Number of Marker Switches8
Selenitic Age
Observatory clue59 volts
Power station generatorsLeft row: one and three
Right row: three and four
Receiving StationWater153.4
Elevator sound sequenceTones, Water, Wind, Volcano, Clock
MazeRunner Controls North = bell sound (bing)
West = bird type sound (twrr)
East = air brake sound
South = bell clank
MazeRunner PathN, W, N, E, E, S, S, W, SW, W, NW, NE, N, SE
Stoneship Age
Observatory clue Oct. 11, 1984 10:04 a.m.
Pillar switches Leaf, Snake, Insect
Water pump switchesLeft pumps out book room
Middle pumps out Stoneship tunnels
Right pumps out the lighthouse
Compass Press button at 135 degrees, (12th button
clockwise from the North).
Mechanical Age
Observatory clue2:40 and 2-2-1
Symbol Code First SymbolHorseshoe
Second SymbolTriangle Rectangle Triangle
Third SymbolCircle over Three Triangles
Last SymbolHalf Circle
Channelwood Age
Safe combination724
Access to the vault can be achieved easily if the simple instructions
are followed. First, locate each of the Marker Switches on the
island. Turn every one of these switches to the on position. Then
go to the dock and turn the Marker Switch there to the off position.
Either Sirrus or Achenar will give you the key to the vault. If not,
you need to return more pages to them!
by Stan Trevena
This walkthrough of Broderbund's Myst is broken into 3 parts. This, the
first part, covers Myst Island. Part 2 covers the Stoneship Age and Selenitic
Age, while part 3 covers the Mechanical Age, Channelwood Age, and the End
Game. Since Myst is not linear in nature, these ages can be visited in
any order. The big hint in Myst is not to be afraid to try anything in
the game. You can neither die nor can you reach a "point of no return,"
as is so often found in many other adventure games. Ergo, always "go for
Fantasy Island [>]
After the introduction, you are left staring at the Myst
book. Touch this book and it expands to fill your screen. Touch it again
and it will open to reveal a small picture window on the right page with
no writing. If you wait a few seconds, the picture will spring to life
with a flyby tour of Myst Island. Each Myst linking book will do this
when opened. It is best to sit back and watch the video, as it gives
you a general "lay of the land" that will assist you in finding your
way around a new age. Each age consists of a giant puzzle in the form
of an island. To learn more about each of these ages, consult the local
The Family Tree [>]
You will not encounter many people in Myst. Atrus is the
progenitor of Myst and all it's ages. He uses an art he learned from his
father to link these ages together. It is never really explained, but it
seems that whatever Atrus writes in his books becomes reality in the
different ages. The 1 reference to this is in the Stoneship Age and the
gift he gave to the boys there. It will become obvious later what went
wrong with the ship Atrus created. Atrus has 2 sons, Sirrus and Achenar,
whom you will learn of early in your adventure in Myst, and a dear wife,
Catherine, who is apparently being held hostage in another land.
Where To Start? [>] Myst
island is where you start the game:
First, Anything you encounter in Myst that can be manipulated should be.
In other words, push all buttons, flip all switches, turn all dials, and so
forth. One thing is almost certain: if it moves, it has something to do with solving a puzzle. There are no 1-way manipulations, everything can be returned to it's original state. Your first objective on Myst Island is to locate all the marker switches and turn them to the 'up' position. These look like podiums with a large power switches set into the surface. They must all be activated to get off the island.
On Your Marker [>] You'll
land on the dock after touching the page in the Myst book. To your left is
the outline of a door set into the wall by the dock. If you want, open this
door and go in. This is the dimensional imager that you will soon learn of.
If you care to venture forth at this point, go down the stairs and at the
base turn to your right and click on the page on the wall. When it is in full
view, note the list of three items and their associated imager numbers.
Press the small blue button above and to the left of the page on the wall.
This will slide open an access panel and allow you to key in an imager code.
Mirror Mirror [>] Use the up and down
arrows below each digit to set a code into the imager control panel.
Now turn around and walk to the imager. Set into its base is a yellow
button which, when pressed, displays the image. When no code is set, you will only see what looks like water. After you're familiar with the workings of the imager, it's time to leave. Go back out to the dock and walk towards what looks like a large gear mechanism set on a hill at the top of some stairs. At the base of the stairs you will encounter your first marker switch; go ahead and flip it on. Climb the stairs and flip on the marker switch next to the large gear.
What A View! [>] Take a moment to catch
your breath after climbing all those stairs and look around. Hmm... there's
a lot more to explore. Go down the stairs towards the rotunda. On your way,
pick up the note on the grass. It's from Atrus to his wife Catherine. It
tells of a message that's left on the imager in the fore-chamber by the dock.
Sound familiar? Onward and (back) upward. The rotunda is used later to
decode a sequence of star constellations. For now, flip the marker switch
to the left of the door. Walk up the wood steps, past the library, right and
out to the spaceship on the point.
What A Blast! [>] There's an elevated
walkway leading out to the space-ship. Notice the brick tower to the left as
you go out supporting a power line running to the spaceship (you may be back
for that switch later if you trip the breaker.) Go out to the spaceship and
flip on the marker switch. Go back to the library, follow the grassy path
away from the library towards the distant Clock Tower. On your way, you
will find a large water filled marble basin with a miniature sunken ship.
Maybe this location holds the key to raising that ship? Flip on the marker
switch just past the large marble basin and to the left of the path.
Power Plant [>] As you've probably noticed, the power line from the
spaceship has been running parallel to the path just beyond those strange
pillars. In front of each pillar is a raised metal marker with a bronze
plate set into the face of each that vibrates and glows red when touched.
Each plate has a symbol etched into it. Do not touch any of these plates just yet. Instead, sketch each of the symbols etched into the plates. Continue on down the path, past the marble basin, following the power line. Just off to the right is the entrance to the underground power generation plant for the island, which is where the power line ends.
Shocking [>] Go right and you will find the small brick building that
houses the entrance to the underground power plant. For now, flip on the marker switch to the left of the door. Don't worry, you'll come back to this building in a bit.
Notice there's another brick tower with a breaker switch off behind the brick building. Go back to the path and head for the clock tower in the distance. There's a control box just at the waters edge. On it there's a large and small dial as well as a red button. These dials set the time on the clock tower. There's a marker switch out by the Clock Tower. Unfortunately, you can't swim.
Trees Through The Forest [>] Therefore, follow
the shore around to the little log cabin. There's another marker switch to the
right of the door. As usual, flip it to the 'on' position. That's a really
large tree back behind the cabin. If you want, go take a look at the big
tree and poke around the cabin. We'll be waiting for you when you get back
here. That's the last marker switch on Myst Island. Remember Catherine's
letter? "Enter the number of Marker Switches on this island into the imager
to retrieve the message." We've seen 8 marker switches, and were only able
to activate 7. Go back to the imager by the docks to get that message.
Dear Catherine [>] Remember the hidden
image sequencer panel behind the fake piece of paper on the wall? Press the
button and input the number 8. Turn, walk to the imager, and press the button.
Atrus will appear and deliver his message. He tells of his library being
destroyed and how he suspects his sons. He tells Catherine that he's hidden
the remaining undamaged books in their "places of protection." He reminds
Catherine that if she's forgotten the access keys, to remember the tower
rotation. Okay, then hop it up to the library and do some research. After
all,wasn't that a tower that loomed above the library?
The Book is Better Than the Movie [>] Go into the
library and directly to the bookshelf on the back wall. When it is in full
view you will be able to read each individual book. Atrus was right, most
of these books are completely destroyed, burned at the hands of an arsonist,
which son could have done this? The Channelwood Journal is the first readable
book, it's red and green and is on the left side of the top shelf. Take and
read this book. Click on it once to bring it into full view, and again to
open it. Clicking on a page will turn it. This book tells of a land of tree
dwellers. Each book will chronicle that land and show you some key drawings
Channeling [>] Channelwood looks like a land
of tree houses. The next book that's still readable is the red and blue
Stoneship Age Journal on the right side of the top shelf. This book tells
the story of 3 boys and their adventures. Make note of the submersible lamp,
the lighthouse, and the 8 constellations of this land. These constellations
have matching symbols like those etched into the bronze plates mounted on the
markers in front of the pillars that ring the marble basin area. Use the
empty journal provided with the game to sketch all pertinent information.
Remember, these books will give you many clues to each of the ages.
Apocalypse Now [>] The next readable book
is blue and is located on the middle shelf. This journal tells of the
Selenitic Age and reads like the Bible's book of Revelations: replete with
a land scorched by giant balls of fire from the sky, large craters and burned
out wastelands. Make note of the drawing of the keyboard and receiving dish.
These items will "play" an important role later during your travels to this
age. It's a good idea to sketch the map of each age, they will prove invaluable
in your later travels. The next book makes little sense. It's slightly singed,
but still readable.
The Book Of Patterns [>] At the far right side
of the middle shelf is a book of many different block patterns. They all are
based on a 8 x 6 grid. Don't write these down. Instead, remember what the
patterns look like, as you will need to reference this book later. There's 1
more book that you can peruse. The brown book on the left side of the bottom
shelf is the Mechanical Age Journal. In it you will read of an island fortress
and an attacking fleet of ships. Make note of how the fortress works, the
fortress floor plan, and the stairs. Do not skip through these books. A little
time spent reading here will save you a lot of time later in the game.
Son Tsu [>] On the left wall of the library,
behold a red book on a display shelf with a red page sitting next to it. Open
the book and insert the red page in it to communicate with Sirrus. Through the
heavy static and interference you can see that he is unsure of who you are. He
appears to be well mannered, though. As he struggles to see you, he pleads for
you to bring more red pages. On the other wall you will find the book that
contains Achenar. He seems a bit, shall we say, disturbed. He,like his brother,
demands that you bring more blue pages. We at last have a direction to proceed
in this quest. What purpose do these pages serve?
Are We On The Map? [>] The map on the left wall
of the library holds the key to your travels through the different ages of
Myst. Examine it. When you are close enough, all locations where you activated
marker switches at are illuminated. Just behind the library you will see a
blinking circular marker. Press on this marker and a line will appear. If you
hold down on the marker, the line will rotate. As it passes over key
landmarks, it will turn red. Release at the docks and you will hear creaks and
groans as the tower aligns with this location. After that pretty impressive
display, and now that the tower is rotated, what do you do?
Secret Tower Passage [>] There are 2 framed
pictures by the bookcase. On the left wall is a picture of a set of stairs,
on the right a set of book shelves that look awfully familiar. Touch the
picture of the stairs. The image will swirl and the shelf of books will slide
away to reveal a passage. At the end of that wood paneled hallway sits an
elevator. Once in the elevator, press the blue button to be delivered to the
tower. The indicator above the button will display "Tower" when you arrive,
just to make sure. Exit the elevator and go straight to the ladder that has an
open book plaque behind it, climb the ladder to the platform.
I Can See Clearly Now [>] Looking out the window,
the landmark highlighted during the tower rotation will be visible,in this case
he docks. Could this point the way to the place of protection for 1 of the
remaining books? Climb down and go to the other ladder. A key plaque is
mounted on the wall behind it. Climbing to the top reveals yet another plaque.
This one gives 3 dates and times: 10/11/1984 10:04am, 1/17/1207 5:46am, and
11/23/9791 6:57pm. The rotunda holds a decoder that will translate these
dates. In order to leave the library, return to the pictures and touch the
bookcase picture to close the passage.
Take A Break [>] This concludes the first
part of the Myst Walkthrough. We've covered quite a bit of ground so far. The
island of Myst is a beautiful place, the likes of which have never been seen
on a PC screen. The beauty of Myst is only matched by the rich aural
experience. Take a break from your travels now, pick a place on the island and
sit back and relax. In the second part of this Walkthrough you'll explore the
Stoneship and Mechanical Ages. So, for now, enjoy these tranquil surroundings
and stay tuned.
Hopefully, you're well rested. We are going to set out to explore the
Stoneship and Mechanical Ages today -- a major undertaking. You will need to
draw on your experiences on Myst Island in these travels. The keys to all the
ages of Myst are contained on Myst Island itself. As you'll recall, we've just
completed our first tower rotation using the map on the wall of the library.
We have several dates and times that were taken from the key plaque for
decoding at the rotunda building.
It's A Date [>] Start with a quick trip
to the rotunda building. Open the door and go in. Next to the door is a switch
that will turn off the lights. Click, the whole room then looks like a
planetarium. Take a seat in the chair and pull down the control panel. Input
the dates from the key platform plaque. Each date will display a constellation
that will match one of the drawings in the journal. The matching symbol icons
from this translation will be: Leaf, Snake, and Beetle. Go down to the marble
basin and find the columns with these icons. Press the matching bronze plates
for these symbols and they'll turn green (don't worry, they're not jealous).
Raise The Titanic [>] Upon pressing the last
plate, a loud rush of water will be heard -- like something big is draining.
Aha, the ship in the bird bath raised. But that couldn't have made all that
noise. What about the bigger ship? Yes! The ship by the dock is also raised.
Board it and go below deck to find the first linking book on the blue chair.
Open it and watch the flyby of the Stoneship Age. Touch the picture and you
will be taken there. You'll find yourself standing at the aft of a ship that
appears to have, itself, materialized on a large, stone island. A wood plank
leads out to a sunken lighthouse to the right and an umbrella structure to the
Walk The Plank [>] There are several objectives
on this island. First, restore power to the island structures. Walk out to the
umbrella structure where there are 3 large buttons. Pressing the right button
will pump out the lighthouse. Return there and find the key chained to the
walkway. Down the spiral stairs is a large locked trunk. A small valve is set
in the left side of the trunk -- open it to drain the trunk, then close it and
return to the pump switches. Press the right button and return to the
lighthouse. The trunk is floating alongside the key that's bolted to the
walkway. Unlock the trunk and remove the key hidden inside.
Going Up [>] Climb the ladder to the right of
the chest. Use the key and open the attic door. There's a hand generator here
and a battery pack. Crank the handle on the generator several turns until the
power gauge on the battery pack shows solid white (i.e., you have a full
charge). Go back to the pump station and press the middle button. This drains
the tunnels in the large rock structure. Sirrus' room is down the passage
leading from the aft platform where you entered this age. Look around this
ornate area. There's lots to look at, but all you need to recover is the single
red page in the bottom dresser drawer.
Return To Myst Island [>] There's a telescope at
the pinnacle of the rock formation at the center of this island. Just to the
left of the walkway to the lighthouse, there is a stone passage which you
should follow as it leads up to the telescope. Look through the telescope and
pan around. Stop on the roof of the lighthouse with the blinking light. This
will be at the 135 degree mark. Go back down the passage to Sirrus' room. On
the wall, 1 landing up from either brothers room, will be a large recessed
plate. Pressing it will reveal a secret passage to the compass room. On the
floor of this room is a large antique compass. Now you're getting somewhere...
Due East [>] Circling this compass are a series
of small buttons. Press the 12th button from the north portion, but beware! If
you press the wrong one, you will trip the lights and have to go back up to
the lighthouse to recharge the battery pack. A light goes on if you press the
right button. How strange, the light is underwater and can be seen through the
windows in this room. Time to go back up to the pump station. Press the left
button and the aft ship chamber will drain. Go below deck and note that the
light you just activated with the compass button is illuminating this room.
At the bottom of the hold is a book room. Go to the table.
Can I Check Out This Book? [>] Touch the table top
and the linking book will materialize. Remember, you can go into any of the
chambers without the benefit of light. Both bed chambers appear to have
independent energy sources and are lit up regardless of battery charge.
However, if the underwater light is not lit, the book will not appear on the
table. With the Myst linking book before you, open it and touch the picture to
return to the library on Myst Island. Insert the red page in the red book and
listen to Sirrus. He thanks you for the page and tells you that his brother is
guilty, and that he is wrongfully imprisoned, emploring you to bring more
Back For The Blue Page [>] The return trip is a
breeze. Just go down to the ship by the dock, below deck, use the linking book,
and you're back in the Stoneship Age. Recharge the battery pack and press the
middle button at the pumping station to drain the center passages. Off the
fore section of the ship is a passage leading down to Achenar's bed chamber.
Achenar is not at all like his brother. From the looks of his room, you might
say that he is a little on the twisted side. There's a lamp that looks
strangely like a human rib cage. There, on the bed, is the blue page. Off to
1 side of the room is a large dresser with a strange apparatus perched on top.
Only Half The Story [>] On top of the dresser is a
holographic unit. Turn it on and a rose appears, slide the lever and it morphs
into a human skull. The second from the bottom drawer of this dresser has a
surprise. This is the left half of a torn page from a journal -- something to
do with marker switches and a vault. This could be important, so make a note
of it's contents. With the blue page in hand, go to the pumping station and
press the left button. Return to the book room and use the linking book to
return to Myst Island. In the library, return the blue page to the blue book
and listen to Achenar. He seems to be getting crazier, doesn't he?
Rubber Room [>] Achenar says that his brother cannot
be trusted, that he was falsely imprisoned and that he will seek retribution
for his brothers acts. The image is clearer this time, with less static. Maybe
the more pages returned to the books, the better the communications link. With
the way Achenar is cracking up, though, how well do you want that link to be?
Use the map to rotate the tower again. This time, position the rotating
pointer to the spaceship out on the point. Sure enough, looking out from the
tower shows the spaceship in view. The key plaque displays a single message,
59 volts." Keep that number "current."
Snacks Are Available In The Lobby [>] A trip to the
power plant seems to be in order. The trip down the hill from the library is
quick enough. Go in the brick building and down to the door at the bottom,
then press the blue button and go in the door. There's a control panel with
10 switches in 2 columns. There are also 2 dials: the left is for island power,
the right for power to the spaceship. Each switch powers up a generator. The
trick is to flip the right combination of switches to total 59 volts on each
dial. To do this press button 1 and 3 on the left column and buttons 3 and 4
on the right -- carefully! The number 59 should now be displayed on each dial.
What A Trip [>] If you press the wrong combination of
switches you will trip 1 of the 2 tower breakers. If this occurs, shut down
all generators, go out, find the tripped breaker, and then start again. Once
you hit the 59s, enter the space ship and you will see a keyboard at one end
and a set of 5 slider switches and a lever at the other end. Using the diagram
from the Selenitic Age Journal of the keyboard, press the 1 key from the
diagram and then adjust the first slider so that the note generated matches
the note played on the keyboard. Repeat for each of the 5 notes. When you
think you have the right settings, pull the handle.
Music To The Ears [>] If the settings were correct, the
linking book should now be displayed in the view screen. Touch the screen and
watch a flyby of the Selenitic Age (which is pretty desolate). Like the first
puzzle, 5 sounds must be identified and set into an access panel before you
can return to Myst Island. Like the marker switches on Myst Island, there are
sound transmitters scattered about at 5 locations that must be activated.
Locate each and press the button. Make a note of each icon at each
transmitter's site. Also note the sound that emanates from each location.
WARNING: This is possibly the most difficult of all the puzzles of Myst.
An Oasis [>] Cross the elevated walkway and follow
the path through the pass to the left of the mountain. Set into the base of
the mountain is a small brick structure with a coded access panel. The first
small trail that branches left off the main trail leads around the left side
of a large crater. Follow it to the oasis. It is here that you will find the
blue page on a wood bench, to the left of the transmitter switch. Take it.
The icon at this transmitter location is of 2 drops of water. Press the red
button and listen to the sound of the water, you will need to remember this
sound later.
Water To Fire [>] Go back to the large brick staircase
just past the Oasis trail head. This leads to the chasm Atrus spoke of in his
journal of this age. Activate this transmitter switch and make a note of the
sound of the furnace below. The icon at this location is a chasm with steam
rising. Go back down the stairs and continue down the path away from oasis
and chasm. You will quickly come to the remnants of a once mighty clock tower.
Activate the transmitter switch. Listen and note the sound of the clock.
The icon here is of 2 clock hands. Continue down to the fork in the path, go
right and up the hill towards the crystal forest.
Crystal Forest [>] In the crystal forest, you will find
another transmitter switch. There's a unique sound produced here as the wind
whistles through the crystal formations. The icon here is of a shard of
crystal. There's a red page sitting atop the transmitter pedestal, so pick
it up. (Where did the blue page go?) Return to the path and walk out to the
jetty to a subsurface tunnel. The loud rush of wind exiting the tunnel is
almost deafening. Activate the transmitter switch. The icon is a hole with
air swirling out. Next, climb down the ladder into the underground tunnel.
Turn on the light switch at the ladder's base.
The Light at the End of the Tunnel [>] Climb the ladder
at the other end of the tunnel, then climb the brick stairs to a large set of
metal doors. Open the doors to expose a control panel, complete with video
monitor, 2 directional arrows, a receiver coordinates display, 5 icon buttons
that match the transmitter icons, and a sum button. The trick here is to
rotate the receiver to lock in on each individual transmitter. When you get
close, a directional arrow will flash in the direction of the signal. You will
hear a clear sound played over the speaker when the right direction is locked
in. IMPORTANT: Record the direction coordinates for each icon.
The Coordinates [>] The various coordinates are:
Oasis-153.4, Chasm-130.3, Clock Tower-55.6, Crystal Forest-15.0, and the
Underground Tunnel-212.2. Once all coordinates are set, press the sum button
and the sounds will be played back in a specific sequence: Crystal Forest,
Oasis, Underground Tunnel, Chasm, and Clock Tower. Return to the access panel
back at the start of this age. By moving the sliders, different sounds will
play. Set the sliders so the sounds play in the same sequence as above. When
all the sliders are set, press the red button to open the doors. Go down the
stairs to the rail car. Press the blue button and go in and take a seat.
Which Way Do I Go? [>] Press 'FORWARD' to start your
trip in the rail car. Once lowered to the track, use the directional arrows
to set a compass direction, forward to move forward, and backtrack to reverse
your last movement. The correct sequence of directions is: N, W, N, E, E, S,
S,W,SW,W,NW,NE,N,SE,and exit. At the end of the ride, exit and follow the
passage. There you will find the Myst linking book, so use it to return to
Myst Island. Back in the library, place the red page in the red book. Sirrus
is easier to see and hear now with another page inserted. He begs that you
bring more pages and warns you not to release his brother.
The Blue Page [>] The return trip is easy this time.
The code is still set in the spaceship, so simply use the already displayed
linking book to travel to the Selenitic Age. Return to the oasis and retrieve
the blue page. When you go back to the maze entrance, the sliders are still
set. Press the button and go down to the rail car which has magically returned
to the start of the maze. Run the exact same directions through the maze. Use
the Myst linking book to return to the library and insert the blue page into
the blue book. Achenar now claims that Sirrus murdered their father and
commands you to bring more pages. The plot thickens...
Shore Leave [>] That concludes the second installment of
this Myst walkthrough. The two brothers offer a truly perplexing problem.
Which of them is rightfully imprisoned and which is telling the truth? Does
sanity count for anything, or has Achenar been driven to his insanity by his
grief over the murder of his father? The time is coming when a decision must be
made. Which brother will you free? In part 3 of this walkthrough, we will
explore the Mechanical and Channelwood Ages, as well as the End Game.
Have you come to any conclusions? Which brother is sane and which is really
guilty? How did they get into their separate books anyway? Why are their pages
scattered throughout the lands of Myst? So many questions and so few
answers. Maybe you will find some more answers in the remaining ages of Myst.
If not, how will you decide which brother to release? Your decision will
ultimately lead to either your escape or permanent residency.
Trained Mechanics [>] You've probably already guessed
which landmark holds the linking book to the Mechanical Age; it's the large
set of gears on the hill above the docks. Using the map in the library, rotate
the tower to align with this spot. A trip to the tower will show proper
alignment and disclose the key 2:40 2,2,1. That first part is a time, and
where is time used on Myst Island? The controls on the shore by the Clock
Tower, of course. After arriving at the control box, turn the dials for
hours and minutes to set the clock to 2:40. Press the red button and a hidden
walkway of gears will rise from the water.
What Was The Combination? [>] Inside the tower is a
strange device. It consists of 3 numbered dials in a vertical stack, and at
the base are 2 levers on either side: one on the wall to the right, and a
counter weight on a chain to the left. Pull and release the lever on the left
and the bottom 2 dials will rotate 1 digit. Pull and hold this lever and the
bottom number dial rotates 1 position while the middle dial continues to rotate
until released. Pull and release the right lever and the top 2 dials rotate
1 position. Pull and hold the right lever and the top number rotates 1 position
and the middle dial continues to rotate until released. Simple, right?
Get It In Gear [>] You are limited on the number of
times you can pull the levers because, as you rotate dials, the counterweight
drops. If it hits the ground you have to pull the lever on the wall to reset
the dials and raise the counterweight. The quickest solution to this puzzle is:
Pull and release right lever twice. Hold the left lever down until the 2 comes
around on the middle dial, then release the lever. There will be a cranking
sound as a mini-gear set in the base of the device rotates open. It looks a
lot like the larger gear on the hill by the docks. Time to get up there and
check if it has opened like this miniature model has.
Fortress Island [>] Sure enough, the gear is open and the
linking book is just inside. Use it to get to the Mechanical Age, a place
full of gears. Upon arrival, to your left is a gear set on a pedestal with a
control panel. There are 4 icons that can be changed by pressing the green
buttons. There's also a large red button under the row of icon buttons. Across
a steel foot bridge sits a small fortress set on yet more gears. The track
that encircles the fortress, and the long trap door guarded by railings, look
just like a few of the drawings in Atrus journal of this age. Cross the foot
bridge to the fortress and go right once inside.
Around And Around We Go [>] Achenar's room is even weirder
than those found in the other ages. There are all sorts of weapons laying
about surrounded by strange wall decorations. There's a fortress rotation
simulator here. By manipulating the levers, you will see a graphic of the
fortress rotate through the 4 compass directions. When you find the real
rotation device, you will not have the benefit of a graphic display. Practice
enough to be able to do this with your eyes closed. Listen carefully to the
directional sounds. There's a recessed panel to the right of the simulator
marked by a yellow stripe, press on this panel and enter the secret chamber.
Torture Chamber [>] The Blue page is beneath a shelf with
poison bottles. Find the other exit from the bed chamber, follow it to the
end, and you will be at the back entrance of Sirrus' room. Midway between
these is a red button and another hallway. There appears to be a column at
the end of the hallway. Pressing the red button opens a door in the floor.
In the lower,level there's a small table with a display of 2 semicircles,
with 1 set inside the other, and a lever. Pull the lever and rotate the circles
lining up the openings, then return upstairs. Push the red button again to
close the stairs and go down the hall to the elevator.
Going Up [>] The elevator has an up and down arrow with
a square button set in the middle that serves as a timer. Go to the top floor
and press the timer. Exit the elevator and, when the timer expires, the
elevator will close and lower out of sight revealing the rotation device.
Use the device to rotate and visit the islands north and east of this one.
On each, you will find half of the 4 icon sequence needed to open the stairway
at the start of this age. Return the tower to it's original location (south)
and use this 4-icon code sequence to open the stairway. Finally, go down to
the room and use the linking book to return to Myst Island.
Mental Case [>] Back at Myst Island, insert the blue page
in the blue book. Achenar gets a little further down the road to the big rubber
walled room on each return trip. He of course wants "more blue pages", so what
else is new? He tells of Sirrus being the guilty party. He explains how Sirrus
has a greed that cannot be quenched. Most of the conversation is the same old
paranoid babble that Achenar seems only capable of vocalizing. Get back to the
gear on the hill and the Mechanical Age linking book. Once back at the island,
again cross the catwalk to the fortress, go left inside the door. This will
take you to Sirrus' room.
Sirrus Stuff [>] Sirrus' room is filled with miniature models
of all the devices on Myst Island. Each can be closely examined. Since the
fortress is symmetrical, it only makes sense that there would also be a hidden
room here. Below and to the right of Sirrus' "throne," behind the tapestry, is
where the panel is located. Here is where his greed manifested itself in the
gold bars and coins that litter the room. Laying in a chest of gold bars, in
the back corner of the room, is a red page. There's a threatening note rolled
up with the wine bottles from Achenar. Return to Myst Island with the fourth
red page and insert it into the red book.
The Fourth Red Page [>] Sirrus actually seems a little calmer.
With each page he says he can see more clearly and that soon he will be free
of his prison. He sure is appreciative of the red pages and promises great
wealth if the last one is retrieved. As is always the case with these 2
brothers, he mixes no words where his brother's concerned. He claims that
Achenar is demented and took advantage of their father. He warns that,if
released, Achenar will destroy both of you. He is anxious for the last page
to be returned from the last unexplored age. The only other landmark that will
activate the tower is the large tree.
Channelwood Age [>] Use the map in the library to rotate the
tower to the large tree behind the small cabin just up from the Clock Tower.
A quick check through the window in the tower confirms the tower position, and
the key plaque only displayed the numbers 7,2,4. What the heck could those
numbers mean? Just inside of the door and to the left in the small log cabin by
the large tree is a wall safe. Setting the three tumblers to 7,2,4 and pulling
the handle opens the safe. There's a box of matches in the safe. Is anything
on this island normal? Before leaving the wall safe, strike the match on the
box to ignite it. Things will heat up soon.
Fire It Up [>] Turn around and go to the furnace. Start by
cranking the large wheel to the right to get the gas going, then touch the
match to the pilot set in the lower left of the furnace base. Keep cranking the
gas up until the temperature readout gauge is maxxed out. The loud thundering
sound is the tree moving up out of the base. Cut the gas and run out to the
tree and you will be able to jump into a compartment set in the tree for a ride
down. At the bottom, there's a room with the Channelwood Age linking book
sitting on a tree stump. Use this book to get to the Channelwood Age. Just as
the journal had stated, this place is filled with trees.
Myst Family Robinson [>] There are 3 levels to
the Channelwood Age; the water level walkways, the mid-level huts, and the
upper level bed chambers of Achenar and Sirrus. The lower level is a very
simple tree structure branching out from the windmill. The mid-level huts are
mapped in the Channelwood Age Journal, and the upper level consists of a
winding walkway that connects the 2 brothers' bed chambers. Also on this level
is Achenar's imaging chamber. All mechanisms in this age are powered by a
series of water pipes that emanate from the windmill. The windmill is to your
left at the start of this age, so you'd best make your way there.
Open The Valve [>] Inside the windmill there's a water
valve at the base of a large tank. Open the valve and you will hear the water
run into the pipes. All through this level, you will know if the pipes at
your feet are filled with running water by the sound -- no sound, no water.
Also, at each fork of the walkway there's a 2-way valve. Move the red valve
bar parallel to the pipe you want the water to go down. The spiral staircase
seems like the logical way up, but the door is locked with no key. From the
windmill, route the water left, then right 3 times. This will bring you to an
elevator. Use the red lever in the elevator to go up.
Open Sesame [>] On the drawing of the middle level in
the Channelwood Age Journal there's a line connecting a hut to the spiral
staircase. Go straight from the elevator, then right 3 times, then out to the
hut with the switch for the spiral staircase door on the middle level. Pull
the red handle to open the door. From this "switch hut," go straight through
the first hut, right 2 times, through the square hut, elbow through the next
square hut, and straight to the staircase. Go down the staircase and open the
door on the first level. Go back to the first fork from the windmill and
redirect the water right to the spiral staircase.
Top Of The World [>] Go up the spiral staircase and
use the elevator to the left at the top of the stairs (which now has power).
This will take you to the top level and the 2 bed chambers. Leave the elevator
and head for the first hut that's visible. This is another of Achenar's play
rooms (Achenar is a sick puppy). There's an imager that will activate when
you enter the room, although it has no real purpose. Continuing on past this
hut will bring you to Achenar's bed chambers and the master control for the
imager. Flip through the 4 messages and see the nice message from Sirrus.
The fifth blue page is at the base of the imaging controller.
Linking Paths [>] At the other end of the winding
walkway is Sirrus' bed chamber (we'll come back for the red page later).
Go back down the elevator and staircase to the first level. Return to the
first valve after the windmill and set the valves: left twice, then right
to a dead end with a lever. Pull the red handle and a hidden walkway will
float up. Follow the walkway in a half-circle past the elevator, and around
to another dead end. Turn the crank here to extend a hidden pipe and connect
it to the other side. Go back to the first valve again and set the valves:
left, right twice and then left. Go back to the elevator across the floating
Return Trip [>] Go up the elevator to the Myst linking
book. Use it to return to the library. Insert the blue page and wait for
psycho boy to be freed. Achenar will speak of yet another page and a trap.
He warns of a green book that is a trap. To get to his final page, pattern
number 158 from the odd book of patterns in the library must be entered in
the fireplace located here in the library. Before getting this last page,
go back and get the blue page left behind. Retrace the path and actions
through the log cabin, the large tree, and all the valve settings to get
back up to the top level of Channelwood.
Sirrus' Room [>] Exiting the elevator, swing left and
go to the hut at the opposite end from Achenar's. As always, the room is the
model of perfection. The sought-after page can be found in the desk drawer
under the window with a view of the windmill. In the right drawer under the
bed is the other half of the page found earlier giving instructions for access
to the hidden vault on Myst Island. Seems there are now 2 things to do back
on Myst Island. By now, the way back is easy. Reset the valves yet again to
power the linking book elevator and return to Myst Island, insert the red page
in the library for the "other story."
Sirrusly Now [>] Sirrus now owes a debt of gratitude for
returning the fifth page. He still claims that he is the innocent party and
that his brother should not be released for both of your safety. The secret
code on page 158 is given along with another dire warning about not touching
the green book. Follow the directions on the reassembled journal page. Go to
the dock and turn the marker switch off (all the others should still be
"on," not "off" as written on the page --this is important). There, in a
secret compartment in the base of the marker switch, sits a white page.
But there are no white books. Mu-hu-ha-ha-ha! The plot thickens!
Stoke Up A Fire [>] Go back to the library and get the
code book (middle shelf, far right). Carefully turn to page 158. Sketch this
pattern and go over to the fireplace on the right wall, by the blue book.
Crawl in and hit the red button to the left of the opening. Pressing on
the metal plate that drops down will raise squares on the metal, duplicate
the pattern found on page 158. Push the red button again and the fireplace
rotates around to a small chamber. Here sits the last 2 pages and a green
book. Let's see, both brothers are more than a little whacked. If they both
warned you not to touch the green book, what should you do?
The $64,000 Question [>] If you really are a glutton for
punishment, go back and insert the blue and red pages into the brothers' books.
You will quickly know what it feels like to be imprisoned in a book and watch
anxiously as each brother removes your pages while having the last laugh.
If you, instead, open the green book, you will get to meet Atrus in person
and hear the true story. You'll know what to do with the white page after
Atrus is done talking. If you hurried through Myst using this walkthrough,
or you just want to go do some sight seeing in some of the best graphics
available on a PC, use the book Atrus gives you to go back to Myst.
An Open Book [>] All the ages of Myst are open now
for you to explore (at least until a Myst II, if any, is released). Atrus
did say that he would summon you when he needed your assistance to rescue
his wife (can you say "sequel?). Go back to the library and at least take
a look at the brothers final fate (which shows that you don't want to get
on Atrus' bad side). This concludes the Myst walkthrough but there are many
things to see in this game that were not touched upon here. While they do
not play a key role in solving the game, many of the items are very detailed
and you may spend considerably more time just exploring Myst. Enjoy!

Title : NEMO.WAD
Author : Bill "Datasquid" Bessette (7/94)
Email Address :
Description : My first attempt at creating a level. Basically
an exercise in trying new things, but there
are some interesting areas. This is the first
of a continuing series, and in it, the player
gains access for the first time to the
subterranean boatyard. Try to get through
the whole thing without cheats -- I designed
it to be possible with a little common
sense, practice and caution.
Additional Credits to : Brian Wantuch : Playtester
John White : Playtester,Deathmatch punching bag
Diane Bessette : SO, Sometime 'Doom Widow'
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M1
Single Player : Yes!
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : No
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : Yes (music)
New Graphics : Not yet...
* Construction *
Base : Scratch
Build Time : About 15 hours, in 1/2 hour increments ;)
Hey, I commute a total of 4 hours a day, whaddya
Editor(s) used : DEU 5.21gcc, BSP 1.1x
Known Bugs : None
Comments : Since this is the first level I've created and
released to the public, I ask that you shoot me
an E-mail or reach me via CServe or MGBBS
and let me know what you think! What was cool,
what sucked, was it too hard, too easy, etc.
Through feedback I hope to improve my meager
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
levels, provided you mention my name and give credit where credit is due.
You may post this file freely, *provided* this text file is included.
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites:
BBS: Modem Gamers BBS (516) 893-4120
The "Home for Head to Head Doomers"
The Big Boys: CompuServe, America On-Line
Just move all the .BRD & .TIL files you have unzipped into your
MAHJONGG 4.x directory, and off you go - ENJOY.
By the way, I suggest you use the board & tile randomizing command-line
features in Nels's excellent program to obtain the maximum enjoyment
and pleasure from these new additions.
Stay tuned - there are more coming!!!!!
This collection is FREEWARE - I just do this for the heck of it, so feel free
to distribute, modify or do whatever to these boards.
Whilst I have tested these boards as much as possible, it is (faintly) possible
that 1 or 2 bad boards slipped through, so just delete them, or let me know
at the INTERNET address below.
These boards brought to you from not-so-sunny CANADA !!
..Clive Morgan..

NITEMARE-3D, A House of Horrors v1.0 -
VGA 256 color 3D scrolling adventure game.
Continuing the theme of the original HUGO
games, this all new series features first
person perspective scrolling in 256 color
VGA. Supports mouse, joystick and Sound
Blaster compatible sound cards. Requires
386 or higher and 2 Meg extended memory.
First episode is shareware, register for
remaining two, hint book and map viewer.
NITEMARE-3D, A House of Horrors v1.0 -
VGA 256 color 3D scrolling adventure game.
Continuing the theme of the original HUGO
games, this all new series features first
person perspective scrolling in 256 color
VGA. Supports mouse, joystick and Sound
Blaster compatible sound cards. Requires
386 or higher and 2 Meg extended memory.
First episode is shareware, register for
remaining two, hint book and map viewer.
HOT!! Side/overhead view shooter
by A-J Games w/Sound Blaster
sound effects you won't believe!
VGA/SVGA. The ship Nejilian Flux
has been destroyed, but its crew
have been picked up by an alien
`scooter'. Find your way back to
Earth. 1994 release, V1.0.
NUMLO v1.0 Requires EGA/VGA & MOUSE
Numlo is a twist on the classic game of
Othello. Instead of one opponent, you now
play against two! The grids also contain
point values which add to your score. Any
Othello player will have to re-learn new
strategies in this challenging and unique
puzzle game. Packed with features and
multiple difficulty levels, Numlo is fun
for all ages! Can you outwit the computer?

Pencil and Paper Activity Maker 2 DOS Color
IBM/compatible 286/better & printer.
Creates puzzles, activities, and projects
for pencil and paper: mazes, matching, math,
word search, hidden message, dot to dot,
decoding, unscramble verses and words, color
by number, find the duplicate, and more!
Puzzles saved in ASCII for import into word
processors/editors of any kind.

Trainer for Pinball Fantasies game
Title : PEACE_20.WAD
Authors : Wolfgang Grassl
Christian Hellmann
Email Address :
Description : This is the DEATHMATCH 2.0 release of
Please play this wad with -altdeath only.
There are all weapons and an exit.
Peace.wad was based on shadows2 but
it's almost everything changed.
Additional Credits to : Sergey Ishchenko and
Ivan Samarin
- the authors of shadows2
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M1
Single Player : (yes)
Cooperative 2-4 Player : (yes)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : YES ! !!! DEATHMATCH 2.0 ONLY !!!
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : peace.wad (which was based on shadows2)
Editor(s) used : DEU 5.21 gcc and BSP11x
Known Bugs : no known bugs
* Copyright / Permissions *
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
I Germany you MUST NOT give this WAD to people under 18 years !
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites: (
That's what people think about peace:
> Newsgroups:
> From: (William P Obrien)
> Subject: Favorite DeathMatch!
> Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 03:21:44 GMT
> My favorite DeathMatch pwad (that I have played) is Peace.wad.
> Congrats go out to the lunatic who mad this pwad. What an evil
> mind he/she must have. If you haven't picked this one up, as
> delivers. I have played this one with 3 players
> and it is hours of fun. Lots of weapons, lots of hiding spaces,
> and lots of your friends backside's on the wall.
> The peace symbol in the center of the room is a classy touch.
> The irony/symbolism involved in this one is creative.
> Keep 'em coming.
> From: (Jeremy Radwan)
> Subject: Re: Best Deathmatch .WADs?
> Date: 15 Jun 1994 12:27:40 GMT
> My friends and I just recently held DOOMFest II at a friend's house this
> past weekend (about 6 hours od DeathMatching) and I must admit that
> PEACE was the .WAD of choice. That sprint across the main room to the BFG
> is something else! :)
Jeremy C. Radwan [_ use finger for PGP public key _]
"Reality is 80 million polygons per second." --Alvy Ray Smith
... and now the peace continues with peace_20 ! GET IT !
At last, the answer to so many prayers...
This is a Doom graphics patch that replaces the "cow" demons with equally
demonic cartoon penguins !
To install this patch, first run PENFLATE from the DOS prompt, then use
the batch files PENGUIN and PENGUOUT to install and remove the penguins.
This graphics patch was done seriously on the cheap using a pen and paper,
a line-art scanner and the windows paintbrush to add a splash of colour.
Anyone with any more ideas for silly Doom monsters, drop me a line.
Tim Collins
$$$$ PRO FOOTBALL EDGE! Ver 3.0 1994/95 $$$$
Handicap and track the NFL. New! 76 Trends in
9 situations. New Computer Pick simulated
results: SPREAD WINNERS 374-257 59% TOTALS
208-125 62%. 9 matchup screens per game. 11
Year Database and 94 schedule included. Stats
entered from newspaper or downloaded from the
PFE! BBS. Requires: Mono/Color, 640KB RAM
Title : phrag21a
Filename : phrag21a.wad
Author : Thomas E. Davis
Email Address :
This is a big, complex, challenging, and interesting deathmatch wad.
Every room has an exit! It's not always obvious, but there is always at
least one way out (and I don't mean by dying).
I wanted a wad with some new scenery. Something to entertain me
while I'm falling the the ground, grabbing my throat, or while I'm
frying my opponent with bright blue bursts of plasma. Therefore, this
wad contains *SIX* gray-scale images of *NAKED* women. None of that
skank stuff, this is high-class professional photography. If you are
offended by this, then DO NOT PLAY IT!
This level was designed before version 1.4 came out, so it has an
abundance of health and ammo. Thus, there is no need for the -altdeath
argument. Using it will not only spoil most of the strategies of the
level, but will allow one person (whoever gets there first) to dominate
the entire game (because he/she would never run out of ammo or health,
and could easily and effectivley guard both entrances).
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E2M1
Single Player : YES!
Cooperative 2-4 Player : YES!
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : YES!
Difficulty Settings : Nope (be a man, use skill 4)
New Sounds : Nope
New Graphics : YES! (see disclaimer above)
New Music : Nope
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch.
Editor(s) used : DOOMCAD, DMGRAPH, and BSP.
Known Bugs : None.
* Permissions *
Please don't screw with this wad.
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP site:
* Acknowledgements *
Special thanks to Mike Webster (, Brian Fink, and
Doug Stoun ( for helping me test play this wad.
This file is designed to help you learn to play The Pit, based on
Version 3.52. It is entirely free. You are under no cost or obligation
with respect to this file. You are free to destribute this file in a
limited fashion. However, you may not sell this information. If
distributed on a disk, a reasonable fee for the disk and/or shipping may
be charged. This file may not be mass distributed on disket without
specific written permission of the author. I retain all rights to this
Ok, that is most of the legal BS I see at the start of files that I
could come up with off the top of may head. Although I want the wording
of the above to be followed, basically, what I want is: For you to
understand that I spent quite a few hours gathering information,
designing this hint file, and putting it together. And that does not
count the time I spent playing before I got around to making the file.
I specifically became Immortal three times during the writting of this
file to test information and correct errors. However, I give the
information to you freely to help you learn this enjoyable game. But I
do not want you to make a profit on my efforts without getting a cut for
my time and effort. Basically, I'd like you to be reasonable. Fairly
Now of course, I am not really giving you this file without a catch. I
do ask on thing of people who find this file helpful: Please leave me a
message saying thanks and/or that you enjoyed the file. In the Atlanta
area, you can find me {Brian Grove} on Android II, or R's BBS, or
Commport with regularity. Outside Atlanta, leave me a message in the
the RIME or UNI net Games conference. If you get desperate, you could
write to me @
Brian Grove
2072 Howard Cir N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30307
That address should be correct through July of '94 or so. Then I'll be
moving to Texas. You'll probably see an update to this by then anyway.
Also, please try to get me any errors, corrections, suggestions, or
strategies you use that are not included in this file so that I may
correct/add them in/to future versions. Thanks.
Ok, that's it. Now the information you wanted:
Ok, here I am playing this strange door game - The Pit - and I don't
even know what I am doing. How do I get started?
Here is how: You start with 100 Gold Pieces (GP). Go to the
weapon shop and haggle for a long bow (90 GP after haggling) and
ten arrows (1 gp each if you haggle for 1 arrow and then buy
them one at a time.) Don't worry about buying armor or hand
weapons EVER in this game. Go to the Arena and fight a trainee.
Use the bow to kill him from a distance. Take their armor and
hand weapons. As needed, buy more arrows after each fight or
few fights, trying to keep around 50 arrows. Keep this up until
you have 900 GP. Then go back to the weapon shop and sell your
long bow. Haggle for a Great Bow (900 GP). Remember, you can
sell off any armor and hand weapons you accumulate from your
opponents if you wish. I usually don't bother, and I recommend
having some armor before you attack heros.
Start on warriors level 4. They still should not be too
difficult with the Great Bow. Just stay back and think of them
as pincushions.
Attack Veterans around level 7-8. You may lose some by starting
at 7, but not many. Here you should pick up the +1 Plate Armor
and +1 hand weapons. I'd sell these until I decide to fight
stronger enemies, as they are not very necessary here, but are
Somewhere around Level 10, consider attacking humanoid Monsters,
but not without a magical hand weapon, or you will be unable to
hit the were-creatures. Sell the amulets you get from medusa.
Her gaze weapon has a very limited range, so if you stay back,
she is easily killable. Beware the King with the Trident, he is
deadly with it, and you do NOT get it as a weapon for killing
him. You can pick up several +3 weapons here. The +3 Halberd
is the best, but it really isn't worth hunting for. You will
not use hand weapons much until you fight heroes, and then you
wish to paralyze. With gods, you want the occasional damage
bonus a weapon capable of a critical hit yields.
Start on Heros around level 13 or 14, (I sometimes start around
level 12, but realistically the risk is too high then. You'll
still die or need to run pleanty fighting at level 14. ). I
have included additional (and more detailed) hints on heros in
the hint section at the end of this file. Later editions of this
hint file will improve it still more. Beware of Elric, who
weilds Stormbringer, and Kargoth who weilds Soul Shatterer, and
Yykroon who weilds the MournBlade, as they drain levels.
Immediately run to the exits when you encounter them, unless you
are sure you will not get hit by their hand weapon. (The exit is
the break in the wall surrounding the Arena.) When you are
finished fighting Heros, you should have acquired the Silver
Shaft as your range weapon. Try to get the Shadow Blade for
fighting heroes or sorcerors as the paralysis is helpful.
However, as Elementals and Gods are immune to paralysis, get a
vorpal weapon when you are done with heroes. This occasionally
do extra damage to elementals and gods. Additionally, you
should have the following before mmoving on: the Supreem Plate
Armor, the Old Dusty Boots, Helm 'Skitoon', Leather Gauntlet,
Gold Arm Band, and the Bronze Bracelet. You will get even better
Weapons and Armor later, but these are VERY GOOD for now.
At some point around level 25 - 30, and considering your
armorment, you may consider fighting Creatures. Dragons tend to
be worth more money than heros. Beware the Fang Dragon, as it
drains levels.
Don't bother with Elvin Heros at any point. They just aren't
worth the trouble, as you always fight at least three of them.
Some people like to fight them and try to kill one to get his
stuff at a fairly early level. It just is not worth the risk
and number of losses.
Sorcerors should probably not be fought before you have 200 hit
points, and then only if you really want magic items. I usually
don't bother, as I just sell the magic items I get, and I
dislike fighting them. (If there is an item I really need, I buy
it at the magic shop when it becomes available.)
Fight Random Encounters aroung level 45, but you'll lose
sometimes. The dragons here are especially tough. Also, some
creatures here do drain levels. I believe that those the do
weild swords I have listed with the Level Draining ability so
you should be able to recognize them and play accordingly. You
should get the Bow and Sword of the Ancients here.
Fight Elementals when the number of Heros or Randoms become
excessive. Fight these from a distance. Try to move out of the
line of their range weapons when you cannot shoot, and let them
step to you when you can. Take you shots (and let them shoot
you), then move out again. Do not get into a battle of hand
weapons here, as they tend to win those. Just accept the fact
that you will sustain damage and fight from a distance. Two
Elementals are worth a special note: Moon Deva - RUN! This
enemy drains multiple levels with his RANGE weapon. Do not let
him hit you. He just isn't worth it; Sun - His range weapon
blinds but does no damage. If you have the Helm 'Skitoon', just
let him hit you from a distance and shoot him repeatedly. But
do beware, as he drains levels in close combat.
Start on Gods aroung level 250-300. At 250, you will only be
getting 4 attacks at a time whereas at 300+ you get 5. Until
you are confident in you ability to use the pattern, wait until
Aesir - Weak God. Uses his sword and an Invulnerable
Wall. Use the standard pattern discussed in the notes at
the end of this file.
Baldur - Weak God. Weilds his sword and +5 Plate Armor.
Use the standard pattern to slay him.
Frey - Weak God. Has his sword and Rune Armor. Use the
standard pattern, and he will die fairly easily.
Heimdall - Weak God. Rune armor and his sword. Just stay
back and use the strategy for killing unarmed
opponents discussed in the notes.
Hel - Very tough God. Hel is very fast. Typically, he
isn't worth the damage and risk. Just suck up the
damage and head for the exit.
Loki - Tough God. Loki has his dagger and bow and a Wall
of Demons. You are rewarded with an Extra Special
Item for killing him. Just suck it up, stand next
to him, and fight. If necessary, run. He will do
a lot of damage with his range weapon, so avoid
Magni - Weak God. Weilds a Hammer and +5 Plate Armor.
Use the standard pattern and kill him easily.
Modi - Weak God. He gets the occasional with his sword,
but does not posesses a range weapon.
Mordred - Extremely high probabilty of him scoring a
fatality. This is frustrating. I reccommend
running unless you are short on time remaining in
that session, and do have more sessions remaining.
Mordred is tough but killable.
Odin - Tough God. Fight him with hand weapons. Avoid
allowing him to hit you with his range weapon as
it does vastly more damage than your range weapon.
Sif - Weak God. Weilds his sword and +5 Plate Armor.
Use the standard pattern and he dies easily.
Thor - God of Gods. Just run from him. The only way I
have found to kill him is to fight up close, use
the Glass Eye of Tyr when you have less than 100
hit points left, and NEVER get hit by his hammer
as a distance weapon. Unfortunately, no magic
item is awarded for the killing of this amazingly
deadly foe. He just isn't worth it.
Thrym - Weak God. Weilds his Axe and wears +3 Plate
Armor. Use the standard pattern and kill him.
Tyr - Fairly easy, with the best Extra Special Item.
Advanced idea: if you already hold the Eye, when
you have nearly killed Tyr use the Eye to heal
yourself before finishing him. This limits the
amount of damage you have to heal at the end of
the match.
Vidar - Weak God. Has his Hammer and +4 Plate Armor. Use
the standard pattern and he dies easily.
What about all the choices of magic items?
If it doesn't heal you or return some number of drained levels,
and is not a Miscellaneous Item, I sell it. I usually don't
bother with protection items as I'd rather have the cash. Also,
read the notes at the end of the file. Selling an item at the
magic shop gets you only ten percent (10%) of the item's value
(plus any addition you get for haggling). Not good, but better
than nothing. And that is pleanty when selling an Extra Special
A: Yursheen Resistance to Fire 12,000
B: Wozitkis No Effect 4,000
C: Vulate User Teleports 38,000
D: Penchand User has Invisibility 25,000
E: Trouband No Effect 5,000
F: Erigin User Regenerates 240,000
G: Drakton Dragons do Double Damage 12,000
H: Diltif No Effect 10,000
I: Goolfate No Effect 22,000
J: Tulfevl No Effect 43,000
K: Tulfuchs No Effect 2,000
L: Gratfing User Hits More Effectively 20,000
M: Fergitchu User Becomes Confused 7,000
N: Winris User Hits Less Effectively 30,000
O: Soltak Level Drain User 13,000
P: Yikson User Gains 5-20% Health 35,000
A: Purple Liquid True Seeing 5,000
B: Dary Grey Liquid Cure Blindness 6,000
C: Red Brown Liquid User Becomes Confused 3,000
D: Yellow Liquid Blind User 1,000
E: Black Oil No Effect 10,000
F: Ruby Red Liquid Disease User 5,000
G: Pink White Liquid Poison User 8,000
H: Brown Elixir No Effect 3,000
I: Dark Blue Elixir User Becomes Drunk 4,000
J: Dark Blue Liquid Gain 10-20% Health 42,000
K: Dark Brown Oil Immunity to Paralysis 9,000
L: Dark Grey Oil Poison - Kills User 6,000
M: Healing Elixir Gain 5-20% Health 80,000
N: Bright Red Liquid No Effect 6,000
O: Dull Brown Goop No Effect 4,000
P: Bubbly Red Goop No Effect 12,000
A: Helm 'Skitoon' True Seeing 320,000
B: Belt - Giganto Decrease User Movement 54,000
C: Silver Metal Rod Nothing 32,000
D: Gold Arm Band User Does Double Damage 12,000
E: Silver Feather Nothing 1,000
F: Crystal Lens Innumity to Blindness 35,000
G: Bronze Bracelet User Takes Half Damage 15,000
H: Golden Key No Effect 2,000
I: Wooden Wand Fire Shooting Star 240,000
J: Obsidian Horn 3 Effects (Good, Bad, and None) 25,000
K: Jade Statuette Protection VS. Dragons 40,000
L: Ruby Wand Protection VS. Demons 50,000
M: Old Dusty Boots Increase User's Movement 42,000
N: Red Ruby Slipper Decrease User's Movement 80,000
O: Leather Gauntlet User Gets One Extra Arrow Per Attack 2,300,000
P: Jeweled Necklace Poison Needle Hits User 42,000
A: Awesprae Protection from Demons 38,000
B: Ritogan Restore User's Lost Levels 76,000
C: Zaptoyd No Effect 11,000
D: Deiltone Fire Acid Arrow 80,000
E: Yelwing Fireball 95,000
F: Levato User Teleports 12,000
G: Laguepay Fire Insect Plague 105,000
H: Oyveay User Loses Half Health 11,000
I: Degenty Protection vs Undead 95,000
J: Protoct No Effect 50,000
K: Otreoni Lightning Bolt 65,000
L: Wilotyp User Takes Half Damage 22,000
M: Rotuero Protection from Elves 74,000
N: Spetuy User Slips on Oil 23,000
O: Igorist User is Paralyzed 13,000
P: Uiresol Paralyze All Monsters 32,000
B: Opal Amulet Fire Lightning Bolt 400,000
C: Topaz Amulet User Fails Attack 20% of Time 90,000
D: Emerald Amulet No Effect 110,000
E: Ruby Amulet Resist Cold 25,000
F: Pearl Amulet Fire Force Blast 120,000
G: Stone Amulet Cause Fear (1 Opponent) 85,000
H: Gold Medallion Sheild User 170,000
I: Silver Medal Fire Ice Spear 270,000
J: Amethyst ?Amulet? Fire Magic Missile 230,000
K: Bronze ?Amulet? No Effect 890,000
L: Platinum Scarab Demon Gate Blocker 1,000,000
M: Gold Sphere No Effect 78,000
N: Blue Glowing Orb Permanent Paralysis Immunity 115,000
O: Golden Chalice No Effect 21,000
P: Light Green Orb No Effect 110,000
A: Sceptre of Law Lightning Hits All Monsters 99,999,999
B: Sceptre of Chaos Shoot Power Beam 99,999,999
C: Glass Eye of Tyr User Totally Healed 99,999,999
D: Crown of Heroes User Gains a Level 99,999,999
I have not ever seen Amulet A, and do not know what it is or
what it does. If you find out, I'd appreciate hearing from you.
I am starting to doubt it even exists.
All the actions I have listed are activated by use in combat,
except the Miscellaneous Items. The special abilities of those
work by having the object in your possession.
I sell all the Extra Special Items because they are not all the
effective IMHO. The Glass Eye of Tyr has the added ability of
regeneration while you possess it. However, it will never
regenerate 9,999,999 worth of damage. Maybe keep one after you
have sold a couple of Extra Special Items, as then money will
not be an object. Also, you seem to regenerate even though you
have sold the Eye. This may be a bug, I am not sure.
Dagger + 0 d 4 -
Short Sword + 0 d 6 -
Hammer + 0 d 7 -
Long Sword + 0 d 8 -
Battle Axe + 0 d 9 -
Halberd + 0 d10 -
Great Sword + 0 d12 -
Death Kiss +60 d 9+6 Vorpal Weapon
Dragon Slayer +60 d12+6 Dragon Slaying
Excaliber +50 d 8+5 Vorpal Weapon
Giant Slayer +60 d 8+6 Giant Slaying
Grim Reaper +70 d10+7 Vorpal Weapon
Hammer of Thunderbolts +60 d 7+6 -
Moon Sword +60 d 6+6 Cause Paralysis
Shadow Blade +70 d 6+7 Cause Paralysis
Soul Keeper +70 d 8+7 Level Draining
Soul Shatterer +70 d 7+7 Level Draining
Sword of the Ancients +80 d12+8 Vorpal Weapon
Terminator +70 d 9+70 Vorpal Weapon
Throwing Knife -
Sling 30' + 0 d 4 -
Short Bow 40' + 0 d 6 -
Long Bow 60' + 0 d 6 -
Short Composit Bow 80' + 0 d 6 -
Long Composit Bow 100' + 0 d 6 -
Great Bow 120' + 0 d 7 -
Note: For Regular +X weapons, the Bonus is X * 10, and the damage increases
by +X. I.e. a Battle Axe has a bonus of 0 and damage of d 9. A
+2 Battle Axe has a bonus of +20 and damage of d 9+2. It works the
same with bows, and the + does not alter the range of the weapon.
Archer's Hand 100' +70 d 6+7 -
Bow of Second Sight 40' +60 d 6+6 -
Bow of the Ancients 140' +80 d 7+8 -
Death Reaper 80' +70 d 6+7 -
Demon Bow 60' +70 d 6+7 Demon Slaying
Dragon Flight 80' +60 d 6+6 Dragon Slaying
Grim Tooth 40' +70 d 6+7 -
Heart Bow 120' +70 d 7+7 -
Night Hawk 60' +60 d 6+6 -
Seeker 100' +60 d 6+6 -
Silver Shaft 120' +60 d 7+6 -
Armor Armor Value
Padded Cloth 5
Leather 10
Studded Leather 15
Ring Mail 20
Chain Main 25
Plate Mail 35
Field Plate 40
Plate Armor 45
+1 Plate Armor 55
Demon Armor 120
Armor of Ancients 140
Holy Plate Armor 150
Supreem Plate Armor 160
Cube of Force 170
Dealnar's Ring 180
There are quite a few more armor variants, but this gives you an
of what is out there. Dealnar's Ring is the best on I
believe, but is gained by fighting the Moon Elemental. Not
worth it, but if you challenge someone with it, GET IT!
1. Please understand that I have not contacted or consulted with
the author of Thie Pit while creating this file. I therefore
cannot gaurentee the accuracy of the information in this
file. It is accurate as far as I know. Should you find
errors, please attempt to contact me so that I may get them
corrected. Thanks.
2. To hit an opponent with your Range Weapon, they must be more
than on square away from you. Shots at an opponent in an
adjacent square will be blocked by your opponent. To hit
them with your Hand Weapon, they must not be more than one
square away from you.
3. The Pattern:
Once you get fairly high in levels, opponents typically pause
aftering hitting you. This gives you a free move during
attacks. That couples with the fact that you do more damage
with your Range Weapon (on average) than you do with your
hand weapon gives yields a way to increase you damage to
opponents who do not weild Range Weapons. When the round
starts and you realize that your opponent does not have a
rande weapon, do the following: 1. Shoot him with arrows
every time you get the opportunity; 2. When you do not have
the opportunity, move backwards trying to keep you opponent
near the maximum of you range; 3. When they get to you, do
not just stand in place and hit them. Instead hit them, then
step away from them, but stay in line with them. Then shoot
them with the bow. If they step to you again, then hit them,
step back, and shoot them. Those are the basics of the
pattern. Play with it some to perfect it.
4. Computer played opponants have a bit of a blind spot in
their strategy against range weapons on diagonals. If you
line up horizontally to shot your opponent (who cannot fire
back either because he is out of range, not currently capable
of firing, or does not possess a Range Weapon) he may move
towards you at a diagonal so you cannot shoot him. However,
if you line up on a diagonal, he will move towards you on the
diagonal. This allows you free shots if you line them up on
the diagonals. Again, play with it some and you'll see what
5. Challenging other players can be VERY profitable. Since the
computer is not a very good opponent, you can defeat
opponents that are stronger than you are. Also, a player
that ends the day having gotten killed by the computer in
the arena has around 20% of his max hit points when you
an opponent. Run instead. If you are killed when you
challenge someone, you lose ALL your magic items. (Of
course if you win you may take any of theirs you do not
already have.)
Ok, that was it. I'm sure there is more, and I am the type of
person who would keep playing with this forever (I've been
holding it for two weeks to add less than ten lines even as I
write this), but it is good enough for now. Please do let me
know your opinion, and suggestions for improvement. Especially
quiestions that you have that are not covered in this file.
Also, try to be nice about it when you point out spelling errors
that probably exist. Neither spelling nor typing are my stong
suits, and the combination leads to some unfortunate results.
Thanks and ENJOY!
Brian Grove
This is a patch that will upgrade Pong Kombat version 1.0 to 1.5. That's
all it does... it is not a complete game. You'll need a copy of 1.0 to
make this work.
To install, unpack this file into your Pong Kombat game directory. Agree
to anything PKZIP asks regarding overwriting.
So, why'd I make a 1.5 version?
I wanted to fix the two biggest bugs in the game : sound support, and
White Paddle's death animation. They were the ones making me lose sleep.
So, I took the sound code we were developing and installed it, and shrunk
White's animation down to twice as less (?) frames, and stored them as
a string of PCXes instead. Hopefully, this won't kill anybody's system.
The speech is no longer using the cheesy byte by byte timed interrupt
garbage, it's in full DMA mode. Good stuff, nice and fast with no
pops. It can also do speech in the background for sound effects!
Although they're not implemented yet.
If the speech still crashes your system, use the 'nospeech' switch.
If the animation still crashes your system, use the new 'nospew' switch.
This is NOT VERSION 2.0. 2.0. will be made, don't worry -- this is a
temporary fix until then.
Look for THE AGONY BOOTH this summer...

Everything there is to know about this
great game. This tell all the moves, all
the hidden characters, and all the
It's Pong!
It's Mortal Kombat!
P O N G K O M B A T !
(C) 1994 Gagne Software
A VERY Silly Combat Paddle Game Parody.
Dedicated to Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)
I think he would have approved
Version 1.0 (If I find any deadly bugs or get better music code,
be on the look out for PONGKOM2.ZIP)
UP FRONT REQUIREMENTS : 386/16 with VGA, optional SoundBlaster(tm)
or compatable.
Techie Mayhem..................................................4
Two games you'd never think would go together... the hottest
new game at the arcades and a black-and-white game from ancient
times, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.
It evolved out of a quick joke someone told during 7th
period computer class... I have no idea who told it originally.
Then we kicked around silly ideas for a mix of Pong and MK. I
figured I'd try it, since my then-current project (a multimedia
comic book) was down in the dumps.
The pong-physics took a weekend to do inbetween PEZ breaks.
Then followed three weeks of intense coding, drawing, and
rendering, the hardest, longest period of programming I had
undergone since Inertia 3 four years ago.
End result : Pong Kombat. Pong with a zesty dash of gore.
Before you get down to business, please realize this is a
PARODY. I haven't plagarized any work... Mortal Kombat is
copyrighted by Midway and Pong by Atari Corp (I think). It's
meant for fun, and I'm not making any money off of this. I just
want people to play it, laugh, go find the neato secrets and pass
it along to friends and family. Anyway, on with the show.
Way way back in time, PONG was invented. And it was
Good(tm). The only real player in the game, white paddle,
enjoyed playing it, and played it well.
Then, with the advent of color gaming systems, other paddles
emerged. White, being the pompous holier-than-thou jerk he is,
got all uptight about this and left.
He joined the Pong Lao cult, a group of paddle warriors
which held bi-annual tournaments and swap meets. He eventually
toppled the Pong Lao leader, taking his throne (a mighty chair of
porcelan). With the aid of his new friend, buddy, and bodyguard
Monolith, he rules over this years' tournament with an iron...
umm... well, paddles lack appendages, so just an iron.
However, with new rainbow-colored paddles from all walks of
life and a few old rivals seeking some revenge entering the
tournament, he may have his hands full. Hopefully he can turn a
few tricks and save his hide. Odds are certainly in his favor,
but the forces of Good(tm) have you now.
So don't screw up.
The game has two modes - game and attract. If you type
PONGKOMB and let it sit there, it is in attract mode... a series
of images and animations which tell the story of Pong Kombat and
draw hordes of screaming arcade fanboys to the keyboard to test
their wits.
Now, this may be pretty to look at, but gets boring real
fast, so most people choose to progress on to : game mode.
Hit SPACEBAR at almost any time during attract mode to play.
You will be presented with two paddles. The top one represents
ordinary Tournament play. Tournament play is for one player, who
will use the player two controls. The bottom paddle represents
Paddle-to-Paddle combat, which is great for two players. P2P
mode only plays one match, then goes back to attract mode.
Tournament continues until you win or get bored.
A word about controls. Each player has specific controls.
Player one, on the left uses these keys. (They won't work in
tournament mode, where player one is always the computer.)
| Left Shift | +---+
Now, fire alone does diddley. However, fire in combination
with up and down can shoot projectiles, do fatalities, and other
fun things which are more or less secret.
Player two, on the right, uses these keys.
| RightShift | +-----------+ DOWN
+------------+ | DOWNARROW |
The game works like this. You've got two paddles, one left
(player one) and one right (player two) and a ball. You need to
score 10 points first to win the match and get a chance to dish
out some SERIOUS punishment to your opponent. You can score a
point two ways.
1. Get the ball by the other paddle. (A new one will pop
2. Smack one of your missile weapons into the other
paddle. (Launch sequences are kinda secret, but easy
to figure out.)
If you win, it goes FINISH HIM! (how familiar) and if you do
the right sequence, your opponent dies in a horribly gory and
very silly way. Then, in tourney mode, you fight the next
paddle. In P2P mode, you go back to attract mode.
That's all. Silly, no? There is no score mode... I
personally recommend betting large sums of money and/or donor
organs on matches instead. It's not wise, but certainly
entertaining. I am not held responsible for lost of cash or
Each paddle has a missile weapon and a patented fatality.
However, the moves for these are hush-hush secrets. You can
figure them out easily enough... here are some tips.
1. All sequences are FOUR keystrokes long. IE, UP-UP-UP-
2. Fatalities must be executed AFTER your soundblaster
says 'Finish Him!'. Program limitation. Go fig.
3. If you know the sequence is right, try holding down
each key a little longer, and making sure you pause
between keys.
4. Try to match your favorite MK moves or variants of
them. Some paddles corrospond neatly to their ripof--
err--parodied characters.
5. Fatalties sometimes are variants on the missile weapon,
and vice versa.
Also, there are secret characters. The most obvious one is
Monolith... the others aren't as obvious, but there are clues in
there. Tips.
1. Listen to Monolith's taunts. They have clues.
2. Check for visual clues, and match them to moves you
already know.
Lastly (or is it? Never can tell with these types of games.
:), there is the stage fatalities. Some stages have special
finishing moves that use the scenery to destroy your victim.
They simply require a different finish combo instead of your
normal fatality.
Here, we'll start you out with one paddle : Red Paddle. Red
Paddle's missile weapon is a nifty shadow paddle which zips
(slowly) across the screen. To execute, while playing, use the
combo of DOWN-UP-FIRE-FIRE. This should help you get the timing
down, if you can get that move out.
There are other secrets, but they are, as the word implies,
secret. You CAN hack the game files to bits and rip the secrets
out that way, but it's no fun. Not like I can stop you, of
At last check, there were twenty secret functions in the game.
Ten if you don't count the five weapons / fatalities. These range
from characters to play modes to other silliness.
TECHIE MAYHEM--------------------------------------------------
It's not the best-coded game on earth, frankly. However,
here are some tips to get it running smoothly.
IS IT TOO SLOW?! Try this. Start Pong Kombat with
'pongkomb speed 0'. The default speed, nice on my 386/33, is
speed 3. The lower the speed, the faster it gets.
IS IT TOO FAST?! Try this. Start Pong Kombat with
'pongkomb speed 15'. The higher, the slower. Values such as
20,584,966,246 could do not-nice things (say, one frame starts.
Once your kid is out of college, it moves to the next frame...)
IS IT CRASHING?! Try this. Free memory. Lots of memory.
Ditch your mouse driver. No CD-ROM. And doublespace has GOT to
go (good advice no matter what you're running). If it still
crashes... welll... sorry. Not much I can do about it. PK's
graphics routines weren't coded by myself.
that your computer is a bit too slow... either that or you don't
have enough memory to play sounds. Free some up! If nothing
helps, disable sounds by using 'pongkomb nospeech'. You can
stack this with the speed parameter, no worry.
(As a curious note, originally I was going to require EMS to
play sounds... however, it seemed to work okay with loading
sound into conventional memory, so I went with that. If the
speech causes too much mayhem, PongKombat 2.0 will probably
go back to EMS required.)
IS IT BORING?! Speed it up. If it's still boring, hock
your copy to a friend and play DOOM. :)
IS IT FUN?! If so, why are you complaining?
No! Calm down. Put down the chair. I don't want your
money... the game wasn't really made for profit, just for fun.
However, if you're having no luck with the nifty Secret Stuff,
there is help.
I'll give you, free of charge, a copy of one of the
following documents :
1. All the paddle weapons and fatalities, plus stage
fatalities and other stuff too secret to mention!
2. All about the Secret Developer's Mode, which can make
Pong Kombat do some nifty things, such as extended
credits (yay!) and no blood (boo!).
3. All about how to get to the secret characters, and some
tips on making them eat ball.
Why only one? Because if I gave you all three, the game
would get dull fast! Generally, having one of these guides will
probably help you figure out the other two.
Registration is easy. PREFERABLY!!!! E-Mail me. I'm on the
Internet as, or (same thing,
I think). Anybody can Internet-mail nowadays... CompuServ,
Delphi, American Online, even most WWIVnet and FidoNet BBSi.
Just mention that you want the Pong Kombat guide for either
mail it off. No funny mailing for all three with separate mail,
I keep track. Gather two friends with access if you want them
that badly.
Now, those of you without Internet mail are gonna have a
problem. I *can* do US Postal Service type registration, but it
will take a bit longer, since I have to print out the guide and
package everything up for mailing. Don't expect lightning
service, IE, especially if your local postman shows up to work
with, say, an uzi. That could cause delays.
La maile du snaile adresse du Stefan Gagne est :
Stefan Gagne
912 Pointer Ridge Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
ATTN : Pong Kombat
And once again, I'd prefer e-mail, if you can. E-mail, again,
is or
Main Coder, Artist, Sound Guy, and 3-D Renderer. Also bakes
cookies for the rest of the crew and debugs the wild frontier.
Main beta testing and minor acts of larceny without a
permit. Also making a guest appearance in the coveted
'WHOOPSIE!' role. (Yeah, I know 'TOASTY!' is the real line, but
that makes no sense in PK.)
Beta testing and encouragement. Plus he'll beat up anybody
that says the game sucks. (Well, probably not, but I can hope.)
Beta testing and advice on how to get these various third-
party graphics packages to work and play well with others.
Cheerfully handed over two hours of his time to record the
soundtrack for the game.
Some beta testing, and cool enough to warrant a slot in the
My computer teacher, who will hopefully give me an 'A' for
this. If not, well, I'm accepted at Maryland anyway. :)
1. "An in depth study into the Pong Lao cultist rituals," by
Effram Zimbalist Jr., in MODERN PADDLE MONTHLY.
2. "Stacker Co. vs. MicroSoft Case Notes," by Some Court
3. "Ed Boon vs. MechaGodzilla," a short subject film by Ridley
4., a Usenet group dedicated to flaming and the
occasional solid fact (just kidding guys! Where's my
5. "Spam and its importance in fighting games," by Hormel, Inc.
6. "2001," a feature film by Ridley Scott (I think)
7. "Seeking the Kano Transformation," an epic journey into
human behaivors by Doctor Ruth.
9. "MORTAL KOMBAT II FAQ - Complete Guide - Thirteenth
Revision, January 26th, 1994" by ineluki@
10. That's not mayonnaise!

Poppy Hills Golf Course
Located on California's Monterey Peninsula, this course was designed by Robert
Trent Jones Jr. and opened in 1986. Home course of the Northern California
Golf Association it also replaced Cypress Hills in the AT&T National Pro-Am
in 1991. The course has undergone changes since it first opened and I've
incorporated these changes as much as possible in this version.
I found the JNUG design of this course done by Scott Chesney and it matched
up quite closely with the layout diagram that I had intended to use for the
course. My layout diagram incorporated changes that were not in Scott's
rendition but I liked his basic elevations in the hole layouts so I started
with his course as a skeleton. If the general slopes and rolls are accurate
then the credit belongs to Scott. If not, it's still an interesting layout to
play. Every hole has been changed, some moderately and some almost entirely
redone, to resemble the diagram and description I was working with. Several
of the objects are from Scott's other courses that I've altered as to size
and coloring. Some are mine to the extent that they started as bits and pieces
of other objects that have fallen into what I would guess is public domain at
this point in time. If any of you designers recognize your work or pieces of
it in this design then accept my thanks now. The background was originally
used in Muirfield Village by Lee Ritze. I have altered it in size, color and
detail to fit this course. The object placements were made to match as close
as possible the diagram I had of the course.
At 6800 yards from the pro tees, the course's length is not it's major
problem. Sharp doglegs, large multi-plateaued greens, blind shots and severe
cross-bunkering are what you face here. If you are not a fan of precision and
position golf then you may not enjoy playing this course. Normally the course
is set up to force you to hit to specific areas and will penalize attempts to
overpower it. From the material I was able to gather about the course, it is
evident that being able to hit a pitch and run and having an excellent game
from the sand is required. To the extent that this can be simulated in this
game, I've used rough instead of fairway to border the greens in those areas
where putting into a peach basket is not appropriate. I worked fairly hard to
place pins that required some thought but did not trick them up to unduly
penalize a mediocre putt.
The material I used had a set of the "toughest" catagories for the course.
So as much as possible I tried to have the following as toughest:
___Toughest Hole. No.3
Right side of fairway falls off into underbrush. Has the highest scoring
average on the course.
---Toughest Drive. No.1
Lateral hazard to the right and trees on the left. Most players give it
everything to reach the optimum landing area.
---Toughest Approach. No.4
The green on this hole is a club to a club and a half farther away than it
appears as the huge green plays tricks with your depth perception. The large
bunker on the right of the green gathers more than a fair share of shots.
---Toughest Green to Hit. No.11
Bunkers hug the hourglass shaped green and the toughest pin position is back
---Toughest Green to Putt. No.4
The undulations are subtle and you never get the same putt twice.
---Toughest Bunker. No.14
Any of those guarding the front of the green. Ball tends to bury and you are
always hitting up to the putting surface.
---Toughest Rough. No.10
Balls driven up the hill on the right side often leave no swing at all. The
rough is also tough around the green.
Please enjoy and as a standard admonition, this course design may be copied
and distributed free of any charge including bulletin boards as long as only
subscription fees or normal download costs are involved.
Mike Henner

Stunning images from around the world in
SuperVGA color! The ultimate puzzle game.
Extremely flexible -- choose any numbers of
pieces from 4 to 2000! Hall of fame for your
best scores. Save puzzles, solution hints,
simple mouse interface, and much more!
Designed to use all major SVGA boards but
also will work on VGA All puzzles use
original photography.

******* Quatra Command (tm) 2.05***********
******* by Doe Entertainment (R) **********
Total Action, Shoot-everything-that-moves
Space adventure. Levels 1,3 & 7. Demo
Full Screen! Graphics, Full Digital STEREO!
FX & Music Supported. Supports Joystick,
Mouse, or Keyboard Recommend:486-33+,6 Megs
Ram, Fast Video Card & Video Driver, SB
Compatible card. WIN 3.1 256 COLOR ONLY.
OILCAP v6.2 Req. EGA/VGA & Mouse
Oilcap pits you against the clock as you try
to contain the gushing oil by creating a
series of passages to control its flow. Quick
thinking and fast reflexes are essential in
order to stay ahead of the onrushing oil.
Strategy is required to correctly place the
oddly shaped links in order to keep the oil
flowing as long as possible. Oilcap is a four
star game that is a challenge for all ages!
** A JAB BBS exclusive, not avaiable **
** anywhere else. Check this one out**

▒█ RAPTOR v1.0 Money Editor ! ▓░
All the cash in the world is YOURS with this
Money editor. Buy Those WEAPONS and Play One
Of the BEST games of this Year With EASE !
Requires Raptor 1.0 Shareware Version !
Written By Wonder-Soft!
Here are some Tips For Raptor:
* Start at "Training Mode."
If you start at training, you can collect cash and weapons. Also,
if you start here, you can earn more money, and buy more weapons
before you get to the harder levels (veteran and elite).
Remember to spend all of your money before wave 4, because if
you dont, you'll lose all of your money.
* Here's a cool way to earn money:
When you get to a level that gives you weapons, get them, abort
the mission (press escape), and sell them. If you do this many
times, you get lots of cash.
Here are the weapons, where to find them, and about how much they
sell for:
Air-Air Missile Wave 1 $30000
Air-Ground Missile Wave 3 $55000
Dumbfire Missile Wave 6 $70000
You can also fine megabombs on lots of levels, which sell for about
* When you have only less powerful weapons, blow up things on one part of
The screen.
If you stay on one side of the screen (unless you need something
somewhere else), You will have less targets to try to hit, and
you won't fly into stuff going sideways.
* When you hit things that give you something you don't need right away,
wait for it to come to you.
If you hit something that gives you something you can wait for
(a ship that carries money, etc.), wait for it to get close to the
bottom of the screen. If you move to the top of the screen, you have
more of a chance of getting hit by missiles, etc., or the things
shooting them. You also have more of a chance of missing other planes
carrying money, etc.
* If you really suck at raptor, there is another quick way to earn cash.
Find a money editor and download it. There's one called "RAPEDIT"
on )(evious that works.
Written by: Rich Bernstein
Will give your save
games for Raptor tons
of money to screw with!
Written by t.a.o.
Hex codes from s..
░░▒▒██ RAPTRN 1.00 █▒▒▒░░
Start all characters with 4 billion $
This is not a character editor. It
patches your RAPTOR executable and
fixes it so that all new characters
start with 4 billion bucks. Works
only with the registered version.
░▒▒█ Simply Silly Software █▒▒░
▀▀▀▀▀▀ R/C Helper ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
R/C Helper v1.04! Released Apr. 30,1994
For R/C Cars & Trucks: Gear ratios,
Frequency "peg" board (printable),
Battery check (print to page or labels).
Builtin screen blanker, keyboard locking.
Supports Epson, HP Deskjet/laser, and
standard printers.
Requires 8088 with 1 floppy or higher.
Shareware $15 (includes disk & postage).
$10 if reg. DLed from support BBS.

an LMP for doom v1.2
an LMP for doom v1.2
Rescue - Door Game v2.5 .
** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection **
Rescue all the hotel guests before the bombs
explode! Fast-paced, frustrating and FUN!
Supports Fossil-based Multi-Port cards,
including the PCBoard /M version. Now with
MAKE-UP days and automatic score reset and
Hall of Fame update, at end of month !!!!!!!
********* INTERBBS Capable ************

This will change the Doom player from left-handed to right-handed when
playing with weapon '1' or fists.
Unzip into the DOOM directory and run CHANGE.BAT.
To restore to normal, run ORIGINAL.BAT.
Send comments to me at: or
Title : Rest In Pieces part III
Filename : RIP3.WAD
Author : Jeremy Drye and Nick Tucker
Email Address : Forwarded from
Misc. Author Info : HS Student
Super Street Fighter II Tubro wanna-be
Description : How good are you at staying on ledges?
Test your skill of such in this PWAD.
Additional Credits to : DEU and BSP authors
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M2
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : Not implemented
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : DEU
Build Time : ~ 3 hours
Known Bugs : More than 16 linedefs screw up some walls
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites: Infant2
BBS numbers: Bills Graphics BBS (704) 932 4739 19.2K V.32Terbo
Carolina Forum BBS (704) 563 5857 28.8K V.FC
Other: America Online PC Game Forum
Title : Rest In Pieces part IV
Filename : RIP4.WAD
Author : Jeremy Drye and Nick Tucker
Email Address : forwarded from
Misc. Author Info : HS Student
Super Street Fighter II Turbo wanna-be
Description : Ever play serial-link or otherwise more than
1 computer side by side in a doom deathmatch, and
just can't stand the other person looking at your
screen to see where your at? Fool'em with this
mirror of E1M1. They can tell where you are, but
not WHICH e1m1 your on. There is more than 1
way to get to each e1m1, including some shortcuts.
Additional Credits to : DEU and BSP Authors
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M1
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : Yes
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : Modified E1M1
Editor(s) used : DEU
Build Time : Less than an hour
Known Bugs : Mirage effect
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites: Infant2
BBS numbers: Bills Graphics BBS (704) 932-4739 19.2K V.32Terbo
Carolina Forum BBS (704) 563-5857 28.8K V.FC
Other: America Online PC Games Forum
Title : Rest In Pieces part V
Filename : RIP5.WAD
Author : Jeremy Drye and Nick Tucker
Email Address : forwarded from
Misc. Author Info : HS Student
Alien vs Predator wanna-be
Description : Pretty much a straightforward deathmatch level.
Not really a whole lot to it, some dark rooms which
is where you will find most of the guns. Shells
are scattered everywhere, so you will not run out
of them. All weapons visible. Designed for
deathmatch, and pretty much covers the purpose
rather well. You can run though with 1 player
to check out the level if you want.
Additional Credits to : DEU and BSP Authors
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M3
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : Not implemented
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : Yes (use a Gravis UltraSound for best results)
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : DEU
Build Time : About 4 Hours
Known Bugs : Not that we know of
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
FTP sites: Infant2
BBS numbers: Bills Graphics BBS (704) 932-4739 19.2K V.32Terbo
Carolina Forum BBS (704) 563-5857 28.8K V.FC
Other: America Online PC Games Forum
Title : Rest In Pieces part VI
Filename : RIP6.WAD
Author : Jeremy Drye and Nick Tucker
Email Address : forwarded from
Misc. Author Info : HS Student
MK II wanna-be
Description : If you are familiar with RIP4, you'll notice
that this is just a remake of E3M1, and the
2 of them are connected in several places. You
can have some interesting battles on this board
if you are playing side by side and try to watch
each others screen from time to time.
Additional Credits to : DEU and BSP authors
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E3M1
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : Yes
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : Modified E3M1
Editor(s) used : DEU
Build Time : Less than an hour
Known Bugs : None Known
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites: Infant2
BBS numbers: Bills Graphics BBS (704) 932-4739 19.2K V.32Terbo
Carolina Forum BBS (704) 563-5857 28.8K V.FC
Other: America Online PC Games Forum
Title : Rest In Pieces part VII
Filename : RIP7.WAD
Author : Jeremy Drye and Nick Tucker
Email Address : forwarded from
Misc. Author Info : HS Student
Ridge Racer has-been
Description : Another deathmatch-only board, this one is a
good bit bigger than some of the others. More-less
it was a bunch of small ideas put into one.
You have a BIG lift on the far left side of the
board, a maze in the center (can you figure out
how to get on the ledges?), and a rocket pit
on the bottom. Frag 'em!
Additional Credits to : DEU and BSP authors
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M5
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : Not implemented
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : Yes (Use a Gravis UltraSound for best results)
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : DEU
Build Time : About 15 Hours
Known Bugs : None Known
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites: Infant2
BBS numbers: Bills Graphics BBS (704) 932-4739 19.2K V.32Terbo
Carolina Forum BBS (704) 563-5857 28.8K V.FC
Other: America Online PC Games Forum
Title : Rest In Pieces part VIII
Filename : RIP8.WAD
Author : Jeremy Drye and Nick Tucker
Email Address : forwarded from
Misc. Author Info : HS Student
Just a wanna-be
Description : After playing RIP3.WAD a bit, that screwup
with the 16 linedefs was getting to be a little
bit too much. I am putting this out because it
fixes most of the problems in RIP3.WAD. Still
the same idea, board.. ledges you have to stay on
to get the guns, etc.
Additional Credits to : DEU and BSP Authors
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E1M3
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : Not implemented
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : Modified RIP3.WAD
Editor(s) used : DEU
Build Time : Not long at all
Known Bugs : You may still get the HOM effect
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites: Infant2
BBS numbers: Bills Graphics BBS (704) 932-4739 19.2K V.32Terbo
Carolina Forum BBS (704) 563-5857 28.8K V.FC
Other: America Online PC Games Forum

HELP!!! Can someone help me....
I'll be trying to fix the huge bug this wad has, but i haven't been
able to solve the problem..
The thing is that, from outside the castle, there are some strange
mirrors if you look to the castle, but i dunno...
Can someone help me, correcting the fail and uploading a new version
to infant2?? I'll really appreciate it, because i spent some days on finding
out what the hell was wrong, but i couldn't make it....
Please mail me to if you find the bug
and have solved it.... thanx in advance
Quique Borreda.
A Modification Management Program for Aces over Europe
English Version 1.0
Section 03: WARNING
Section 05: DISCLAIMER
I wrote this program to make it a little easier for everyone
to utilize some of the realistic modifications made by
Nicholas Bell and I in the AOEREAL (AOEREA.ZIP)
modifications. Plus a few more nifty little things that I
think you realistic folks will enjoy? This program will do
"TWO" basic things for you automatically.
First: This program will, depending on the service you
select, automatically cut ALL the ammo loads of the AC on the
opposing side (enemy) by one third. This is done for two
reasons, one to provide a pseudo disengagement of the enemy
AC and two, to remove the "cheating" by the AoE program that
provides the enemy AC with two to three times the AC's basic
ammo count. It was discovered that the only time the enemy
AC will disengage is when they run out of ammo. And Nick
discovered that the enemy AC are given two to three times
(Tucker say's two?) the AC basic ammo count. So by cutting
ALL the enemy AC's "basic" ammo counts by one third it will
now give them the correct ammo count (plus or minus) when
the program "cheats" and multiplies the enemy AC's ammo
counts by two to three times their basic ammo count.
Second: When I was in Germany I contacted Joachim Bluhm (who
I had met earlier in FSFORUM) and he provided me with the
info and data files from the German version of AoE that made
it possible to convert the gauges of the Luftwaffe's AC from
the english system to the metric system, in the English
Version of AoE. Now the altitude, airspeed and VSI
(and other gauges) will all read meters, kph and kph
The problem with this is, say for example that you manually
did what this program (SASE1.EXE) does for you automatically
and set it up for the Luftwaffe. Then with out resetting all
the files back you started flying for the RAF or USAAF you
would find that your AC's have one third the ammo that they
should have and or the wrong gauges! That is why I changed
AoE's data files a bit to only allow you to fly for "One
Service at a Time".
What this means is that if you run SASE1.EXE and choose to
fly for the Luftwaffe, the only service you will be able to
access from any and all menus (except for the VCR section)
is the Luftwaffe. That is provided you follow the initial
instructions in the INSTALLATION section! True this will
make it a bit more difficult to fly for the Luftwaffe for
awhile, and than switch to the RAF by just selecting and RAF
option or carrier. But I think the benefit is worth the
extra effort? And it is much easier than doing it the old
un-zip way. And with this program it is very quick and
easy. If you are tired of flying for the Luftwaffe simply
exit to DOS, run SASE1.EXE and choose the RAF or the USAAF,
and then restart AoE. At which point you will now notice
that all the menus are now set up for the service that you
Simply unzip the SASE1.ZIP file and or copy all the files in
the SASE1.ZIP file into your AoE game directory.
But before you run the SASE1.EXE program for the first time
run the bat file called "SETUPAOE.BAT". What this bat file
does is make three copies of your ROSTER.DAT file (This file
contains all the info on your campaign pilots) one for the
Luftwaffe Campaign Pilots called ROSTER.GER, one for the RAF
Campaign Pilots called ROSTER.RAF and one for the USAAF
Campaign Pilots called ROSTER.USA. Now when you select a
different service this program will check to see what the
current service was, and rename the current ROSTER.DAT file
to the corresponding service's back up file. The take the
newly selected service's backup file and rename it to
ROSTER.DAT. So each service will have it's own data file
to keep record of only it's pilots.
So what I'm implying for you to do is to, once your have run
the SETUPAOE.BAT, is to Select Each Service from the SASE1.EXE
menu (Luftwaffe, RAF and USAAF) and delete any and all of the
campaign pilots from the OTHER services. Don't worry these
pilots will not be lost (if you do it right) because their
records will be kept in their respective data file, i.e.
Here are eight steps you should follow to ensure that you do
install correctly
2nd: Run SASE1.EXE.
Select the Luftwaffe to fly for.
3rd: Start AoE.
Go to the campaign roster and delete all the RAF and
USAAF campaign pilots.
Exit DOS.
4th: Run SASE1.EXE.
Select the RAF to fly for.
5th: Start AoE.
Go to the campaign roster and delete all the
Luftwaffe and USAAF campaign pilots.
Exit to DOS.
6th: Run SASE1.EXE.
Select the USAAF to fly for.
7th: Start AoE.
Go to the campaign roster and delete all the
Luftwaffe and RAF campaign pilots.
Exit to DOS.
8th: Delete the SETUPAOE.BAT file, and then this SASE1.TXT
file if you want.
There that is it, now note that you do not have to do this
each time you wish to Select a different Service! This is
just to install the SASE1.EXE program and it's related
files. Once installed (setup) all you have to do is run the
SASE1.EXE program.
Also note that if you are already using some previous
modifications that when you unzip the SASE1.ZIP into your
AoE game directory you may note a prompt by pkunzip stating
that a file may already exist, and prompt you if you wish to
overwrite it or not. Well to be safe say yes, but if you
have a *.GL file edited to you liking (Different gun sizes)
then say no to that particular file. Because SASE1.EXE will
only change is the ammo counts, not the gun types!
This SASE1.ZIP program & modified files have been tested and
found to work with:
AOE Version 1.0
Nicholas Bell and I have been working on many modifications
for Aces over Europe. One of our projects was the
modification called AOEREA.ZIP that can be found in
FSFORUM's Historical section (Better know as AOEREAL).
In my AEBMR*.ZIP there are two versions. The STANDARD
Version, and the REAL Version. This SASE1.ZIP files support
both versions except for the ammo counts! The REAL ammo
counts are now used for both, but the other differences
remain the same between REAL and STANDARD.
This program does not affect the type/size of weapons, just
the ammo counts. Hopefully later I will find the time to
support both versions, plus other REAL features, but for now
this is all I have time for. You will have to reinstall the
all the *.GL files from AEBMR*.ZIP if you are using the
STANDARD version. Because SASE1.ZIP contains some duplicate
files and will overwrite them. But if you are using the
REAL version of AEBMR*.ZIP then you have nothing to worry
But also note that you do not have to be running the
AOEREA.ZIP, AOEFIX.ZIP and or AEBMR*.ZIP modifications to
use this SASE1.ZIP program and related files. The only
problem will be with the ARADO's GL file in that the original
did not have any guns.
Section 03: WARNING
There have been quite a few modifications made for Aces over
Europe, but not all are the same! And the way they interact
is unpredictable. Nicholas Bell and I have worked together
on all of our modifications and have supported each others
work to insure that one modification would not udo another.
But there are other people out there working on their own
and independently. This is not a bad thing - just different.
So I just want to point out that a modification made by
someone other that Nicholas Bell will probably not work.
There is one side effect to using modified data files that
"change the performance" of the aircraft in this game. When
I say "change the performance" I'm not just referring to the
aircraft speed and agility (*.FMD's). Performance also
includes such things as the weapons and ammo count (*.GL's).
And such things as the aircraft damage ratings (*.DMG &
*.BXL's). The reason there is a problem is due to the way
the VCR tapes works. Prior to playback the VCR tapes scans
the tape and loads all the pertinent data (*.FMD, *.GL,
*.DMG & BXL's etc.) for each aircraft that is in the VCR.
If this data is different then the data that was used during
the original recording of the VCR then you will get a
different play back of the VCR.
An example of this would be after you added the modified
files you noticed that your aircraft appears to shoot at a
target that's not there. So, if you or anyone else wishes
to view your VCR as it was originally recorded, then you
must insure that the same modified data files which were
present during the recording of the VCR are also present
during the replay.
NOTE: Due to this it will be very easy to tell if
anyone is cheating during a FSFORUM tournament! So
if you were thinking of giving yourself an edge
during the next tournament then just forget it
because all tournaments are flow with the original
"performance" data files!
There is no problem in playing back a VCR using modified
data files that change an aircraft "appearance" or "ordnance
load". If you change an aircraft appearance via a modified
*.TBL file and then record a VCR tape with that modified
data file present, and then later remove or change that data
file, there will be no problem during playback except for
the fact that the plane's appearance will change. If you
change an aircraft ordnance load via a modified ORDNCE0.DAT
file, then record a VCR tape with that modified data file
present, and then later remove or change that data file,
there will be no problems during the playback.
But the one specific problem with SASE1.ZIP is that you will
have to insure that you select the correct service to match
the AC in the VCR playback, that is if you want it to
playback correctly.
Section 05: DISCLAIMER
Note that the utilization of these files and information is
at your own risk! I assume no responsibility for any damage
that may occur to your program or hardware due to the
modifications you may make to these or any of the original
program data.
If you are experiencing any type of problems contact me and
I will try and help you. But before you contact Dynamix
with your problem I urge you to do one thing before you do
so. First remove all the modified data files! Now if you
are still experiencing the same problem, then when you
contact Dynamix to report your problem you can rest assured
that the problem is with the program itself and not due to a
modified data file. This will save you and Dynamix allot of
Below is a listing of all the people who have, in one way or
another, contributed to the hex editing ability of AOE.
1) Damon Slye:
for his dedication to turning out the most realistic
dog fighting sims on the market. And for his savvy
decision not to encrypt the Dynamix code, which enables
guys like us to tweak the game to our liking.
2) James "Jaybird" Johnson:
for his inspirational and pioneering work on Dynamix
Flight Sims. I especially want to thank Jaybird for
all the informative DOC's that he has either posted or
personally sent me. His detective work and
understanding of Dynamix Code is top notch!
3) Tim Kilgore:
for his wonderful Dynamix editing & utility programs!
4) Nicholas Bell:
for his personal help and insight, and to his
dedication to furthering the knowledge of the Dynamix
data types. His overall knowledge of all the data
types is unsurpassed. Nicks dedication to accuracy and
realism is also top notch. Leave it to an ADA guy to
know his AC! Go Army!
5) Uwe Serf:
for his work on the TBL data files. Due to his efforts
we can color the planes to just about any color we
6) Larry Grill:
for his extensive work on the FMD & PLT files! His
contributions are many but his initial break down of
the PLT files is phenomenal.
7) Brian "ID" Sanford:
for his extensive and endless work on the FMD data, no
single person has worked harder on the FMD's. Thanks
to Brian we can make the AC do just about anything we
want at any altitude!
SASE1.ZIP Version 1.0 3-25-94
Contact me if you have any new information or corrections to
this doc and I will incorporate or correct the next version.
The best way for us to figure all this data is to share all
our information.

This contains two modules to let
you cheat at Strike Commander as
well as the program to execute the
modules. One allows for big $$$ and
9999 weapons, the other makes your
plane invisible to the enemy.

***********SEGA/GENESIS TIPS************
***********FEBRUARY 8, 1994*************
This is the latest text of game tips
for the Sega/Genesis. 218 games are

This is a Deathmatch level!
created by: Kendall Craig
Word Shuffle - Door Game v2.9 .
** Part of the Sunrise Door Collection **
Word letters are shuffled and the player must
unscramble them. Includes a database/event
manager. BRUN45.EXE no longer required!
Supports Fossil-based Multi-Port cards,
including the PCBoard /M version!
Siege! v1.2 medieval fortress construction
combat game. Similar to Castles. Features
3D graphics, sound effects, huge 12.5x12.5
screens playing area, music tracks. Needs
EGA-VGA, MS mouse. Shareware ($12) Rockland
Software Productions.

██ 'N' S L I D E

Well this is my first attempt at fighting
the Spider Demon on Nitemare mode and to
me it looks like a pretty good FIRST try!
Magical spells of the 1st to 3rd level for
AD&D. These spells will bring variety to
your mage's life. Another fine product
from Pendragon Productions!!!
Spider Run v1.0 Req.EGA/VGA & Mouse
It's a race against the clock as you rotate
web strands for the spider to run across.
Quick thinking and fast reflexes are required
to keep the spider crawling across his web.
Gain extra points for bonus strands and stray
flys that get caught in the web as you try
for the Top Ten High Scores. Spider Run is
fun for the whole family and is filled with
Educational Spider Facts. Warning ADDICTIVE!

STATMAN Fantasy/Rotisserie Baseball, v2.15.
The ULTIMATE in Fantasy League maintenance!
Conducts draft, Use upto 21 stat categories
for your league. Prints reports, Use of
National, American or BOTH players, Allows
I/R, "Expanded" rosters, Transaction reports,
Owner's reports, Long-term player Contracts,
etc. Weekly STATS entry either automatically
(in less than 5 minutes!) or manually. Has
1994 Player Rosters included. Since 1989.
Legends of Murder 1 Help
Legends of Murder is a fantasy/role-playing/murder mystery game, and you
are its main character. As the Inspector, you have been summoned to a small
castle near the harbor city of Erdwyn to investigate the murder of the King.
This castle -- the site of the murder -- is a day's journey across the
Northern Sea from your own kingdom. Hired by the advisor of the deceased
King, an elf named Ash, you set foot in the castle after a long journey
across the sea, and the game begins...
Your ultimate purpose in Legends of Murder is to discover the murderer of
the King. There are numerous riddles and puzzles to solve along the way, as
well as many people to meet and places to explore. It is very important that
you talk to everyone you encounter, search all rooms of the castle you enter,
and make note of what you learn for later reference.
The Inspector has a number of personal attributes which affect the play of
the game. These attributes are:
Strength - Physical condition.
Dexterity - Nimbleness, hand-eye coordination.
Agility - Quickness, speed, dodging ability.
Intellect - Intelligence, strength of will, resistance to mind-
affecting influences.
Fighter Level - Combat ability. The higher the level, the greater
the Inspector's ability.
Condition - Afflictions disabling to the Inspector.
Health Indicator - Current physical damage to the Inspector.
Concentration - Ability to concentrate on a previously-memorized spell.
Each spell requires a certain amount of concentration.
If a spell requires a percentage of concentration greater
than the Inspector has, the spell will fail.
Concentration can be raised magically, or by the
Inspector's walking around and clearing his thoughts to
increase his concentration.
Weapon and Armor - The weapon currently in-hand and the armor being worn
by the Inspector.
- Cast a spell
- Save game
- Restore game
- Toggle the display of descriptions ON/OFF
- Quit game and return to DOS
- Search the area on which you are standing.
Almost all visible objects can be searched, but you must stand
directly in front of the object or in the closest accessible
- Status of the Inspector. Display all important information about
the Inspector.
KEYS> - Move the Inspector north, northeast, east, southeast, south,
southwest, west, and northwest.
- This help.
NOTE: In movement, if either SHIFT key is pressed with a direction, the
Inspector will move until the SHIFT is released or movement is blocked. With
the save and restore options, you are asked for a game number to use. Enter
a number from 0-9. Press any other key to exit without saving or restoring.
Spells must be learned from special books. The higher a character's
level, the more powerful the spell he can learn.
- It is important to search everything. Many objects contain clues to the
murder and to other puzzles in the game.
- Visit every location. There are specific things you must do in certain
locations in order to complete the game.
- When looting a chest, you need not always take everything. If you leave
items, you can always come back later and get them.
- Make notes of important information along the way.
- Try to explore all corners since some things -- like stairs -- do not show
on the map.
- Some events will not take place until you have possession of the correct
items. For example, certain rooms may not be entered until specific items
have been found.
- Certain characters will comment on various items the Inspector may find,
so, once you find an item, go to someone who might have an interest in it.
Legends of Murder 1: Stonedale Castle
by James Schmalz
copyright (C) 1993 Softdisk, Inc
SUBWAY.WAD - The Deimos Subway
This is a fairly large PWAD that takes place in a very
small subway system and the rooms attached to the stations.
Please read the scenario story below.

[v1.3 -- batch file insertion bug fixed, .wad fixed]
"This is the weapon of a Jedi knight. Not as clumsy or as random as a
blaster. An elegant weapon for a more civilized age."
- Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Here it is, fellow DOOMers! You wanted a lightsaber, you got it!
Designed as part of the Star Wars DOOM experience, the lightsaber
replacement sprites (for the chainsaw) add one more piece to the total
For the full effect, I recommend creating a complete Star Wars Doom
replacement sprite WAD from all the ones floating around out there
(STROOPER, SWLASER, etc.) Trust me, the final effect will be well worth
the effort. Also recommended are SWMUSFX3, SWGRFX and STARWAR2.
Kudos to all those who have gone before, and good luck to all those
who will come after.
You first need to unzip everything into your main DOOM directory.
-> To replace the lightsaber sprites directly into DOOM.WAD,
run DMPERM. *** CAUTION *** This permanently alters your
-> To create a new PWAD called LSABER, run DMPWAD. This option
is basically to test out the SWLSABER graphics.
-> To replace the lightsaber sprites into your own sprite PWAD,
run DMINTO . This PWAD _must_ be one already
DMADDed (ie. it replaces DOOM sprites while playing the game
with DOOM -file . This option is to replace
the chainsaw sprites in your Star Wars Doom sprite PWAD.
File List
SWLSABER.WAD --------PWAD, must be DMADDED to work.
SAWGA0.GIF -----\
SAWGB0.GIF ----- \
SAWGC0.GIF ----- -GIFs for the DIYers. DMGRAPH as needed.
SAWGD0.GIF ----- /
CSAWA0.GIF -----/
SWLSABER.TXT --------This file.
DMPERM.BAT --------Alters your DOOM.WAD. Permanently. Make a
backup if you want to change your mind.
DMINTO.BAT --------For those (like me) who already have a master
Star Wars Doom sprite PWAD, runs DMGRAPH to
replace sprites in that PWAD.
DMADDS.EXE -------\Misc. files to make sprite replacements/
DMGRAPH.EXE -------/PWAD creation.
Many thanks to Bill Neisius (DMGRAPH) and Bernd Kreimeier (DMADDS),
and those wonderful folks at id Software.
I will not be held responsible for any corruption of your DOOM.WAD,
DOOM directory, hard drive or moral fibre. :) Standard disclaimers
Please send all comments to
-Claude Martins

Mah Jongg Tile Set Description
Tile Set Name: TARTANS.TIL
Subject: Scottish Clan Tartans
Created by: Jean Hoffman
Date: July 20, 1994
Growing up a McClintock, I was quite intrigued with things Scottish, and
became very fond of the tartan plaids. When I studied weaving, I developed
an even greater appreciation of them. Though I have never woven tartans,
I have seen incredibly well done ones locally. In this tile set I have
still maintained a little of the suit concept. I have chosen to stress
reds in No. 1 - 10, green in 11 - 20, yellow or yellow and white in 21 -
30 and blue in 31 - 34. The remaining tiles are of very different, mostly
black and white plaids. I have tried to maintain the appearance of the
woven plaid, but the setts (patterns) are often much too large for a tile
and I have chosen smaller parts of the pattern for their visual effect and
color dominance. For a more traditional tartan set, see TARTAN.TIL/TXT in
MJTIL130.ZIP (on the Xevious BBS) created by Barbara Beckham, Ph.D.
The tiles represent the tartans of the following clans as illustrated in
SCOTTISH CLANS & TARTANS by Ian Grimble, 1973.
1. MacNab 11. MacMillan (hunting) 21. MacMillan (dress)
2. Cunningham 12. Cameron 22. Barclay
3. Erskine 13. Menzies (hunting) 23. MacLeod of Lewis
4. Ramsay 14. MacLean 24. Buchanan
5. Innes 15. MacInnes 25. Kennedy
6. Matheson 16. MacCallum 26. Thomson
7. MacBean 17. Mackay 27. Royal Stewart
8. Fraser 18. More 28. Dress Stewart
9. Drummond 19. Gow 29. Malcolm
10.Logan 20. Duncan 30. Hay
31. Elliot
32. MacDonnel of Keppoch
33. Johnston
34. Clarke
35 - 38. Black and white Menzies
39 - 40. Napier.

Arcade game! Released In May!
Major Support For Gravis Ultrasound.
Supports SoundBlaster..and compatibles
Star Trek - Type Shootem up.
Spread This one* This is must have!

* * Telix Scripts for Tradewars 2002 2.x * *
Powerful SALT scripts that help players
perform repetitive tasks fast, efficient
and effortlessly. Paired Port Trading,
Transport/Sell/Steal Cycle, much more.

Be a Maverick with this American frontier
card game. There are six ways to bid your
hand, are you maverick enough to go for it?
Works with any IBM PC or clone, any
monitor, no mouse or joystick needed.
Programmed by aliens from outer space!
▓░ TOMMY'S WHIST (TM-147) █▒
The original card game from Hoyle's classic.
You play 1 hand, the computer plays all the
rest. Easy to learn, and fun! Contract
Bridge without the hard stuff (ha ha).
Works with any IBM PC or clone, any
monitor, no mouse or joystick needed.
Programmed by aliens from outer space!

After returning from your latest mission, you and your buddies looked forward
to some R&R. Lately, it seems as though you've been plastering so many
demons, you count them in your sleep!
There's little time for rest, though. Soon, you and your buddies are called
into the briefing room. Something has happened at Cydonia-130: a small
settlement and research station on Phobos.
The peaceful settlement has been turned upside down by a hideous invasion.
You listen to the last reports from Cydonia-130:
"Our security force is trying to hold back the invasion... things are
looking grim... they're breaking through everywhere! My God! Oh,
what carnage! Oh, the humanity! We need help fast! We need... oh no!
Argh!... ... "
Your commander follows with your orders:
"Well, the city's gone to hell. We need to get it back. Your group is
ordered to drop down to Cydonia-130 and destroy those fraggin' evil
monsters. The settlement is divided into 3 sections, all united by a
central access hub. Eradicate all enemy forces, so we can return to the
settlement. Chances are those evil beasts have massacred all the
inhabitants... or maybe they've been mutated. Whatever the case, kill
EVERYTHING that looks mean and nasty."
"Expect heavy resistance. You will have to liberate the settlement
building-by-building. The settlement had an armory which might still
have a stash of weapons that will be of great benefit. Don't forget
to find and destroy the enemy in the granite pits, which should be
accessible from inside the settlement."
"Also, try to find out what happened to the commander of Cydonia. His
headquarters is in a small palace in the northern section. Hopefully,
those evil monsters haven't gotten to him yet... good luck."
You are transported from headquarters to Phobos. You land, and are supplied
with "adequate" ammunition to accomplish the task. You move through a
cavern, and to an opening. Cydonia-130 lies in the distance.
As you approach, you notice something in the fortifications guarding the
entrance. It's definitely not human. Suddenly, you realize that this
ammo isn't going to be enough. This ain't gonna be a pretty sight.
You can find TOWN.WAD via anonymous FTP at
Title : TOWN.WAD
Authors : Kevin Haley
Bill Courneya
Email Address :
Description : Destroy the minions of Hell who have overrun
a town. Intense house-to-house fighting,
with a few puzzles and obstacles.
"Professionally designed"
Additional Credits to : Makers of DEU and BSP
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E3M6
Single Player : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes (designed for multi-player)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes! Lots of hiding/sniping positions!
Difficulty Settings : Slight differences between multi/single player
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
Demos Replaced : None
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Build Time : 40+ hours (approx. 2 months of development)
Editor(s) used : DEU 5.0/BSP 1.1
Known Bugs : None found
* Copyright / Permissions *
You may distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (FTP site, BBS, Diskette, etc) as long as you include this file
intact. Please distribute everywhere!
Author : John Martin
Email Addresses :
Description : DEATHMATCH ONLY!!!
4 guns, 3 rooms, 2 great places to hide.
Some fast action, some sniper spots, some
hiding places, nuff said.
Includes an exit.
Additional Credits to : Authors of DEU 5.21, BSP, REJECT
and of course, id.
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # : E2M1
Single Player : No
Cooperative 2-4 Player : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
* Construction *
Base : New level from scratch
Build Time : 8 hours
Editor(s) used : DEU 5.21, BSP, REJECT10
Known Bugs : None
* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
levels (yea, like I could stop you).
You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
* Disclaimers *
I'm not be responsible for your system crashes, sanity, or any divorces.
* Where to get this WAD *

Tubes! v1.00 *** Software Creations ***
A new, exciting and addictive action packed
puzzle game! Your goal is to match at least
3 similar colored atoms to make them vanish
in a whirl of fantastic animation. Requires:
VGA (with 256K) and at least a 286.
Supports: Adlib, Sound Blaster, General Midi.
TUBULAR WORLDS Episode 1 - Vulcan World
New shooter from DongleWare Publishing
(The makers of OXYD and OXYD MAGNUM)
Hordes of smoothly animated sprites,
some of which will morph right at you,
take you on with smart bombs and other
dangerous toys. Let the force take
over and synchronize your heartbeat
with the driving "bhudda...bhudda"
rhythm of automatic cannon fire.

Trade Wars Helper release 8.1 is a terminal
program used ONLINE with the BBS door game
"Trade Wars 2002". It maintains a database
of sectors with the known port and warp to
information. Several commands are available
to utilize this data in addition to commands
that automate repetitive processes and map
the TW universe GRAPHICALLY. Don't leave
FedSpace without it!
< The Wad Itinerary, Doom Description
List Endeavor > by 'Blackadder'

Digitized Sound Files for Trade Wars 2.0
Requires TWTERM23.ZIP or later. Phasers,
Quasars, Genesis, Warp engines and more.
3D EGA Term for playing Trade Wars 2.0.
Graphics, Sound Blaster support.
Includes, Mapper, Level-Diagram mapping,
and more. Get more done faster and wiser
while on-line or off. Includes it's own
easy to use script language.
3D EGA Term for playing Trade Wars 2.0.
Graphics, Sound Blaster support.
Includes, Mapper, Level-Diagram mapping,
and more. Get more done faster and wiser
while on-line or off. Includes it's own
easy to use script language.

U8-MT32 version 1.0: Alters Ultima 8:PAGAN's
music files to allow the music to play
correctly on a Roland MT-32/LAPC-1.

U 8 C E D I T
Character Editor for Ultima 8
version 1.00
Edit, or max out your Strength,
intelligence, Dexterity, Health,
and mana.
Okay, here's a way to enable the Cheats in Ultima VIII: Pagan!
Just run U8CHEAT.EXE from your Ultima 8 directory. It only works on your
current game, so if you reload you'll have to run this again. The good news
is: Once a game has been modified, all consecutive games will have the cheat
mode in them! Tons O' Fun!
Ways to Cheat:
Single-left-clicking on your Character brings up a menu of things...
brings up a handy internal menu.
- brings up a list of the other keys!
Original cheat program by Clockwork.
Game completion check removed by Stix.
Ultima 8: PAGAN Internal Cheat Accessor
This file operates on AVATAR.DAT, so run it in your \GAMEDAT subdir of the
U8 directory...
* Then start up the game. Hit Ctrl-f1 for a list of all the cheats.
* Hit F7 for extra cheat help and a cheat menu thing.
* Left click on yourself for more cheats...
Tip: once you've done this, and loaded the game, SAVE THE GAME! If you don't
save, then get killed, you'll have to edit the avatar.dat file again.
Brought to you by Sgt. Pepper of CRiTiCaL PRoDuCTioNS.
You can reach the Author via:
FidoNet - 1:170/359
InterNet - /
PAGAN-Ultima VIII Cheat Menu Enabler.
This utility allows you to turn on
and off the secret cheat menus for
your saved games. Works like a charm!
BackGammon EXCITING?? YOU BET!! Exceptionally
realistic, RIP-Like, Fast ANSI graphic Board.
Animated cursor picks up and drops all pieces
anywhere you move them.No more moves.
Max MUSIC & SOUND effects. Even show previous
moves in Full Animation!! A whole new concept
to 115K BPS, DV, Non-Standard IRQ's and More!
( and other miscellanious patches )
Brought To You By Steve Hassard ( )
This is an example DEH for DeHackEd 1.3 on how to create ULTRA-FAST
weapons. This is done by modifying the frame table and removing some
un-needed frames ( the firing & recoil ) by setting the frame time as
0. This has also made all of the corpses hanging around killable and
fall to the ground in a pile of guts. Trees also explode after being
shot. The barrels have been made with a lower mass and a higher HP
for the fun of "pushing" a barrel into a crowd of enemies and
destroying it with another shot. Also the enemies have much lowered
mass to have fun when the enemy is shot or killed, they literally fly!!
Weapons are also increased in strength ( watch out in co-operative play,
one missfired shot can kill your friend! ). The weapons have been modified
on the ammo editor to have unlimited ammo via the ammo type ( set to 5 ).
I think that's about it. Hope you enjoy it!!!
UFO -Enemy Unknown-
-Upgrade to 1.2
-Includes Crack!

| UFO Enemy Unknow from Micropose |
| Use Pkunzip -D Option |
****** ULTIMA VIII -PAGAN- from ORIGIN *****
>>>>>>> brought to you by <<<<<<
>>> Aktuelle PC-AREA, ONLINE-GAMES <<<

▒█ SHAREWARE Commo Mac's for Ult Univ ▓░
And improved and feature enhanced version
of the FREEWARE Commo Macro's for the Door
game Ultimate Universe.
Includes: macro compensation for different
shipboard devices,major scanning improvements
improved navigation, trading, universe
exploration routines, cabal elimination,
sector scanning, planetary maintenance,
shipboard engineering, game intelligence,
offensive weaponary as well as support for
the other player utilities currently released
all in a user configurable enviroment!
Used with the Terminal Commo V5.52 OR Commo 6.0
(Authors: Ken Pang/Mark Cothran)
(Released: April 29, 1994)

WACKER (Beta4 version)
Wacker is a wad manipulator and texture builder.
Author :Mike Barker
Email Address
Misc. Author Info :Send Comments!
Description :Imagine that a large, abandoned, warehouse in your
home town has been overrun by nasties. It is up to
you to save the day! You must first fight your way
in from outside, make it through the outer offices,
and then finally into the warehouse itself.
Although difficulty levels are implemented, it is
always pretty tough! Good Luck!
The level itself is pretty large, and may be a little
slow on some machines if all the nasties are running
around at the same time. On a 486 it is fine.
Additional Credits to :Chad Smith for play-testing.
* Play Information *
Episode and Level # :E1M1
Single Player :Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player :Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player :Yes
Difficulty Settings :Yes
* Construction *
Base :New Level
Build Time :Far too much...
Editors used :DEU v5 and BSP v1
Known Bugs :Some monsters seem to ignore the "deaf" bit & kill
one another before you get there.
*Copyrights / Permissions *
I'm not too fussy about what people do with this level. I want credit
anywhere that it is used/altered. It may be combined with other levels in a
complete episode WAD file. It may be distributed in any manner. It will
not be played by those who do not enjoy it.
WARI V1.2 1-May-94 African Strategy Game
for 2 players. Also known as MANCALA and
OURRI, Wari is over 4,000 years old and
was used to train African tribal chiefs.
Easy to learn as Chinese Checkers, but
requires thinking more like Chess. 3 skill
levels, tutorial, animation, music and
sound. Requires VGA graphics, DOS or
Windows, and 640K. Soundblaster and mouse
recommended. ImagiSOFT, Inc.
Board Games For 2
Allows you and a friend to play
Chess, Checkers, Backgammon or Goban
either on the same machine, over any
type of network, or using a modem.
WinGames.Inc ShareWare

WOLFENSTEIN 3-D PCX GameMaps Episode 2
Black and white PCX maps for Wolf3D
showing all secrets and objects.
MapKey included. Perfect for printing
on a 300dpi Laser @ 7" square.
Second of 6 PCX Map sets
Freeware by M.J. Bagby.
Ŕ W.O.B. Lists Ŕ
Warlords Of Balance info lists.
All the Items, Mercs, Skills, and
everything else. These lists even
─ should be the same for the ─┘
Registered Version.
By: Jerry Tanner

XStitch V2.0 (req'd) Pattern: Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtle - Michaelangelo

X-Wing Pro V1.16
The Ultimate XWING editor, Edits:
Pilots, Tours, Ships, Missions, & More
Supports Tours 1-5 and all versions
of XWING. New Mission Pick Lists,
Revamped Orders/Missions Pick Lists
Complete Doc's on the Mission Editor!
With a Example to Create! + Much More!

King of the Round Table. 2nd Place Best PC
intro at the Gathering 1994

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CD2HTML (ę 1997 by Falk Petro)