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Visual Calendar Planner 2.2 for Windows
An extremely powerful scheduler with no
learning curve. Hightlights include setting
calendar as Wallpaper, WYSIWYG Fonts, Color
Printing, Word Search and many more! Multiple
view with multi-color, multi-font capability.
Visual on-line help provided. Utilizes
Microsoft Access Database Engine. Real 3D
look 'n feel with True ViSuAL editing.
Registered user gets Windows 95 upgrade free!
NautilusCD High Five (Feb 94), America Online
Editors' Choice Best Pick (Nov 94), Ziffnet
Reviewer's Choice (Jan 95), PC Magazine Award
Winning Program (Nov 94) and many more!
A86 macro assembler, V4.01 updated
with INCLUDE files, listings, no limit
on size of source files, fwd refs in
complex expressions, END operand,
default ORG END in DATA SEGMENT, and
more! Contains info about A386/D386.
From Eric Isaacson Software.
AA-ARRAY.DLL V1.0-Extended Arrays for
VB. Manages the creation, accessing,
saving to and restoring from disk of
arrays with up to 4 Gigs elements and
>64K of VB strings. No VB imposed
limits. Fast. Arrays can be: Integer,
Long, Single, Double, Currency, or
String. In the registered version
arrays can be of User defined types.
From AA-Software International. $30.00
AUTOGRAMMATIK I: Adjective endings probably contains one of
the most succinct explanations of German adjective endings you will
see anywhere. Fill in the correct adjective ending and receive
immediate feedback. An on-line dictionary and help in the form of
charts and an on-line manual accompany you every step of the way
from confusion to mastery. Viel Spass!
ALL-PRO League Scheduler v1.1 -
Creates round-robin schedules for any number
of leagues (up to 40 teams per league) at
any number of locations. Handles division
play, tracks scores, standings, and prints
reports. Mouse support and easy to use. From
ALL-PRO Software Inc. $49.95 plus $3.75 S/H.
FREE upgrade to Windows commercial version.
StatTrak v5.3 - Baseball/Softball stat
management system for up to 100 teams. Tracks
batting, pitching, fielding, won/lost record,
game results, and team standings. You can
name additional categories and up to 7 game
types. Computes statistics for selected
games. Menu-driven and very easy to use. From
ALL-PRO Software Inc. $39.95 shareware.
Analyze and print out complete individual,
team, and oponent basketball statistics.
Save data for up to 45 teams, 45 games per
team, and 17 players per team. Spreadsheet
style entry, automatic percent calculations
Includes 2 and 3 point goals, free throws,
(made, attempted, percent) total points,
rebounds, assists, charges, blocked shots,
recoveries, take aways, and 4 user-defined
categories. Requires 512K.
Business Clock Link 1.3
Networkable PC Time Clock for Managers
with real-time job reporting, Clock-in
animation, Blue Collar E-mail, on-line
discipline and Ticker Tape reports.
Written in C with dBASE file format.
"This Clock Means Business". XT, 640K,
2 meg drive required. $149.
A utility that randomly changes your Windows
background (wallpaper) each time you log into
Windows or each time you run it. You can set
it up to change a maximum of once a day (if
you log in and out of Windows several times
per day).
BOOT'R v2.11 DOS Configuration Manager
BOOT'R allows the management of multiple
configurations on a single machine. BOOT'R
can modify the CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT, and
more. Modify up to 5 files for each
configuration. Useful for changing files such
as NET.CFG too! Ideal for creating custom
configurations for memory-hungry games. Easy
to use push-button interface w/mouse support!
Online reference tools!
BIKEPRO for Windows V2.3a. BikePro is a
Performance Optimizer for the serious
cyclist. It contains a Training Log,
Diet Log, Food Glossary, plus many
reports, graphs and other features.
Author, Clint Huff, $10 or $20.
Requires MS Windows.
A small calendar that can be accessed by hot-
key. Allows you to print a calendar of any
month or year. Contains a Julian Date
converter and calculates the number of days
between 2 dates.
Calendar Quick Scheduling Tool v2.10 A very
fast and feature-rich scheduler for Windows
3.1. Allows scheduling for an individual, or
an entire enterprise. View calendars in 12
different formats with WYSIWYG printing &
full copy/paste to other Windows
applications. Unique Event Planning grid for
fast entry. Includes state of the art user
interface with notebook tabs and "Balloon
Cumberland Diary for Windows v1.00
- Powerful, easy-to-use diary/ journal
entry program. Keep your personal diary on
your computer. Search entries by date and by
heading. Program's main display shows four
"tabs": Contents (entry list by date),
Calendar, Diary (where actual entry is made)
and Index (entry list by heading). Requires
CFS10A & CFS10B.
Cumberland Family Software DLL's & VBX's
v1.00 - Required for Cumberland
Diary for Windows and Cumberland Family Tree
for Windows.
Cumberland Family Software DLL's & VBX's
v1.00 - Required for Cumberland
Diary for Windows and Cumberland Family Tree
for Windows.
Cumberland Family Tree Professional v4.1e
- Powerful easy-to-use genealogy
program. User-defineable events, source
notes, up to 5 pages of notes per individual,
many reports, indexed book! International:
reports in 8 different languages; surname
beginning, middle or end; accented characters
allowed. Occupation, Soundex, Flags,
Relationship Calculator, Date Calculator,
Addresses, GEDCOM, much more!
CHORES & REWARDS v1.01. Windows system for
managing chilren's chores, penalties, and
rewards, featuring: 3 motivational
techniques; automatic allowance
reconciliation; performance tracking; "bank
account" managing; and checklist printing.
Updated 2/14/95.
Color Cross v1.04e is a unique, abstract and
kinetic two-player color strategy game whose
objective is to freeze all of your opponent's
pieces. Requires: 8086 series CPU, 300K free
RAM, VGA color graphics, and a Microsoft
compatible mouse and DOS resident driver.
Win 3.x Network Application License Counter-
Enforces 'Simultaneous Use' Network Licenses
and provides License Management Utilities
Utilities - Other
CompuSlave v1.08 -CompuServe Message DB
CompuSlave imports CompuServe forum capture
files into a database, converting them to
individual messages. Add, delete, edit, and
search the entire database for key words or
phrases. Make those messages work for you!
Create your own technical support resource.
Ideal for power users, programmers, and
network administrators. Network support is
included. Easy to use!
D86 debugger, V4.01, updated
with keystroke scripts, macro
keys, Undo command, and
file copy and delete.
Contains info about A386/D386.
From Eric Isaacson Software.
Day By Day v1.2 PIM includes scheduler,
task list manager, and diary, all with
password protection for data security. Master
task list allows easy entry of recurring
tasks and default scheduling on a weekly
basis. Automatically push uncompleted tasks
to a future date if desired. Diary section
includes text search feature and allows up to
64K of notes per day.
Diary v2.6 -- Diary/journal program for
Windows with password protection and printing
capability. Supports international date
formats. Has text search feature which allows
you to quickly bring up all entries
pertaining to a particular person, event,
etc. Accomodates up to 64K of entries per
DISKLIST v3.10 - produces lists &
labels with the directory contents for 5.25",
3.5", and hard disks in 39 formats. DISKLIST
reads all sub-dirs. Prints different or
duplicate lists on every label on Avery Laser
label sheets. Prints on disk sleeves with
PCL5. Font downloading. Can display file
names in ZIP, LHZ, etc. DISKFLAP holds non-
sticky list to 3.5" disks. Configure list
layout. Shading, multiple selection spec.
DR. FORM v3.2 The easiest, fastest way
for anybody to create, edit, fill in and
print standard or custom made forms. Full
Mouse Support. Move, copy, draw lines, etc.
Automatic Grid Maker. Print on pre-printed
forms and make templates. Much more....
Shareware Magazine Editor's Choice Award.
DOS program which includes a Windows Setup.
Disk Piecharter v1.1 - Graphical
Windows Filemanager extension that shows disk
usage per file and per directory in a
piechart. Zoom in and out on piechart
segments (directories). Enables user to
delete whole directory trees (if desired) and
shows the effect on free diskspace. Seemless
integration with Filemanager. English, German
and Dutch texts. Created by Zorn Software.
DiscTrak System v8.00 - Home Entertainment
Cataloging Database program. This program can
organize all of your CDs, Cassettes, Albums,
LaserDiscs, and VCR Tapes easily. Search for
any song title, Star, Director and MUCH MORE!
Limited only by disk space. None of the
other Home Entertainment database programs
can match it.
EASY BASE V6.3 - Rapid Application Developer
(RAD) for data management. - Easy Base is
the first true RAD system to be available on
shareware. Create sophisticated menu driven
apps in record time. Applications created in
Easy Base can be sold as stand alone
programs with the Easy Base Runtime Module
(not Included).
Database Applications Reg. $25
EASY BACKUP VERSION 4.3 - Compressed Backup
Disk Maker - Easy Backup makes compressed
self-restoring backups. It backs up sub
directories automatically and has an archive
option which will remove the backed up
directory structure from hard disk. Backup
parameters are stored in a data file so that
subsequent backups can be menu selected
Installing Distribution Disk Maker - Easy
Install makes compressed self installing
disks for progam distribution - No script
language to learn - Just tell Easy Install
the name of your program and the directory
in which it can be found - The rest is
Utilities - Disk/File Reg. $40
Family Calendar for Windows v1.2 Prints
family oriented, professional quality wall
calendars. Give as gifts to family and
friends. Make $$$ selling calendars. Auto-
year counts. Purse or pocket tri-fold
SHOPPING LIST. Events for departed family
members. Promotes family history and unity.
U.S. & Canada holidays. Copy events between
calendars. Auto-font sizing. Reg. users
receive Free 12 month laser printed calendar.
Designer Envelopes v1.30 Creates
envelopes and letterhead stationary using a
drag and drop interface. Add lines, pictures,
text and rectangles to your layouts. Use all
of your Windows fonts and bitmaps! Links to
Paintbrush to create/edit images. Links to
Cardfile for creating/importing text and
addresses into layouts. Scales layouts to fit
on many envelope sizes.
File manager for Word for Windows 6.0.-
A time-saving utility that lets you perform
more than a dozen file-management operations
without switching to the Windows File
Manager. You can move, copy, rename, delete
and undelete files in any number of Word
subdirectories and sub-subdirectories.
Windows - Utilities
FundRaiser Basic v1.33 Donor Management
software. VERY easy to learn and use. Here
are the tools you need to fundraise like a
real pro. In one session: record donations,
make address changes, code donors, print
timely thank you letters and labels, print a
deposit report - all without leaving program!
Targeted mailings are a snap, as are the
impressive and useful reports. Now imports
existing list from other programs.
GradeBook For Windows v3.07 . Advanced
Windows based electronic gradebook for the
professional educator with extensive on-line
help. User categories, opt ID#'s, tot pt or
weighted scores, discard worst scores, extra
credit, statistics & charts, progress
reports, attendance, imp/exp clipboard & font
support, interim weights, teacher notes, reqd
final scores, much more.
Hands On Remote Access 5.00
Easy Up and Running Update. Easy use.
Hands On has small RAM size, useful set
of features in a complete toolkit.
Minimally intrusive and easily modified.
Liberal developers distribution policy.
Infodex v2.13 Multipurpose Database!
Infodex is a versatile database manager used
to keep track of names and addresses,
equipment, computer software, books, and
more! Includes a FREE-FORM layout. Add,
delete, or rearrange fields EASILY! Search
for text in any field. Import and export to a
delimited text file. Quickly browse through a
list of records. Easy push button interface
w/mouse support!
A graphical travel planner, designed to pro-
duce itineraries, expense estimates, and maps
for road trips throughout the contiguous
United States. Includes maps of thirty-five
major cities. Print itineraries and maps on
a dot matrix printer for complete travel
package. Requires VGA and mouse.
Files contains common files required by My
Life V2.5+ and Writer's Cramp V2.6+. A setup
program is provided for installation of the
common files. Requires VBRUN300.DLL and
Windows 3.1.
Landscape Explorer v3.01 A 3D landscape
viewer/GIS application for Windows. Can
import data from digital files or scanned map
images to create 3D models of landscape
surfaces. These can be viewed from any
position and drawn in many different schemes
such as Summer and Winter colours, GIS data
mapping and wire frame. Supports USGS DEM
7.5' and UK OS NTF LandRanger file formats.
Little Black Book for Windows v3.0b
Address book / auto-dialer with reporting
capability. Stores names, addresses, and
phone numbers, along with about 64K of notes
per entry. Search on any combination of
fields. Use wildcards too! One mouse click
dials your party's phone number. (Modem
required for dialing.) Print Preview feature.
On-line, context-sensitive Windows Help
system. Requires VBRUN300, not included.
Rev. Lowell's Treasury of Humor v1.0 -
Hyper-indexed Win 3.1 collection of great
anecdotes, funny stories, zingy one-liners,
revealing quotes. Search by topic, keywords,
etc. Print or copy chosen items. Excellent
source material for speakers, writers,
toastmasters! Or just read page by page for
fun! Illustrated in color & B/W. Collected by
Rev. Lowell over his 30-year career as an
ordained minister. "Very high quality matl"
LINGUAPRO/SPANISH v2.60 - Large-scale
program for serious students. Rqrs PC, DOS,
Hard Disk & 640K mem. EGA/VGA recommended.
19,000 word graded vocabulary with sophisti-
cated Flashcarding. Has Latin-American and
Castilian dialect conversational courses. A
unique Verb Conjugator SYNTHESIZES millions
of COMPLETE sentences to drill verbs in all
tenses/persons. Features for Advanced users.
Five fast, easy to use accounting programs-
Five fast, easy to use accounting programs
for the small business. PC-GL Ver. 5.0
Double Entry General Ledger. PC-AR Ver. 5.0
Accounts Receivable and Sales Summary. PC-PR
Ver 5.0 Payroll Writing. PC-AP Ver. 5.0
Accounts Payable. PCINV Ver 5.0 Invoicing
A MUSICAL TUTORIAL v1.1 - An excellent
way to promote and encourage musical study
using a graphically oriented environment.
Treble / Bass note & chord sight reading.
Associate notes to piano keys. Chord dict.
Musical games. Play, view and print scales,
chords, and broken chords. User log. Play
classics. Print sight reading test papers.
Key signatures, Etc. Makes music lessons fun
for children or adults. VGA required. 3/4/94
A MUSICAL TUTORIAL v1.1 for Windows
An excellent way to encourage musical study
using a graphically oriented environment.
Treble / Bass note & chord sight reading.
Associate notes to piano keys. Chord dict.
Musical games. Play, view and print scales,
chords, and broken chords. User log. Play
classics. Print sight reading test papers.
Key signatures, Etc. Makes music lessons fun
for children or adults.
MWPR - Medlin Windows Payroll Writing
easy to use payroll writing program. Built-in
State & Federal tables. Up to 4 user set
deductions allow for tips, 401k, medical
deductions, disability insurance, local
taxes, etc. Up to 3 other income fields.
Print reports for any period. Registered
users receive W-2 printing program. $38
MY LIFE v2.3 - My Life is a personal
diary, scrapbook, and word processor. The
scrapbook can be used to store and play
movies and sounds. Pictures can be stored
and viewed, too. Multiple My Life databases
can be created, one for each member of the
family. Each database can be password
protected. A full-functioning word processor
is included for writing letters.
Requires VBRUN300.DLL and Windows 3.1.
=* PC-Nag *= Ver. 1.2 by Progressive Products
Have you ever forgotten a birthday? How about
that anniversary or other special occasion?
Well, you can put your brain to rest, PC-Nag
has come to the rescue! This program lets you
save reminder messages on your computer.
Every morning when you turn your computer
on you get reminded of things. Just like a
spouse, but it costs less and in-laws don't
come with it.
National INNdex 5.02 . Motel locater
for the road warrior or vacationing family!
Helps you easily find a motel in almost any
town of several thousand population in USA.
Select the town you are planning to visit -
displays / prints motel list w/ location,
phone numbers, amenities. Shareware version
includes 2200 motels. Registration $29.00.
Registered version includes 5300 motels,
growing daily. Registered users can update
data at nominal cost by contacting author.
NeoBook is a system for authoring disk-
based, interactive newsletters, books,
catalogs, educational materials, etc. Links
to popular word processors, paint programs.
Compiler and runtime license allow compiled
publications to be distributed (EXE format).
Imports PCX/BMP format images and ASCII text
Req: DOS 3.1+; EGA/VGA/SVGA graphics; MS or
Logitech comp. mouse; hard disk; & 640K+ RAM
New Menus for Windows v1.43 - a Win-
shell similar to the UNIX X-Windows Manger
OpenLook, Motif and the 'Chicago' GUI. With a
graph. popup menu for a quick access to apps
docs, directories, tasks and more. Enhances
window managment with a Virtual Desktop,
layout functions and enhanced system menu.
Provides customizable context senstive menus
Every menu, even apps menus, can be stuck
onto the desktop. Multi-user configuration.
Neue Menues fuer Windows v1.43 - Shell
aehnlich zu UNIX X-Windows Manager OpenLook,
Motif und der 'Chicago' GUI. Mit einem graph.
Popupmenue fuer einen schnellen Zugriff auf
Prog's, Doc's, Verzeichnisse, Task und mehr.
Erweitertes Fenster-Managm. mit Virtuellem
Desktop, Layoutfunktionen und ausgebautem
Systemmenue. Stellt kontextsensitive Menues
zur Verfuegung. Jedes Menue kann auf den
Desktop 'gepinnt' werden, sogar Programm-
Menues. Erlaubt Multi-User Konfig.
OMNIDay for Windows 2.61 Computer diary
program with many features and toggles. Has
over 10000 encryption options & keys. Can
handle up to 10 users at once and has a full
featured text editor. Internally calls up
Spell checkers. Can use other TSR Spell
Checking. All world date formats handled.
From Unicorn Software Limited
OpenHome is an open home announcement
generator designed for Mortgage Bankers and
Realtors. It provides a one-sheet infomation
packet for prospective home buyers, listing
important information in an attractive way.
The user provides key information about the
property for sale and OpenHome produces a
simple table showing the perspective buyer
the financial requirements for purchasing the
property in a straightfoward fashion.
AUTOGRAMMATIK II: Active / Passive Voice. Given either an
active or passive sentence in German, type the complement. The
program can be set by the user from relatively easy (change present
tense verb from active to passive or passive to active only) to
quite challenging (rewrite complete sentence / verbs randomly
choosen from multiple tenses). An on-line dictionary and help is
available at all time.
PC-PR Payroll Writing v5.0 Includes
1995 tax tables. Prints W-2's. Track 941
data. Print checks. Up to 1200 employees.
Tips, 401k, OT, cafeteria plan, auto
allowance etc. After the fact entry
available. Employee history, 941, quarterly,
payroll ledger reports. $35
Requires Windows 3.1, recommend modem. PIM;
Calendar, Phone/Address Book, Phone Dialer,
Call Timer, To Do List, Almanac, Note Editor
& context sensitive help. Monthly calendar
displays events you choose, Dialer can dial
phone numbers from the Phone Book using your
modem. Registration $20.00 + $5.00 S&H.
ProDev*QUOTE V6.0a Quote System.
Contains program, data & documentation.
Extremely full featured Quotation or
Bidding system for any type or size of
business. Point & Shoot browse allows
rapid preparation of quotes. Uses
dBASE III+ compatible files. Low
registration of only $70.
Contact Browser v1.25 : Program for IBM-
PC (MS Win3.1x). Can be used at home or for
business. Includes fields for names,
addresses, six phone numbers, special dates,
E-Mail ID's, and comments. Use categories,
for grouping contacts. Unlimited number of
entries, automatically sorted. Searching,
modem dialing, full featured customizable
reports and label printing, import/export and
much more.
New P.I.M. for Word 6.0 for Windows:
PHONE CALLS! Integrated with Word 6.0. Now
stores up to 21,000 entries in two address
books! Set alarms, schedule appointments.
Works and looks like a real rolodex! Allows
creation of FULL-COLOR reports, and business
letters. Has its own phone dialer, automatic
dialer,VOICE MAIL DIALER. Supports automatic
BACKGROUND FAXING with Delrina WinFax Pro 4.
Create envelopes and labels with just one
click. Shareware. And Lots more.
NAME: Personal Protocol Library for C/C++
FILE: PPL4C10.ZIP VER: 1.0 DATE: Feb 95
REG$: MarshallSoft Computing, Inc. --- $40.00
DSCR: PPL4C is a protocol library supporting
YMODEM-G, and ZMODEM protocols. Will support
Turbo C, Borland C, MIX Power C, Microsoft C.
Requires the Personal Communications Library
for C/C++ (PCL4C) .
NAME: Personal Protocol Library for Pascal
FILE: PPL4P10.ZIP VER: 1.0 DATE: Jan 95
REG$: MarshallSoft Computing, Inc. --- $40.00
DSCR: PPL4P is a protocol library supports
YMODEM-G, and ZMODEM protocols. Requires the
Personal Communications Library for Pascal
(PCL4P) .
PrintGL 1.54
(c) Copyright Ravitz Software Inc. 1990,1995
PrintGL/D - pen plotter emulator for DOS
PrintGL/W - pen plotter emulator for Windows
PrintCAD - printer driver for DOS CAD software
Ravitz Software Inc. BBS/FAX 606-268-0577
Lexington, KY 40524-5068
USA Compuserve Cary Ravitz [70431,32]
------------------------------ Contents ------------------------------
PrintGL Documentation File ............................... PRINTGL.DOC
PrintGL HP-GL, HP-GL/2, and ADI Documentation File PRINTGL2.DOC
Description ........................................................ 3
What Is New 4
Installation ....................................................... 5
License and Registration 6
Resellers .......................................................... 7
Order Form 8
Catalog of Software from Ravitz Software Inc. ...................... 9
Description ----------------------------------------------------------
PrintGL is a shareware pen plotter emulator package for DOS and
Windows. It includes a DOS program that can be run from the command
line and BAT files or via menu (PrintGL/D), an equivalent Windows
program (PrintGL/W), and a resident DOS program that intercepts
plotter data as it is being written to file (PrintCAD).
PrintGL prints or displays HP-GL (HP Graphics Language) and HP-GL/2
subsets and ADI (Autodesk Device Interface 4.0) plotfiles from CAD
and graphing packages such as AutoCAD, Microstation, Cadkey,
FastCAD, Schema, etc. It supports Epson and IBM 9 pin printers,
Epson, Fujitsu, IBM, NEC, and Toshiba 24 pin printers, Epson Stylus,
HP Laserjet, Deskjet, PaintJet, QuietJet, and HP-GL, HP-GL/2, and
HP-RTL devices, IBM ExecJet, LaserPrinter, and Quietwriter 2/3,
Canon LBP, BJ, and BJC printers, Kodak Color 4, PDP ProTracer, Star
SJ-144, Tek ColorQuick, and PostScript printers, and CGA, EGA, VGA,
VESA SVGA, and HGC displays. And it generates PCX files and EPS
files with preview bit map.
Even if your graphics program supports your printer, you will
probably find that PrintGL is faster, gives better print quality,
and/or gives more formatting flexibility. PrintGL uses the best
graphics modes available for each printer that it supports and uses
transfer data compression to improve print speed on many printers.
And it gives options such as paper size, orientation, magnification,
and pen width, color, and shading.
What Is New ----------------------------------------------------------
PrintGL 1.54 updates:
- Several files have new names:
- The documentation viewer gives you access to PRINTGL.TXT,
- The "other" menu is split into "plotter" and "other".
- /FW% drives the default Windows printer.
- Auto run mode uses "#" in the mask to select a configuration.
- Mouse handling is improved.
- Epson Stylus Color 720 dpi prints are screened by 50% to eliminate
bleeding and pooling of ink.
PrintGL 1.52 updates:
- Auto run mode lets you delete plotfiles after processing.
- /F$+ drives the Epson Stylus Color at 720 dpi.
- PRINTGLD /? or PRINTGLW /? go directly to help system.
- Negative (adaptive) HP-GL line types are supported.
- New HP-GL/2 interpreter features:
The UL (user line type) command is read and line types are
converted to PrintGL's standard line types.
The RF (raster fill) command is read and converted to a shade
level. Pen numbers are ignored and the specific pattern is
ignored. Fill type 11 is then converted to fill type 10 with
this shade level.
The latest version of PrintGL is available from the support bulletin
board at 606-268-0577 (1200..14400, N,8,1, 24 hours/day, XMODEM, 1K
XMODEM, or ZMODEM download), packed in ZIP 2.04g format.
Installation ---------------------------------------------------------
The PrintGL package includes these files:
FILE_ID.DIZ standard description of package
PRINTCAD.EXE resident DOS program
PRINTGL.DOC documentation
PRINTGL.PLT sample plotfile
PRINTGL.TXT initial information
PRINTGL2.CHR HP-GL character set plotfile
PRINTGL2.DOC HP-GL documentation
PRINTGLW.EXE Windows program
README.BAT displays the initial information file
To install PrintGL create a directory called PRINTGL, and copy or
unpack the distribution files into this directory. It is preferred
that the PRINTGL directory be in your DOS PATH.
To install PrintGL/W as an icon in the Windows Program Manager,
select File, then New, then program item to bring up the Program
Item Properties menu. Enter the item name - PrintGL/W, the command
line - C:\PRINTGL\PRINTGLW, and the working directory - wherever you
keep your plotfiles files. You can choose from three icons designed
for two, sixteen, and 32K color setups.
PRINTGL.TXT is initial information. You can view it from DOS by
running README.BAT or from PrintGL by pressing F1. While viewing it,
you can print pages or the entire file. Press T repeatedly until the
correct setup is displayed and then press P. Or from DOS, "COPY
PRINTGL.TXT PRN" to print the entire file.
PRINTGL.DOC is the documentation. This is viewed and printed just
PRINTGL2.DOC is the documentation of supported HP-GL, HP-GL/2, and
ADI commands. PRINTGL2.CHR is a plotfile that documents the
supported HP-GL characters sets.
PRINTGL.PLT is a sample plotfile that you can print or display with
License and Registration ---------------------------------------------
PrintGL (including PrintGL/D, PrintGL/W, and PrintCAD) is provided
as is. There are no warranties expressed or implied. PrintCAD is a
swapping resident program that may have problems with unusual
PrintGL is copyrighted by Ravitz Software Inc. You may copy PrintGL
only for use under this license agreement.
PrintGL is distributed as shareware. You may use PrintGL without
charge on a trial basis to determine its suitability for you. If you
continue to use it after your evaluation, you MUST purchase a
registered copy for $50 (US$). Registration covers use by a single
person (on multiple computers) or installation on a single computer
(may be used by a group of people). There is no cost to use a later
1.** version after registering any 1.** version.
You may distribute PrintGL as a stand alone product if you keep the
entire package together, unchanged, clearly label the disk as
shareware, and do not charge more than $10. You may not distribute
PrintGL as part of another product or on the same disk with any
commercial software.
See Order Form for ordering information.
PrintGL Printer Driver is the graphics engine used in these
programs. It may be licensed for use in commercial programs. Send a
note to request more information on this.
Resellers ------------------------------------------------------------
The companies noted below can help you register PrintGL more easily.
These companies sell registered copies - they do not offer user
support. User support is provided only by Ravitz Software.
Public Software Library accepts Visa, MC, AmEx, or Discover orders.
Orders are transferred via Compuserve and shipped from Ravitz
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See Resellers for information on resellers in the US, Germany, and
Each licensed copy may be used by one person on multiple computers
or installed on one computer used by a group of people.
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_________________________________________ Ravitz Software Inc.
_________________________________________ Lexington, KY 40524-5068
_________________________________________ BBS/fax 606-268-0577
Catalog of Software from Ravitz Software Inc. ------------------------
All of the packages listed below are available from the Ravitz
Software support BBS - 606-268-0577 1200..14400 N,8,1 24 hours/day.
PrintGL is a pen plotter emulator package for DOS and Windows. It
prints or displays HP-GL (7475, 17440), HP-GL/2 (limited subset), or
ADI (Autodesk Device Interface 4.0 binary) plotfiles on most PC
graphics devices. Supports Epson and IBM 9 pin printers, Epson,
Fujitsu, IBM, NEC, and Toshiba 24 pin printers, Epson Stylus, HP
Laserjet, DeskJet, PaintJet, and HP-GL, HP-GL/2, and HP-RTL devices,
IBM ExecJet, Quietwriter 2/3, and LaserPrinter, Canon LBP, BJ, and
BJC, PDP ProTracer, PostScript, Star SJ-144, Tek ColorQuick, EGA,
VGA, VESA SVGA, and HGC, and outputs PCX files and Encapsulated
PostScript files with preview bit map. User selectable pen width,
color, shading, and paper size, magnification, etc. Shareware - $50.
PrintCAD is a printer driver for AutoCAD, AutoSketch, Microstation,
Cadkey, GenCADD, Draft Choice, PC-Draft-CAD, and other DOS CAD
packages. It prints directly from CAD software via the ADI, HP-GL,
or HP-GL/2 plotter driver. It is included in the PrintGL package.
PrintGF is an image printer for DOS and Windows. It prints or
displays BMP, GIF, and PCX files on most PC bit mapped graphics
devices, color or black/white, with pattern and/or error diffusion
dithering, brightness, contrast, and gamma for each plane, gray
balance, blur/sharpen, edge smoothing, user selectable clip area,
print size, portrait or landscape. DOS and registered Windows
versions also read JPEG, TARGA, and TIFF files. It supports Epson
and IBM 9 pin printers, Epson, Fujitsu, IBM, NEC, and Toshiba 24 pin
printers, Epson Stylus, Fargo Primera and PrimeraPro, HP Laserjet,
DeskJet, PaintJet, HP-RTL plotters, IBM ExecJet, Quietwriters, and
LaserPrinter, Canon LBP, BJ, and BJC, PDP ProTracer, PostScript
printers, Star SJ-144, Tek ColorQuick, EGA, VGA, and VESA SVGA. The
DOS version requires XMS memory. Shareware - $34.
Ravitz Editor is a fast, powerful, mid sized text editor. It has
integrated outlining and overviewing, area mark manipulation (copy,
fill, shift, sort, etc.), find/change, word wrap and reflow, line
drawing, multiple file handling, change tracking, flexible user
interface (function keys, mouse, menus), and it is configurable and
programmable. Shareware - no charge.
Ravitz Utilities is a package of miscellaneous programs. FLSIG is a
file signature program that lets you easily set up a disk security
test. PIC2GL translates Lotus .PIC files to HP-GL. ATKBFIX and
ENKBFIX are DOS TSRs that modify the BIOS keyboard handling to make
the keyboards more useful. RSUNZIP is a limited unZIPper. Shareware
- no charge.
PAPER ROUTE LEDGER v1.47 - Computerize
your paper route bookkeeping with this unique
program. Keeps track of customers, addresses,
delivery order, route listing, collections,
billings, tips, etc. Print reports on your
customers, collections, route list, etc. Will
handle multiple Delivery types, and handles
both Weekly and Monthly collection schedules.
Ver 1.47 corrects "Data Width" errors
reported by some users. Shareware $19.
PlanStar v1.00a Resource Scheduling
System for Windows. Tracks categorized
events, and records/summarizes hours and
dollars for multiple resource types, in one
integrated database. User selects any
combination of categories to display or print
as event lists, or month, week, and day
calendars. Warns of scheduling conflicts.
Fully customizable to suit any scheduling or
logging requirement.
q&dBase for Windows v2.0a Database
creation and report writer. Create and define
your own databases. Drag and drop fields to
design data entry forms. Store report queries
and layouts. Search on any combination of
fields, uses wildcardsm too! Data is stored
in MS-Access 2.0 format for easy portability
to popular commercial programs. Includes
Print Preview feature and online context-
sensitive Windows Help system.
QwkSlave v1.00 QWK Message Database!
QwkSlave imports QWK mail packets, storing
each message as a database record. Add, edit,
delete, print, browse, sort, & search through
messages. Cross referencing makes finding an
original message and its response as easy as
a mouse-click. Ideal as a technical support
reference tool. Network support included.
Easy to use push-button interface w/mouse
support! (286 or higher)
===*===California Earthquakes===*===
Witness the unbelievably large number of
earthquakes California had during the month
of January 1994 including the January 17
Northridge quake. Using data obtained from
Caltech and USGS, this program will show you
the time, magnitude, and approximate
location of each quake. The registered
version comes with earthquake data for 1992,
1993 and 1994. Requires: 386, mouse & VGA.
Replicator v1.20 - The Disk Database!
Replicator is a disk image utility designed
to create images of diskettes and catalog
them in a database. Includes optional
compression to reduce the image size. Store
up to 10 description lines and a complete
list of files contained on the original disk
for each disk image in the database. Modify
database entries at any time. Includes easy
push button interface & network support.
** SAB*Diskette*Utility*Version*2.91*(ASP) **
** THE*MS*Windows*Diskette*Utility **
Format/copy/compare/save floppy diskette
images in foreground or background. Read a
diskette once and make multiple copies. Save
images to hard drive. Convert diskette image
formats while preserving boot and reserve
sectors. Create distribution sets with group
restores. Browse diskettes and saved
diskette images. Shareware from SAB.
Multi-provider office appointment book/
appointment processor does many things you
can't do on paper. For clinics or service
firms with as many as 12 providers. Keeps
client info, shows openings quickly, prints
daily worksheets & appointment slips.
Req 286+, HD. Uses XBASE files.
Complete management of Field service org.-
Complete Field Service Call management
system. Track call incidents and parts used
on each incident. Print dispatch slips.
Manager can get call status quickley, which
helps with customer conflicts. Can be
used,for many different type of
SERVIH30 v3.00 - Creates invoices for
the services you provide. The invoice
includes a monthly fee for your services, and
other charges as well as state sales tax when
required. Sales messages appear at the bottom
of the invoice. You control whether an
invoice is created for any given customer and
month. Mailing labels can be printed. The
month end program updates the history
accounts and clears the current accounts.
SERVIP30 v3.00 - Creates invoices for
the services you provide. The invoice
includes a monthly fee for your services, and
other charges as well as state sales tax when
required. Sales messages appear at the bottom
of the invoice. You control whether an
invoice is created for any given customer and
month. Mailing labels can be printed. The
month end program updates the history
accounts and clears the current accounts.
Teacher developed database designed for
Outcome-Based Education (OBE). Printed
reports of achieved skills can be used as
an alternative or supplement to a regular
gradebook program. Spreadsheet-style entry
of achieved skills and attendance. OBE has
been mandated in Minnesota and Kentucky.
Requires 512K and DOS 2.1 or greater
SKYMAP v2.2 Windows 3.1 Planetarium.
Draws accurate maps of the sky, showing
stars, planets, deep sky objects, comets
etc. Detailed information can be shown for
any object. Can print maps to any printer.
Pictures can be displayed, in many formats.
For both serious amateur & novice users.
SNOOPER v3.30 - System info utility.
Shows CPU/NDP, CPU speed, DOS, BIOS, memory,
disks, video, CD-ROM, env, kbd, sound cards,
ports, IDE model, CMOS info, disk cache,
Stacker, FILES & BUFFERS, IRQs, DMA, modems,
mice, port IRQs. Lets you edit CMOS, CONFIG,
& AUTOEXEC. Network and benchmark screens,
detects 1100 MicroChannel cards. New version
adds Auto-log feature, fixes a few bugs.
Ideal for tech support, HW inventory, & you!
Search-N-Store v3.5 - Search-N-Store
(SNS) is a multiuser, network ready database,
utilizing full record locking and data
protection. SNS uses an efficent indexed
database, giving very fast access to records,
even in huge databases. Many search and
print options are available. SNS Supports a
mouse, and a database utility program is
included. $50 registration.
SUPERSET v1.1 - DOS Environment
Extender which replaces the DOS 'SET'
command. With SuperSet you can:
* Extend the length of any environment
variable to any arbitrary length. Beat
the normal DOS limit of 127 characters.
* Prepend or append to existing environment
variables. No more re-typing your entire
path just to add one more directory.
* Save, Load and Update environment snapshot
files. Quick, one-shot way of setting-up
your environment in a single command.
* Replace or delete environment variables.
* Modify the parent OR the master environment
* Prune Novell NetWare network drives in the
* Display all environment strings in an
easy-to-read format.
* Display environment size and usage info.
Shareware. $12.95 registration fee.
PROGRAM NAME AND VERSION: Screen Saver Sampler for Windows Version 2.0
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: 24 Cool full-screen pics rotate. Part 1 of 2.
LONG DESCRIPTION: Damsel Software Group's Screen Saver Sampler for Windows
requires both SSSA.ZIP and SSSB.ZIP to function, rotating 6 images each from
4 of Damsel's major collections; New England Wildflowers, New Hampshire
Wilderness, Big Sky, and Surreal Art. All images are 640 x 480 pixels, best
suited for 256-color display. Display time (30 sec) and transition mode are
locked. Password protection included.
PROGRAM NAME AND VERSION: Screen Saver Sampler for Windows Version 2.0
BRIEF DESCRIPTION: 24 Cool full-screen pics rotate. Part 2 of 2.
LONG DESCRIPTION: Damsel Software Group's Screen Saver Sampler for Windows
requires both SSSA.ZIP and SSSB.ZIP to function, rotating 6 images each from
4 of Damsel's major collections; New England Wildflowers, New Hampshire
Wilderness, Big Sky, and Surreal Art. All images are 640 x 480 pixels, best
suited for 256-color display. Display time (30 sec) and transition mode are
locked. Password protection included.
Scalae Verborum (Latin Word Ladder) v. 2.10
Three programs to help learn
Latin vocabulary. Includes file creation
module, 12 sample files, 3400 word
dictionary. NEW! Ita est! memory game.
SensuVoX 2.00 A collection of WAV files
from several different vocalists designed to
give your PC a "Sensual Voice". This file
contains a sampling of 20 WAVs from 4
different vocalists, the complete collection
has over 500 WAVs! From Unicorn Software Ltd.
The Silver Wolf Desktop for Windows 3.1
includes not only the best features of
Macintosh and Windows95/Chicago, but
many other even more intuitive ways to
use your computer. Full support for:
Long Names, Aliases, Drag/Drop, Trash,
Icon & Text file/directory views, File
Find, History Lists, ProgMan groups,
FileMan drops, Networks and more. From
Silver Wolf Software [ASP], $39.
| ____|__ | Association of
| | |_| Shareware
|__| o | Professionals
|___|___| MEMBER
TAGDEL v2.0 - TAGDEL (tag-delete) is a DOS utilty that
gives a scrolling list of all of the files in the current
directory, allowing you to 'tag' and 'untag' files. When you
press enter, all of the tagged files are deleted. Please register
by sending $10.00, your name and address, and any remarks
you have about TAGDEL.
Shawn Anderson SoftWare
Milan IL 61264
CompuServe 73362,2377
syntax : TAGDEL (options)
example : TAGDEL < list all files*
example : TAGDEL *.TXT < list all files with a TXT extension*
example : TAGDEL A*.* < list all files that begin with the letter A*
(current directory only)
To display a help screen, add the /H switch with any of the above
Users of TAGDEL must accept this disclaimer of warranty:
"TAGDEL is supplied as is. The author disclaims all
warranties, expressed or implied, including, without
limitation, the warranties of merchantability and of fitness
for any purpose. The author assumes no liability for
damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the
use of TAGDEL."
TC's TOOLBOX v2.3 Windows Utilities, 9
programs, view files/fonts/icons & more!
Contains: Font Viewer, Hex File Viewer, Text
Editor, System Monitor, Phone Dialer,
Stopwatch, Save It!, Big Cal & Code
Reference. View files/fonts, time events,
monitor Windows resources, & lots more!!
Requires Windows 3.1, recommend Modem.
Registration $20.00 + $5.00 S&H SPECIFIC
Tek Illustrator v3.11 [Win31]
Technical illustration, drafting, graphics.
Powerful, fast and easy to use. Full set of
drawing and construction tools, hatchings,
dimensioning, symbol management, BMP trace
display and export, TrueType and PostScript
fonts, WMF import and export, DXF filters,
extensive help system and MORE! Shareware
made by TommySoftware. Registration US$129
THE RIGHT RESUME for Windows v1.0
TRR is a powerful Windows-based job hunting
package. Very powerful, yet easy to use.
Create choice of 3 different resume types;
Fully-functional WYSIWYG word processor for
cover letters, customizing resume, etc.;
Ability to easily generate different resumes
from one data source without having to
retype; On-line help; On-disk manual; More.
From Whirlwind Technologies $25.00.
TeleShare/DOS Ver 3.00 --
Versatile remote access shareware
package. Good basic Remote Support and
access to 115200 baud. TeleShare/Host
has small RAM size and snappy screen
updates, enabling its use in workplace
settings avoided others. Minimally
intrusive and easily modified.
Liberal developers distribution policy.
TURF.V93 1.01
Thoroughbred Handicapping System-
Powerful and highly advanced, highly
sophisticated, yet easy-to- use,
thoroughbred handicapping system. Combines
sound, well- established race handicapping
principles with scientific statistical
analysis methodology. Race tracks or OTB.
TextPad - Editor for 16 & 32-bit Windows -
Features: it's fast!; 2 views/file; 32,000
lines of 4095 chars; word wrap; 22 editing
commands; full undo/redo; drag-drop; block
select; hex viewer; tool & status bars; file
comparison; in-context help & popup menus;
DOS output window; and much more.
Writing Applications
WIN CHANGE v3.9 - Win Change provides
the ability to globally find and change text
in GRP, INI, PIF and other file types.
Multiple find and change criteria can be
specified, works across multiple drives,
including network drives, and provides the
ability to "back out" changes. Requires
VBRUN300.DLL and Windows 3.1.
WhizNotes for Windows: Version S2.1
Super-notepad with powerful topic management
features to organize your text. Use it to
take down random notes; to do research; to
organize your tasks; to study any subject; to
make your own hypertext reference notes!
you have the Windows Help Compiler, you are
only a mouse-click away from turning your
notes into the exciting WinHelp format!
WinBrowse v1.5 - Multiple database
utility program for Windows. Allows browsing,
editing, and reporting using popular PC
database formats including dBase, FoxPro,
Paradox, Access 2.0, Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 and
CSV (comma delimited). Convert data from one
format to another quickly and easily.
Contains sorting and filtering features, too!
Includes full blown Windows Help System. A
must have for all serious PC database users.
WINCHARGING V1.0 - It's the best idea
yet for managing credit cards. It displays
outstanding amounts; monitors credit card
limits; tracks target amounts; charts,
displays and prints tax summaries, card usage
reports; and does much more. It can even
help you if you lose your credit cards.
Requires 4MB RAM and Windows 3.1 or later.
The standard edition is $19.95; the deluxe is
WINVELOPE v5.0 - Envelope printing
utility for Windows. Includes support for
copy/paste, Windows installed fonts,
multiple return address selection, graphic
logos, auto-printer setup control, postal
bar codes, Address Manager database and an
attractive user-friendly interface. "This
is a most excellent envelope printing
program..." --Robert Mullen, author,
Windows 3.1 Hyperguide, Alpha Books.
Shareware $20.
WORTLEITER UND SO WEITER (German Word Ladder) v. 3.12 consists of
three computer programs for IBM-compatible computers, which are
intended to help a student of German learn German vocabulary
quickly and easily. The disk comes complete with three
fully-developed programs, a file-creation module which includes a
7200 word German-English dictionary, 25 same vocabulary files
organized according to topic, and a complete manual. An excellent
companion for any textbook or lesson plan. Requires Hard drive,
384K Memory, DOS 2.0 or better.
This PIM is perhaps the easiest one you will
ever use. A full drag and drop interface is
included with a perpetual calendar & planner
to the year 9000. Store up to 21,000
entries in the Rolodex Style Phonebook. Dial,
Fax Documents, Create business letters,
schedule appointments, Edit, save, & print
text files, Create beautiful reports of all.
Fits the FiloFax standard. Create envelopes
and labels & MORE RUN SETUP.EXE to use.
Learn how to trade and manage a portfolio
without putting your own money at risk. Uses
data from popular online services to update
the value of your portfolio. Compare your
investment results to those of other users.
$15 (plus $2 shipping) Shareware by Larax
Software. Registration brings printed
user's guide, newsletter, and upgrades.
Wordware v3.0: The hottest collection of over
55 macros and templates. Everything from
copying a file, to managing your projects to
managing your business contacts. A full-
fledged PIM and a full-function CD Player are
included. Has a Multimedia Player which will
play all multimedia files, a quick command
line, Windows Exit/Restart/Reboot Computer,
Lock, Close All and Exit, Print Summary Info
WinFax Macros AND SO MUCH MORE! Hot! WORD 6
WhizFolder for Windows: Version S2.1
Allows you to manage your free-format
information easily and effectively. Using
WhizFolder, you can record your notes and
ideas instantly into separate topics without
worrying about file names and directories.
Use long descriptive names for your notes,
easily retrieve and view them, search through
them for information and insert hypertext
jumps. Is a WhizNotes Jr. program.
XFILE v2.0 -Low profile multifunctional
desktop utility designed for Windows 3.1.
Features include drag-n-drop file/directory
deletion, multi-drive file finder, program
launcher, timed program execution, unlimited
alarms, system resource monitor, memory
monitor, quick Windows exit, and general
system information. Displays time, date,
resources, and memory. Produced by Phase 33
Digital, Inc. $18.95
Crossdown for Windows v1.10 Solve and
construct professional crosswords on your
Windows computer! New features include
SCROLLABLE clue list, sound card support with
SPEAKING messages, dictionary "hot-link"
support and extensive on-line help. Puzzles
can also be exported to a variety of DTP
files: Encapsulated PostScript, Windows
Metafile and bitmaps. Easy to install and UN-
YOU'RE HIRED! v1.33 - Informative job
interview simulator that provides realistic
training to prepare you for your next job
interview. "You're Hired!" asks you common
challenging questions and records elapsed
times as you verbally respond. Press a key
to receive professional advice and to review
your own reminder notes. Also add, change,
and print the questions and advice. Practice
makes perfect. 512K RAM. From DataWell $26.95
Ancient Yacht v1.00 . Try Ancient Yacht
and you'll agree, you've never played yahtzee
like this one. An ancient scroll and stone
cup sit on a marble table waiting for your
play. Click on the cup and it shakes, and
spills the dice onto the table where they
roll across the tabletop with accompanying
sound effects. Ancient Yacht is a dice game
of luck and strategy similar to Yahtzee but
based on original Yacht.
ZIPKEY zip,areacode dir V3.04e, 09/94
City-level zipcode, area code and
timezone directory. Will feed
results as keystrokes to DOS apps.
Instant access to 42000+ zips,
30000+ cities. Easy-to-use; now
self-installing. From Eric Isaacson
ZIP Fugue - ZIP file handler v2.0 DOS
(ZIPD12) & Windows (ZIPW20) & 4DOS descripts.
Allows you to tag files to add to a ZIP file
in full screen mode, and then add them along
with their 4Dos file descriptions. It also
displays the files in the ZIP file along with
their descriptions. You can also tag the
files in ZIP file, and extract them along
with their 4DOS file descriptions.
ZIP'R Pro For DOS v2.19 H.D. Tripler!
ZIP'R Pro stores programs in compressed form
when they are not being used. Use ZIP'R Pro
to automatically decompress a program,
execute it, and recompress it again. Uses
ARJ, LHA, PKZIP, or built-in compression.
Integrate with a menu system, or use ZIP'R
Pro's button menu. Works with networks &
multitaskers. Easy to use push-button
interface with mouse support!
ZIP'R Pro For Windows v2.10 HD Tripler
ZIP'R Pro stores programs in compressed form
when they are not being used. Use ZIP'R Pro
to automatically decompress a program,
execute it, and recompress it again. Uses
ARJ, LHA, PKZIP, or built-in compression.
Integrate with a Windows icon, or use ZIP'R
Pro's desktop to launch the program of your
choice. Works with networks & multitaskers.
Easy to use point and click interface!

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