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Visual Calendar Planner 2.2 for Windows
An extremely powerful scheduler with no
learning curve. Hightlights include setting
calendar as Wallpaper, WYSIWYG Fonts, Color
Printing, Word Search and many more! Multiple
view with multi-color, multi-font capability.
Visual on-line help provided. Utilizes
Microsoft Access Database Engine. Real 3D
look 'n feel with True ViSuAL editing.
Registered user gets Windows 95 upgrade free!
NautilusCD High Five (Feb 94), America Online
Editors' Choice Best Pick (Nov 94), Ziffnet
Reviewer's Choice (Jan 95), PC Magazine Award
Winning Program (Nov 94) and many more!
A86 macro assembler, V4.01 updated
with INCLUDE files, listings, no limit
on size of source files, fwd refs in
complex expressions, END operand,
default ORG END in DATA SEGMENT, and
more! Contains info about A386/D386.
From Eric Isaacson Software.
AA-ARRAY.DLL V1.0-Extended Arrays for
VB. Manages the creation, accessing,
saving to and restoring from disk of
arrays with up to 4 Gigs elements and
>64K of VB strings. No VB imposed
limits. Fast. Arrays can be: Integer,
Long, Single, Double, Currency, or
String. In the registered version
arrays can be of User defined types.
From AA-Software International. $30.00
AUTOGRAMMATIK I: Adjective endings probably contains one of
the most succinct explanations of German adjective endings you will
see anywhere. Fill in the correct adjective ending and receive
immediate feedback. An on-line dictionary and help in the form of
charts and an on-line manual accompany you every step of the way
from confusion to mastery. Viel Spass!
ALL-PRO League Scheduler v1.1 -
Creates round-robin schedules for any number
of leagues (up to 40 teams per league) at
any number of locations. Handles division
play, tracks scores, standings, and prints
reports. Mouse support and easy to use. From
ALL-PRO Software Inc. $49.95 plus $3.75 S/H.
FREE upgrade to Windows commercial version.
StatTrak v5.3 - Baseball/Softball stat
management system for up to 100 teams. Tracks
batting, pitching, fielding, won/lost record,
game results, and team standings. You can
name additional categories and up to 7 game
types. Computes statistics for selected
games. Menu-driven and very easy to use. From
ALL-PRO Software Inc. $39.95 shareware.
Analyze and print out complete individual,
team, and oponent basketball statistics.
Save data for up to 45 teams, 45 games per
team, and 17 players per team. Spreadsheet
style entry, automatic percent calculations
Includes 2 and 3 point goals, free throws,
(made, attempted, percent) total points,
rebounds, assists, charges, blocked shots,
recoveries, take aways, and 4 user-defined
categories. Requires 512K.
Business Clock Link 1.3
Networkable PC Time Clock for Managers
with real-time job reporting, Clock-in
animation, Blue Collar E-mail, on-line
discipline and Ticker Tape reports.
Written in C with dBASE file format.
"This Clock Means Business". XT, 640K,
2 meg drive required. $149.
A utility that randomly changes your Windows
background (wallpaper) each time you log into
Windows or each time you run it. You can set
it up to change a maximum of once a day (if
you log in and out of Windows several times
per day).
BOOT'R v2.11 DOS Configuration Manager
BOOT'R allows the management of multiple
configurations on a single machine. BOOT'R
can modify the CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT, and
more. Modify up to 5 files for each
configuration. Useful for changing files such
as NET.CFG too! Ideal for creating custom
configurations for memory-hungry games. Easy
to use push-button interface w/mouse support!
Online reference tools!
BIKEPRO for Windows V2.3a. BikePro is a
Performance Optimizer for the serious
cyclist. It contains a Training Log,
Diet Log, Food Glossary, plus many
reports, graphs and other features.
Author, Clint Huff, $10 or $20.
Requires MS Windows.
A small calendar that can be accessed by hot-
key. Allows you to print a calendar of any
month or year. Contains a Julian Date
converter and calculates the number of days
between 2 dates.
Calendar Quick Scheduling Tool v2.10 A very
fast and feature-rich scheduler for Windows
3.1. Allows scheduling for an individual, or
an entire enterprise. View calendars in 12
different formats with WYSIWYG printing &
full copy/paste to other Windows
applications. Unique Event Planning grid for
fast entry. Includes state of the art user
interface with notebook tabs and "Balloon
Cumberland Diary for Windows v1.00
- Powerful, easy-to-use diary/ journal
entry program. Keep your personal diary on
your computer. Search entries by date and by
heading. Program's main display shows four
"tabs": Contents (entry list by date),
Calendar, Diary (where actual entry is made)
and Index (entry list by heading). Requires
CFS10A & CFS10B.
Cumberland Family Software DLL's & VBX's
v1.00 - Required for Cumberland
Diary for Windows and Cumberland Family Tree
for Windows.
Cumberland Family Software DLL's & VBX's
v1.00 - Required for Cumberland
Diary for Windows and Cumberland Family Tree
for Windows.
Cumberland Family Tree Professional v4.1e
- Powerful easy-to-use genealogy
program. User-defineable events, source
notes, up to 5 pages of notes per individual,
many reports, indexed book! International:
reports in 8 different languages; surname
beginning, middle or end; accented characters
allowed. Occupation, Soundex, Flags,
Relationship Calculator, Date Calculator,
Addresses, GEDCOM, much more!
CHORES & REWARDS v1.01. Windows system for
managing chilren's chores, penalties, and
rewards, featuring: 3 motivational
techniques; automatic allowance
reconciliation; performance tracking; "bank
account" managing; and checklist printing.
Updated 2/14/95.
Color Cross v1.04e is a unique, abstract and
kinetic two-player color strategy game whose
objective is to freeze all of your opponent's
pieces. Requires: 8086 series CPU, 300K free
RAM, VGA color graphics, and a Microsoft
compatible mouse and DOS resident driver.
Win 3.x Network Application License Counter-
Enforces 'Simultaneous Use' Network Licenses
and provides License Management Utilities
Utilities - Other
CompuSlave v1.08 -CompuServe Message DB
CompuSlave imports CompuServe forum capture
files into a database, converting them to
individual messages. Add, delete, edit, and
search the entire database for key words or
phrases. Make those messages work for you!
Create your own technical support resource.
Ideal for power users, programmers, and
network administrators. Network support is
included. Easy to use!
D86 debugger, V4.01, updated
with keystroke scripts, macro
keys, Undo command, and
file copy and delete.
Contains info about A386/D386.
From Eric Isaacson Software.
Day By Day v1.2 PIM includes scheduler,
task list manager, and diary, all with
password protection for data security. Master
task list allows easy entry of recurring
tasks and default scheduling on a weekly
basis. Automatically push uncompleted tasks
to a future date if desired. Diary section
includes text search feature and allows up to
64K of notes per day.
Diary v2.6 -- Diary/journal program for
Windows with password protection and printing
capability. Supports international date
formats. Has text search feature which allows
you to quickly bring up all entries
pertaining to a particular person, event,
etc. Accomodates up to 64K of entries per
DISKLIST v3.10 - produces lists &
labels with the directory contents for 5.25",
3.5", and hard disks in 39 formats. DISKLIST
reads all sub-dirs. Prints different or
duplicate lists on every label on Avery Laser
label sheets. Prints on disk sleeves with
PCL5. Font downloading. Can display file
names in ZIP, LHZ, etc. DISKFLAP holds non-
sticky list to 3.5" disks. Configure list
layout. Shading, multiple selection spec.
DR. FORM v3.2 The easiest, fastest way
for anybody to create, edit, fill in and
print standard or custom made forms. Full
Mouse Support. Move, copy, draw lines, etc.
Automatic Grid Maker. Print on pre-printed
forms and make templates. Much more....
Shareware Magazine Editor's Choice Award.
DOS program which includes a Windows Setup.
Disk Piecharter v1.1 - Graphical
Windows Filemanager extension that shows disk
usage per file and per directory in a
piechart. Zoom in and out on piechart
segments (directories). Enables user to
delete whole directory trees (if desired) and
shows the effect on free diskspace. Seemless
integration with Filemanager. English, German
and Dutch texts. Created by Zorn Software.
DiscTrak System v8.00 - Home Entertainment
Cataloging Database program. This program can
organize all of your CDs, Cassettes, Albums,
LaserDiscs, and VCR Tapes easily. Search for
any song title, Star, Director and MUCH MORE!
Limited only by disk space. None of the
other Home Entertainment database programs
can match it.
EASY BASE V6.3 - Rapid Application Developer
(RAD) for data management. - Easy Base is
the first true RAD system to be available on
shareware. Create sophisticated menu driven
apps in record time. Applications created in
Easy Base can be sold as stand alone
programs with the Easy Base Runtime Module
(not Included).
Database Applications Reg. $25
EASY BACKUP VERSION 4.3 - Compressed Backup
Disk Maker - Easy Backup makes compressed
self-restoring backups. It backs up sub
directories automatically and has an archive
option which will remove the backed up
directory structure from hard disk. Backup
parameters are stored in a data file so that
subsequent backups can be menu selected
Installing Distribution Disk Maker - Easy
Install makes compressed self installing
disks for progam distribution - No script
language to learn - Just tell Easy Install
the name of your program and the directory
in which it can be found - The rest is
Utilities - Disk/File Reg. $40
Family Calendar for Windows v1.2 Prints
family oriented, professional quality wall
calendars. Give as gifts to family and